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Summer Reading Creative Writing Essay by vxt61563


									                                College Entrance Essay
                             or Personal Experience Essay


Mr. Hyde

English IV, Period ______


Objectives: Use appropriate pre-writing techniques; create a first draft of a college
entrance essay; proofread and edit first draft; create a final draft.

Assignment: Write a creative essay that meets the guidelines for the entrance essay for
the college you have selected OR write an essay about an interesting event in your life
and how your life was affected by that event. Write in first person and refer to personal
experiences in your essay. Your final draft should consist of 350 words, typed (double-
spaced in Times New Roman, size 12 font) and have vertical margins of 1” and
horizontal margins of 1.25”.

 Prewriting
    Follow the guidelines given to you by the college you wish to attend or think of
       an interesting experience that you have had. If you have specific requirements
       from your college of choice, attach a sheet between this cover sheet and your
       essay that states the college’s requirements (in their own wording).
    Write your essay from first person point of view.
    Remember to put the correct heading (your name, my name, course name and
       period, and date) in the top left corner of your draft.
    Write an interesting and appropriate title, and center align it.
 On the day that the rough draft is due, we will conduct peer editing.
 Use MLA format for your essay.
 Submit final draft of your essay and a separate page for the college’s essay prompt.
 Late essays receive 60% starting value for one week.

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