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									Kids Flash Cards That
Make Kids Smarter, Faster!
By Robbie Johnson (parent & preschool educator)

Kids flash cards are becoming increasingly popular as the
#1 preschool resource (particularly for homeschooling but
also in education-focussed preschool centers), and for
good reason...

Recent research has discovered the fact that a preschool
child's brain has optimum operation and learning
capabilities in the right hemisphere and that left-
hemishere learning is inefficient without simultaneous
image-based learning. So traditional teaching techniques
that rely solely on the left-brain (logic, slow learning)
don't actually work efficiently until much later in a
child's development, and, even then only if the left and
right brain hemispheres have already been sufficiently

Preschool children learn best through their right-brain
with images, which is why kids flash cards are so
important. There are only a few providers of right-brain
focussed cards, and only one or two that also provide
how-to instructions and/or flash card DVDs to do it for
you. Flash card DVDs provide the most consistent method
of teaching preschool children and they also generally
hold a child's attention for longer than mum or dad can!

Kids Flash Cards Activate and Develop the Right Brain

When the cards are flashed at high speed they develop a
child's instant (photographic) memory - the right brain's
memory is activated and it will develop quickly and

The Right Brain and Left Brain will be Connected
When using right-brain cards, try to flash less than one
second per card or as fast as you can and say the words
on the back of the cards at the same time (make sure you
find a brand of cards that does have the words on the
back so you can read them easily as you rotate the cards
to the front of the pack). The images are processed by
the right brain and the words you speak are processed by
the left brain. As a result, the child will also more
easily learn new words through the activation of the left
brain in conjunction with the right-brain images.

Some kids flash cards systems are based on the incredibly
successful Shichida Method and enables preschool children
to easily reach their full intellectual potential - with
a lifetime learning capacity often far beyond what we can
imagine possible.

“At the age of six, 70% of the brain is developed, and at
around the age of 10, almost 90% of the brain is
developed. To make corrections or changes later on will
prove to be an incredibly hard task, and great effort
will be needed for it. However, after succeeding to
activate the right brain abilities, children can learn
quite easily in any school."

—Professor Makoto Shichida

Shichida Methods offer a simple, successful way to form
neurological pathways, effectively prepare your child for
excelling in traditional, alternate or homeschool
learning systems, and maximise their ability to preserve
and develop their innate genius.


I am a dedicated parent, preschool educator, independent
review writer and firm believer that kids flash cards are the
way to go to help kids reach their full potential at an early

If you're looking for some really great great kids flash
cards, I can strongly recommend you take a look at — their system is a proven method to
increase a child's learning capacity — and as they say; your
kids will be smarter, faster!...

(Oh, and I believe UberKids have got some fantastic Flash Card
DVDs as well)

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