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									                         Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
                                    Meeting Date: Wednesday May 17, 2006
                                           Meeting Time: 7:30 a.m.

Bartlett, Matthew – Century 21 Masters                   EXCUSED
Chiappetta, Dennis – Athens                              Bushman, Pat – Ludwick Foundation
Downing, Maura – Chamber                                 Carpenter, Miki – Foothill Presbyterian Hospital
Fehrs, Mike – Citrus College Foundation                  Ouellette, Elaina – Village Goldsmith
Herman, Ken – City of Glendora
Hermann, Linda – A & J Cake & Candy
Hodge, Kathy - Chamber
Jafari, D.J. – Glendora Tire & Brake
Kirschenbaum, Norm – COUSD                               ABSENT
Macias, Anthony – Primerica Financial Services           Greenwood, Chris – Armstrong Garden Centers
Murabito, Gene – Business Systems Support                Kelly, Mark – City of Glendora
Overlock, Daryl – America’s Home Source                  Miller, Tony – Glendora Dodge
Pine, Glen – Hawg Heaven                                 Nichols, Catherine - GUSD
Reid, David- Azusa Pacific University                    Smith, Barbara – ValPak
Viera, Michael – Citrus College
Warren, Harvey – HarDi Enterprises
Workman, Hal – Workman Construction

Call To Order                        7:35A.M.
Mike Fehrs, President

Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of Minutes: The following should be corrected in the April 19th minutes: Dave Reid
was present. Motion for approval with corrections was made by Dennis Chiappetta and seconded
by D.J. Jafari.

Mike Fehrs President report: I want to thank those involved with the Celebrity Waiter Dinner.
They did a fine job and it was a smashing success. Brian is on his way to Asia but I’m sure he
would appreciate the accolades. Congratulations to those who took part in the Legislative Power
Lunch. Senator Margett presented us with a new state flag. We had a nice turnout and it had
good content. Glendora Day at the Fair is September 20th. The committee has had their first
meeting. Our new member breakfast is at Citrus College on May 19th at 7:30 a.m. Ruben Hoyos
has put together a DVD of photos from the last China trip. The installation dinner is June 29th.
We upgraded our newsletter to full color. Rachel White will be writing the cover story and the
President’s message. The first phase is to go to full color and extend opportunities for the Village
Merchants. D.J. and I met with Eric Ziegler regarding the parking lot and will keep you updated.
We will be presenting our annual report to the City Council so please let me know if you have any
thoughts on this. Citizen of the Year was a huge success. It was nice to honor a board member
and to see an income generating event. Last year’s net was just over $600 and this year it was
over $4000. In particular I want to thank to Gary Clifford. Pat Janes will be taping the next
meeting for Chamber Chat.

D.J. Jafari: We will have 2 China tours. The fall tour is 10-29 – 11-6 and is the same tour as the
first one for $1299. We need volunteers for our China Tour committee. We need everyone’s
help in getting the word out about this trip. Ken Herman volunteered to mention the China trip at
the next Council meeting. Thank you to everyone for the Celebrity Waiter. We are hoping to do
the same thing next year. Matt Bartlett and Anthony Macias are our new co-chairs of the
Ambassadors. We will now open the floor for the nomination of officers: D.J. Jafari nominated
Miki Carpenter for President Elect. Matt Bartlett seconded. All in favor. None opposed. Mike
Fehrs explained that Miki was on vacation. D.J. Jafari nominated Dennis Chiappetta as Vice
President Operations. Hal Workman seconded. All in favor. None opposed. Hal Workman
nominated D.J. Jafari as President. Dave Reid seconded. All in favor. None opposed.

Hal Workman reporting on Ambassadors: Reviewed his report previously emailed to
everyone. The ribbon cuttings are going well. I have Quakes tickets for May 27th for $7 each.

Kathy Hodge Director of Operations report: As Mike reported, Citizen of the Year was very
successful. It was decided that we would have the event again next year at Citrus College. In
regard to our issues with Performance Publishing Group, I contacted attorney Bill Bresee as I had
mentioned last month, and he prepared a letter which is in the back of your packet. Hopefully we
will have a response within the next few days. I will continue to follow up with this. The
installation dinner will be June 29th and it will be here at the Chamber.

Treasurer’s Report: Gene Murabito reporting: Our cash assets are just over $62,000. Our
dues receivable are well within the percentage we like to see. We are 80% into the year and our
average v budget should be right within 80%. The Celebrity Waiter will show up in the May
report. The total income as of the end of April is $165,000. Most of our expenses are within
80%. Our total expenses are $133,000 and our net is over $31,000. Gene Murabito reminded
D.J. to prepare a budget for the next fiscal year. Discussion on the lack of profitability of the golf

Maura Downing Director of Business Development report: Included in your board packet are
the reasons why people are dropping. We had 9 new members last month. Miki Carpenter will be
starting her committee on Shop Glendora. If you want to be a part of it, let her or me know.
Flashback sponsorships are going well. Sylvia Novoa from the Gold Line will be the speaker at
the Legislative Action meeting on June 1st.

Dennis Chiappetta reporting on Legislative Action: We dealt with the legislative lunch last
month. I think it was a pretty interesting forum. We didn’t get the participation that we wanted.
It offered residents and businesses an excellent opportunity to challenge or ask questions to all of
those elected in the area. There weren’t too many questions asked. The way to go might be to
have 5 in depth questions prepared and get responses to them. I think it’s worthwhile to try again.

Dennis Chiappetta reporting on Celebrity Waiter: I don’t know what I can say that hasn’t
already been said. Generally I think everyone had a good time. We may pick a new venue and a
totally new concept or theme.

Glen Pine reporting on website: If each committee could assign someone to be a website liaison
or someone who could send me something at least once a month at a minimum. This way we will
be able to get more stuff on the website. If I can get their name and email, I could remind them to
send me information. Discussion and motion by Dave Reid and seconded by D.J. Jafari to change
the Chamber domain name to and

Matt Bartlett reporting on Relay for Life: It turned out really well. The Chamber raised over
$1,000. As far as overall funds, over $92,000 was raised.

City & Community reports:

Ken Herman reporting for City of Glendora: As you all know, one of the constructive efforts
that Maura has put together is the business visitation that Miki and I have been going on. One of
those was with Home Depot and one of their suggestions we took to a greater extent and introduce
legislation to the Council and changed some ordinances. This past council meeting the ordinance
was changed from 3 special events per year to 6 per year. I think they were impressed City Hall
listened to them and the Chamber came through for them. Farmers’ Market just completed the
second week. Discussion on Farmers’ Market. I understand the property at Route 66 and Grand
has received a real attractive proposal that will be coming up real soon. Escrow closes this month
on roughly 70 acres of the Bluebird property which will go into a conservancy - basically
property which will never be developed. Grading continues at Pompei Park. Best Buy, Barnes &
Nobel, Bed, Bath & Beyond are all in plan check.

Mike Fehrs reporting on Village Merchants: There was a good deal of discussion about the
timing of Farmers’ Market and closing off the street and putting up no parking signs too early

Norm Kirschenbaum reporting for COSD: Celebrity Waiter was a lot of fun. People were
asking where the money was going to. The exit exam has been nixed. This is the first year that
the graduating class has invited every K-8th grade teacher, in addition to the high school teachers,
to sit with the graduates. We continue to work on our vision.

Dr. Viera reporting for Citrus College: Citrus is hosting the new member breakfast on May 19th
at 7:30. We had a pre-construction meeting last Thursday on a 3 story building to begin the end of
June. Saturday is commencement. The Claremont Chamber is hosting a mixer Friday night in
their Village if you would like to see another local downtown area.

Gene Murabito questioned if a scholarship committee has been formed. Mike Fehrs responded
that it would be discussed in the Executive Committee meeting. Gene also reported that the
Chamber still maintains the Village merchant’s checking account and that it might be time for the
merchants to take it over.

Adjourn 8:35 a.m.


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