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					                                     Troop 787
                                         Fayetteville, NC

                    Summer Camp
           DATES: June 27 – July 3, 2010
            LOCATION: Camp Durant
             For complete information please refer to the leader’s guide at

       This guide provides everything you need to know about summer camp:
       schedules, program information, detailed merit badge descriptions, etc.

We need the following                  returned by 4/20/10:
 Final payment for summer camp (Total cost $210)
 Merit badge selection form
 Parental Consent form

  Medical Forms (DUE 6/1/10)
  All parts need to be completed
  *** form can be found at our Troops website:

  Payment for additional merit badges (DUE 6/1/10)

  If you do not have internet access & require a printed copy of the leader’s guide
              please call Tracy Esterly 323-2023 or
     Also, if you have any additional questions you can call/email Tracy as well
                                                Camp Durant
                                   Merit Badge Information

   Session Schedule                 9:00       10:00        11:00               2:00         3:00         4:00                            Notes
      Trailblazer                              (………..101……                      -------------------]                     4hour session for first year Scouts
   Mountain Biking                              [-------122-------]            [-------125-------]                                  13 or older
         Golf                                                                  [--------------134-------------]            $30 Additional Fee, 13 or older
      Geocaching                   [--??--]    [--?---]
       Climbing                                 [-------142-------]             [-------144------]                      13 or older, Complete form on P 38
 BSA/ARC Lifeguard                  [------------------------201---             --------------------------------]   15 or older. (optional) Red Cross Additional $50
       Canoeing                                  [-------212-------]            [-------214------]                          Must Pass Swimmer Test
      Lifesaving                   [-------221-------]                          [-------225------]                   need Swimming MB & clothes to get wet
        Rowing                                                                  [-------231------]                          Must Pass Swimmer Test
  Small Boat Sailing                           [-------241-------]              [-------245------]                          Must Pass Swimmer Test
     Snorkel BSA                   [-251-]                                                                          NOT A Merit Badge Must Pass Swimmer Test
      Swimming                     [-------261x2-----]                          [-------265------]                  Pass Swimmer Test/bring clothes to get wet
Environmental Science                          [-------322-------]               [-----324-------]                  Should be second year campers or first class
Fish & Wildlife Mgmt.                         [-332-]                                      [-335-]
        Fishing                    [-341-]    {-342-]                          [-345-]                                         Bring Fishing Equipment
        Forestry                                                                           [-355-]
       Geology                                 [-362-]                                     [-365-]
Mammal/Rept. & Amp. Study          [-371-]                  [-373-]            [-374-]                                Req 8 of R&A cannot be completed at camp
           Nature                  [-381-]                  [-383-]
Soil & Water Conservation                                                      [-394-]
         Weather                   [3101]                   [-3103-]
Crime Prevention/ Fingerprinting    (446)                                                                           New for 2009! Req 2 & 4a cannot be earned at camp (CP)
  Fire/Traffic Safety                          [-452-]                                                                  Req 6 cannot be earned at camp (FS)

      Journalism                                            [-473-]                                                     Req 2(a)iii cannot be earned at camp
          Law                                                                  [-484-]
     Photography                               [-492-]                                      [-495-]                       Scouts may rent cameras for $10
     Salesmanship                  [-4101-]
  Scouting Heritage                                         [-???-]
  Space Exploration                            [-4112-]                                    [-4115-]                          Additional fee of $20
         Sports                                             [-4123-]                        (4126)                    Req 4&5 cannot be completed at camp
          Art                      [-504-]                                     [-505-]      [-506-]
        Basketry                               [-512-]                                                                           Kits cost roughly $30
     Leatherwork                   [-521-]     [-522-]                         [-524-]                                           Kits cost roughly $5
      Indian Lore                                          [-462-]
         Pottery                   [-531-]                 [-533-]             [-534-]    [-535-]
     Woodcarving                               [-552-]     [-553-]                        [-555-]                              Kits cost roughly $5
        Camping                    [-601-]                 [-603-]                        [-605-]                     Bring equipment to camp out one night
        Cooking                                 [-------612-------]             [------613------]                             Additional fee of $15
     Orienteering                   [-------621-------]                                                               Scouts should bring their own compass
       Pioneering                                                              [-------634-------]                    Scout should have knot req. for 1st class
  Wilderness Survival              [-641-]                  [-643-]                                                   Bring equipment to camp out one night
        Archery                    [-701-]     [-702-]      [-703-]            [-704-]      [-705-]
    Rifle Shooting                 [-711-]     [-712-]      [-713-]            [-715-]      [-716-]                    Scouts should be at least 12 years old
   Shotgun Shooting                [-721-]     [-722-]      [-723-]            [-724-]      [-725-]                      13 or older Additional fee of $15
Citizenship In The Nation          [-801-]     [-802-]                         [-804-]      [-805-]                     Req 2 cannot be completed at camp
Citizenship In The World                       [-812-]      [-813-]            [-814-]      [-815-]
   Communications                  [-821-]     [-822-]                         [-824-]
Emergency Preparedness             [-831-]                  [-833-]            [-834-]                              Req. 1: Prereq . Req. 2c cannot be earned at camp
         First Aid                 [-841-]                  [-843-]            [-844-]      [-845-]                                Bring First Aid Kit

There are five skill sessions in each day, giving you the opportunity to work on five different merit badges. For each skill
session, choose a first and second choice merit badge and write it in the space below. Turn in this completed form to you
Scoutmaster. BSA Lifeguard and High Adventure Aquatics take all sessions. Trailblazer takes session 2-5. Sessions will fill up
on a first come-first serve basis.

Scout Name:_______________________________________________________

Troop No.:______________                   Week of Camp:__________

Merit Badge Selections:
                          (First Choice)                           (Second Choice)

Session 1)____________________________                     ______________________________

Session 2)____________________________                     ______________________________

Session 3)____________________________                     ______________________________

                          LUNCH                                             LUNCH

Session 4)____________________________                     ______________________________

Session 5)_____________________________                    ______________________________

Trailblazers: Your merit badge session is Session 1. Sessions 2-5 are set-aside for your trailblazer patrol activities.

Every Scout must have the permission of his Scoutmaster to take any session.

Scoutmaster Signature:_______________________              Date:_________________

Scoutmasters should keep in mind all age restrictions and other limitations outlined in this leader’s guide.**

Do not send individual forms to the council office. Merit badge selections are to be mailed with the unit’s final
payment. Units with accounts paid in full will have their unit merit badge selections stamp dated and entered in the
order that they were received. Session scheduling will begin May 15 th and units will be forwarded a copy of their
scout’s schedules prior to the beginning of camp. Any changes in schedules will be made after June 15th by
contacting the Administration office at Camp Durant (910.948.2382),.
                                              PARENTAL CONSENT FORM

 Please complete a separate form for each Scout. It is recommended that every Scout coming to camp have completed this

Name: ______________________________ Age: ____ Troop No.: ____ Camp Week: _______

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

City: ________________________________________ State: ________ Zip: _____________


I understand that participation in the Climbing Merit Badge, Mountain Biking and all other on and off-site programs offered
through the Occoneechee Council, BSA summer camp program provides benefits to be derived by its participants. After
carefully considering the risk involved in these activities and in view of the fact that the Boy Scouts of America is an
organization in which membership is voluntary, and having full confidence that precautions will be taken to ensure the safety
and well-being of my (son/daughter), I hereby give my consent for my son/daughter:

                                     (Please print name of son/daughter)

to participate in the aforementioned selected activities. I waive all claims I may have against the Boy Scouts of America,
Occoneechee Council BSA, activity coordinator(s), all employees, volunteers or sponsors associated with the aforementioned

In case of emergency, I understand that every effort will be made to contact me. In the event I cannot be reached, I hereby
give my permission to the physician selected by the adult leader in charge to secure proper treatment, including
hospitalization, anesthesia, surgery, or injections of medications for my child.

This form must have the signatures of both the participant and the parent (or guardian).

Participant Signature: ____________________________________ Date: _____/_____/_____

Parent/Guardian Signature ________________________________ Date: _____/_____/____

In case of emergency contact: _______________________ Day Phone: (_____)_____-_________

 Date of Birth
 Food Allergies
 Special Dietary Restrictions
 Medical Alert
Medical Forms: All campers under MUST have a CURRENT medical form within the past 12 months. Sports physicals are
acceptable if current within the past twelve (12) months. NO EXCEPTIONS Medical forms are DUE AT CHECK-IN (do not send
these to the Council Office).

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