Stocks in the Future Speech by pbn10852


									                                Stocks in the Future Speech

           Good morning fellow students, parents, teachers, and staff. Today I am
standing before you to express how Stocks in the Future has greatly impacted us, the
students. First, I would like to explain how Stocks in the Future, Stocks in the Future is a
program that teaches the ways of storing, losing, and gaining money. For example, we
were taught how to invest, what to invest in, and how to save money. We learned these
factors through weekly lessons and hands on activities. During this learning process we
were earning Stocks in the Future dollars through perfect attendance and improving
grades. We also participated in actual investing in different stocks such as Cocoa Cola,
Petsmart, Netflix and so much more.

This awesome experience taught us students at a young age, the importance and safety
when it comes to investing and saving. To some people, the thought of doing weekly
lessons that involve stocks and investments is boring and I happen to be one of those
people. However, as I began participating in this program I became interested and learned
a lot. This program has actually impressed me and would like to take this opportunity to
encourage our teachers to keep this program going for future generations. I would also
like to thank our stocks in the future administrator for such a great opportunity. I promise
to carry out everything I’ve learned throughout my years. I pray we all do. Thank You.

                                                                     Janae’ Edwards

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