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									EUPIC Chengdu, 15th – 19th October 2009
EBN is the leading pan-European network bringing together 200+ Business and Innovation
Centres (BICs) and similar organizations such as incubators and entrepreneurship centres
across the enlarged Europe.
EBN was created almost 25 years ago by the European Commission and European industry
leaders. EBN is a Brussels-based team coordinating members’ activities and providing services
to them ranging from EC-BIC Quality support to international projects and events.

EUPIC is the EU Project Incubation Centre in China. It was established in November 2006 in
Chengdu to continue its durable development after the ‘EU-Chengdu SMEs Business
Matchmaking and Cooperation Incubation’ Event.
EUPIC supports growing SMEs, universities, research institutions from the EU and China for
business, investment opportunities and technology innovation and functions as a project
executive centre to apply and take part in multilateral aid programs funded by the EU and the
Chinese government.

The International Network for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises aims at stimulating
transnational cooperation and public and private partnership in the field of innovation and
technology transfer to SMEs.

UKBI is the UK's authority on the development and support of incubation environments. The
organisation aims to create successful new UK enterprises and entrepreneurs by leading and
promoting the development of high quality business incubation throughout the UK.

Fondation Europe + aims at being a reference for the European Union by bringing together
political leaders, international investors and experts. Through its high-level think tank, Europe
+ provides a channel for the influence of business, European regions and the civil society in
favor of growth, employment, research and innovation.

                      Contact: Julia Brethenoux - E-mail: / phone: +32 2 761 10 86   1

Following three decades of rapid economic growth and progressive integration in the global
economy, China has become one of the world’s most powerful economies. In 2006, China was
the European Union's second largest trading partner and displaced the United States as
the largest source of EU imports, while the EU continued its role as China's main trading
partner. When speaking about innovation, China is nowadays inevitable. If in the late 90’s,
China spent less than 1% of gross domestic product on Research and Development, in 2006,
the year of innovation in China, that figure had grown up to 1,5% and the current government
is willing to raise this percentage to 2,5% by 2020. To this end, the government is focusing on
supporting companies’ capacity to innovate. In this context, organisations such as incubators,
business and innovation centres, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship are key. The
capacity at the European level to monitor and further benefit from economic developments in
China and their impact on the EU should therefore be further enhanced. This is of particular
importance for European business and notably for Small and Medium Sized enterprises (SMEs),
considering their role as the main driving force for economic growth and employment.

As the pan-European network of business and innovation centres, EBN carries out diverse
activities, in particular European and international projects supporting entrepreneurship and
innovation. Within the framework of these activities, EBN has broadened its area of
intervention by focusing more on China related projects. Under a contract with the
European Commission, DG Trade, EBN as part of a consortium has implemented a “Feasibility
study on the setting-up of a European Centre in China for European Small and Medium-sized
enterprises and other activities”.

In early 2008, EBN has signed a cooperation agreement with EUPIC. Within this cooperation
frame, the 2 organisations decided to organise a study tour for EBN members and partner
networks in order to ease relationships between European and Chinese incubators as well as
their client SMEs.

EBN and EUPIC are organising this event in association with INSME, UKBI and
Fondation Europe +)

The aim of the event is to offer to EBN, INSME, UKBI and Fondation Europe+ partners the
opportunity to build or to strengthen their relationships with Chinese counterparts.

This study tour will be a genuine chance to discover, understand and exchange between
Chinese and European incubators & SMEs on their way of working, notably through the visit of
the Chinese centres including EUPIC and participating in the 4th EU-China Business &
Technology Cooperation Fair including an EU China Green Tech Forum and Matchmaking

The programme will also leave room for the European delegates to arrange their own meetings
with Chinese partners before or after the study tour.

                      Contact: Julia Brethenoux - E-mail: / phone: +32 2 761 10 86   2
The Study Tour incorporates various activities

DAY 1 – Thursday 15th October

Arrival of EBN/INSME/UKBI/Fondation Europe+ participants – Thursday evening “Networking
Dinner” (organised by EBN)

DAY 2 – Friday 16th October

Tour of incubators and technology platforms located in the Chengdu region and exchanges with
Chinese incubation managers.

DAY 3 – Saturday 17th October

       Participation in the EU-China Business & Technology Cooperation Fair IV

Sponsored by: Ministry of Commerce of China & Sichuan Provincial Government
Organised by: Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone Management Committee & EU Project Incubation
Centre (Chengdu)

The “EU-China Business & Technology Cooperation Fair IV” is one of the largest economic
events between EU and China in 2009; it provides an important platform of trade,
investment, and technological cooperation.

• Chinese companies and EU companies
• Governmental and intermediate organizations, industrial associations
• Incubators, Science and Technology parks in both China and the EU
• Over 1000 participants expected

Plus+++ «Energy and Green Technology the new EU and China Alliance»
Europe+, in partnership with EUPIC and EBN organizes
the «1st EU - China Green Tech Forum»

Plus+++ an SME B2B Matchmaking Fair for the following sectors
Clean Tech/Environmental Protection/New energy
Building Materials/New Material
Agriculture, Food and Package

Plus+++ Forums for S&T parks, industrial associations from both sides are also be proposed

Opening Ceremony
Keynote Speech
Debate «Energy and Green Technology - the new EU and China Alliance»
Matchmaking meetings
Signing Ceremony
Gala dinner

                      Contact: Julia Brethenoux - E-mail: / phone: +32 2 761 10 86   3
DAY 4 – Sunday 18th October

Matchmaking meetings
Additional visits to science parks and technology platforms

DAY 5 – Monday 19th October

Optional Social Day/Sightseeing Tour: the last day in Chengdu will offer the delegation a social
program before leaving Chengdu.

Tour to the Jinsha Museu
The Giant Panda Breeding Centre
Jinli Cultural Streets

DAY 6 – Tuesday 20th October

The delegates leave Chengdu

                      Contact: Julia Brethenoux - E-mail: / phone: +32 2 761 10 86   4
Registration is open until Thursday 10th September 2009 :

Participants are required to have paid in full the 225€ registration fee and provide copy of
their AIR TICKET by Thursday 17th September 2009 in order to have registered confirmed.


The 225 € registration fee (per person) includes:

   •   Online Help Desk & Support from EBN Team to prepare the mission
   •   Online Access to presentations of Sichuan region & data by sector and Chinese Company
       Profiles (already registered for match making) soon available at

   •   Collection at Chengdu Airport on Thursday 15th October
   •   EBN Networking Dinner on Thursday 15th October
   •   Gala dinner on Saturday 17th October

   •   Full Participation in the EU-China Business & Technology Cooperation Fair IV-
   •   matchmaking meetings including business lunches during the two-day event (Saturday
       & Sunday)
   •   Facilitation, including scheduling and English/Chinese interpretation for matchmaking
   •   Full Participation in «1st EU - China Green Tech Forum»
   •   Excursion for participants to visit Chinese companies and industrial parks

   •   Local transportation from the hotel to the event venue
   •   Special rates in the designated official hotels for this event
   •   (indicative price 55€ to 85€)
   •   Full info-pack
   •   On site logistical support from EBN & EUPIC team

The registration fee does not include air ticket or hotel accommodation
The social day/sightseeing day will cost around 50€ to be paid to the local organisor

Please return the registration form to:

EBN: Julia Brethenoux
Fax +32 2 772 95 74
Tel +32 2 761 10 86

                       Contact: Julia Brethenoux - E-mail: / phone: +32 2 761 10 86   5

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