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									 Boyle Street Education Centre

Reaching Out
 March 2010                      Newsletter of Boyle Street Education Centre   Term Three

The   Cree is one of the largest groups of First Nations/Aboriginals in
North America, located mainly across Canada. The name "Cree" is an ex-
onym derived from the French Christenaux (also as Knistenaux) that is
commonly shortened to "Cri", after their village of Kenisteniwak. "Cree" is a
French word of disputed origin (in French, créé means "created"); when
speaking their own language the Cree refer to themselves as Nehiyawak,
Ayisiniwok, meaning "true men", or Eenou, Iynu, or Eeyou, meaning sim-
ply "the people" (this word has the same Central Algonquian root as the
Montagnais word Innu). The Cree language (also known as Cree-
Montagnais, Cree-Montagnais-Naskapi) is the name for a group of closely
related Algonquian languages spoken by approximately 117,000 people
across Canada, from the Northwest Territories to Labrador, making it the
most widely spoken Aboriginal language in Canada.

                                      The Cree are the largest group of First Nations in
                                      Canada, with over 200,000 members and 135
                                      registered bands. Together, their lands are the
                                      largest of any First Nations group in the country.
                                      The largest Cree band and the second largest
                                      First Nations Band in Canada after the Six Na-
                                      tions Iroquois is the Lac La Ronge Band in north-
                                      ern Saskatchewan.
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                       Boyle Street Education Centre: Telling their stories

                       We have a lot of stu-         ier and fuller than ever      Boyle Street Education
                       dents coming through          with more students            Centre such a unique
                       our doors to register on      completing subjects at        school. This will culmi-
                       a continual basis. This       higher levels.                nate BSEC’s first year-
                       means we are valued                                         book which has been
                                                     The first writing work-
                       and garner very positive                                    initiated by the student
                                                     shop was a great suc-
                       community interest. It                                      council.
                                                     cess with good turnout
                       further means current
                                                     and participation. Stu-       Students volunteered
                       students must do their
                                                     dents who are interested      with Habitat for Human-
                       best to maintain good
“There's a big world                                 in writing are encour-        ity by building tables for
                       attendance in order to
out there. Bigger                                    aged to write about their     this organization.
                       remain on the register.
than prom, bigger                                    lives and what makes
than high school,      Our classrooms are bus-
and it won't matter
if you were the        Boyle Street Education Centre: Community Connections
prom queen or the
                       We continue to forge com-     Community League to con-      Have increased use of pub-
quarterback of the
football team or the   munity connections and        tinue using their rink.       lic recreation facilities and
biggest nerd. Find     expand on our established     Have connected with Fa-       modelling of creating "pick
out who you are        programs.                     ther Jim at Sacred Heart to   up" games has led to stu-
and try not to be      Two days a week at the        connect students with the     dents accessing them after
afraid of it.”         YMCA have secured stable      community rink there.         school.
                       funding through the Op-       Have secured hockey           The ice hockey match or-
                       portunity Fund there.         equipment through Sports      ganized and planned by
                       Have re-established a part-   Central to allow students     Ken Smale had some
                       nership with Prince Rupert    to play ice hockey.           memorable moments.

                       Boyle Street Education Centre: Moments

                       Career connections via        departmental exams.           bus pass receivers was
                       Tim and Neda (WHIMIS,         We have been awarding         more than 90%.
                       Fall protection, First Aid    a bus pass to 5+ stu-         The pilot calendar pro-
                       Certifications as well as     dents with the best at-       ject with the extra days
                       investing in the Career       tendance each month.          in December showed
                       Cruising Program).            For December the aver-        very encouraging and
                       We have a record num-         age attendance for the        positive results.
                       ber of students writing
Page 3                                                                Term Three

Boyle Street Education Centre: Achievements
At the 2009 Downtown          The Alberta Aboriginal     There are a record num-
Business Association’s        Youth Achievement          ber of students access-
Chili cook-off BSEC won       Awards are held in Ed-     ing Advancing Futures
                              monton, in the spring of   and Student Finance
“Best    Booth”                                          funding Programs that
                              each year. One student
award.                                                   enables further student
                              was nominated for the      stability.
                              Alberta Aboriginal Youth
                              Achievement Award.
                                                                                   “Impossible is just a
                                                                                   big word thrown
                                                                                   around by small men
                                                                                   who find it easier to
                                                                                   live in the world
                                                                                   they've been given
                                                                                   than to explore the
                                                                                   power they have to
Boyle Street Education Centre: A Beehive of Fun Activities                         change it.

Once again Boyle              a fun hockey game          thusiastic participa-     Impossible is not a
Street Education Cen-         between students and       tion. We also received    fact. It's an opinion.
tre proved to be a bee-       staff. The students        many compliments
                                                                                   Impossible is not a
hive of fun activities        put up a valiant effort    about the behaviour
                                                                                   declaration. It's a
                                                                                   dare. Impossible is
for students and staff.       in the game but were       of students in atten-
                                                                                   potential. Impossible
Thanks to the efforts         unable to overcome         dance at the game
                                                                                   is temporary.
of Captain Ken for            the power and grit of      and that means a lot
putting everything to-        the staff. Thanks to       to everybody. (See        Impossible is
gether and organizing         everyone for their en-     photo on page 4)          nothing.”

Boyle Street Board of Directors meet students & staff
The Board of Directors
met selected students and
staff members for an infor-
mal discussion away from

The students were encour-
aged to voluntarily share
their stories with the peo-
ple at their table and to
provide the Board of Di-
rectors with a better ap-
preciation of the chal-
lenges they experience in
their journey of education.
Boyle Street Education Centre

10312 - 105 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 1E6

Phone: (780) 428 - 1420
Fax: (780) 429 - 1428

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                             Boyle Street Education Centre: Achievers

                             Our youth population       able. This is a reflec-
                             faces variety of chal-     tion of positive rela-
                             lenges in their lives at   tionships of students,
                             a young age. They suf-     teachers and staff.
                             fer unacceptable levels
                             of violence, homeless-
                             ness and instability in    TRANSITIONAL
                             their lives. Many of
                             them are disadvan-
                             taged by the effects of
                                                        Objective: Provid-
                             poverty and unstable
                             housing.                   ing students who
                                                        are discontinuing
                             Despite these hard-        with BSEC in
                             ships there are some
                                                        2010/2011 due to
                             who recognize no bar-
                             riers. Four of our stu-    graduation or age
                             dents jumped hurdles,      with a 2-day work-
                             leaped fences, pene-       shop which will fo-
                             trated walls to receive    cus on “next
                             their High School Di-      steps” (life after
                             plomas. This is a re-
                             flection of hard work
                                                        Boyle Street Edu-
                             by students, teachers      cation Centre).
                             and administrators
                             and it is commend-

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