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					CIM Project Materials and Methods Format

This is the second section of your proposal. It is also due on Friday,
December 16th and should follow your Introduction. You will need a rough
draft of this section to share with other groups in the next class.

Materials (5 points) and Methods (10 points): This section should
be detailed enough so that after reading it somebody else could re-create the
setup and the investigation.

Here is a list of items that should be included in this section. (except for the
materials part of this section, everything should be written in complete
sentences and in paragraph format)

    List all of the materials that will be used and how they are put
    State exactly the procedures you are going to follow in this

These are some things that should be addressed if using the Berlese funnel
for soil invertebrates(adjust as necessary for your project):
    How does the funnel operate?
    A diagram of the funnel.
    Details about how and where the soil will be collected.
    How long will the soil be in the funnel, …how long will it be

Share your draft of your Materials and Methods section with at least one
other group to get their comments.

Data Sheets:
The last part of this section that you will need to also turn in this week is a
data sheet. (More information will be given about this during the next class)