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Biography of CHEN Zhengyu


									Biography of CHEN Zhengyu

CHEN Zhengyu was born in May 8, 1984 in Qingdao, China. He
began to learn piano from the age of four and when he was seven,
he started to participate in different kinds of youth piano
competitions, where he won many awards. His teachers include
Mrs Sui Wenju, Mrs. Zhang Chongfang, Mrs. Ding Fengchen and
Prof. Shao Dan in China. He was the 3rd prizewinner of junior
Group in 1998 of Shanghai Conservatory Piano Competition. In
2001, he won the 3rd Prize of Senior Group in the China National
Piano Competition. In 2001, Chen was chosen by pianist Dang
Thai Son to perform Rachmaninov Concerto No.2 with the Japan
Aichi Kankusen University Orchestra for a tour of South Korea,
Vietnam and Japan, owing to his outstanding musicality and
impressive technique. In 2002, he won the top prize in 23rd
Kirishima International Music Festival in Japan.

As of September 2003, he studies with Mr. Dang Thai Son in
University of Montreal in Baccalaureat degrees.

In 2005, he won the 2nd prize in International Young Artist Piano
Competition in USA.

In February 2007, he won the 1st prize in Corpus Christi
International Piano Competition in Texas, USA. In June 2007, he
successfully cooperated with the Kobe Chamber Orchestra which
is the one of the best chamber orchestra in Japan.

In September 2008, he won the 1st prize in the XVI “Jose Iturbi”
International Piano Competition and the special prize for
the Best Soloist with Orchestra in Valencia, Spain. Zhengyu
Chen became the first Chinese pianist to attain the 1st prize
in this competition.

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