Women Entrepreneurs Celebrated at March 19
                       Port Clements Event
March 1, 2006, Port Clements -The Women‟s Enterprise Centre and Haida Gwaii Community Futures are
gearing up for the “Celebration of Women Entrepreneurs” event, Sunday March 19 at the Port Clements
Fire Hall in Port Clements, Queen Charlotte Islands.

Women own and operate over 36 per cent of all small businesses in BC, and start their own businesses
at double the rate of their male counterparts.
The day-long business symposium brings together enterprising business women and aspiring
entrepreneurs to network, share challenges and perspectives, benefit from a mentor match program, and
access the latest „must have‟ business skills.

Workshops and forums are designed around real life stories of successful local businesswomen who, as
guest contributors, will help put the business topics into a practical context.

Five local businesswomen will share their stories, give advice and offer guidance. Their areas of expertise
and types of businesses are as varied as the women themselves.

Casey Decock, Owner, Shipshape.
Almost 2 years ago, Casey Deacock had an idea for a new business that would save Port Clements
locals from having to travel out of town to get many of their basic needs met. Today, Shipshape is a
thriving operation where you can get a hair cut, have a work-out, or even get some cash from the ATM.
Casey will share how she planned for the business to be successful from the start and what problems she
has dealt with along the way.

Nora Samuels, Owner, Samuel’s Store.
Originally opened as a candy store over 20 years ago, Nora Samuel‟s on-reserve business now offers a
variety of convenience items and potlatch goods to over 500 customers. Nora has expanded the square
footage of her store to offer more to her customers. Nora ran the business on her own while raising 4
children; now her grandchildren work with her in the store.

Marlene Liddle, Manager, Rachel’s HaidaWay.
Marlene Liddle was a self-taught computer specialist for many years before setting up her own business,
offering computer technical services in Ottawa. For the past 4 years, she has independently managed
Rachel‟s HaidaWay, a gas bar/convenience store/ice cream parlor/café/bakery located in Old Massett,
where she runs the business as she would her own.

Janet Gifford Brown, Owner, Northwest Coast Books.
Janet Brown‟s Northwest Coast Book‟s niche is specializing in books on the Queen Charlottes, North
West Coast Natives, and natural history. But how do they set themselves apart from other booksellers
and still run a viable business that includes museums, galleries, retail stores, collectors and tribal nation
libraries? Janet will share what she has learned over the years as an employee and an owner.

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Kathy Pick, Artist & Owner, Shingle Bay Bed & Breakfast. Both experienced and comfortable as a
business owner, Kathy Pick has started and built up a variety of businesses, a few which she has sold to
women and has trained in all aspects of the business. A recognized artist, currently Kathy is operating a
B & B in her home, does contract work for various on island organizations and continues to create
beautiful art in a variety of media.

These five women are participants in the full day “Celebration of BC Women Entrepreneurs.” They will
contribute to workshops including the “Starting Your Business” workshop that covers the key steps,
pitfalls and tips of starting a business in BC, and a “Growing Your Business” workshop for established
business owners. This covers the topics of strategic edge and strategic alliances, an approach that small
businesses are using to grow their business. The workshops are followed by a “Business Unplugged”
forum and peer mentoring event.
This exciting event will give women entrepreneurs the inspiration, insight and advice they need to
continue succeeding in today‟s business climate. The event starts at 9 am Sunday March 19 and runs
until 5:15. During lunch Joyce Bennett of Moonlight House will present a fashion show. There is no fee to
attend this event; however pre-registration will help the caterer provide enough food for lunch!

All women who are thinking of starting a business, have started one or are growing their business are
encouraged to attend. Register today!

Information, Program and Registration:
Skye Cantin, Haida Gwaii Community Futures, 626-5594
Or visit http://www.womensenterprise.ca/sessions/haidagwaii.htm

For more information contact:
Jennifer Grover
Manager, Marketing and Communications, Women‟s Enterprise Centre
1.800.643.7014 or jen@womensenterprise.ca

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