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CUHK International Summer School _ISS_


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									CUHK International Summer School (ISS)
Students enrolled at the University of Zurich are welcome to apply for the Summer School of
our partner university CUHK Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Programme Dates (tentative)

Latest arrival in Hong Kong                    26 and 27 June (Saturday and Sunday)
Orientation                                    28 June (Monday)
First class                                    29 June (Tuesday)
                                               (except courses that start on 6 July and have
                                               a make-up session on 30 July)
Last class                                     29 July (Thursday)
Make-up class (as required)                    30 July (Friday)
Final Examination                              2 August (Monday)
Optional mainland China tour                   4-7 August

At CUHK the courses are worth 3 credits each, unless otherwise specified, and the total
number of contact hours for a 3-credit course is between 42 and 45. The maximum course
load is 6 credits. (The finalized course list will be made available in early January).
You will have to contact your Dean’s office at the University of Zurich and check with the
responsible person how many ECTS points you will possibly receive for the courses.

Courses are offered in the study field of Business, Humanities and Social Science and
Language (see the course list on http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/osp/a/a1/a4.html).


Please hand in the following documents at the International Relations Office of the University
of Zurich:

   1. Exchange Application Record form of CUHK
   2. Confirmation of Enrollment at the University of Zurich
   3. Transcript of Records (including translation into English certified by your Insitute or
      the Dean’s Office).
   4. Proof of good English skills (e.g. Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English,
      TOEFL, confirmation of the Language Center etc.)

Submit your application material by 19.1.2010 to: Universität Zürich
                                                  Abteilung Internationale Beziehungen
                                                  Frau Sandra Kaufmann
                                                  Rämistrasse 71
                                                  KOL E17
                                                  8006 Zürich

Abteilung Internationale Beziehungen, Rämistrasse 71, 8006 Zürich,
www.int.uzh.ch, Tel. 044 634 41 25, sandra.kaufmann@int.uzh.ch

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