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									         tony tan’ s
         2006 cooking class
          and tour schedules
                                       Happy New Year! While on holidays, I have            classes based on my years of cooking
                                       been cleaning out the kitchen pantry, picking        professionally. These are called Tony’s Choice,
                                       out the odd packet of salted black beans and         as the food lover in me loves to create new
An invitation to Tony Tan’s            preserved Chinese mustard used last year. These      flavours and exquisite dishes.
                                       are instant reminders of the wonderful events
                                                                                            Along with this year’s line up, I have great
                                       that happened in 2005. The salted black beans
                                                                                            pleasure in announcing the return of two
                                       took me right back to Dallas to the IACP
                                                                                            outstanding teachers, chefs Steven Pallett and
for a meal is something to             Conference where my friend and colleague
                                                                                            Loretta Sartori. They will share more secrets
                                       Lauraine Jacob and I spoke about the evolution
                                                                                            of their impeccable cooking. For the first time
                                       of Chinese food. The preserved mustard
                                                                                            in Melbourne, author Jane Lawson of Cocina
                                       reminded me of a fabulous day teaching some
                                                                                            Nueva will conduct two classes on her
be eagerly anticipated. His            enthusiastic students at Fenix, a Melbourne
                                       Food and Wine Festival event.
                                                                                            interpretation of the exciting flavours in the
                                                                                            Spanish kitchen.
                                       In my study, I found a stack of notes on a paper
                                                                                            Class size will stay at a maximum of eight for
                                       I gave at Manning Clark House in Canberra.
                                                                                            students to learn tricks of the trade in a more
cooking is savoury,                    Called The Asian Connection, the session
                                                                                            personal environment. Classes run for 3 hours
                                       looked at how much we’ve embraced the
                                                                                            with the first two hours being demonstration
                                       cuisines of Asia since the ‘60s. I also found
                                                                                            and the last hour reaping the spoils of the
                                       recipes and menu ideas I cooked at Richmond
                                                                                            session with wines carefully selected by Brown
masterly and absolutely                Hill Café and Larder as well as William Angliss
                                       College. There were also lovely notes from my
                                                                                            Brothers around the dining table. By popular
                                                                                            demand, more hands-on classes are offered.
                                       students mentioning how much they’ve learnt
                                       over the years. From another, a note of thanks       China Tour. If you have a wicked sense of
                                       for the delicious food served at the launch of       adventure, love food and culture, China is the
mouthwatering.                         the Dining Club in the Flower Drum                   ultimate destination for you in September. This
                                       Restaurant. Such wonderful memories! Now             culinary journey to China explores the essence
                                       that the holidays are behind us, the cook in me      of Chinese food - which is at once traditional
       — Stephanie Alexander           is looking forward to another year of surprises      and innovative, classic and contemporary. The
                                       and challenges.                                      tour begins at Shanghai, breathtaking in its
                                                                                            modernity and heady in its streetscape. From
                                       To begin with, I owe much to my parents for
                                                                                            here, to soporific Hangzhou where cicadas sing
                                       fostering in me a respect for food and the entire
                                                                                            in late summer and beautiful West Lake is
                                       food chain. In the same vein, my friend
                                                                                            shrouded in the morning mist. Your final
                                       Stephanie Alexander has taken this further by
                                                                                            destination is magnificent Beijing, ancient,
                                       establishing the Kitchen Garden Foundation.
                                                                                            cultured and home of modern-day emperors.
                                       Its goal is to engage kids in growing, harvesting,
                                                                                            Along the way you’ll experience a very personal
                                       preparing and sharing food in schools. To
                                                                                            China filled with delicious food looking like
                                       support her cause and in my way, I have decided
                                                                                            edible calligraphy, see centuries-old pagodas,
                                       to donate the proceeds of two special cooking
                                                                                            serene temples, courtyard houses, the
                                       classes to her foundation.
                                                                                            Forbidden City, the Great Wall and Zen-like
                                       Australia has come a long way since the ’60s. We     gardens. You will visit a private tea plantation,
                                       are now more concerned with issues of                dine at stunning restaurants - some super
                                       biodiversity, conservation, sustainability and       luxurious, others hidden gems - and learn
     Tony Tan’s classes are proudly    our multi-cultural heritage. I hope our ethnic       regional cuisines yet to be discovered in the
      supported by Brown Brothers      diversity is well reflected in the classes I         West. Dates - 15 to 27 September.
                                       conduct. My travels obviously have some
                                                                                            All in all, there is plenty on offer. I hope to see
                                       bearing too, as ideas, techniques and ingredients
                                                                                            you in one of my fun-filled classes or on my
                                       are turned into delicious creations for you to
                                                                                            tour. Here’s wishing your year be filled with love,
                                       take home.
                                                                                            great joy - and great food!
          the unlimited                Classes resume in March with topics ranging
            cuisine company            from the foods of Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand,
                                       India, Vietnam, Bali, China and Hong Kong.
             28A Lansell Road,         Some of them include my treasured recipes and
             Toorak, Victoria 3142     given personal twists with my hope they will
                                       ignite your spirits and make you want to rush
             Phone: (03) 9827 7347
                                       into the kitchen to cook as though it’s the most     Genuine hospitality is about giving -
             Web:   most natural of all activities. There are also       especially giving the best of one’s ability.
2006 Class & Tour Schedule                                                                      C L A S S         D E S C R I P T I O N S
                                                                 All prices are GST inclusive
MARCH                                                                                              March
 Sat      25   10am-3pm      Thai Workshop (5 hours) _______________ $150.00
 Mon      27   7-10pm        Classic Thai _________________________ $99.00                        Now that we have Long Grain in Melbourne, many of you would
 Tue      28   7-10pm        Classic Thai _________________________ $99.00                        be even more mesmerised by Thai food. Thai flavours are raunchy
APRIL                                                                                             and exuberant. Flavour combinations include hot, sour, sweet and
 Tue      4    7-10pm        Malaysian Feast - truly Asia _____________ $99.00                    salty in dishes. If you love the seductive regional aromas from
 Wed      5    7-10pm        Malaysian Feast - truly Asia _____________ $99.00                    Thailand, there are 2 topics to choose from. Classic Thai has
 Mon      10   7-10pm        Classy Hong Kong ____________________ $99.00                         delightful, fresh twists packed with sensational dishes, skilful
 Tue      11   7-10pm        Classy Hong Kong ____________________ $99.00                         blending of techniques with some new ingredients to create a full
 Thu      20   7-10pm        Stephanie’s Kitchen Garden _____________ $99.00                      dinner menu bound to enthral your family and friends. Thai
 Fri      21   7-10pm        Stephanie’s Kitchen Garden _____________ $99.00                      Workshop is a 5 hour hands-on intensive session of making spice
 Wed      26   7-10pm        Cocina Nueva________________________ $99.00                          pastes, salads, curries and some delicious surprises. Foods from the
 Thu      27   7-10pm        Cocina Nueva________________________ $99.00                          central plains, the north and the south with echoes of Indian and
MAY                                                                                               Muslim influences will be covered.
 Wed      17   7-10pm        Tony’s Choice________________________ $99.00
                             Tony’s Choice________________________ $99.00
                             Nonya Secrets _______________________ $99.00                          April
 Tues     23   7-10pm        Nonya Secrets _______________________ $99.00
JUNE                                                                                              Malaysia’s cuisine combines the delicacy of Chinese cooking, the
 Mon      5    7-10pm        Haute Vegetables _____________________ $99.00                        aromatic herbs of the Southeast Asia and the exuberance of Indian
 Tues     6    7-10pm        Haute Vegetables _____________________ $99.00                        spices. While we all know satay and rendang, the food of Malaysia
 Tues     13   7-10pm        Winter Game ________________________ $99.00                          is truly a microcosm of flavours of Asia. In Malaysian Feast, expect
 Wed      14   7-10pm        Winter Game ________________________ $99.00                          sumptuous dishes flavoured with lemongrass and candlenuts, heady
 Mon      19   7-10pm        Loretta’s Pastries & Dessert _____________ $99.00                    salads and delicious Chinese treats.
 Wed      21   7-10pm        Cutting-edge Asian____________________ $99.00                        Classy Hong Kong explores the food of this modern harbour city
 Thu      22   7-10pm        Cutting-edge Asian____________________ $99.00                        with an ancient culture. While the cooking here is essentially refined
 Sat      24   10am-3pm      Spice Therapy (5 hours) _______________ $150.00                      Cantonese, there are regional variations such as Chiu Chow, top
 Mon      26   7-10pm        Modern Chinese ______________________ $99.00                         class produce and seriously marvellous techniques I’ve learnt from
 Tues     27   7-10pm        Modern Chinese ______________________ $99.00                         master-chefs in this class.
 Thu      29   10am-1pm      Market Walk_________________________ $70.00
JULY                                                                                              Kitchen Garden Classes are designed in recognition of Stephanie
 Mon      3    7-10pm        New Shanghai _______________________ $99.00                          Alexander’s dedication in teaching good food to future generations
 Tues     4    7-10pm        New Shanghai _______________________ $99.00                          of Australians. In 2001, her kitchen garden project started in
 Sat      8    10am-3pm      Thai Workshop (5 hours) _______________ $150.00                      Collingwood College with children growing, harvesting and cooking
 Tue      12   7-10pm        Steve’s Elegant Japanese ______________ $99.00                       food from the organic garden. The Kitchen Garden Foundation was
 Mon      17   7-10pm        Real Vietnamese______________________ $99.00                         established in 2005 and it is with pleasure that I am donating the
 Tues     18   7-10pm        Real Vietnamese______________________ $99.00                         entire proceeds to this worthy cause. The classes will celebrate her
 Sat      22   7-10pm        Fresh Catch Workshop ________________ $150.00                        inspirational season-based menus prepared during the wonderful
 Mon      24   7-10pm        Beyond Bali _________________________ $99.00                         days at Stephanie’s.
 Tues     25   7-10pm        Beyond Bali _________________________ $99.00                         Cocina Nueva are classes featuring the exciting new flavour-
 Sat      29   10am-3pm      Quintessential China Workshop (5 hours) ___ $150.00                  combinations of the Spanish kitchen. Conducted by Sydney-based
AUGUST                                                                                            chef-author Jane Lawson of one of the best selling cookbooks,
 Tues     1    7-10pm        Sichuan Flavours _____________________ $99.00                        Cocina Nueva, expect traditional classics with modern flair, divine
 Wed      2    7-10pm        Sichuan Flavours _____________________ $99.00                        tapas inspired by the passion and the heat of the Spanish kitchen
 Mon      7    7-10pm        Masala Magic _______________________ $99.00                          and a sensuous dessert that will take you right back to those sultry
 Tues     8    7-10pm        Masala Magic _______________________ $99.00                          nights in Spain.
 Sat      12   10am-3pm      Spice Therapy (5 hours) _______________ $150.00
 Mon      14   7-10pm        Just Oz ____________________________ $99.00
                             Just Oz ____________________________ $99.00
                             Market Walk_________________________ $70.00
 Mon      21   7-10pm        Spanish Revolution____________________ $99.00                        Tony’s Choice celebrates Australian seasonal produce with freestyle
 Tues     22   7-10pm        Spanish Revolution____________________ $99.00                        cooking. It embraces my love for creativity as much as I adore
 Mon      28   7-10pm        Classic Thai - repeat class ______________ $99.00                    challenging the palate - but always with harmony. This year, I am
 Tues     29   7-10pm        Classic Thai - repeat class ______________ $99.00                    pulling techniques from the Western kitchen and marrying them
SEPTEMBER                                                                                         with sexy inspirations from Asia. Always stimulating, always
 Mon      4    7-10pm        Singapore Style ______________________ $99.00                        organised, revel in divine flavours ranging from the subtle to the
 Tues     5    7-10pm        Singapore Style ______________________ $99.00                        assertive and expect to return home laden with ideas and tips for
 Mon      11   7-10pm        Slow & Easy Asian ____________________ $99.00                        your next dinner party.
 Tues     12   7-10pm        Slow & Easy Asian ____________________ $99.00
 15 - 27 September           Gourmet Tour of China _________ from $5600.00                        Nonya Secrets are classes based on the fascinating cooking of the
OCTOBER                                                                                           Straits Chinese or Peranakans who settled in Malaysia and Singapore
 Tues     3    7-10pm        New Tapas__________________________ $99.00                           some 500 years ago. Combining Chinese and Malay cooking
 Wed      4    7-10pm        New Tapas__________________________ $99.00                           methods and ingredients, the food is opulent, intriguing and utterly
 Sat      7    10am-3pm      Hands-on Spanish (5 hours) ____________ $150.00                      delicious. It is neither Malay nor Chinese. It’s unique. Think
 Mon      9    7-10pm        Hurry Curry _________________________ $99.00                         fragrance and think of a cooking style new to Australia!

                                                                                                tony online
 Tues     10   7-10pm        Hurry Curry _________________________ $99.00
 Tue      14   7-10pm        Tony’s Choice Mark 2 __________________ $99.00
 Wed      15   7-10pm        Tony’s Choice Mark 2 __________________ $99.00
 Mon      20   7-10pm        Tropical Seduction ____________________ $99.00                                      
 Tues     21   7-10pm        Tropical Seduction ____________________ $99.00                        My website contains copies of my tour brochures and class
 Sat      25   10am-3pm      Hands-on Tony’s Choice _______________ $150.00                        schedules. There are also testimonials from past students.
 Mon      27   7-10pm        Summer Entertaining __________________ $99.00                         I’m also adding older recipes for free download, and have
 Tues     28   7-10pm        Summer Entertaining __________________ $99.00                         a mailing list available to keep you updated with news and
                                                                                                   upcoming schedules. Please visit to find out more.
       Limited to 5 participants only   HANDS-ON CLASS        NEW for 2006
                                                            Modern Chinese is a topic I adore. I first became              Fresh Catch is a seafood workshop for anyone
    June                                                    aware of this sensational movement recently and we             who loves cooking with seafood as well as for those
                                                            haven’t seen this in Australia. It focuses on the              who are unsure of how best to treat this precious
  Vegetarian cooking has come a long way. Gone are          creative energies of young Singapore chefs that are            commodity. This is a 5 hour hands-on session on
  the days of hippy cafes, sandal-wearing, incense-         marrying Chinese culinary traditions with cooking              how to select, fillet, clean, dress fish and shellfish
  burning, brown rice-munching images. In their             techniques, presentations and ingredients from                 and turn them into delectable, exciting and gutsy
  place are restaurant-quality dishes that not only         Southeast Asia and the West. The last time I ate this          dishes. This class will cover steaming, baking,
  look sexy but taste exquisite as well. Haute              exciting cooking style was in February. Have you               poaching and frying techniques. Seafood laksa
  Vegetables is a class on how to prepare innovative,       ever tasted ‘scrambled’ egg white with scallop and             anyone? Limited to 5 participants. Lunch
  show-stopping dishes that will make even the              truffle oil? Learn how to create bold, imaginative             included.
  skeptic adore meatless cooking! Think curry oil,          and stylish dishes that will make you a star!
                                                                                                                           Now that I have conducted classes on Balinese, I
  quinoa, fresh greens and cheeses, nuts, ice-cream
                                                            Market Walk - designed to be informative and                   am now keen to go Beyond Bali and explore the
  and some stunning surprises.
                                                            entertaining, this is a cook’s tour to Richmond’s              tantalising cooking of Java and Sumatra. If you
  Winter Game is a first-time topic. It’s about eating      incredible Vietnamese, Chinese and Laotian grocers.            love the riot of colours in tropical gardens, vibrant
  seasonally and what better time of the year than          We not only identify ivory lotus root, fuzzy melon             salads and sensuous curries laced with turmeric
  winter to enjoy how to use wild and farmed game           and water celery but also the bewildering variety of           and coconut milk, fish delicately spiced with
  such as venison, roo, quail, partridge or pheasant in     sauces and how to use them in ethnic as well as                nutmeg and soy, beef redolent of the Spice Islands,
  Thai, Chinese and Australian cooking styles. Also         contemporary dishes. Light lunch included.                     this is the class for you. Indonesian cooking will
  incorporating winter greens, the menu features            Numbers are limited.                                           never taste the same again!!
  slow-cooking methods and uses marinades to
                                                                                                                           Quintessential China is a hands-on class that will
  celebrate the joy of cooking in winter.
                                                             July                                                          take you beyond bok choy, sweet and sour, lemon
                                                                                                                           chicken and fried rice! In their place is an intensive
  Melbourne’s favourite pastry queen, Loretta
  Sartori, conducts a technique-driven session on           New Shanghai concerns the cooking of the most                  session on how to coax flavours from top-grade
  Pastries & Desserts. She has an uncanny infinity          cosmopolitan city in China and its surrounding                 soy sauce, sesame oil, chillies, roasted sesame seed
  with flour and to see her teach is like watching a        regions. It is also a tribute to Jereme Leong, one of          paste, complex vinegars, lesser-known greens to
  magician in action. Learn how to achieve perfect          China’s rising stars who is revolutionising                    match with the best of our local produce. Expect
  results with nothing but flour and butter to make         Shanghainese cooking. It has elegance and finesse              Peking duck, Hainanese chicken rice, prawn ball
  mouth-watering savoury pastries and a glorious            as well as contrasts in this new cooking style - it            soup and a stunning eggplant number with
  dessert from this extraordinary, enthusiastic teacher.    has wow-factor! The class will look at how to use              pinenuts. Limited to 5 participants. Lunch
  Oh, she’s making hand-made strudel! Book early!           rock sugar, maltose, Chinkiang vinegar and the                 included.
                                                            delightful osmanthus wine.
  Cutting-edge Asian Dinners were booked-out
  classes last year. For those of you who missed out,       Thai Workshop is a 5 hour hands-on intensive
  this is the opportunity to book into this year’s          session of making spice pastes, salads, curries and
  sessions. The classes highlight some of the most          some delicious surprises. Please check March for
  exciting dishes I’ve ever presented overseas and in       details.
  the school. These are matched by some of the most
  exquisite wines from Brown Brothers.                      Chef Steven Pallett is often called ‘the thinking
                                                            chef ’s chef ’. His cookbook Simply Sushi has
  If you are passionate about spices, Spice Therapy         helped to demystify the art of making perfect
  is a 5-hour hands-on session for you. It’s an             sushi. Formerly chef at Kenzan, I am honoured to
  incredible voyage into the selection, culinary usage      have Steven conduct Elegant Japanese, a superb
  of whole and blended spices in both traditional and       session based on a Japanese degustation menu and

  contemporary cooking. We will use fresh herbs and         how the seasons have shaped this most aesthetic of
  a range of chillies - both dried and fresh - to create    cuisines.
  new dimensions in savoury and sweet dishes. Grains
  of paradise, anyone?                                      Vietnamese cuisine is influenced by the French                 If you love hot, pungent, bold and fragrant
                                                            and the Chinese but most of all it is shaped by a              flavours, you’ll love this year’s collection of
                                                            fertile land of breathtaking beauty right in                   Sichuan Flavours. But not all Sichuan cooking is
                                                            Southeast Asia.                                                hot. Like Thai, Sichuanese cooks weave from
                                                            It uses herbs not only to create layers of flavours            sweet, sour, salty and spicy notes with skill and
                                                            but also an irresistible freshness not seen in other           subtlety. Now that you’ve read about ma po bean
                                                            Asian cuisines. Fragrant, light and appealing, Real            curd, tea-smoked duck and smoky bacon, get
                                                            Vietnamese is ideal for any occasion from a quick              ready to thrill your friends with zingy beef with
                                                            lunch to a relaxed dinner party.                               sesame, quail with fennel and cassia ... and more!
                                                                                                                           On a recent visit to Singapore, Devagi Sanmugam
                                                                                                                           - a fantastic Singaporean cookery teacher - had me
                                                                                                                           even more excited about the flavours of South

Whilst the classes are set with given topics, it is possible to customise subjects specifically to the needs of groups and individuals. Demand for
full day classes and personal tuition is high and I encourage you to contact me to place your name on the student list for alternative dates.

Tony Tan Cooking 2006 Class Order Form                           Please attach a separate sheet if you need more room
Class Title                                    Class Date                    No. of seats                           Cost                            Total

Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr                       First Name                                                        Surname


Daytime Phone                                                                            Mobile Phone

                                                                                                                                  o Yes, please add me to your mailing list

Mail or Fax to:        the unlimited cuisine company                         Phone: (03) 9827 7347 Fax: (03) 9826 4977
                       28A Lansell Road, Toorak, Vic 3142                    Or use our form on the web at
India. Comprising the cooking styles of Tamil
Nadu, Kerela, Sri Lanka, The Masala Magic class
                                                         water town, the Forbidden City and the Great
                                                         Wall, attend cooking demonstrations, enjoy some
will feature curry leaves, semolina with cashews,        spectacular street food and dine on some the best       Tropical Seduction - When we think Noosa and
Mysore style lamb, tamarind fish, chutneys and           regional cuisines of China. Also included are five-     far-north Queensland, we think of languid days,
aromatic sambals. And the bonus is it’s                  star hotels, your bilingual host, weeping willows,      blue skies, salty breezes and luscious, yummy
wonderfully approachable!                                sweeping mountains. Not included in the price are       foods. This class is about capturing the essence of
                                                         a thousand memories you’ll bring back home.             what we do so well in Australia, combining
Spice Therapy - This is a repeat hands-on class for
                                                         Inquiries to me or Janene Ferguson, Harvey World        ingredients like mangosteens and gingers from the
those who missed out in June. Please read June
                                                         Travel, South Melbourne Tel: (03) 9696 7979.

                                                                                                                                                                          Photography credits: Food dishes (except Chillies on page one): Con Poulos Photography; Page one chillies, class image and portrait photography by Peter Mack • Brochure design by Terrabyte/DMK ~
schedule for details.                                                                                            north and marry these with staples such as crab
                                                         Singapore Style - Always popular, always                meat and beef to create new dishes with some
Just Oz is a class on the ever-changing landscape                                                                interesting techniques for your collection.
                                                         fascinating, this class on the diverse food of this
and the way we eat in Australia. It’s purely
                                                         tropical island is bound to thrill even the more        Summer Entertaining - With the festive season
contemporary Australian cooking with a tiny nod
                                                         jaded foodie-traveller. From much-loved hawker          fast approaching and summer just around the
to Asia. It celebrates our country’s most inventive
                                                         favourites such as Indian mee goreng to authentic       corner, food cooked with flair with minimum fuss
chefs and this session is a tribute to them.
                                                         home-style dishes, to stunning restaurant               is best. We do, however, still want to make an
Definitely no meat pies or roast chook - but
                                                         creations requiring not too much effort - expand        impression and the class is designed to take you
certainly top quality ingredients like Wagyu beef,
                                                         your culinary repertoire to enjoy with family and       and your friends to some gastronomic cloud or
barra and mushrooms and innovative cooking.
                                                         friends.                                                some earthly paradise. Think summer’s finest
Great food, great techniques, simple execution.
                                                         Slow & Easy Asian - We love quick cooking-              offerings - tangy mangoes, scallops, crayfish,
Market Walk - Second series on a cook’s tour to                                                                  succulent lamb with an Asian twist and a lavish
                                                         techniques, especially with today’s busy lifestyles,
the Vietnamese, Chinese and Cambodian grocers                                                                    do-ahead dessert.
                                                         but sometimes we pay the price for convenience.
in Richmond. Small group. Please check June
                                                         Deep, rich layers of flavours are best released by      Tony’s Choice Mark 2 - A completely different
schedule for details.
                                                         long, slow braising with a few carefully chosen         take to that offered in May, this class celebrates the
Spanish Revolution follows Cutting-edge                  ingredients. I have put together a collection of        simple pleasures of spring’s bounty such as
Spanish. In 20 years of moving forward, Spain is         recipes that draws together the best of both worlds.    asparagus, broad beans, artichoke and berries
now leading the world with its breathtaking and          Expect Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean dishes            prepared with my trade mark free-form cooking.
sometimes provocative cuisine. Inventive, avant-         and a lovely dessert.                                   With seafood plucked from our local waters and
garde - these are adjectives that describe the talents                                                           tender meat from the land, Tony’s Choice reflects
of Ferran Adria, Sergi Arola and Juan Mari
Azark. New youthful stars like Andoni Aduriz,
                                                          October                                                my love for creativity with the magic of cooking.

Francis Paniego and Dario Barrio are wowing                                                                      Tony’s Choice hands-on class - This is an
                                                         New Tapas - Nearly a decade has passed since my         intensive session for those who love to be
diners with food based firmly on tradition,
                                                         first visit to Spain eating tapas and learning from     challenged and hungry to taste cooking styles
technique and creativity. Menu inspired by my
                                                         cookery teachers and chefs. Since then, tapas bars      unhindered by tradition though a solid grounding
recent trip to Spain.
                                                         have conquered the world teasing our palates with       in techniques is preferred. Teamed with a series of
Classic Thai - repeat classes for those who missed       Latin flavours and sexy combinations with Spanish       small eats, pastries and flat breads packed with
out in March. Please check March schedule for            ingredients like jamon, piquillo peppers,               stunning produce, this five-hour session is my
details.                                                 manchego and bacalao. Master a range of                 finale for the year. Think new recipes that resonate
                                                         spontaneous, exciting tapas that explode with           with flavour, freshness and fun. Sign up soon!
 September                                               earthy and marine flavours for simple, casual

This month, I escort a deluxe Gourmet Tour to            Hands-on Spanish - An intensive 5-hour class on
                                                                                                                  Tour Info
China. Commencing 15th September, participants           Spanish dishes from Catalunya, Valencia, Galicia
will not only explore the extraordinarily rich and       and Madrid. Rice, tomatoes, black pudding,              For tour itineraries and full details, please
varied foods of China but they will also share with      jamon, chorizo, quail and seafood are all given the     telephone for a brochure or visit my website
me a very personal, if not passionate, sojourn to        Spanish touch to produce authentic Spanish dishes       ( to download a copy.
the land of my ancestors. This is a tour for food        that I’ve learnt from chefs and cookery teachers
lovers and for those who delight in discovering the      Teresa Barrenechea, Gabriela Llamas, Jaume
intense cultural legacy of China’s 5000 year             Brichs and Aussie expat Ruth Roberts. Calamari
history.                                                 Fideua or quail with chocolate are part of the
The tour begins at Shanghai with its mix of
colonial architecture, modern day sophistication         Hurry Curry - who says curries cannot be made in
and swing music. The journey continues to                next to no time? Booked out instantly last year, this
beautiful Hangzhou famous for its Westlake before        class is for those of us who are time poor but still
heading north to imperial Beijing. Some highlights       would like to cook gorgeous curries. Using quality
include tea appreciation set in a tranquil tea           commercial blends and other short cuts but jazzed
plantation, sumptuous picnics, visits to a beautiful     up with tricks of the trade, you’ll be surprised how
                                                         remarkably easy it is to have everyone singing for

the unlimited cuisine company                                      ABN 18 586 147 755

    28A Lansell Road, Toorak, Melbourne, Australia 3142
    Phone: (03) 9827 7347 Fax: (03) 9826 4977 Website:

       How to enrol
       Please complete the enrolment form overleaf and forward your full name, postal address, preferred class/date and time,
       together with a cheque or money order made payable to the unlimited cuisine company at the address above.
       Full payment confirms your place in the class. All cheques received will be issued with a receipt which confirms your
       enrolment. Sorry, no credit card facilities are available.
       No refund will be forwarded on classes not attended. Another person may replace you or may be transferred to another
       class if more than 7 days notice is given and if a seat is available. Alternatively, class recipes will be forwarded to you. Gift
       vouchers are only to be used for the year indicated.

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