August 2008 Meeting Minutes

					                             Fox Valley Winnies
                             Outing Dates – 10 thru14 August 2008
                             Rustic Barn Campground in Kieler, Wisconsin
                             WagonMasters – Fred & Janice Bruneman and
                             Larry & Sharon Lowe

                             Meeting – Wednesday August 13, 2008

Present: John & Diana Ahaus, Chuck and Sue Borcher, Fred and Janice Bruneman, Bob and Laurie
Dukes, Larry and Sharon Lowe, Wally and Laurie Metzer, Al and Sandy Oswald, Dennis and Connie
Relihan, John and Diane Simon

President Dennis Relihan called the meeting to order, following by the Pledge of Allegiance.

The minutes of our June meeting were read and approved.

John reported that the club‟s combined general, memorial and camping fund show a balance of
$631.07. These funds are in a TCF bank that charges no service fee. John wants to confirm this
amount with the bank but needs to contact Ken Nelson to determine if he can get the access codes to
confirm this on line, if he can not, he will go to the bank and establish new codes to enable him to
monitor the account on line. John also asked for an updated inventory of shirts and hats, pointing out
that we need to have these at our meetings. Dennis said that he will provide John with an updated
inventory. A motion was made and passed to accept the treasures‟ report as presented.

Dennis checked once again to see that everyone who has e mail address listed, is receiving their e-
mails. He also reminded everyone that Wagonmasters should send details of the club‟s outings by
regular mail not e-mail. The club will pay the postage for mailing outing information.

Dennis welcomed John and Diane Simon to their first outing with the club. (They are great fun and a
wonderful addition to the club).

Dennis extended best wishes to all who are celebrating an August Birthday or Anniversary. Sharon
Lowe took this opportunity to say that she has a birthday on 9 October and that gifts are welcome!

Old Business:
Chuck said that he found that some Wal-Mart stores are now offering “good” analog bypass boxes for
$10.00 plus your coupon.

Janice Bruneman reported that FVW had at least 11 coaches at GNR and that 22 people attended the
FVW dinner. Illinois won first prize for being the best decorated State at the Row House Party. The
prize was $100.00. Winnebago Industries, in celebration of their 50th anniversary, gave out a cash
prizes every night. Sorry to say, no FVW winners.

FVW received a Chapter of Excellence Award and Janice gave out pins at GNR to all who attended.
Other members will receive their pins at a future campout or at the Annual Meeting.

Sue Borcher presented the club with 10 of the lovely Blue and Yellow Fox Valley Winnies signs and is
working on another batch. Sue, this is such a great gift to new members; many thanks for using your
talents to make this gift possible.
Al Oswald said he won the Camping World gift certificate at the state outing and suggested that in
future a certificate from Wal-Mart or Target may be better, as not everyone is close to Camping World.

New Business:
As Dennis and Connie will not be at the September outing, Dennis asked John Ahaus if he would run
the meeting and Chuck Borcher said he would takes notes of the meeting.

Dennis requested volunteers to form a nominating committee for the 2009 officers. Laurie Dukes
volunteered and Dennis asked that she contact Ray Smith to see if he was still willing to be on the
committee. Don Chilson VP, declined the nomination for 2009 president due to personal commitments.

Al Oswald said that he and Sandy will not be doing the January outing for two reasons. The restaurant
that they have used has changed hands once again and no longer offers a brunch and they will likely
be away in January. Thus, the floor is open to anyone who would like to take on the task of finding a
good brunch spot and coordinating the January brunch/lunch.

Future Outings:
The September outing to Door County has been designated a “Friendship” outing. If you have
someone that wants to attend, it would be subject to space being available at the campground. If
camping space is available and you have friends that will join this campout, please contact Phil and
Nancy Russell to let them know.

If you plan to join the October outing, act quickly as the campground is filling up.

Again comments from this meeting indicated concerns about gas prices and their effect on future
campouts. Dennis will send a letter prior to the annual meeting that will address comments and ideas
expressed at campouts throughout the year. This will be discussed at the Annual Meeting so please
come with your suggestions.

The State outing is 26 to 28 September. FVW has no official duties. Again the state has arranged for
testers from the motor vehicle to give driving tests for an RV license. Please note, you need to have
already taken and passed the written test as the testers only do a driving test.

Dennis read a letter from the State‟s secretary, Chris Crabtree thanking FVW members for your support
during the State Rally. She expressed thanks for taking care of housekeeping and donating to the
silent auction and door prizes. She thanked Dennis for his work on the State‟s website.

Before the meeting was adjourned, we all said a very special thanks to our Wagonmasters Fred and
Janice Bruneman, Sharon and Larry Lowe. They arranged such a wonderful outing that a motion was
brought to make them full time Wagonmasters! (An honor which they declined!) But take a moment to
see all the great things that they arranged for our outing pleasure.

Things to Share
Chuck said HWH just off I80 is a great stop to or from GNR if you need work on your jacks or slide outs.
Chuck had a hydraulic leak that he paid to have fixed at GNR. He still had a problem so he stopped at
HWH and they fixed the problem and did not charge for the work that they did. John Ahaus said that
the guy at GNR is not with HWH and is independent and that is why Chuck had to pay for the worked
that he did.

Dennis had a good experience at FMCA in St Paul when he got his tow bar fixed and cleaned for no
charge. The refrigerator which is under warranty had a major fix, also with no charge.

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About Our Outing –
Mother Nature was at her finest during the entire campout.

The Brunemans and Lowes were the first to try their luck at planning a midweek longer stay campout.
They selected a campground that offered the perfect setting for campfires, games, indoor activities and
an excellent selection of activities within easy driving distance.

Sunday we arrived and went out for dinner at a local supper club, where we were amazed by the quality
of the food and the size of the servings. We returned to camp and spent the balance of the evening
sitting around a perfect camp fire – no wind – no smoke - magic colors, compliments of Chuck. Our
sites at the Rustic Barn Campground were large and grassy, cooled by the campground‟s many trees.
The Wagonmasters were on hand to welcome visitors to the campfire from early morning until dark of
night. Janice had an activity board that posted the days activities and times. The day might start with
morning coffee, leisure time to visit local sites and in the afternoon…let the Games begin. We played
killer Blongo Ball and Bocce Ball. Reputations were made and lost in a single throw. One afternoon,
Happy Hour had to be advanced to 3PM to accommodate the thrill of victory and drown the agony of
defeat. Daily Happy Hours were always enhanced by tasty treats. Our Wagonmasters got everything
ready for an old fashioned hot dog roast cooked over an open fire by our own hands. Other dining
experiences ranged from a local fisherman Catfish fish fry to an evening on a Mississippi River Boat
where we dined in style and took in the scenery of this magnificent river. Fred is always asking “why do
we have to get up so early to have breakfast?” Well on this campout we didn‟t. On Wednesday
morning, our Wagonmasters offered a full cooked to order breakfast at any time from 8AM to 10AM.
Then all week we were hearing about this „creative dessert‟ that would be served on Thursday
afternoon at 3PM. Well we were mystified all right when they started the campfire, hauled out several
wooden pieces that looked like they once held a window shade, cream, croissant dough, chocolate
pudding and little tiny rolling pins. Can you guess??? Sorry you missed it??? Well we are not telling!
You will have to find out by asking the Lowes or Brunemans!! But you can see how much thought and
work went into making this campout such a great success. Brunemans and Lowes, thanks again from
all of us for a great time.

Respectfully submitted,
Connie Relihan
President, Dennis Relihan, 608-543-3511
Vice-President, Don Chilson, 630-985-6401
Secretary, Connie Relihan, 608-558-2195
Treasurer, John Ahaus, 708-579-5844

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