To Schakowsky on Gutierrez

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U.S. House Representative                                    U.S. Representative
Jan Schakowsky                                               Luis Gutierrez
820 Davis Street, Suite 105                                  2201 W. North Avenue
Evanston, Illinois 60201                                     Chicago, Illinois 60647

June 3, 2010

Dear Representative Schakowsky,

I am in receipt of your April 23 letter, attached, where you stated the following:

       “Therefore, I have forwarded your letter to your Member of Congress, the Honorable Luis V. Gutierrez
       of the 4th Congressional District.”

After which you proclaimed:

       “I am certain that you will hear from Representative Gutierrez in the near future.”

Where my concerns are as such:

   1. As of the writing of this letter, June 3, 2010, I have not heard from Mr. Gutierrez.
   2. In addition to the aforementioned matter, I have contacted the 4 th District Congressional Office
      regarding other matters; I even filled-out a casework form which was never absolved.
   3. My Congressman is so consumed with the issue of immigration, that I find it hard to believe he has time
      for anything else. And while his brand activism recently brought him to Arizona, a state where he has no
      4th district constituents; meanwhile the relevant 4th district matters I’ve brought to his attention have
      been ignored.
   4. As I’m sure you know, Mr. Gutierrez is being investigated by the federal government for his use of his
      U.S. Congressional Office for lobbying the City of Chicago; and participating in questionable real estate
      deals, where at least one person has now been convicted of a crime.

Overall, I’m writing you because your latest correspondence to me, while appreciated, seems to imply that you
know nothing, or even more likely, care very little about the constituents currently not represented in the 4th
Congressional District.

Next time you promise a colleague’s response with certainty, please be sure that that colleague is not Mr.
Gutierrez; and it’s also up to you to take a leadership role within your Party and Congress alike. And if you see
that one of your colleagues is not doing his or her job, isn’t it your responsibility to call them out?


David N. Jenkins
1326 S. 59TH CT
Cicero, Illinois 60804

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