April 2009 Newsletter by keara


									                                                                         April 2009 Newsletter

Valencia Travel Village
Mother nature once again smiled on the Komfort Kruisers with some very nice weather during our recent
outing in Valencia. This RV park is one of our favorite destinations due to its proximity to many of the
members and the relaxed atmosphere at the park. It was a real treat to see Shirley Smith (who we
understand got high marks from her son for driving all the way from Camarillo by herself), John Slaughter
for the second time in a row, the McCarthy’s who “dropped in” for our Saturday morning meeting and the
Bamer’s who joined us for Saturday night’s dinner. We also enjoyed having Jim and Annette Smith, Jeff
and Vanessa Scott and Dione Demsky’s granddaughter Lacey join us on Friday and Saturday evenings.
Several of us (including the writer) really enjoyed the Easter basket candy, as well as trips to a couple of
the better local restaurants on Thursday and Sunday (what’s a few extra pounds among friends, right?).
Camping World is always a favorite destination at this outing. Can anyone remember which club member
holds the record for 12 trips to Camping World during a single outing? The 50/50 drawing was won by
Mike and Tina Lee.

       Attending:      Curt & Carol Brown                         Jeff & Trish Newby
                       Dione Demsky                               Steve & Sherri Peterson
                       Bill & Diane Grist                         Lu & Jennie Rivers
                       Richard & Dawn Ibarra                      Gary Saar
                       Mike & Tina Lee                            John & Jackie Schneider
                       Art & Hildie Leseberg                      Ray & Jane Scott (Guest)
                       Paul & Linda Lonnquist                     John Slaughter & Marie Lopez
                       Randy & Jacquee Magnusson                  Shirley Smith
                       Lindy & Carol McGrane                      Larry & Linda Troutman

Upcoming Events:
       Flying Flags RV Park                  May 1, 2 & 3 (NOTE: Deadline is April 21st)
       Chula Vista RV Resort                 June 5, 6 & 7
       Ventura RV Park                       July 10, 11 & 12

Did You Know?
   •   The FMCA publishes an electronic newsletter monthly (by e-mail), which has some great information.
       You can sign-up for this newsletter for free at fmca.com.
   •   The terrific photos were provided by Gary Saar.
   •   Dawn Ibarra wants members to know that the club’s Bylaws and Standing Rules are available for review
       at each club meeting.
   •   Minutes from the April meeting are attached on pages 4 and 5.

Prepared by Randy Magnusson                        818-489-0847                          randy12m@att.net
(These guys need to learn how to relax)


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