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   ●   The Best 7 Aweber Automatic Responder Secrets
   ●   Why Aweber Automatic Responder Works and How it Makes Money
   ●   5 Aweber Automatic Responder Bonus Tips
   ●   How to Avoid Aweber Mistakes
   ●   Why AWeber is a Worthy Investment

The Best 7 Aweber Automatic Responder Secrets
Written by By Codrut Turcanu

1. Customize everything. Aweber allows you send text or html based templates
for your emails, newsletters, blog alerts and updates. You can keep it plain Jane
simple or get creative with graphics.

2. Aweber autoresponder omnipotence -- how about unlimited follow up emails
and unlimited lists? With Aweber there's no such thing as more than enough!

3. With a relatively cheap monthly fee you get more than your moneys worth.
Aweber autoresponder doubles up your earnings in no time so don't sweat the
small stuff!

4. Are you a sloth? Well I think it's not surprising, when it comes to setting up a
responder service it usually does take eons to do. Most interfaces aren't even
user friendly. It is not the case here! You could probably use Aweber with your
eyes blindfolded and hands tied behind your back. Once you master it, of course.

5. Access granted, ALWAYS! The 24/7, anytime anywhere accessibility allows you
to work hard and party harder. No need to install software on your computer. An
Aweber autoresponder account is all you need.

6. Independent system. If your computer suddenly crashes & burns fear not
because Aweber has it all backed up for you on its own server. Yes it has its OWN
server. Think G-mail or Yahoo!

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7. Aweber was designed with people in mind. You know how it is; sometimes it's
just too bothersome to read. With video tutorials Aweber does the talking you can
just sit back and relax.

The eight secret is that I am using Aweber Automatic Responder myself and make
money online. Up to 85% of my income comes as a direct or indirect result of
using Aweber. That's how powerful it is!

Why Aweber Automatic Responder Works and How it Makes
Article by Codrut Turcanu

If I told you that there is an easier way of doing it would you believe me?

Well you're in luck coz I have been dying to share this marketing secret. Are you
ready? Let me begin by introducing you to Aweber Automatic Responder.

What is Aweber you say? Well if you'd settle down and let me finish you'd find
out. Ok so where was I? Aweber is if you have not guessed is an automated
response tool. Think of it as your personal electronic secretary or virtual
assistant. One that does not waste time doing her nails or takes too long to get
back from her lunch break. The Aweber autoresponder will get the job done, fast
without excuses!

Now let's move on, I bet you are hankering to find out how to use aweber.

Like I said, Aweber is your virtual assistant with no frills. The Aweber
autoresponder acts like a fax machine on an overdrive. This awesome marketing
tool delivers automatic e-mail responses, updates, offers, instant messages, and
even follows up on your members or list. That's not all!

With Aweber automatic responder you get an armload of other features that are

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simple to use. No need to bust out a dummy book to help you along. The system
allows you to create sign up forms in a matter of minutes. It's really simple -- just
copy & paste!

The benefits of signing up for Aweber definitely outweigh the sign up fee.

Nothing beats being able to set up unlimited number of messages and campaigns.
Not only do you get a spam checker, you also get the option to create and send
text or html based messages; subscriber management is a breeze with this tool.

Whether you have a site, a blog or just a simple ugly page, you can make money
with Aweber automatic responder. How? Promote your own product or service,
pre-sell other people's programs, or try AdSense.

UPDATE: I am using Aweber Automatic Responder myself and make money
online. Up to 85% of my income comes as a direct or indirect result of using
Aweber. That's how powerful it is!

5 Aweber Automatic Responder Bonus Tips
By Codrut Turcanu

If I told you I have five bonus tips on how to maximize Aweber would you want to
know what they are? Using Aweber autoresponder is more than cost efficient.

1. How about a blog instead of a website? It's not only a trend it is also easier to
set up. Furthermore Aweber autoresponder supports blogs. I use Wordpress, it's
free and it's easy to use.

2. Utilize your Outlook to work in sync with Aweber. A stand alone email service
or personal manager, you choose. G-mail not only archives 1 gigabyte worth of
email data but will also link you to AdSense, Googlemaps and other resources
that can prove useful to your site or blog.

3. Use networking sites as a list builder. Got 100 friends? Why not advertise on
your profile? A simple link to you can have them all in your Opt-In list. Or why

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not advertise Aweber on your profile? Referrals are always beneficial.

4. With hundreds of professionals signing up for Aweber regularly, make
connections with other account holders. Do more networking, add contacts and
learn from other people and their blogs/sites.

5. Use it efficiently as a survey tool; ask your subscribers for feedback, run polls
-- sky's the limit! You're one step closer to leave your competitors in plain dust!

Aweber bonus tip: it can be used hand in hand with Twitter accounts, giving your
newsletter online versions to folks who love getting tweets.

I am using Aweber Automatic Responder myself and make money online. Up to
85% of my income comes as a direct or indirect result of using Aweber. That's
how powerful it is!

How to Avoid Aweber Mistakes
Written by Thomas Powers

Aweber is an exceptionally useful online marketing device that can build and keep
up your affiliation with 100's or 1000's of customers with a couple of clicks of the
mouse. For this reason it is essential that you know how to make use of Aweber
to its highest capability and that you elude making most likely Aweber mistakes.
This article will inform you about six of the most common errors that Aweber
users commit and how to best elude them.

1. You should that 1st sequence messages are sent right away
If you do not intend a message sent immediately then keep that in mind when
setting up your sequence since Aweber will send it right away. If you are not
pleased with your sequence beginning so soon then use the 1st message as a
simple welcome message and allow your content begin on message number 2.

2. Do not insert messages to an existing sequence
Aweber uses numbers for all sequence message so if you try to insert another

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inside somewhere, the records will get screwed up. This will cause your sequence
becoming muddled which if you are sending a course, will spell failure.

3. Set up automation rules
Use the List Settings > Automation options to unsubscribe people from 1 list if
they have subscribe to another. This is neat if you have a promotional list, and a
buyers list. You wouldn't like customers to stay on the promo list once they have
bought your merchandise.

4. No line breaks in variables
It is simple to accidentally place in link breaks stuck between a variable opening
and closing bracket while you are making up a custom variable. If you create this
mistake then variable substitution will not happen.

5. No automatic subscriptions
Just for the reason that a person has subscribed somewhere else or is a customer
of yours, it doesn't mean you can place them on your list without their
permission. Make for sure all your members have opted in by their own free will.

6. One email each day
Aweber can't promise that more than 1 email a day will be delivered, most likely
as an anti-spam measure. Be sure you only send 1 email per day is the best way
to get superior receiving and open rates.

These simple Aweber tips will help you to dodge problems that a lot other
marketers experience in their beginning learning stages. Aweber can be a
complex thing to master but it does not take long to get the crucial tasks down
pat. Avoiding these frequent mistakes and others like then will save you time and

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Why AWeber is a Worthy Investment
Written by Brook Barth

Why do you hear the name "AWeber" so often in internet marketing circles?
Internet marketers have come to depend on the AWeber service, which started
over a decade ago and has steadily gained in popularity since then.

AWeber is a service that performs many different functions; in exchange for a
monthly payment, you get help managing your newsletters, opt-in lists and e-
mail marketing campaigns. Sending e-mails may seem like a simple task;
however, when you start doing it on a commercial scale and have to mail
thousands of newsletters or promotions to people on a regular basis, it becomes
hard to keep track of it all. It is services and products like AWeber that make it
look like the profits are effortless. What makes AWeber in particular such a
popular service?

AWeber's been in business for a decade, or more. It was created and launched in
1998. Of course they're smart marketers, that's why they have kept-up with the
evolving online business world with the many upgrades to their services.

This business has kept their eye on the ball because they have turned their
simple autoresponder service into a one-stop email list marketing shop. AWeber
can point to its legions of satisfied customers as proof of its efforts to provide the
latest functions and features for online marketers.

One important issue for marketers with their emails concerns the layout and
design for optimum results. At the same time there are some people who will not
allow coded e-mails to be delivered to their e-mail inboxes. AWeber offers html
templates for e-mail marketers to use. You'll be able to build emails that will
definitely help you look unique to the world. However, there's no problem using
text-based templates and AWeber provides them for you.

Many email marketers worry about whether or not their emails are reaching
inboxes. Naturally, you don't want to be blocked by an ISP because someone
reported you as spam. So AWeber has agreements with most ISP's, and your
deliverability is practically guaranteed to get through. There should also be no
cause for alarm with getting misidentified as spam because AWeber has certain
measures in place that will prevent that.

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All marketers know that marketing with email is one of the most profitable
methods to make lots of money on the net. This is just the power of marketing to
people you have some kind of relationship with, and it's easier to do that than
with people you have no relationship of any kind with. And as your list grows,
tracking all those emails is not easy. This is why services like AWeber are useful
because they can keep track of all of the details for you. And as an email
marketer, in addition to building a good relationship, you're just making your list
aware of other products you want to help them with.

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