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Sports Marketing Chicago by yaw17099


									Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                                                      February 2006
            PRSA Winter Social
            Question of the Month
                                                     Sports Marketing: Chicago Style
        •   Tips from the Trenches                      Luncheon Series
        •   Member Profile
        •   2006 Calendar

                                                     First PRSA luncheon
Member Profile                                       event of the year

                          Member Name                brings together lead
                          Sandra R. Gordon           marketers from
                                                     Chicago’s top sports
                          Company or Firm
                          American Academy of
                          Orthopedic Surgeons                                             From left: Panel organizer and PRSA Board Member Steven
                                                                                          Knipstein; Marla Krause, Chicago Sky; panel moderator Jill Carlson,
                                                                                          FOX 32; Dave Greeley, Chicago Bears; John McDonough, Chicago
                                                                                          Cubs; Brooks Boyer, Chicago White Sox
                                                     Lead marketers from some of Chicago’s top                Dave Greeley of the Chicago Bears noted
Director, Public Education and Media Relations
                                                     sports franchises came together at the Mid-              how different the view is on the inside and
                                                     America Club on Jan. 12 to share insider                 how hard the coaches and other staff work
What's your typical day like?
                                                     stories and strategies for building fan bases in         in preparing for game day. “Monday
Think about bones. Eat chocolate. Hundreds of
                                                     the competitive Windy City sports market.                morning quarterbacking is ridiculous. I
emails. Laugh at myself. Read everything. Think
                                                     What happens on the field and off the field can          would never second guess what our
about muscles. Talk to hugely diverse groups of
                                                     combine into well-planned branding strategy to           coaches do. I’ve seen how hard they work
people. Laugh with my staff. Eat more chocolate.
                                                     build loyalties among fans in Chicago.                   and how tough the competition is.”
Think about medical liability, patient safety, and
                                                     The panelist agreed that PR is an integral part
patient-centered care. Have great fun with                                                                    Less established in the city is the new
                                                     of the overall marketing plan. In different ways
orthopedic surgeons. Meetings, meetings,                                                                      WNBA franchise, Chicago Sky. Marketing
                                                     the panelists made the same point: If you want
meetings. Think about how I don't have time to                                                                Director Marla Krause said the team’s first
                                                     your fan/customer base to stick with the team,
think.                                                                                                        priority is to get more games on TV. Also,
                                                     don't over hype the big victories or great
                                                                                                              perception can mean a lot early on. The Sky
                                                     seasons too much or you’re vulnerable during
What do you most like about the practice of                                                                   choose the smaller 11,000-seat UIC
                                                     down season which can hurt fan loyalty and
public relations?                                                                                             Pavilion to conform with average league
                                                     ticket sales.
Getting a big idea and making it happen, strategic                                                            attendance. “We didn't want to play in a
                                                     That said, Brooks Boyer of the Chicago White
thinking, messaging, and evaluating our work.                                                                 half-empty United Center,” said Marla.
                                                     Sox acknowledged that his job is
                                                     immeasurably easier now that the team can                The PRSA luncheon series is a great way
What do you most dislike most about the                                                                       to network with fellow PR professionals
                                                     claim a world championship. He said it with a            and hear from a panel of experts on a
practice of public relations?                                                                                 specific aspect of our trade. Reserve a
                                                     smile and a slight nod to his Cubs counterpart.
Constant multi-tasking, being available 24/7, and                                                             spot at the next luncheon at www.
not being able to get the song, "Let's Give Them
Something To Talk About," out of my head.

To be featured in Profile of the Month, answer
the above questions and email them to with the subject line
“Member Profile”
PRChicago                                                                                                     February 2006

 President’s Note                                                          Calendar
                                                                         Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2006
 William H. Parke, President                                             “Reaching a Diverse
 PRSA Chicago                                                            Marketplace:
                                                                         Strategies for Making
 Welcome!                                                                Lasting Impressions
                                                                         and Building Loyalties”
 A new year brings new opportunities and new ventures. You
 are looking at just one of the exciting initiatives PRSA Chicago        Tuesday, March 7, 2006
 has in store for 2006.                                                  Spring Social

 PRChicago is a new chapter publication where you will find              Tuesday, March 21, 2006
 everything from member profiles to stories about past events            “The New Face of Network News”
 and previews of upcoming ones. Every month, this publication
 will feature items of interest to anyone in Chicago who is              Tuesday, April 18, 2006
 practicing (or interested in) public relations.                         “Communicating in the Face of Change: Internal strategies that have
                                                                         made a difference”
 Ours is a dynamic profession, filled with some of the most
 creative and talented people anywhere. PRSA Chicago is the              Tuesday, May 9, 2006
 preeminent organization for these professionals and if you are          Skyline Awards
 not a member, I hope you will make 2006 the year you join our
 group.                                                                  Tuesday, June 20, 2006
                                                                         “A Taste of Food and Wine Marketing”
 Also, if you would like to contribute to this publication, please let
 us know. We're always looking for sharp minds and talented              Tuesday, July 18, 2006
 writers who have a story to tell.                                       “The New Requirements for Global Corporate Citizenship: A Look at
                                                                         How Companies Are Using Communications to Encourage Corporate
 Most of all, PRSA Chicago is about our programming and 2006             Social Responsibility”
 promises to be the best year yet. Our monthly luncheon series
 is where you can learn something new and meet someone new.              Tuesday, August 8, 2006
 Additionally, PRSA Chicago hosts quarterly social events where          Summer Social
 a “who’s-who” in the Chicago PR community trade war stories
 and have a great time.                                                  Tuesday, Sept 19, 2006
                                                                         “iPod-Era Strategies for Building Consumer Brands”
 As PRSA President it is my job to listen to our membership and
 the PR community. That said, if you have a question or                  Tuesday, October 17, 2006
 comment, please drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you.              “Gaining National Exposure: An Insider’s Look from Chicago’s National
 Best wishes for a happy and profitable 2006.

                                                                         Tuesday, November 21, 2006
 Bill Parke                                                              “How Do You Define Public Relations? A Perspective on Our Profession
                                                                         from Chicago Top Practitioners”

                                                                         Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2006
                                                                         Holiday Social

                                                                         Make a reservation today at
PRChicago                                                                                                              February 2006

  Tips from the Trenches

Corporate Video 101
A veteran Chicago producer
offers some do's and don'ts
The corporate video - it's loved, it’s reviled.                     Doug Manning, President              Question of the Month
                                                                    Manning Productions
Above all, if done right it can be a tremendously powerful
                                                                                                     What is the best piece of
communications tool. We asked Doug Manning what to watch out for when embarking on
                                                                                                     advice a professional mentor
video production. Here is what he gave us...
                                                                                                     ever gave you?

Do plan, plan and plan some more. The time you spend in pre-production planning will more
than pay for itself during production and post-production. It, as much as anything, ensures the      “If you want to become a successful leader,
success of your project.                                                                             don't hoard your knowledge, give it away.
                                                                                                     The same goes for your successes. Don't
Don’t rely on talking heads. It’s completely appropriate to hear from the CEO on something           take all the credit, give it away to your
major, but try to incorporate that person’s thoughts into a complete, visual story in much the       teammates.”
same way television news would edit a story together. There are very few people who are                           John Dewey,
dynamic enough speakers to hold a person’s attention without some visual break. People are                        ComEd
sophisticated television viewers and they expect no less from any video communication.
                                                                                                     “As long as you didn't make the mess, don't
Do involve professionals in the early planning stages. A good team of producers should be            stress too much about cleaning it up. Stay
willing to help develop ideas and refine your concept. Many of the better production                 calm, cool and collected because how
companies will not charge for the initial consultation.                                              you perform during times of crisis is as
                                                                                                     important as the actions you take.”
Don’t try to communicate many messages with one program. Keep it short and concise. A                             Mike Lynch
short program will be more impactful and memorable, and also will be less expensive to                            American Medical Association
produce. For more detailed information about a subject provide accompanying print materials.
                                                                                                     “To align yourself with professionals who
Do create a production timeline. Nobody benefits when a project drags on and on. Create a            are in a position you aspire to. If you want
mutually acceptable timeline with clearly defined milestones that must be met.                       to be a millionaire, you've got to start
                                                                                                     hanging around millionaires. Pretty soon
Don’t overlook audio. Audio is often an afterthought and if it is not done well it can ruin a        you'll be conditioned to walk, talk and think
project. Make sure you have trained audio personnel using professional microphones and               like one.”
other audio equipment. Also, make sure to stay involved in the selection of music and a                           Arlana Johnson
narrator.                                                                                                         ComEd

Do let there by light. Lighting is the key to superior image quality. Allow time for the             “Use every opportunity to meet someone
production team to light before shooting at each location.                                           new. This is where you will get most of your
                                                                                                     opportunities in life.”
Don’t assume that interviewees know what to wear for TV.        White and Beige tends to make                     Veronica Clemons
people look washed-out. Wear solid colors, no busy prints because they tend to moiré on                           Hill & Knowlton
camera. Make-up, even for men, helps minimize shininess that can occur with lighting.

Do insist that you, not your production vendor, retain all rights to the final product and all raw   Next Month’s Question:
footage. This includes rights to all library music. Remember, just because your program is for       “What is the biggest mistake
an internal audience doesn’t mean you can use popular music without paying for the rights.
                                                                                                     companies make during a
Don’t be afraid to have fun. Production is a lot of work. It’s also a lot of fun. Remember, a        Submit your answers for publication to:
happy crew is a productive crew, which will make your entire project far better in ways you
can’t even begin to imagine.
PRChicago                                                                                                   February 2006

  Social Hour

     ‘Snow Worries - Revelry at the PRSA Winter Social
     On one of the snowiest nights of the season, PR
     practioners from around the city gathered at Buzz for
     PRSA Chicago's Winter Social.         Despite the slop
     outside, a good time was had by all.     PRSA Chicago
     events like this provide an excellent opportunity to
     network with like-minded professionals in the region. The
     2006 Spring Social is March 7th. Mark your calendars!

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