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                         Co-sponsored with the Orange County Department of Education

Who should attend?                              This professional development course is specifically designed to train
                                                parent involvement liaisons, coordinators (and other educators with
                                                similar roles) to plan and implement high quality parent involvement
                                                programs at preschools, elementary, middle and high schools.

What are the prerequisites?                     There are no educational requirements for enrollment. Participants who
                                                have attended a 1 or 2-day conference provided by the California Parent
                                                Center meet the prerequisite for Level 1 and are eligible to participate.

What is the benefit of attending?               This program provides participants with practical information and
                                                materials to assist them to establish school-family-community
                                                partnerships linked to the academic goals of their schools to support
                                                increased student achievement. The training is closely aligned with the
                                                California Board of Education’s Parent Involvement Policy and NCLB
                                                parent involvement requirements.

Where will the course be offered?               This course will be presented at National University in Costa Mesa, CA
                                                on March 5-6, 2009. For more details including registration information,
                                                please visit our website at or call us at 619-594-

♦ What is the Certificate Program?
   The California Parent Center and the San Diego State University College of Extended Studies are pleased to offer a
   Parent Involvement Liaison Certificate Program. This program is the most comprehensive professional
   development program of its type in California and nationally. It will provide a solid foundation for those new to
   coordinating parent involvement programs and strengthen skills of experienced parent involvement staff.

   The program will provide practical, hands-on training and tools needed to sustain high quality parent involvement
   programs focused on increasing student achievement and building strong school-family partnerships, at K-12 Title I
   funded schools, especially for those in program improvement.

            The Parent Involvement Liaison Certificate Program (Level 2):
            Identifies the specific roles for parent liaisons, parent recruitment strategies, building on the
            strengths of culturally and linguistically diverse families, planning and implementing high quality
            parent involvement programs that directly support the schools’ goals to improve achievement
            and meet NCLB requirements. It is appropriate for preschool – high school and is offered only
            once each calendar year.
            Pre-requisite (Level 1): Completion of any 1 or 2-day conference “Closing the Achievement
            Gap: Using Parent Involvement to Increase Student Success and Academic Achievement”
            meets this requirement.

♦ Who Should Participate?
   Note: No prior college coursework or degree is required in order to participate in this program.

   This program has been specifically developed to provide training and professional development for staff responsible
   for coordinating parent involvement programs, including:
   • Individuals who are currently employed at preschools, elementary schools or secondary schools (especially Title I
        schools and schools in Program Improvement).
   • Individuals who need training/continuing education to obtain an entry-level position or professional promotion.
♦ What is the Cost of the Certificate Program?
   The Certificate Program includes Level 1 (prior attendance at any 1 or 2-day California Parent Center training) and the
   Level 2 course. Participants must complete both Levels in order to earn the Parent Involvement Liaison Certificate.
   The cost for Level 2 is $395 (this includes $310 for the Level 2 classes, a $50 materials fee for the text books and
   class materials plus $35 for the Continuing Education Unit). TE Credit ($72 per unit) is also available for teachers or
   other certificated staff.

♦ How Can Class Costs Be Funded?
   Schools or districts may consider funding the cost of the Level 1 and Level 2 classes for parent involvement staff
   using Title I or English Learner parent involvement funds, or staff development funds. Class content is specifically
   designed to assist Title I schools, especially those in Program Improvement, meet the No Child Left Behind parent
   involvement requirements and increase student achievement.

♦ What is Required to Earn a Parent Involvement Liaison Certificate?
1) Return the attached registration form by the due date.
2) Payment of the Level 2 class fees to the California Parent Center by the due date.
3) Prior attendance at a 1 or 2-day “Closing the Achievement Gap: Using Parent Involvement to Increase Student
   Success and Academic Achievement” Conference to meet the Level 1 requirement. Completion of the Level 2 training
   on March 5-6, 2009.
4) Completion of all assigned class work by the due date indicated by the class instructors.

 Upon verification of your attendance at a Level 1 conference, your successful completion of Level 2 (2 days) and
 compliance with coursework requirements, you will receive your Parent Involvement Liaison Certificate.

Questions? Please email/call Melissa Popovich at 619-594-4756 or
Please also visit our website at for more details including registration

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