Provisions in Contract for Sale of Automobile Sales Agency, by wit47392


									               Provisions in contract for sale of automobile sales agency, repair and service shop.

  Seller agrees to sell to buyer all service shop equipment, auto parts and accessories and supplies for the sum of
$     [as listed on inventory list of        sheets].

   The above includes in addition to the items named unloading and servicing of              autos presently on hand.

   Buyer agrees to pay taxes for [Date], in the amount of $         .

   Buyer agrees to pay $        on [Date], and $        on [Date], leaving a balance due on the purchase price in the
amount of $      . Buyer agrees to pay the balance of $     in monthly installments of $       plus interest at the rate
of       percent per year on the unpaid balance.

  The first monthly installment payment shall be due [Date], and subsequent monthly installment payments shall be
made on the same date each month after that.

   Any balance due on this contract shall be and is secured by mortgage on the following items of shop equipment,
namely      .

   Buyer agrees to allow space in the shop and use of necessary equipment by seller in the repair of [list cars], all labor
and material used or expended to be paid for by seller.

    Seller agrees to transfer present lease of the premises to buyer, payment of rent by buyer to the owner to begin [Date],
in the amount of $          monthly in advance as per the terms of the present lease.

   $        of the original payment to seller covers a $        deposit on the lease to the owner.

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