Beijing Dance Academy Presents THE BUTTERFLY LOVERS February

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					 Beijing Dance Academy Presents THE BUTTERFLY LOVERS February 23
                    and 24 at the Newmark Theater

January 15, 2010 – Portland, OR – Chinus Cultural Productions and
China Arts and Entertainment Group are proud to present the U.S.
premiere of "The Butterfly Lovers," hailed as China's Romeo & Juliet,
performed by the Beijing Dance Academy (BDA) the most prestigious
dance academy in China. Portland is one stop of a five city west coast
tour including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and Seattle.

"The Butterfly Lovers" will have two performances only at the
Newmark Theater, February 23 and 24 at 7:30pm,
Ticket prices are $60, $50, $40 and $30. Tickets are on sale at the
Portland Center for the Performing Arts Box Office and all Ticketmaster
outlets online or by calling at 1-800-745-3000.

On a recent tour in France, Le Republic and L'Independent featured
front-page photos of the Beijing Dance Academy’s resident Dance
Company, praising it as "the best classical, contemporary and
traditional dance company out of China, providing French audiences
with a fabulous and unprecedented night of enjoyment."

For additional information about the performance and the Beijing
Dance Academy, visit

About The Production

Zhang Jianmin choreographs the production to China's most famous
violin concerto ‘The Butterfly Lovers,' written in 1959 by Chinese
composers Chen Gang and He Zhanhao. Wang Zihan and Shao Junting
will perform the lead roles. Both Mr. Wang and Ms. Shao are graduates
of Beijing Dance Academy's Classical Dance Department, and have
won numerous awards in prestigious national dance competitions.

Set in Eastern Jin Dynasty of China (circa 265-420), the legend of "The
Butterfly Lovers" centers on Zhu Yingtai, the only daughter of the
wealthy Zhu family in the Zhejiang Province. Challenging traditions,
Zhu convinces her father to allow her to disguise herself as a young
man so she can travel to the city of Hangzhou to study. There, she
meets the handsome Liang Shanbo, they become best friends, and
Liang never suspects that his friend is actually a woman.

Over the years, Zhu realizes she has fallen in love with Liang, but
cannot reveal her true identity. When they finish their studies, she
comes up with a plan, inviting Liang to visit her residence to court her
sister. When Liang arrives, he finds to his surprise that Zhu is a
woman. They vow their love to each other. However, the joy of their
reunion is short-lived as Zhu's father has arranged for her to marry a
rich man. Liang is heart-broken upon hearing the news, falls ill and

Upon hearing of her lover's death, Zhu is now heart-broken, but
powerless. On her wedding day, the skies grow stormy as the
procession reaches Liang's grave. Suddenly, a huge bolt of lightning
strikes the grave, splitting it open. Zhu throw herself into the grave,
reunited with Liang forever, and the two lovers are magically
transformed into butterflies.

The evening will also include a selection of award-winning classical
Chinese pieces, choreographed by China's up and coming
choreographers, including Zhou Ping, Gao Chengming, Zhang Yunfeng,
Sun Ying, Chen Weiva, Hu Lei, Jiang Yang and Zhang Disha.
Performances include "Singing of the Wind," gold medalist for
choreography and silver medalist for performance at the First CCTV
Dance Competition. In addition, the "Emperor Qin Shihuang Calls on
Troops" (1995), inspired by the terra-cotta warriors of Qin Dynasty
(221-207 BC), first prizewinner of the Beijing Dance Competition, gold
medalist for choreography and silver medalist for performance at the
First CCTV Dance Competition.

About The Beijing Dance Academy Resident Dance Company
Beijing Dance Academy Resident Dance Company was founded in
1987, and has quickly established itself as a powerhouse in the
Chinese dance scene. Beijing Dance Academy is the most prestigious
dance academy in China (comparable to the Juilliard School's dance
program) and is constantly producing talented dancers to join the BDA
Dance Company. Two thirds of the dancers from the company have
won gold medals in prestigious national contests such as the Lotus
Cup, the Peach and Plum Cup and CCTV dance contests.

The dance style of the company is based on Chinese traditional
classical dance and Chinese ethnic and folk dance, with contemporary
influences. BDA has toured internationally to the United States,
France, Italy, Germany, Canada, Australia, Spain, Romania, Belarus,
Japan, South and North Korea.

About Chinus Cultural Productions
Chinus Cultural Productions produces arts, cultural and educational
programs that promote cross-cultural understanding between China
and the US. Chinus believes that the exchange of artists, musicians
and educators across the Pacific contributes to a harmonious
relationship between the two peoples.
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Recent Chinus productions include Global Harmony "Divas in Beijing"
concerts featuring opera stars Renee Fleming, Angela Gheorghiu,
and"the new generation three tenors" Marcello Giordani, Salvatore
Licitra, Ramon Vargas during the 2008 Beijing Olympics; The Juilliard
Orchestra China tour in Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou; New York
Choral Society China Tour with concerts in Beijing and Shanghai; New
York Choral Society concerts at Carnegie Hall "the Yellow River
Cantata;" All Nations Dance Company China tour; and World
Monuments Fund conservation projects in the Forbidden City. For more
information visit
<> .

About China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG)
Established in April 2004, China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG)
is the first large state-owned cultural enterprise approved by the State
Council. CAEG is funded by the State Council, policy-guided by the
Ministry of Culture and supervised by the Ministry of Finance in its
state property operation. CAEG consists of nineteen wholly owned
enterprises including China Performing Arts Agency (CPAA) and China
International Exhibition Center (CIEC). As the CAEG' s core companies,
both CPAA and CIEC have a history of being the largest worldwide
providers of Chinese performing arts and visual arts, as well as China's
biggest presenters of international performances and arts exhibitions.
Over the past decades, CPAA and CIEC have undertaken governmental
cultural exchange projects, as well as organizing commercial tours of
performances and exhibitions both at home and abroad. During the
past five years, CAEG has arranged 256 overseas performances and
exhibitions, and has presented more than 14,000 performances in
nearly 60 countries and regions with an audience of 20 million.


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