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Employment Agreement between Temple and Cantor-includes real estate loan for relocation

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									                             EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT (Cantor)
       This Employment Agreement is entered into as of the                              by and
between                                          (“Temple”) and Cantor
("Cantor") with reference to the following facts:
       A.      Temple desires to employ Cantor.
       B.      Cantor desires to be employed by Temple.
       THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants and warranties contained herein,
the parties agree as follows:
       1.      Employment.
       Temple hereby employs Cantor as its cantor, and Cantor hereby accepts such employment.
       2.      Duties and Responsibilities.
               Cantor shall serve as cantor of Temple, with such duties and responsibilities as may
be assigned to him from time to time by the Board of Directors of Temple. Cantor shall devote
his full time and energies to the business of Temple, it being understood and agreed that Cantor
shall not engage in outside business interests or activities if such activities interfere with the
performance of his duties.
       3.      Term.
               The term of this Agreement shall be for a period of              years, commencing on
               and continuing until                     .
       4.      Compensation.
               4.1     Base Compensation. Temple shall pay Cantor, as compensation for
services rendered under this Agreement ("Base Compensation"), compensation at the rates listed
below, payable monthly in accordance with the usual and customary payroll practices of Temple,
less required deductions for withholding tax, social security and other similar items.

The compensation payable under this Agreement shall not be reduced by any amounts received by
Cantor for acting in any other capacity. Temple and Cantor shall establish which portion of
Cantor's base compensation shall be designated as parsonage so that Cantor obtains the maximum
benefit permitted by law.
               4.2     Incentive Compensation. In addition to the foregoing compensation,
Temple shall make a loan (the "Real Estate Loan") to Cantor in the original principal amount of
                       , bearing interest at the rate of   percent ( %) per year.
The proceeds of the Real Estate Loan shall be used by Cantor and his spouse in connection with the
purchase of their primary residence. The Real Estate Loan shall be evidenced by a promissory
note executed by Cantor and his spouse in favor of Temple, and secured by a deed of trust
encumbering Cantor's primary residence. If Cantor satisfactorily fulfills his obligations under this
Agreement, as determined by the Temple Board of Directors, Temple shall forgive
at the expiration of the term of this Agreeme
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