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					                                     Thomas H. Levine
                             Assistant Professor of Social Studies Education,
                               Department of Curriculum and Instruction
                          Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut
                         249 Glennbrook Road, Unit 2033, Mansfield, CT 06269
                                860 486 5449,


2005      Stanford University School of Education, Stanford, CA
          Ph.D. degree (Teacher Education)

2001      Clark University, Worcester, MA
          Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (Chinese Language and Culture)

1989      Tufts University, Medford, MA
          M.A.T. with teaching credential in Social Studies

1987      Brown University, Providence, RI
          B.A., magna cum laude, with honors (History)


2004-05   Spencer Dissertation Fellowship

2000-04   Stanford Graduate Fellowship

2000-01   Stanford University School of Education Fellowship

1987      Phi Beta Kappa, Brown University


2002-     Dissertation study, Stanford University School of Education, Stanford, CA
2005      Title: “Collaborating for Equity: Exploring the Influence of Teacher Collaboration on Classroom
          Committee: Pam Grossman, advisor; Larry Cuban; Linda Darling-Hammond.
          A study exploring whether—and how—teacher collaboration influences six teachers’ classroom
          practices. Uses data from two conversion high schools—one suburban, one urban--where teacher
          collaboration was designed to help teachers better meet the needs of traditionally-underserved
          students. Seeks to offer case studies and theory to inform school redesign and teacher professional
          development. Dissertation submitted in August, 2005; will collect additional data, Spring, 2006.

2001-02   Research Assistant, Stanford University School of Education, Stanford, CA
          Project: University Supervisor Professional Development
          Collected and analyzed interview data from supervisors and field notes of supervisor meetings.
          Wrote report assessing training & support of university supervisors. Helped implement changes.

2000-01   Author, Evaluation Report for Primary Source, Watertown, MA
          Title: “A Fantastic, Frustrating, Life-changing Whirlwind: An Evaluation of the New England
          China Network‟s Field Experiences Abroad”
          Designed and used surveys and focus groups for K-12 teachers who participated in study tours to
          China; analyzed data, wrote 80-page report assessing teacher study tours’ success in meeting goals.

2001      Research Assistant, Stanford University School of Education
          Project: AERA Consensus Panel on Teacher Education
          Collected and summarized articles for a review of research on the pedagogy of teacher education.

                                                                                               Levine, p. 1

1999-2002   Author, Academic Capstone Project for a C.A.G.S. (see above), Clark University, Worcester, MA
            Title: “A tale to make you open your sleepy eyes: Popular Religion and Narrative Strategy in Li Yu‟s
            „A Male Mencius‟ Mother‟”
            Used primary and secondary sources, narrative analysis, and content analysis to illuminate a short
            story from the Qing dynasty and its implications for our understanding of Qing society.


2004        Spencer Research Training Grant, Competitive Grant Program, Stanford University
            Received $5,000 covering dissertation research costs
2004        Spencer Research Training Grant, Small Grant Program, Stanford University
            Received $1,500 covering dissertation research costs
1999        Freeman Foundation Grant given to Primary Source
            Co-wrote grant, received $700,000 of new funding to promote partnerships with school systems and
            develop additional teacher courses and study tours.
1997        NH Humanities Council Grant, given to Primary Source
            Wrote grant for $7,000 to cover costs of including New Hampshire educators in a summer institute
            and China study tour.


2005        Assistant Professor,
            Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut

            Responsible for teaching “Elementary Social Studies Methods” and the seminar accompanying
            seniors’ clinical placements during Fall semester. Currently observing classes and meetings to
            prepare for teaching a seminar for fifth year students engaged in internships and inquiry projects.

2004        Teaching Assistant, “Introduction to Qualitative Research”
            Instructor: Denise Pope. Stanford University School of Education
            Helped plan instruction and teach; advised groups doing research projects.
2004        Teaching Assistant, “Curriculum Construction”
            Instructor: Denise Pope. Stanford University School of Education
            Helped choose readings, plan instruction, and teach; evaluated student work.
2003-04     Teaching Assistant, “Curriculum and Instruction (History/Social Science)”
            Instructor: Sam Wineberg. Stanford University School of Education
            Helped plan instruction and teach; designed assignments scaffolding students’ ability to write
            history/social science curriculum; evaluated student work, determined course grades.
2003        Instructor, “Curriculum and Teacher Education Colloquia”
            Stanford University School of Education
            Designed and led seminars accompanying a speaker series; facilitated on-line discussion.
2001-02     Co-Instructor, “Curriculum and Instruction (History/Social Science)”
            Stanford University School of Education
            Worked with two other Ph.D. students to design and deliver a course preparing prospective
            History/Social Science teachers to construct effective history/social science lessons, units, and
            courses. Chose readings, designed assignments and experiences, graded student work.
1998        Adjunct Faculty, “Modern China through Film and Fiction”
            Clark University
            Created and taught this undergraduate history course; promoted critical reading of texts.

1997-98     Adjunct Faculty, “World Regional Geography”

                                                                                                    Levine, p. 2
            Middlesex Community College
            Developed on-line curriculum.
1995-96     Instructor, “English Composition” and “Spoken English”
            Civil Aviation College of China, Tianjin, China
            Taught undergraduate Chinese nationals majoring in English and graduate students.
1987-95     Social Studies Teacher
            Courses: A.P. U.S. History, Government, World Studies, Public Speaking
            Algonquin Regional High School, Northboro, MA

            Created and co-taught “Difference and Diversity,” a course which met freshmen history and
            English requirements and integrated special education, college track, and honors students.

             “Difference and Diversity” was cited as one of the top innovations in primary and secondary
            education by NESDEC, the New England School Development Council, in 1993. Over 60 educators
            made site visits to observe the course.

            Chosen by students to deliver the graduation address (1990, 1991, 1994).

            Chosen by faculty and administrators as "Teacher of the Year" (1990).


2005        Advisor for nine junior teaching candidates
            Responsible for supporting student course selection and design of a course of study and addressing
            other academic or personal issues relevant to advisees’ preparation as professional teachers.

2003-04     Coordinator, Curriculum and Teacher Education Colloquia, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
            Recruited nationally-recognized scholars and arranged a series of colloquia presenting research on
            “Curriculum and Teacher Education.”
2000-01     University Supervisor, Stanford Teacher Education Program
            Mentored, evaluated, and led weekly meetings for prospective history/social science teachers.
1998-2000   Associate Director, New England China Network at Primary Source
            (Primary Source, a non-profit, works with K-12 teachers to change the way students learn history
            and understand the cultures of those who have been left out of mainstream texts.)
            Created and implemented courses and conferences to support K-12 teaching about East Asia.
            Led two study tours to China; brought elementary and secondary teachers into schools and homes,
            visited historic sites, and met with scholars to deepen understanding of ancient and modern China.
            Assisted in fund-raising, budgeting, marketing, and organizational restructuring.


2005        If you build it, will they learn? Opportunities for learning in teacher community. Paper for the 36th
            annual Northeastern Educational Research Association, Kerhonkson, New York, scheduled in
            October, 2005.

2005        Conceptualizing the Influence of Teacher Collaboration on Classroom Practice. Poster and paper
            accepted for the 36th annual Northeastern Educational Research Association, Kerhonkson, New
            York, scheduled in October, 2005.
2005        Examining the “optimistic premise” concerning the impact of teacher collaboration on instruction:
            A comparative case study. Paper for the 2005 annual meeting of the American Educational Research
            Association. Montreal, Canada.

                                                                                                  Levine, p. 3
2003       The View from the Community Bandwagon: Maintaining the power—and exploring the limits—of
           Community of Practice Theorizing for Teacher Education. Paper for the California Council for
           Teacher Education Fall Conference. San Diego, CA.
2003       Muddle in the Middle: Cognitive, socio-cultural, and activity theoretical conceptualizations of how
           teachers’ joint work and individual practice influence each other. Paper presented at the annual
           meeting of the American Educational Research Association. Chicago, IL.
2003       “We don’t have to be eating donuts together”: The Presence and Potential of Professional
           Community among a group of University Supervisors. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the
           American Educational Research Association. Chicago, IL.
2000       Teaching Human Rights and Teaching U.S., Chinese, and Tibetan Perspectives on Human Rights.
           Workshops for the Maine Council for the Social Studies annual conference. Augusta, Maine.
1999       Teaching African-American History through Primary Sources. (co-presented with Brande Martin)
           Workshop for a Leslie College Seminar. Watertown, MA.
1999       China in the 21st Century. (Lead Instructor) A four-day workshop for secondary school teachers.
           Springfield, MA.
1999       Pre-College Education in the U.S.A. Presentation in Chinese and English for a meeting of
           educational leaders from Jiangsu Province, China. Watertown, MA.
1999       Buddhism in World History. Lecture for the Northeastern World History Conference. Boston, MA.
1999       Love, Food, and Money: The Lives & Dreams of Educated Chinese Twenty-Somethings. Slide
           presentation for the Northeast Regional Conference on the Social Studies. Boston, MA.
1999       The Cultural Geography of China. A professional development workshop. South Windsor, CT.
1998       Teaching U.S., Chinese, and Tibetan Perspectives on Human Rights. Workshop for the Vermont
           Council for the Social Studies annual conference. Montpelier, VT.
1997       American Pedagogy and The Ideal of Diversity in American Education. Presentations for Chinese
           educators preparing to teach for one year in the U.S.A. Beijing, China.
1995       Creating Administrative Support for Lesbian and Gay Teens. Presentation at the Annual Gay,
           Lesbian, and Straight Teachers Network Conference. Milton, MA.
1994       Teaching Writing with Heterogeneously Grouped Students. (co-presenter) Seminar sponsored by
           New England School Development Council. Northboro, MA.
1993-95    Four presentations to 250 teachers and administrators about “Difference and Diversity,” a two-
           period English and Social Studies course mainstreaming special education students with college and
           honors track students. (co-presenter) Sudbury, MA; Andover, MA; Stow, MA; Providence, RI.
1988       Students as Historiographers. College Board Conference for Advanced A.P. U.S. History Teachers.
           Littleton, MA.


2005       Committee member, Elementary Field of Studies Committee, Scholarship/Awards Committee, and
           Undergraduate Admissions Committee, Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut

2004-now   School Coach, Hewlitt Packard Adolescent Health Project on Student Stress, Stanford University
           Facilitated meetings of teachers, administrators, and students from a local high school; identified
           causes of student academic stress, developed action plan.
2002-04    Consultant, Performance Assessment for California Teachers (PACT) Project, School of Education,
           Stanford University
           Responded to pilot drafts of a performance assessment for the accreditation of CA teachers;
           participated in benchmarking/standard-setting for the History/Social Science assessment.
2001-04    Application reader, Stanford Teacher Education Program
           Evaluated history/social science applications; recruited applicants by phone and in person.

                                                                                                 Levine, p. 4
2001-04    Stanford University School of Education Orientation panelist, session leader, “Ph.D. Buddy,” and
           advisor to incoming Stanford Graduate Fellows
2002       Lead author, sections on Social Studies Education, for Stanford Teacher Education Program‟s
           NCATE accreditation report (National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education)
2000       Program Director and Master of Ceremonies, Maine Council of the Social Studies annual conference
1999       Member, Standard-setting Task Force, Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System, Social
           Studies Exam
1997-98;   Reader, draft chapters of historian Paul Ropp‟s Banished Immortal: Searching for Shuangqing,
2004       China's Peasant Woman Poet (1997-98) and of his high school text on Chinese history.
1987-95    Service for Algonquin Regional High School, including:
           Chair, School Philosophy Committee
           Co-founder and faculty sponsor, Algonquin Gay/Straight Alliance
           Coach, Debate team and Model United Nations club


Chinese    Fluent; used spoken and written Chinese to arrange and lead teacher tours to China.
Korean     Basic skills in reading, writing, and speaking.
Spanish    With review, proficient in reading, writing, and speaking.


1995       Massachusetts certification, English teacher, 9-12.
           Earned through non-degree study at Harvard and Tufts Universities. Maintaining active status.
1992       Boston Writing Project certification as a “Teacher of Writing.”
           Earned via graduate courses at the University of Massachusetts at Boston.
1989       Massachusetts certification, Social Studies teacher, 9-12.
           Earned at Tufts. Maintaining active status.

                                                                                                 Levine, p. 5