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									                                          2008 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
                                             Thursday, June 12 , 2008           1:00-2:30PM (TA)

TA01 – Junior Ballroom D             TA02 – Junior Ballroom C             TA03 – Grand Ballroom D             TA04 – Port Alberni

Empirical Analysis of Online         In Honor of Professor Frank M.       Loyalty Programs                    New Approaches in
Auctions                             Bass: Expanding Frontiers of                                             Understanding Word-of-Mouth
                                     Diffusion Research                   Chair: Tammo H.A. Bijmolt, Els
Chair: Robert Zeithammer                                                  Breugelmans                         Chair: Dave Bussiere
                                     Chair: Gerard J. Tellis, Ashish
When Zero Search Cost is Too         Sood                                 Do Loyalty Program Partnerships     A Multi-Stage Model of Word-of-
High: What Does it Take to Make                                           Matter? Examining the               Mouth and its Impact on Attitudes
Consumers Search?                    Independence and Imitation in        Reinforcing Effects of Cross-       and Purchasing Behaviors
Peter T. L. Popkowski Leszczyc,      New Product Diffusion:               buying in Loyalty Programs          Donald Lehmann, Andrew
Ernan Haruvy                         Competing Risks or                   Katherine N. Lemon, Florian v.      Stephen
                                     Compensatory Influences?             Wangenheim
Click, Click, Click: Measuring the   Christophe Van den Bulte,                                                Optimal Heterophily and the
ROI of Keywords Advertising          Yogesh V. Joshi                      Loyalty Program Rivalry and Its     Impact of Word-of-Mouth
Tat Y. Chan, Chunhua Wu                                                   Impact on Firm and Consumer         Hikaru Yamamoto, Satoshi
                                     The Value of Opinion Leaders in      Outcomes                            Nishida, Shinji Morioka,
Jump Bidding in Online Auctions:     the Diffusion of Innovations         Yuping Liu, Rong Yang               Shigetaka Yamakawa
A Double-edged Sword                 Barak Libai, Eitan Muller
Yongfu He, Peter T. L.                                                    The Impact of Category-based        The Human Components of
Popkowski Leszczyc                   A Semiparametric Approach to         Loyalty Programs                    Word-of-Mouth: Humor,
                                     New Product Growth: ICT              Els Breugelmans, Jie Zhang          Impatience, Sarcasm and Anger
Tests of the Sealed-bid              Diffusion in New and Old Europe                                          Dave Bussiere
Abstraction in Online Auctions       Aurélie Lemmens, Stefan              Effects of Introducing and
Robert Zeithammer                    Stremersch, Christophe Croux         Terminating a Loyalty Program:
                                                                          The Role of Monetary and Non-
                                     Functional Regression: A New         monetary Rewards
                                     Model for Forecasting Market         Valentina Melnyk, Tammo H.A.
                                     Penetration of New Products          Bijmolt
                                     Ashish Sood, Gerard J. Tellis ,
                                     Gareth James

TA05 – Grand Ballroom C              TA06 – Grand Ballroom B              TA07 – Grand Ballroom A             TA08 – Port Hardy

Issues in New Product                Modeling Movie Box-Office            Brand Choice and Market             Reference Points, Timing, and
Adoption                                                                  Structure                           Concessions
                                     Chair: Young-Hoon Park
Chair: Juan Wang                                                          Chair: Rakesh Niraj                 Chair: Charles C Cui
                                     Inferring Initial Penetration with
Determinants of RFID Adoption        Attitudinal Tracking: A Study of     Reference-Quality and Dominant      Reference Effects of Multi-Item
in Retail Chains: A statistical      Opening Weekend Box-office           Reference in Aggregated             Promotions on Brand Choice
Evidence                             Jonathan Lee, C. Whan Park,          Demand                              Behavior
Ming-Chih Tsai, Wen Lee              Pradeep Chintagunta, Jeanie          Wonjoon Kim, K. Sudhir, Subrata     Karen Gedenk, Michael Knaf,
                                     Han                                  K. Sen                              Sonja Spuerkmann
One's Innovativeness and
Adoption Time of an Innovation       Investigating the Role of Local      A Household Production              The Effect of Timing on
Masataka Yamada                      Market and Exhibitor                 Approach to Modeling Snack          Consumers' Responses to
                                     Characteristics on Box-office        Consumption                         Recommendations
Stuck in the Adoption Funnel:        Performance                          Marina Girju, Brian Ratchford       Min Zhao, Jinhong Xie
The Effect of Delays in the          Sriram Venkataraman, Pradeep
Adoption Process on Ultimate         Chintagunta                          Market Structure Analysis           Seller's Facial Expressions &
Adoption                                                                  Fang Wu, Terry Elrod, Paul          Concession Patterns: Buyer's
Anja Lambrecht, Catherine            Spatial Econometric Model of         Messinger                           Beliefs in Influencing Price
Tucker, Katja Seim                   Box-office Revenues - An                                                 Expectations
                                     Exhibitor-level Analysis             The Effects of Social Contagion     Rajesh Bagchi, Dipankar
Determinants of New Product          Young-Hoon Park, Sriram              on Brand Loyalty: Insights from a   Chakravarti, Atanu Sinha
Features Adoptions of Two            Venkataraman, Eric T. Bradlow        Consumer Durable Market
Product Categories                                                        Rakesh Niraj, Ramkumar              Consumers' Shopping
Juan Wang, Vinay Kanetkar,                                                Janakiraman                         Motivations and Use of
Towhidul Islam                                                                                                Reference Points
                                                                                                              Charles C Cui
                                          2008 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
                                             Thursday, June 12 , 2008          1:00-2:30PM (TA)

TA09 – Junior Ballroom B             TA10 – Junior Ballroom A            TA11 – Port McNeill                 TA12 – Parksville

Models of Customer Churn             Modeling Dynamic Market             Sales Management I                  Price Evaluation, WTP, and
                                     Competition                                                             Pricing Options
Chair: James Hess                                                        Chair: Noah Lim
                                     Chair: Romana Khan                                                      Chair: Dominik Papies
Modeling Individual Customer                                             Delegation of Authority and Sales
Transaction Behavior with            Competitive Impact of and           Force Compensation in Industrial    Category Association, Price
Hidden Markov Models                 Response to Deceptive               Markets                             Information and Willingness to
Nino Hardt, Joachim Bueschken        Advertising                         Desmond (Ho-Fu) Lo, Mrinal          Pay
                                     Martha Tipton, Sundar               Ghosh, Francine Lafontaine          Maria Merino, Bruce McWIlliams,
Staying Power of Churn               Bharadwaj                                                               Carlos Campos
Prediction Models                                                        Rewarding A While Hoping It's
Hans Risselada, Peter C.             Dynamic Marketing Mix               Correlated with B                   Good Deal or Keep Searching?
Verhoef, Tammo H.A. Bijmolt          Strategies for Two-sided            David Godes                         The Impact of Regulatory Focus
                                     Platform-firms                                                          on Price Evaluation
Modeling Loyalty for Better          Shrihari Sridhar, Murali K.         Does the Proportion of Winners      Cathy Y. Chen, Song Oh Yoon
Customer Relationship                Mantrala, Prasad Naik, Esther       in Sales Contests Matter?
Management                           Thorson                             Noah Lim                            Investigating Adult, Children and
Ashwin Aravindakshan, Roland                                                                                 Family Pricing and Its Impact of
Rust , Brian Ratchford               Non-Linear Pricing and                                                  Entry-By-Donation and Free
                                     Competition: An Empirical Study                                         Offers
Competitive Customer                 of the Auto Rental Industry                                             Nicole Hartley, Paul Burke, Paul
Relationship Management:             Romana Khan, Vishal Singh,                                              Harrison
Acquisition Versus Retention         Ting Zhu
James Hess, Niladri Syam                                                                                     What Causes a Hypothetical Bias
                                                                                                             in Willingness-to-Pay
                                                                                                             Dominik Papies, Franziska

TA13 – Orca                          TA14 – Finback                      TA15 – Granville                    TA16 – Galiano

Issues in Branding                   Theoretical Models of               International Marketing Issues      Direct Marketing and Targeting
                                     Advertising and Promotion
Chair: Seshan Ramaswami                                                  Chair: Aharon Hibshoosh             Chair: Hao Zhao
                                     Chair: Anthony Dukes
The Effects of Line Extensions on                                        Channel Control Efficacy in         Direct Marketing on a Network
Parent Brand Equity: An              Optimal Generic Advertising         Foreign Markets: The Role of        Peter Pal Zubcsek, Miklos
Empirical Analysis of                Choices for Competing Industries    MNC Global Strategy and             Sarvary
Supermarket Packaged                 Yuanfang Lin, Sandeep               Country Environment
Ian Sinapuelas, Sanjay Sisodiya      Krishnamurthy                       Girish Mallapragada, Rajdeep        Service Pricing Strategy: Does
                                                                         Grewal                              Better Targeting Always Improve
Identifying Customer Segments        Consumer Stockpiling and                                                Profitability?
Regarding Cross-category Brand       Promotional Strategies              The Role of Involvement in          Pavan Chennamaneni, Ramarao
Loyalty Behavior                     Manish Gangwar, Nanda Kumar         Country-of-Origin Effects on        Desiraju, Anand Krishnamoorthy
Nadja Silberhorn, Yasemin                                                Product Choice
Boztug, Lutz Hildebrandt             Impact of Horizontal and Vertical   Ching-I Chen, Ting-Ling Lin, Yen-   Detecting Promising Categories
                                     Market Power on Trade               Chu Lee                             for Targeted Promotions
What Makes a Star? -                 Promotion Budget and Allocation                                         Yasemin Boztug, Els
Investigating the Evolution          Miguel Gomez, Vithala R. Rao,       The Empirical Study of Market       Breugelmans, Thomas Reutterer
Patterns of Athlete Brands           Hong Yuan                           Orientation, International
Yupin Yang                                                               Experience, Global Marketing        Compensating a Risk-Averse
                                     In-store Media and Channel          Characteristics                     Agent for Conducting Direct Mail
The Inferential Effects of Product   Management                          Pao-Hung Peng                       Campaigns with Adverse
Line Range on Brand Choice           Anthony Dukes, Yunchuan Liu                                             Selection
Seshan Ramaswami, Michelle                                               Pricing in Gray Markets with an     Hao Zhao, Yong Cao
Lee                                                                      Independent Wholesaler
                                                                         Importing and Private Importing
                                                                         Aharon Hibshoosh
                                2008 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
                                 Thursday, June 12 , 2008   1:00-2:30PM (TA)

TA17 – Pavilion Ballroom D

Meet the Editors 1

Journal of Retailing
Praveen Kopalle

Management Science
Jagmohan S. Raju

Quantitative Marketing and
Economics (QME)
Peter Rossi

Marketing Letters
Randolph E. Bucklin or Joe E.
                                         2008 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
                                            Thursday, June 12 , 2008          3:00-4:30PM (TB)

TB01 – Junior Ballroom D            TB02 – Junior Ballroom C            TB03 – Grand Ballroom D           TB04 – Port Alberni

Static and Dynamic                  Marketing and Financial             Bidding Behavior in B2B and       Word-of-Mouth in Online
Equilibrium Models                  Performance I                       B2C Online Auctions               Environments

Chair: Sanjog Misra                 Chair: Shuba Srinivasan             Chair: Sandy Jap                  Chair: Melanie Dempsey

A Larger Slice or a Larger Pie?     Dynamic Marketing Mix               The Impact of Promotional         Managing Online Social
Investigating Bargaining Power in   Allocation for Long-term            Messages During Auctions          Interactions: Sales Impacts of
the Distribution Channel            Profitability                       Eric A. Greenleaf, Caroline       Observational Learning vs. Word-
Michaela Draganska, Daniel          Ricardo Montoya, Oded Netzer,       Ducarroz, Sha Yang                of-mouth
Klapper, Sofia Villas-Boas          Kamel Jedidi,                                                         Yubo Chen, Jinhong Xie
                                                                        The Effects of Consumer
Tipping and Concentration in        Pre-release Forecasting Using       Perceptions of Price Unfairness   Cognitive, Affective, and
Markets with Indirect Network       Online Virtual Stock Markets        on Auctions and Posted Prices     Behavioral Reactions of
Effects                             Natasha Z. Foutz, Wolfgang Jank     for Online Selling                Consumers to Online Word-of-
Jean-Pierre Dube, Gunter Hitsch,                                        Xin Wang, Young-Hoon Park,        Mouth
Pradeep Chintagunta                 Marketing Spending and the          Donglei Qiu                       Iris Gorodesky, Yoav Ganzach
                                    Volatility of Revenues and Cash
Bayesian Estimation of Discrete     Flows                               Bidding Strategies in Buyer       Why Consumers Voluntarily
Games                               Marc Fischer, Hyun Shin,            Determined Online Auctions        Provide Service Feedbacks
Wesley Hartmann, Sridhar            Dominique M. Hanssen                Ernan Haruvy, Sandy Jap           Online
Narayanan                                                                                                 Jian Ming Teng
                                    The Effects of Pharmaceutical       BidAnalyzer: A Method for
El Peso Doble: Double               Direct-to-consumer Advertising:     Estimation and Selection of       Most Emailed News: Viral
Couponing in the Supermarket        A Shareholder's Perspective         Dynamic Bidding Models            Characteristics of Text-based
Industry                            Ernst C. Osinga, Peter S.H.         Prasad Naik, Sandy Jap            Online Content
Sanjog Misra, Sagit Harel-Tal,      Leeflang, Shuba Srinivasan,                                           Melanie Dempsey, Jason Y. C.
Paul Ellickson                      Jaap E. Wieringa                                                      Ho

TB05 – Grand Ballroom C             TB06 – Grand Ballroom B             TB07 – Grand Ballroom A           TB08 – Port Hardy

New Product Diffusion-              Entertainment Demand                Applied Choice Models             Self Prediction, Control, and
Applications                                                                                              Need Satisfaction
                                    Chair: Yong Liu                     Chair: Neeraj Arora
Chair: Yutaka Hamaoka                                                                                     Chair: Keri Kettle
                                    Spatial and Temporal Effects of a   Soaps, Roles & Social Status:
The Takeoff of Green                Performance Schedule on Event       Interpersonal Influences Among    How Does Ego-Depletion and
Technologies: A Historical          Ticket Sales                        Mexican TV Viewers                Construal Levels Relate to Self-
Analysis of Timing and Affecting    Peggy Tseng, Wendy Moe              Jose D. Mora, Jason Y. C. Ho,     Control?
Factors                                                                 Robert Krider                     Darlene Walsh, Andrew Mitchell
Giulia Calabretta, Jordi Montaña    The Impact of New Attractions on
                                    Theme Park Attendance               A Choice Model with               Effects of Context, Gender and
Revisiting the Product Life Cycle   Rutger D. van Oest, Harald J.       Endogenous Social Effects and     Consciousness on Avatar Choice
Concept: Lessons from Diffusion     van Heerde, Marnik G. Dekimpe       Application to MBA Student        in Virtual Environments
Research                                                                Internship Preferences            Sunanda Sangwan, Chong
Paul Steffens, Maria Kaya           Modeling the Impact of              Tony Bao, Vrinda Kadiyali,        Guan, Judy Siguaw
                                    Advertising on Event Ticket Sales   Sachin Gupta
Time-Varying Marketing Mix and      Moon Young Kang, David                                                The Impact of Anticipation
Entry-Timing Analysis: The US       Schweidel, Neeraj Arora             Allocation of Search Time to      Duration on Experience and
Automotive Market Over Three                                            Information Sources for           Retrospection
Decades                             Network Externality and             Automobile Purchase               Hae Eun Chun, Deborah
Maria Kratcholova                   Consumer Evaluation of New          Jung Kim, Brian Ratchford         MacInnis
                                    Products: Evidence from Online
Users as Co-Creators                Gaming Industry                     Predicting Joint Choice Using     Self-Prediction in a Social
Yutaka Hamaoka                      Yong Liu, Jun Yang, Enping          Individual Data                   Context: When "Overconfidence"
                                    Shirley Mai                         Neeraj Arora, Anocha Aribarg,     Improves Performance
                                                                        Moon Young Kang                   Keri Kettle, Gerald Häubl
                                         2008 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
                                            Thursday, June 12 , 2008           3:00-4:30PM (TB)

TB09 – Junior Ballroom B            TB10 – Junior Ballroom A            TB11 – Port McNeill                   TB12 – Parksville

CRM-Customization and               Issues in Competition               Sales Management II                   Willingness to Pay
Customer Portfolio                  Modeling                                                                  Measurement
                                                                        Chair: Srinath Gopalakrishna
Chair: Martin Boehm                 Chair: Bruce Clark                                                        Chair: Eva Gerstmeier
                                                                        Individual Level Evaluation of
Disentangling the Benefits of       Predicting Competitors' Moves:      Pharmaceutical Sales                  Consumer's Willingness to Pay:
Product Customization               The Value and Behavioral            Representatives                       A Critical Synthesis and
Ferdinand Burianek, Frank Piller,   Antecedents of Predictive           Andre Bielecki, Sönke Albers          Directions for Further Research
Christoph Ihl, Sebastian            Accuracy                                                                  Le Gall-Ely Marine
Bonnemeier                          Lewis Lim, Sze Sze Wong             Planning Trade Show
                                                                        Expenditures in a Dynamic             Uncovering Consumer
Role of Marketing Efforts on        Incentives in Contests: To be a     Competitive Setting                   Willingness to Pay for Product
Customer Value Creation Using a     Winner or Not to be a Loser         Srinath Gopalakrishna, Shrihari       Attributes Through Hedonic Price
Customer-Mix Model                  Jaesoo Kim                          Sridhar                               Modeling
Shameek Sinha, Leigh McAlister                                                                                Josue Martinez
                                    Price and Quality Competition in    Price Delegation to the
Personalizing Customer Service      a Three-Dimensional Vertical        Salesforce: Back to Basics            Determination of Willingness-to-
in the Email Channel                Differentiation Model               Sung Ham, James Hess                  Pay for Multiple Price-Quantity
Sang-Pil Han, Jae-Hyeon Ahn         Yong Cao, Rachel R. Chen                                                  Combinations
                                                                                                              Christian Schlereth, Bernd Skiera
Managing Customer Portfolios        The Social Cognitive Structure of
Martin Boehm, Jaime Romero,         Emerging Competitive Markets                                              Comparing the Validity of
Anna Downarowicz                    Bruce Clark, David B.                                                     Different Methods for Measuring
                                    Montgomery, Bernard Marr                                                  Willingness-to-Pay
                                                                                                              Eva Gerstmeier, Martin Spann,
                                                                                                              Bernd Skiera

TB13 – Orca                         TB14 – Finback                      TB15 – Granville                      TB16 – Galiano

Brand Strategy                      Issues in Advertising               Best Practices for Effective          Multi-Product Marketing
                                                                        Global Marketing
Chair: Burcu Tasoluk                Chair: Georges Zaccour                                                    Chair: Chakravarthi Narasimhan
                                                                        Chair: Corine Noordhoff
OEM Perceptions and Behavior        The Effects of Focused, Unique,                                           B2B Banking Transactional,
towards Supplier Brand Strength     and Temporally Consistent           Solution Selling: Capabilities for    Lending and Savings Product
Stefan Worm, Rajendra               Advertising Messages on Brand       Value Creation and Value              Acquisition Sequences and
Srivastava                          Sales                               Appropriation                         Rates of Change
                                    Bharat Sud, Robert Fisher,          Sebastian Bonnemeier, Ralf            Guy Pearce
Branding a Country as an            Kersi D. Antia                      Reichwald, Christoph Ihl
Educational Destination –                                                                                     Individual Marketing, Product
Romania’s Case                      Flexible Modeling of Multiple IMC   MBA Job Preferences: Including        Differentiation and Tacit
Alin Valentin Angheluta             Threshold and Interaction Effects   Ethics and CSR                        Collusion with Unobservable
                                    Ceren Kolsarici, Demetrios          David B. Montgomery, Cathie           Demands
The Effects of Brand Strategy       Vakratsas                           Ramus                                 I-Huei Wu, Chyi-Mei Chen, Shan-
and Customer Characteristics of                                                                               Yu Chou
Brand Revenue Premium               The Effect of the Diffusion of Ad   Centralization versus
JianJun Zhu, Thomas Gruca,          Avoidance Technologies on           Decentralization of Marketing         Intra-Firm Coordination of
Lopo Rego                           Advertiser Strategies               Activities in Leading Italian Firms   Product Management in a Supply
                                    Bikram Ghosh, Axel Stock            Eleonora Cattaneo, Carolina           Chain
A Contingency Hierarchical                                              Guerini                               Chakravarthi Narasimhan,
Generalized Linear Model for        Advertising Strategies in a                                               Lingxiu Dong, Kaijie Zhu
Brand Associations                  Fashion Licensing Contract          Building Capabilities Through
Burcu Tasoluk, Roger Calantone,     Georges Zaccour, Alessandra         Vertical Relations: The Role of
Cornelia Droge                      Buratto                             Tie Strength and Firm Memory
                                                                        Corine Noordhoff, Kyriakos
                                    2008 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
                                     Thursday, June 12 , 2008   3:00-4:30PM (TB)

TB17 – Pavilion Ballroom D

Meet the Editors 2

Marketing Science (MKS)
Eric T. Bradlow

Journal of Service Research
Kay Lemon

Journal of Marketing
Roland Rust

International Journal of Research
in Marketing
Stefan Stremersch, Donald R.

Journal of Marketing Research
Gerald J. Tellis
                                          2008 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
                                             Thursday, June 12 , 2008           4:45-6:15PM (TC)

TC01 – Junior Ballroom D             TC02 – Junior Ballroom C             TC03 – Grand Ballroom D             TC04 – Port Alberni

Dynamic Structural Models            Financial Market's Reaction to       Private Labels                      Social Influence and Self-
                                     Marketing                                                                Construal in Consumption
Chair: Harikesh Nair                                                      Chair: Harald J. van Heerde
                                     Chair: Donald Lehmann                                                    Chair: Arvid O. I. Hoffmann
Durable Goods Oligopoly with                                              A Cross-continent Study of the
Innovation: Theory and Empirics      The Theory and Practice of           Drivers of Consumers'               Does Self-reflection Affect
Ron Goettler, Brett Gordon           Myopic Management                    Willingness to Pay a Price          Product Evaluation?
                                     Natalie Mizik                        Premium for National Brands         Shun Yin Lam
Uncertainty, Learning and                                                 Over Private Labels
Quantity Dynamics for Frequently     Linking Brand and Customer           Harald J. van Heerde, Inge          "Building Character": Effects of
Purchased Products                   Attitudinal and Behavioral Metrics   Geyskens, Jan-Benedict E.           Lay Theories of Self-control on
Sridhar Narayanan                    to Financial Outcomes: A Latent      Steenkamp                           the Selection of Products for
                                     Growth Modeling Approach                                                 Child
Entry Timing and Pricing of          Sundar Bharadwaj, Arne Floh          The Reciprocal Relationship         Catherine Yeung, Anirban
Digital Video Discs in the U.S.                                           Between Private Label Use and       Mukhopadhyay
Motion Picture Industry              The Under-appreciated Value of       Store Loyalty
Anirban Mukherjee, Vrinda            Marketing Metrics                    Kusum L. Ailawadi, Koen             Ptolemy vs. Copernicus: Self-
Kadiyali                             Isaac Dinner, Donald Lehmann,        Pauwels, Jan-Benedict E.            Construal in Social Consumption
                                     Natalie Mizik                        Steenkamp                           Sarah Moore, Gavan Fitzsimons
Quota Dynamics and the
Intertemporal Allocation of Sales-                                        National Brands and Copycat         Investors' Susceptibility to
force Effort                                                              Private Labels: Consumer            Interpersonal Influences
Harikesh Nair, Sanjog Misra                                               Learning and Quality Spillover      Arvid O. I. Hoffmann, Thijs L.J.
                                                                          Effects                             Broekhuizen
                                                                          Maciej Szymanowski, Els

                                                                          New Products, The Antidote to
                                                                          Private Label Growth? Who is
                                                                          Fighting Whom?
                                                                          Katrijn Gielens

TC05 – Grand Ballroom C              TC06 – Grand Ballroom B              TC07 – Grand Ballroom A             TC08 – Port Hardy

New Product Diffusion-Cross          Movie Marketing                      Choice-Methods and Data             Mood, Brand Familiarity, and
Country Studies                                                                                               Decision Frames
                                     Chair: Amit Joshi                    Chair: Terry Elrod
Chair: Guy Yogev                                                                                              Chair: Nevena Koukova
                                     Sources and Implications of          Using Auxiliary Data to Estimate
Adoption of Value-Added M-           Stardom: A Study of Star Power       Common Utility Origins with         The Effect of Weather on
Services: A Cross-National           in the Motion Picture Industry       Discrete Choice Models              Consumer Spending
Investigation                        Xia Liu, Tridib Mazumdar, Yong       Lynd Bacon, Peter Lenk              Kyle B. Murray, Adam Finn, Peter
Remco Prins, Barbara Becker,         Liu                                                                      T. L. Popkowski Leszczyc,
Peter C. Verhoef                                                          Reality Check: Combining Survey     Fabrizio Di Muro
                                     Timing of New Products               and Market Data to Estimate
The Demand for Size: An              Introduction into Foreign Markets:   Choice Models                       Mood Matching: The Importance
International Study on Optimal       An Empirical Analysis of             Eleanor Feit, Mark Beltramo,        of Fit Between Moods Elicited by
Product Attributes                   Hollywood Movies                     Fred Feinberg                       TV Programs and Commercials
Yuri Peers, Dennis Fok, Philip       Reo Song, Venkatesh Shanka,                                              Joseph Lajos, Nailya
Hans Franses                         Sanjay Jainr                         Modeling Cognitive Complexity to    Ordabayeva, Amitava
                                                                          Predict Consideration Sets          Chattopadhyay
Catch-Up, Leapfrogging, and          Diffusion-based Modeling of          Daria Silinskaia, Theodoros
Globalization: Dynamics of New       Movie Type Success: An               Evgeniou, Olivier Toubia, John R.   Not All Brands are Alike: The
Product Adoption Across Nations      Evolutionary Perspective             Hauser, Rene Befurt                 Role of Brand Familiarity in
Gerard J. Tellis, Deepa              Berna Devezer, Erkan Ozge                                                Product Placements
Chandrasekaran                       Buzbas                               Partial Profile Choice              Mei-Ling Wei, Kelley J. Main,
                                                                          Experiments                         Eileen Fischer
The Diffusion of Freewares           Adapting to Succeed?                 Terry Elrod, Keith Chrzan
Guy Yogev, Barak Libai, Eitan        Leveraging the Brand Equity of                                           Choosing Versus Rejecting
Muller                               Bestsellers to Succeed at the                                            Options for Products: A Mental
                                     Box-office                                                               Simulation Perspective
                                     Amit Joshi, Huifang Mao                                                  Nevena Koukova, Reetika Gupta
                                        2008 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
                                           Thursday, June 12 , 2008         4:45-6:15PM (TC)

TC09 – Junior Ballroom B           TC10 – Junior Ballroom A           TC11 – Port McNeill                   TC12 – Parksville

CRM-System Implementation          Dynamic Aspects of                 eCommerce-MultiChannel                Bundling and Pricing
Chair: Anita Basalingappa                                             Chair: M. Tolga Akcura                Chair: Amiya Basu
                                   Chair: Benaissa Chidmi
Alignment of Customer Intention                                       Search Versus Word-of-Mouth:          Influence of Nonlinear Tariff
Value Networks with Corporate      On Monopolist Optimal Dynamic      Evidence from an Online Retailer      Structures on Service Providers'
Performance Management             Marketing Mix Policies for the     Jeonghye Choi, David Bell             Profitability
Sabine Wilfling, Ulrike Baumoel,   Diffusion of New Subscriber                                              Tanja Stepanchuk, Christian
Henrik Ickler                      Service Innovations                The Impact of Introducing the         Schlereth, Bernd Skiera
                                   Hani Mesak                         Internet Channel on Vertical
Customer Pyramid Analysis and                                         Strategic Interaction                 Optimal Pricing in the Wireless
Enhanced CRM in the Consumer       An Empirical Model of Product      Lu Hsiao                              Service Industry
Packaged Goods Industry            Entry and Pricing                                                        Ping Xiao, Tat Chan,
Gurram Gopal                       Federico Rossi                     Customer Evolution in Sales           Chakravarthi Narasimhan
                                                                      Channel Migration
Effectiveness of CRM on            Late Mover's Strategic Quality     Sara Valentini, Scott Neslin          Analysis on Preferences for Price
Customer Satisfaction and          Decisions                                                                Plans of Public Utilities; Case
Performance in the Internet        Byong-Duk Rhee, Sue Ryung          Strategic Online Channel              Study about Electricity Price
Banking of Taiwan                  Chang, S. P. Raj                   Adoption                              Hisanori Goto
Hui-I Yao, Kok Wei Khong                                              M. Tolga Akcura, Zafer Ozdemir,
                                   Time-varying Duopoly               Sanjay Jain                           Impact of Customer Knowledge
Role of Relational Bonds in the    Competition in Supermarket                                               Heterogeneity on Bundling
Manifestation of Customer          Industry: The Case of Seattle-                                           Strategy
Loyalty                            Tacoma Milk Market                                                       Amiya Basu, Padmal Vitharana
Anita Basalingappa, Subhas         Benaissa Chidmi, Olga Murova

TC13 – Orca                        TC14 – Finback                     TC15 – Granville                      TC16 – Galiano

Branding                           Advertising Strategy               Marketing Strategy and Firm           Retail Management
Chair: R. Venkatesh                Chair: Dan Horsky                                                        Chair: John H. Summey
                                                                      Chair: Vinay Kanetkar
Are Store Brands 'Brands'?         On the Effect of Diversity in                                            Risk Perception on Logistics
Estimating Store Brand Equity      Consumer Tastes and                Wall Street Reaction to Top           Outsourcing of Retail Chains-
from Aggregate Data                Informative Advertising on         Marketing Executive Succession:       model Development and
Paul Nelson, Sudhir Voleti         Product Line Design                An Event Study Perspective            Empirical Verification in Taiwan
                                   Chuan He, Wilfred Amaldoss         Rui Wang, Rajdeep Grewal              Ming-Chih Tsai, Chun-Hua Liao
Product Repositioning and Brand
Inertia: The US Automobile         A Model of Image Advertising       The Effect of Customer Based          When and How Does a Retail
Market                             Dina Mayzlin, Jiwoong Shin         Brand Equity on Financial             Roof Policy Increase Profitability
Sengun Yeniyurt, S. Chan Choi,                                        Analysts                              Xubing Zhang, Yong Cao
Janell D. Townsend                 A Positive Theory of Negative      Josip Medjedovic, Gordon
                                   Advertising                        Thompson, Jochen Becker               Campaign in the Wrong Chain?
Nation Equity in Personal          Mitchell Lovett, Ron Shachar                                             Sources of National Brand Sales
Computer Purchases in China                                           Impact of Price Change on             at Discount Stores
Junhong Chu                        The Advertising Agency             Profitability: Theory and Empirical   Barbara Deleersnyder, Oliver Koll
                                   Selection Contest: An Auction      Evidence
The Types, Mechanisms and          with Bi-dimensional Bidders        Vinay Kanetkar                        New Retail Technology
Effectiveness of Co-branding: A    Dan Horsky, Sharon Horsky,                                               Repatronage Decision
Conceptualization & Managerial     Michael Landsberger                                                      John H. Summey, Ramendra
Guidelines                                                                                                  Thakur
R. Venkatesh, Rabikar
Chatterjee, Casey Newmeyer
                                        2008 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
                                            Friday, June 13 , 2008        8:30-10:00AM (FA)

FA01 – Junior Ballroom D           FA02 – Junior Ballroom C           FA03 – Pavilion Ballroom D            FA04 – Port Alberni

Search Engines and Marketing       Service Marketing                  Marketing Meets Design                Influences on Purchase:
I                                                                                                           Attributions and Information
                                   Chair: Rachel R. Chen, Yinghui     Chair: Gursel Ilipinar, Judith        From Others
Chair: Kartik Hosanagar            Yang                               Lynne Zaichkowsky
                                                                                                            Chair: Frank van Rijnsoever
Search Engine Advertising:         Buyer-seller Relationships and     Design Orientation as a Driver of
Pricing Ads to Context             Customer Lifetime Value            Organizational Culture                Family Purchase Decision
Catherine Tucker, Avi Goldfarb     Gila E. Fruchter, Simon P. Sigué   Giulia Calabretta, Jordi Montaña,     Making in India: Impact of
                                                                      Oriol Iglesias, Isa Moll              Couples' SRO, WWP AND RRC
Quality Signaling and Revenue      Probabilistic Goods and                                                  Duraipandian Israel
Implications of Payment            Probabilistic Selling: A New       Introducing Design Orientation as
Innovations in Internet-Based      Pricing Tool For Retailers         an Aspect of New Product              Defending Against Future Loss:
Advertising: A Theoretical and     Scott Fay, Jinhong Xie             Development Success                   The Impact of Regulatory Focus
Empirical Investigation                                               Ian Parkman, Keven Malkewitz          on an Observing Customer’s
Siva Viswanathan, Chris            Should Captive Sardines be                                               Attribution
Dellarocas                         Compensated? Serving               Trading off Design for Brand          Elisa Ka Yan Chan, Lisa C. Wan,
                                   Customers in a Confined Zone       Name                                  Lei Su
An Empirical Analysis of           Rachel R. Chen, Yinghui Yang,      Judith Lynne Zaichkowsky, Gorm
Sponsored Search Performance       Eitan Gerstner                     Gabrielsen, Tore Kristensen           When Do Customers Listen to
in Search Engine Advertising                                                                                Others? Determinants of
Anindya Ghose, Sha Yang            Managing Quality with              Role of Design Management in          Customers' Use of Third-Party
                                   Constrained Capacity in            Service Innovation                    Information
Location, Location and Location:   Equilibrium                        Gursel Ilipinar, Wesley J.            Mario Rese, Annika Wilke, Bülent
An Analysis of Profitability and   Steven Shugan, Aydin               Johnston, Jordi Montaña,              Gögdün
Position in Online Advertising     Alptekinoglu                       Rajendra Srivastava
Markets                                                                                                     Knowledge Base and the Use of
Ashish Agarwal, Michael Smith,     Customer Bill of Right: Who        Discussion Panel on Design            Channels for Information Search:
Kartik Hosanagar                   Benefits?                          Colleen Collins                       The Case of Car Purchasing
                                   Yinghui Yang, Rachel R. Chen,                                            Frank van Rijnsoever
                                   Eitan Gerstner

FA05 – Pavilion Ballroom C         FA06 – Pavilion Ballroom B         FA07 – Pavilion Ballroom A            FA08 – Port Hardy

Managing New Product               Word-of-Mouth in Movie             Choice-Statistical Methods            Consumer Decision Making
Introductions                      Marketing
                                                                      Chair: Thomas Steenburgh              Chair: Koert Van Ittersum
Chair: Douglas MacLachlan          Chair: Hiroshi Onishi
                                                                      Non-compensatory Choice               Ambiguity Aversion and the
Why, When and How Prices           How the Interplay Between          Applications                          Power of Established Brands
Land: Empirical Evidence from      Advertising, Media Coverage and    Ty Henderson, Neeraj Arora            Luc Wathieu, A.V. Muthukrishnan
the Video Game Industry            Word of Mouth Affect Supply and
Carlos Mireles, Dennis Fok,        Demand of Motion Pictures?         The Effects of Measurement and        The Role of Perceived
Philip Hans Franses                Guillermo Armelini, Julian         Specification Error in Integrated     Unfairness in the Decision
                                   Villanueva, Jorge Gonzalez         Choice-latent Variable Models         Making
New Product Introduction                                              Garrett Sonnier, Andrew Ainslie       Fue Zeng, Wenyu Dou, Chenting
Strategies of Asymmetric           A New Approach to Measure the                                            Su, Zhilin Yang
Competitors                        Valence of WOM                     Multivariate Nested Logit: A
Thanh Tran, Axel Stock,            Kung-Hsin Shao, Lichung Jen        General Extension of Nested           Evaluating the Benefits of
Ramarao Desiraju                                                      Logit for Multi-category Multi-item   Distraction on Product
                                   Marketing Activity, Blogging and   Choice                                Evaluations: The Mindset Effect
Key Success Factors in 3G          Sales                              Kyuseop Kwak, Gary Russell, Sri       Davy Lerouge
Services Adoption: A Cross-        Hiroshi Onishi, Puneet             Devi Duvvuri
Cultural Consumer Perspective      Manchanda                                                                Exploring Adaptive Estimation
Tang Lei                                                              Choice Among Similar                  Behavior
                                                                      Alternatives Revisited                Koert Van Ittersum, Joost M.E.
How Should Companies Price                                            Thomas Steenburgh                     Pennings, Brian Wansink
New Products When Customers
are Unsure About Their
Willingness to Pay?
Douglas MacLachlan, Joo Heon
Park, Edwin Love
                                          2008 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
                                              Friday, June 13 , 2008         8:30-10:00AM (FA)

FA09 – Junior Ballroom B             FA10 – Junior Ballroom A            FA11 – Port McNeill                 FA12 – Parksville

Dynamic Effects in Predictive        Channel Competition                 eCommerce-Recommendation            Factors Influencing Price
Modeling                                                                 Systems                             Perception
                                     Chair: Wei-yu Kevin Chiang
Chair: Thomas Reutterer                                                  Chair: Andrea Godfrey               Chair: Sanjeev Tripathi
                                     Coordination Incentives in
Customer Targeting: Controlling      Competing Supply Chains             The Effect of Network Structure     An Empirical and Experimental
for Endogeneity in Marketing Mix     Sudheer Gupta, Harish Krishnan      on Demand in Electronic             Analysis of Customer Switching
Decisions                                                                Commerce                            Between Two- and Thee-part
Shanfei Feng, Trichy Krishnan,       Revenue Management with             Gal Oestreicher-Singer, Arun        Tariff Plans
Suman Ann Thomas                     Strategic Consumers: Last-          Sundararajan                        Naufel Vilcassim, Eva Ascarza,
                                     Minute Selling and Opaque                                               Marco Bertini
Detecting Meaningful Patterns of     Selling                             My Mobile Music: An Adaptive
Profitability Dynamics in Evolving   Kinshuk Jerath, Serguei             Personalization System for          An Integrated Model of Multiple
Customer-Firm Relationships          Netessine, Senthil                  Digital Audio Players               Types of Reference Prices on
Thomas Reutterer, Regina             Veeraraghavan                       Tuck Siong Chung, Roland Rust,      Satisfaction
Tüchler                                                                  Michel Wedel                        Felix Tang, Jian-min Jia
                                     Channel Structure and
Predicting What Type of              Competition in Multiple Channel     Recommending a                      Extreme Price Points and Their
Customer You Will be Tomorrow:       Marketing Systems                   Recommendation Agent: The           Effects on Brand Purchase
A Stochastic Segmentation            Manish Kacker                       Impact of Message Framing on        Oded Lowengart, Sanjoy Ghose
Model                                                                    Using a Recommendation Agent
Tanya Mark, Mark Vandenbosch,        Dynamic Price Interactions in a     Clemens Koehler, Els                Perceived Price Unfairness:
Katherine Lemon                      Distribution Channel                Breugelmans, Benedict Dellaert,     When less is more
                                     Wei-yu Kevin Chiang                 Ko de Ruyter                        Sanjeev Tripathi, Abraham Koshy
Including the Effects of Prior and
Recent Contact Effort in a                                               Attribute-based Co-clustering
Customer Scoring Model                                                   Recommendation Systems and
Subom Rhee, Shelby McIntyre                                              Factors that Impact
                                                                         Recommendation Quality
                                                                         Andrea Godfrey, Meghana
                                                                         Deodhar, Maytal Saar-
                                                                         Tsechansky, Leigh McAlister

FA13 – Orca                          FA14 – Finback                      FA15 – Granville                    FA16 – Galiano

Branding Issues                      Advertising Issues                  Organization Theory Issues in       Retail Category Management
Chair: Joseph Chang                  Chair: Jie Zhang                                                        Chair: Debu Talukdar
                                                                         Chair: Qiong Wang
Customer-brand Relationship:         Understanding Voter Response                                            A Category Management Model
Two Empirical Studies on an          to Political Advertising Through    Not Complacent but Scared: An       of Dynamic Retailer Decisions
Integrative Model                    Election Cycles with Limited        Alternative Explanation for         Karthik Sridhar, Rajesh Shah,
Hongwei He, Yan Li                   Information                         Strategic Inertia Among             Ram Bezawada
                                     Hai Che, P.B. (Seethu)              Successful Firms
The Constitutional Elements of       Seetharaman                         Alexander Rusetski, Lewis Lim       Joined at the Hip: How Retailers
Online Brand Identities                                                                                      and Products Affect Mutual
Tobias Kollmann, Christina           The Role of Advertising and         Shrinking the Organizational        Consumer Satisfaction
Suckow                               Consumer Interest in the Motion     Hierarchy - The Case of Multi-      Purush Papatla, Feng Liu, Yu
                                     Picture Industry                    unit Franchising                    Fan
Customer's Experience and            Andrei Strijnev, Brian Ratchford,   Rupinder Jindal
Brand Image                          Dongling Huang                                                          Retailer Coupons: Are Private
Adriana Gigliotti, Gina Pingitore                                        The Roles of Strategic Actions in   Label-Prone Customers
                                     Moment-to-moment Optimal            Making Sense of Market              Profitable Targets?
The Indicativeness of Brand          Branding in TV-Commercials:         Information and Achieving           Salome Nies, Martin Natter
Extension Information on the         Preventing Avoidance by Pulsing     Competitive Advantage
Judgment of Family Brand             Thales Teixeira, Rik Pieters,       Qiong Wang, Yinghong Wei            Opportunity Costs of SKU
Entitativity                         Michel Wedel                                                            Reductions for Supermarket
Joseph Chang, Bob Wu                                                                                         Retailers
                                     Sales Effects of Attention to                                           Debu Talukdar, Amresh Kumar
                                     Feature Advertisements: A
                                     Bayesian Mediation Analysis
                                     Jie Zhang, Michel Wedel, Rik
                                         2008 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
                                            Friday, June 13 , 2008         10:30-12:00PM (FB)

FB01 – Junior Ballroom D            FB02 – Junior Ballroom C            FB03 – Pavilion Ballroom D          FB04 – Port Alberni

Online Customization:               Identifying and Estimating          Special Session on Marketing        Network Effects and Social
Economic and Cognitive              Variance Components in              and Health                          Influence
Considerations                      Choice Experiments
                                                                        Chair: Stefan Stremersch            Chair: Michael Haenlein
Chair: Michael Braun                Chair: Cam Rungie, Len Coote,
                                    Towhidul Islam                      Investigating Dynamic               Identify the Influentials and
The Pricing of Key Words                                                Multiproduct Sales Impacts of       Imitators in Fashion Contagion
Song Yao, Carl Mela, Alan           Latent Variable Modeling of         Pharmaceutical Product Life-        Using Scanner Data
Montgomery                          Consumer Brand Preferences          cycle Extension Strategies:         Jiali Ding, Raghu Iyengar,
                                    Using Best-worst Experiments        Insights from the Rx and OTC        Guoqun Fu, John Zhang
Modeling Consumer Search for        Len Coote, Bettina Cornwell         Antacids Market Following
Making Online Advertising                                               Prilosec OTC Entry                  Social Communication and
Decisions                           The McFadden Trial: Variances       Murali K. Mantrala, Yihui (Elina)   Durable Goods Pricing
Alan Montgomery                     for Repeated Binary Choice          Tang, Gila E. Fruchter              Liang Guo, Hao Zhao, Ying Zhao
                                    Under Bernoulli and McFadden
Cognitive Styles and Website        (RUT) Conditions                    Modeling the Effects of Marketing   The Effects of Social Networks
Design                              Cam Rungie                          Expenditures on the Components      on Value Perceptions
Michael Braun, Glen L. Urban,                                           of a Diffusion Model for New        Sheila Goins, Thomas Gruca
Clarence Lee, John R. Hauser        Separating the Variance in          Prescription Drugs
                                    Choice Within and Between           Jaap E. Wieringa, Peter S.H.        A Social Network Analysis of
Morphing Websites to Match          Individuals: A Significant          Leeflang, Enar Ruiz Conde           Customer-Level Revenue
Individual Cognitive Styles         Proportion of So-called                                                 Distribution
John R. Hauser, Michael Braun,      Preference Heterogeneity is in      A Multi-category Model of           Michael Haenlein
Glen L. Urban, Guilherme Liberali   Fact Due to Variability Within      Physician Prescription and
                                    Individuals                         Detailing
                                    Towhidul Islam, Jordan Louviere     Xiaojing Dong, Pradeep
                                                                        Chintagunta, Puneet Manchanda

                                                                        The International Launch and
                                                                        Pricing of Pharmaceutical
                                                                        Isabel Verniers, Stefan
                                                                        Stremersch, Christophe Croux

FB05 – Pavilion Ballroom C          FB06 – Pavilion Ballroom B          FB07 – Pavilion Ballroom A          FB08 – Port Hardy

New Product-Forecasting             DVD and Entertainment Media         Choice-Marketing Mix                Influences on the Consumer
                                    Marketing                           Response                            Choice Process
Chair: Taesun Kim
                                    Chair: Pilsik Choi                  Chair: Sri Devi Duvvuri             Chair: Xin Ge
Pre-Launch Forecasting of Sales
and Product Evolution               Diffusion of Media Products         Do Retailer Return Policies         When Choice is Motivating:
Yair Orbach, Gila Fruchter          Michel Clement, Christina           Really Matter on Consumer           Increasing Options During
                                    Schmidt-Stoelting, Sönke Albers     Choice                              Product Configuration Makes
Roadmapping 3G Mobile TV:                                               Clara Agustin, Sweta Thota,         You a Maximizer
Scenario Planning Through           The Impact of Advertising and       Prashant Yadav                      Claire Lin, Jonathan Levav
Repeated Cross Impact Handling      Promotion on Customer
Margherita Pagani                   Spending in the Media Download      Incorporating Consumer              How Multiple Anchors Affect
                                    Industry                            Inventory into Demand for           Judgment: Evidence from the
The Exploration of Systematic       Kerstin Reimer, Oliver J. Rutz      Storable Goods                      Lab and eBay
Change in Bass Model                                                    Jaehwan Kim, Greg Allenby, Jeff     Ye Li, Ting Zhu, Yan Zhang
Parameters Using Hierarchical       Competition Between a               Dotson
Bayes Modeling                      Multichannel Retailer and an                                            More Comparison and a Smarter
Taesun Kim, Frank M. Bass,          Online Retailer in the DVD Rental   Latent Shopping Orientation         Choice? Not Necessarily
Portia Isaacson Bass                Market                              Dynamic, Shopping Path, and In-     Yuchen Hung, Catherine Yeung
                                    Pilsik Choi, Jooseop Lim            store Purchase Conversion
                                                                        Xiaoling Zhang, Shibo Li,           Differential Search Costs and
                                                                        Raymond Burke                       Consumer Choice
                                                                                                            Xin Ge, Gerald Häubl
                                                                        When Quantity Matters: A
                                                                        Multivariate Tobit Model
                                                                        Sri Devi Duvvuri
                                         2008 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
                                            Friday, June 13 , 2008        10:30-12:00PM (FB)

FB09 – Junior Ballroom B            FB10 – Junior Ballroom A           FB11 – Port McNeill                 FB12 – Parksville

Customer Lifetime Value and         Strategic Alliances                eCommerce-The Long Tail             Pricing
Wallet Share                                                           Effect
                                    Chair: Ursula Sullivan                                                 Chair: Jorge Silva-Risso
Chair: Eva Ascarza                                                     Chair: Anita Elberse
                                    Innovation Alliance Strategies:                                        Pay-What-You-Want: Being
Share of Wallet: Considering        Alignment of Resource Access       Blockbuster Culture's Next Rise     Better Off When Customers
Interdependency of Categories       and Interfirm Governance           or Fall: The Impact of              Determine the Price?!
Sungha Jang, Brian Ratchford        Jongkuk Lee, William Qualls        Recommender Systems on Sales        Ju-Young Kim, Martin Natter,
                                                                       Diversity                           Martin Spann
Wallet Estimation Models: A         Transforming Social Capital into   Kartik Hosanagar, Daniel Fleder
Bottom Up Approach                  Financial Value in IPOs: The                                           Lease Versus Buy: The Rational
Asya Takken, Paulo Costa            Role of Absorptive Capacity        Long Tail - An Investigation of     Choice
                                    Guiyang Xiong, Sundar              Underlying Demand Effects           Srabana Dasgupta, Prokriti
Predicting Customer Wallet          Bharadwaj                          Jochen Eckert, Bernd Skiera,        Mukherji
Nicolas Glady, Christophe Croux                                        Oliver Hinz
                                    Driving Profits Through Supply                                         Pricing of Flexible Products in
Modeling Renewal and Usage          Chain Alliances                    The Impact of (Legal) Digital       Service Industries: An Empirical
Behavior in Contractual Settings    Ursula Sullivan                    Distribution on Music Sales: Who    Analysis at a Low-Cost Airline
Eva Ascarza, Bruce Hardie                                              Benefits?                           Martin Spann, Stefan Mang,
                                                                       Anita Elberse                       David Post

                                                                                                           Scarcity Rents in Car Retailing:
                                                                                                           Evidence from Inventory
                                                                                                           Fluctuations at Dealerships
                                                                                                           Jorge Silva-Risso, Florian
                                                                                                           Zettelmeyer, Fiona Scott Morton

FB13 – Orca                         FB14 – Finback                     FB15 – Granville                    FB16 – Galiano

Factors Influencing Brand           New Media Advertising              Market Orientation, Customer        Location Issues in Retailing
Equity and Image                                                       Loyalty, and Competition
                                    Chair: Peter Danaher                                                   Chair: Dan Putler
Chair: Qiang Fei                                                       Chair: Yunchuan Liu
                                    Competing 'Creatively' in Online                                       Matching Store Location and
Relationship-based Brand: A         Markets: Evidence from             A Case Study of Neuro-Fuzzy         Configuration with the Spatial
New Perspective in Service          Sponsored Search                   Model Applied to Buyer’s            Heterogeneity in Sales Potential
Branding                            Animesh Animesh, Siva              Response Prediction for a Plastic   Auke Hunneman, J. Paul Elhorst,
Farshad Bekhradi, Hamzeh            Viswanathan, Ritu Agarwal          Technique R&D                       Tammo H.A. Bijmolt
Rayej, Tahmorth Hasangholipoor                                         Yu-Chih Bau, Shihyu Chou, Chin-
                                    Factors Influencing Consumer       Shien Lin, Ya-Wen Lee               New Store Entry and Market
Assessing the Effects of Product-   Acceptance of Mobile Marketing:                                        Share Change Prediction:
Based VCs on Brand Selection:       A Two Country Study                An Empirical Study of Buyer's       Geographic Segment
A Longitudinal Study                Fareena Sultan, Tao (Tony) Gao,    Response Determinants for R&D       Decompositional Approach
Yiyan Li, Kineta Hung               Andrew J. Rohm                     Service                             Jungki Kim, Duk Bin Jun,
                                                                       Shihyu Chou, Yu-Chih Bau, Ya-       Myoung Hwan Park, Kyoung
How Competition and                 Optimal Internet Media             Wen Lee, Chin-Shien Lin             Cheon Cha
Environment Alter Brand             Scheduling
Architecture: An Analysis of        Peter Danaher, Laoucine            Strategic Orientations in a         Simplifying the Retail
Brand-Usage Interactions            Kerbache, Janghyuk Lee             Competitive Environment:            Environment in Store Location
Kim Seroto, Mukesh Bhargava                                            Following the Road not Taken        Decisions: A Variable Radius
                                                                       Amir Grinstein, Elie Ofek, Rohit    Density Method
Brand Equity and Product                                               Deshpande                           Dan Putler, Tieshan Li, Charles
Recalls                                                                                                    Weinberg
Qiang Fei, Lopo Rego                                                   The Customization of Products
                                                                       and Distribution Channel
                                                                       Yunchuan Liu, Yang Liu
                                           2008 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
                                                Friday, June 13 , 2008          1:30-3:00PM (FC)

FC01 – Junior Ballroom D              FC02 – Junior Ballroom C             FC03 – Pavilion Ballroom D         FC04 – Port Alberni

Advertising by "Words" in             Sales Force Design and               Managerial Decision Making         Social Networks and Market
Internet Paid Search and              Compensation Strategies                                                 Efficiency
Mobile Media                                                               Chair: Richard Staelin
                                      Chair: Anne T. Coughlan                                                 Chair: Jie Feng
Chair: Randolph E. Bucklin                                                 Managerial Judgment of
                                      Why Do Firms Contract on Sales       Customer Value                     Factors Affect Purchase Intent
An Analysis of the Profitability of   When Salespeople Influence           Joe E. Urbany, Raymond             and Actual Purchase in Japanese
Different Bidding Heuristics in       Margins?                             Kordupleski, James H. Davis        Digital Music Player Market
Search Engine Marketing               Kissan Joseph, Alex Thevaranjan                                         Tomoko Kawakami
Eva Gerstmeier, Bernd Skiera,                                              Are All Managers Created Equal?
Tanja Stepanchuk                      Product Line Extensions and the      Avi Goldfarb, Botao Yang           When Word-of-mouth Marketing
                                      Redesign of Salesforce                                                  Works: An Agent-Based
Forecasting Performance of Paid       Compensation: A Principal-agent      Using Expectations Data to Infer   Simulation Approach
Search Engine Advertising Buys:       Perspective                          Managerial Objectives and          Makoto Mizuno
A Semantics Discovery Approach        Sumitro Banerjee, Alex               Choices
Michael Trusov, Anand V.              Thevaranjan                          Tat Y. Chan, Barton H. Hamilton,   The Network Value of a
Bodapati                                                                   Christopher Makler                 Customer
                                      Delegation of Pricing Authority to                                      Tali Gal, Barak Libai
Predictive Power of Visual and        the Sales Force - Its                Controlling the Odds: Skill or
Text-based Features: The Case         Measurement and Determination        Conceit?                           An Investigation of the
of Multimedia Offers to Cell          Manfred Krafft, Heiko Frenzen,       Abhijit Guha, Bill Boulding,       Antecedents of Online Word of
Phone Users                           Ann-Kristin Hansen, Simone           Richard Staelin                    Mouth: Roles of Product
Catarina Sismeiro, Sebastiano         Schmidt, Murali K. Mantrala                                             Attributes, Satisfaction and
Battiato, Giovanni Maria                                                                                      Expert Opinions
Farinella, Giovanni Giuffrida,        Optimal Sales Force                                                     Jie Feng, Purush Papatla
Giuseppe Tribulato                    Diversification and Group
                                      Incentive Payments
Putting the Advertising into Paid     Fabio Caldieraro, Anne T.
Search                                Coughlan
Randolph E. Bucklin, Oliver J.
Rutz, Michael Trusov

FC05 – Pavilion Ballroom C            FC06 – Pavilion Ballroom B           FC07 – Pavilion Ballroom A         FC08 – Port Hardy

Emerging Issues in Software           Pharmaceutical Marketing             Choice-Applications                Craving and Justification in
and Technology Markets                                                                                        Hedonic Consumption
                                      Chair: Tulikaa Bhatia                Chair: Andres Musalem
Chair: Rajendran                                                                                              Chair: Cait Poynor
Sriramachandra-Murthy                 A New Framework for                  Revisiting the Income Effect:
                                      Formulating Pharmaceutical           Gasoline Prices and Grocery        A Hierarchical Generalized
The Performance Impact of             Marketing Strategies                 Purchases                          Linear Model of Craving and
Technology Outsourcing                Khasha Dehnad                        Sofia Villas-Boas                  Choice in Motivated Behaviour
Prokriti Mukherji, Madhu                                                                                      Ji Lu, Laurette Dube, Antoine
Viswanathan, Om Narasimhan,           Bucking the Trend: A Data            A Spatial Model of the Trade-up    Bechara
Rajesh Chandy                         Fusion Approach to Forecast the      Decision
                                      Implications of a Large Policy       Ohjin Kwon, S. Siddarth            The Choice is Right in Front of
Enterprise Software as a Service      Shift                                                                   Us: Information Processing in
Bao-Jun Jiang, Pei-yu Chen,           Eelco Kappe, Stefan Stremersch,      Empirical Analysis of the Impact   Hedonic Choice
Tridas Mukhopadhyay                   Sriram Venkataraman                  of the Product Assortment          Remi Trudel, Kyle Murray
                                                                           Information Structure on Brand
Pricing Strategies for Hybrid         To Switch or Not to Switch:          Choice                             Seize the Day! Enouraging
Innovations                           Influence of Generics on             Tae-kyun Kim, Sivaramakrishna      Indulgence for Hyperopic
Jeff Meyer, Venkatesh Shankar,        Physician Prescription Behavior      Siddarth                           Consumers
Leonard L. Berry                      Tulikaa Bhatia, Lakshman                                                Cait Poynor, Kelly Haws
                                      Krishnamurthi, Karsten Hansen        Structural Estimation of Retail
Is Proprietary Software Under                                              Demand Under Unobserved Out
Threat? An Investigation Into the                                          of Stocks
Adoption of Open Source                                                    Andres Musalem, Marcelo
Software                                                                   OIivares, Eric T. Bradlow,
Rajendran Sriramachandra-                                                  Christian Terwiesch, Daniel
Murthy, Monica Hodis, Siva                                                 Corsten
                                         2008 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
                                              Friday, June 13 , 2008         1:30-3:00PM (FC)

FC09 – Junior Ballroom B            FC10 – Junior Ballroom A             FC11 – Port McNeill                FC12 – Parksville

Predictive Modeling-                Pricing Competition                  eCommerce-Online                   Price Perception
Applications                                                             Information Search
                                    Chair: Gary Russell                                                     Chair: Eric Dolansky
Chair: Zainab Jamal                                                      Chair: Benedict Dellaert
                                    Moderating Factors of                                                   Dynamic Store Price Image
Combining Machine Learning          Immediate, Dynamic, and Long-        Characterizing the Online Search   Formation and Category Pricing
and Linear Programming for          run Cross-price Effects              Patterns of the Most Valuable      Carlos Lourenço, Richard Paap,
Marketing Optimization: A Case      Csilla Horvath, Dennis Fok           Customers for an E-Commerce        Els Gijsbrechts
Study                                                                    Site: A Quantile Regression
Abdel Labbi                         Decomposing the Congestion           Approach                           The Effect of Limited Search
                                    Effect and the Inference Effect of   Jesheng Huang, Lichung Jen         Horizons on Consumers' Price
A Case Study on Service             Competition: A Field Experiment                                         Search Strategy
Upgrading Prediction                Juanjuan Zhang, Catherine            Information Acquisition Through    James Lemieux, Robert Peterson
Georgios Kourogiorgas, Ozren        Tucker                               Web Browsing: A Structural
Despic, Emmanuel Thanassouli,                                            Model of Sequential Search with    Using Price Cues
Veronica Wong                       The Competitive Implications of a    Learning                           Eric Anderson
                                    "No-Haggle" Price Policy: The        Suman Ann Thomas, Surendra
Predicting Customer Profitability   Case of the Access Toyota            Rajiv, Junhong Chu, Khim Yong      The Impact of the Perceived
with Financial Products             Program                              Goh                                Variance of Price Sequence on
Wen Yin                             Xiaohua Zeng, Srabana Dasgupt,                                          Preference and Choice
                                    Charles Weinberg                     Local Behavioral Influences in     Eric Dolansky, Mark
Identify Best Customers for an                                           Consumer Product Search            Vandenbosch, Kyle Murray
Email Campaign: A Discrete          Analyis of Brand Price               Benedict Dellaert, Bas Donkers,
Choice Panel Data Model for         Competition Using Measures of        Gerald Haeubl
Rare Events                         Brand Similarity
Zainab Jamal, Krishna               Gary Russell, Ann Petersen, Sri
Venkatraman, Hsui-Khuern Tang,      Devi Duvvuri, Suresh Divakar
Alex Zhang

FC13 – Orca                         FC14 – Finback                       FC15 – Granville                   FC16 – Galiano

Brand Measurement and               Advertising and Sponsorship          Financial Markets and              Retail Store Choice and
Management                                                               Marketing                          Competition
                                    Chair: David Schweidel
Chair: Mark Ratchford                                                    Chair: Ashwin Malshe               Chair: Ryan Luchs
                                    Getting into Your Head(ache):
A Theory of Six Sigma and Brand     Advertising of OTC Analgesics        Should Marketers Listen to Wall    Competing with Big-box Retailers
Strategies                          Jura Liaukonyte, Simon               Street? Poor Stock Performance     Qingyi Huang, Vincent Nijs
Teck Yong Eng, Yoanna Moguel        Anderson, Federico Ciliberto         and Innovation Risk Taking
                                                                         Koen Pauwels, Eric Ghysels         Competition Between Food
Emotions in Consumer-based          Exclusive Program Sponsorship:                                          Retailing Formats
Brand Equity: Reconceptualizing     Theory and Evidence                  The Effect of Market-based         Wenbin Sun, Rahul Govind,
Antecedents, Measures and           Yi Zhu, Kenneth Wilbur               Business Capabilities on           Charles Ingene
Consequents                                                              Business Performance
Luming Wang, Adam Finn              Automotive Advertising               Janny Hoekstra, Peter Zwart,       Store Loyalty as a Category-
                                    Linli Xu, Sivaramakrishna            Mostafa Aakouk                     Specific Trait - What Drives It?
Measuring Category Brand            Siddarth, Kenneth Wilbur                                                Qin Zhang, Manish Gangwar,
Relevance: A Cross-country                                               Market-based Assets and the        P.B. (Seethu) Seetharaman
Study                               An Integrated Model of Television    Cost of Capital
Franziska Voelckner, Marc           Tuning Behavior                      Alexander Himme, Marc Fischer      A Dynamic Structural Model of
Fischer, Henrik Sattler             David Schweidel, Robert Kent                                            Store Choice
                                                                         The Impact of Branding Strategy    Ryan Luchs, Baohong Sun,
The Effect of Ingredient Branding                                        on Liquidity and Investors'        Jeffrey Inman
Strategies on Vertically                                                 Transactions Costs
Differentiated End-products                                              Ashwin Malshe, Srinivasan
Mark Ratchford, Laura Kornish                                            Krishnamurthy, Yiuman Tse,
                                                                         Manoj Agarwal
                                         2008 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
                                              Friday, June 13 , 2008         3:30-5:00PM (FD)

FD01 – Junior Ballroom D            FD02 – Junior Ballroom C            FD03 – Pavilion Ballroom D            FD04 – Port Alberni

Search Engines and Marketing        Frontiers in Marketing              Alternative Preference                Network Externalities and Self-
Science: An Industry Panel          Channels                            Measurements: New Methods             Selection
                                                                        and Insights
Chair: Arvind Rangaswamy            Chair: Preyas Desai                                                       Chair: Ernan Haruvy
                                                                        Chair: Min Ding, Young-Hoon
Enterprise Search and Marketing:    Channel Management with             Park                                  Measurement of Indirect Network
The User Revolution                 Product Returns                                                           Effects in the Market for Flex-fuel
Zia Zaman                           Anne T. Coughlan, R. Canan          Barter Markets for Conjoint           Vehicles and E85 Ethanol
                                    Savaskan, Jeffrey D. Shulman        Analysis                              Scott Shriver, Harikesh Nair,
Search Engines, Contextual                                              Eric T. Bradlow                       Wesley Hartmann
Advertising, and Marketing          Store-within-a-store
Science                             Kinshuk Jerath, John Zhang          An Improved Method for the            The Decomposition of
Jim Oliver                                                              Quantitative Assessment of            Promotional Response Across
                                    Choosing the Best Channel           Customer Priorities                   Four Types of Consumer Groups
From Generic to Branded: A          Structure in a Multi-brand Multi-   Seenu Srinivasan, Gordon Wyner        Kanghyun Yoon, Thanh Tran
Model of Spillover in Paid Search   channel Market
Advertising                         Eunkyu Lee, Rex Du, Richard         Stability of Screening Rules          A Comparison of Different
Oliver J. Rutz, Randolph E.         Staelin, Weon Sang Yoo              William Moore, Ekaterina              Methods to Separate Treatment
Bucklin                                                                 Karniouchina                          from Self-Selection Effects
                                    Digital Music Set Free: The Flip                                          Sonja Gensler, Peter Leeflang,
                                    Side of DRM                         A Choice Model of Bundles             Martin Boehm, Bernd Skiera
                                    Preyas Desai, Debu Purohit,         Features and Meta-attributes: An
                                    Dinah Vernik                        Application to Product Design         An Experimental Investigation of
                                                                        Vithala R. Rao                        Buyer Determined Procurement
                                                                                                              Ernan Haruvy, Elena Katok

FD05 – Pavilion Ballroom C          FD06 – Pavilion Ballroom B          FD07 – Pavilion Ballroom A            FD08 – Port Hardy

Organizational Dynamics and         Health Marketing                    Multiattribute Models                 The Importance of Culture and
Innovation                                                                                                    Ethnicity in Consumer
                                    Chair: Avinandan Mukherjee          Chair: Anita Prinzie                  Behavior
Chair: U. N. Umesh
                                    Doctors' Orders: Illness,           Estimation of Individual Level        Chair: Nikos Kalogeras
Patterns in MNC R&D Locations       Compliance, and Spatially-          Multi-attribute Utility from
in the 21st Century                 Targeted Marketing                  Ordered Paired Preference             Predicting and Understanding
Andreas Eisingerich, Gerard J.      Rahul Govind, Nitika Garg,          Comparisons                           Chinese Consumers' Intention to
Tellis, Rajesh Chandy, Jaideep      Charles Ingene, Wenbin Sun          Sangwoo Shin, Paul Nelson, Dan        Purchase Luxury Goods: An
Prabhu                                                                  Horsky                                Empirical Test of the Theory of
                                    The Salience of Bad Experiences                                           Planned Behavior
What? When? Why? Dynamics           in Physician Learning               Level-individualization in Conjoint   Ling Gao, Zhi-ming Zhang,
of Learning and Innovation in the   Nuno Camacho, Bas Donkers,          Analysis: A New Approach to           Chester Kin-man To, Yong-jin
Knowledge Economy                   Stefan Stremersch                   Preference Measurement                Wang
Chirag Patel                                                            Frank Liess, Markus Voeth, Uta
                                    A Meta-Analysis of Consumer         Herbst                                Do Perceptions of Service
Entrepreneur's Market               Compliance with Healthcare                                                Quality Vary for Different Ethnic
Development and Business            Avinandan Mukherjee                 Do All Brands Gain Equally            Groups? An Empirical
Growth Strategies                                                       When New Functionalities are          Investigation
U. N. Umesh, Elina Petrova                                              Added to a Base Product?              Subir Bandyopadhyay, Manoj
                                                                        Tripat Gill, Jing Lei                 Pardasani

                                                                        Exploiting the Interaction            Consumer Risk Behavior in
                                                                        Between Hidden Processes for          Times of Crises: A Cross-cultural
                                                                        Cross-selling Financial Services      Study
                                                                        Anita Prinzie, Dirk Van den Poel      Nikos Kalogeras, Joost, M.E.
                                                                                                              Pennings, Koert Van Ittersum
                                        2008 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
                                            Friday, June 13 , 2008         3:30-5:00PM (FD)

FD09 – Junior Ballroom B           FD10 – Junior Ballroom A            FD11 – Port McNeill                FD12 – Parksville

Predictive Modeling-Methods        Time Series Market Analysis         eCommerce-Consumer Choice          Price Promotions and Price
                                                                       and Learning                       Discrimination
Chair: Makoto Abe                  Chair: Hernan Bruno
                                                                       Chair: Wenzel Drechsler            Chair: Amit Pazgal
Semi-supervised Learning for       Structural Dynamics of
Response Modeling                  Competition and its Effects on      The Effect of Internet Adoption    Market Segmentation for Pricing
Sungzoon Cho, Hyunjung Shin,       Long-term Customer Profitability    on Catalog Customers' Buying       Strategy
Seong-seob Hwang, Douglas          Jens Keller, Sven Reinecke          Behavior                           Yoshiyuki Okuse
MacLachlan, Hyoung-joo Lee                                             Junzhao Ma, Eric Anderson,
                                   Dynamic Customer Management         Karsten Hansen                     Endogenous vs. Exogenous
Contextual Determinants of the     on Duration Time Structure                                             Wholesale Prices During Instant
Predictive Accuracy of Binary      Geonha Kim, Dae Ryun Chang          The Impact of Internet Adoption    Rebates
Prediction Models                                                      on Customer Purchasing             Simon Sigue
Bas Donkers, Aurélie Lemmens,      The Impact of Pricing on            Behavior in Direct Marketing
Peter C. Verhoef                   Customer Profitability: Evidence    Xiaojing Dong, Kirthi Kalyanam,    Endogenous and Exogenous
                                   From an Industrial Market           Pradeep Chintagunta                Determinants of Inter-Category
Optimizing the Value of            Hernan Bruno, Bruce Hardie,                                            Price Sensitivity- A Spatial
Incentives for New Customers       Shantanu Dutta                      Does Opening a Physical Store      Approach
Jeanette Heiligenthal, Bernd                                           Change Customer Behavior?          Joy Joseph, Aman Nanda
Skiera                                                                 Yantao Wang, Eric Anderson,
                                                                       Karsten Hansen                     Innovative Pricing Strategies
Counting your Customers' One                                                                              Under Strategic Consumer
by One: A Hierarchical Bayes                                           The Impact of Visualizing a        Behavior
Extension to the Pareto/NBD                                            Product's Price History at Price   Amit Pazgal, Yossi Aviv
Model                                                                  Comparison Sites on Consumer
Makoto Abe                                                             Decisions
                                                                       Wenzel Drechsler, Martin Natter

FD13 – Orca                        FD14 – Finback                      FD15 – Granville                   FD16 – Galiano

Questions on Brand Identity,       Advertising and Market              Strategy and Consumer              Retail Store Environment
Personality, and Extension         Competition                         Behavior
                                                                                                          Chair: Julien Schmitt
Chair: Robert Kreuzbauer           Chair: Nawel Amrouche               Chair: Wilfred Amaldoss
                                                                                                          Shelf Layout Effects for
The Interchangeability of Brand    Advertising and Market Structure:   Unbundling Music: Can Selling      Sustainable Products
Extensions                         A Digital Video Recorder Field      Individual Songs Reduce            Erjen van Nierop, Erica van
Joseph Chang, Bob Wu               Experiment                          Competitive Intensity Among        Herpen, Laurens Sloot
                                   Carl Mela, Bart Bronnenberg,        Music Producers?
Designing Coolness: Brand          Jean Pierre Dube                    Sherif Nasser, Nicholas            Extreme Makeover: Financial and
Building in the Global Fashion                                         Economides                         Perceptual Effects of a
Industry                           Copycat Advertising and                                                Remodeled Servicescape Over
Rajesh Chandy, Om                  Strategic Theme Release             Turf Wars: Brand Extension in      Time
Narasimhan, Paola Cillo, Jaideep   Chun (Martin) Qiu, Demetrios        Markets with Preference Based      Bram Foubert, Elisabeth
Prabhu                             Vakratsas                           Segmentation                       Brüggen, Dwayne Gremler
                                                                       Yogesh V. Joshi, David
Brand Personality: Transference    Search Advertising                  Reibstein, John Zhang              Investigation of the Impact of
and Preference                     Sridhar Moorthy, Avi Goldfarb                                          Store Layout on Category Sales
Sharon Hodge, Kathryn Olinger                                          Software Piracy in the Presence    and Store Profitability
                                   Feedback Stackelberg                of Open Source Software            Yu Ma, Minakshi Trivedi, Dinesh
Basic Social Motives of Brand      Equilibrium Strategies When the     Rajiv Sinha, T.S. Raghu,           Gauri
Identity Signaling                 Private Labels Competes with the    Fernando Machado
Robert Kreuzbauer, Chi-yue         National Brand                                                         Associations Between Purchases
Chiu, Vivian Vignoles              Nawel Amrouche, Guiomar             Strategic Implications of          and In-store Behavior: An
                                   Martín-Herrán, Georges Zaccour      Reference Groups: An               Extension of the Market Basket
                                                                       Experimental Investigation         Analysis
                                                                       Wilfred Amaldoss, Sanjay Jain      Julien Schmitt, Ganael Bascoul
                                         2008 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
                                            Saturday June 14 , 2008          8:30-10:00AM (SA)

SA01 – Junior Ballroom D            SA02 – Junior Ballroom C            SA03 – Grand Ballroom D              SA04 – Port Alberni

Social Networks and Marketing       Price Rigidity: Latest              Social and Cause Marketing           Investigating Consumer
I                                   Theoretical and Empirical                                                Response to Promotions
                                    Advances in Marketing               Chair: Sihem Taboubi
Chair: Paul Messinger                                                                                        Chair: Sungchul Choi
                                    Chair: Sourav Ray                   The Multidimensionality of Fit
A Viral Branching Model for                                             from a Cause-related Marketing       The Effect of Monetary Format
Predicting the Spread of            Price Adjustments in Technology-    Perspective                          on the Mental Accounting and
Electronic Word-of-mouth in Viral   intensive Markets: Reversed         David Bednall , Harmen               Consumption of Windfalls
Marketing Campaigns                 Asymmetry                           Oppewal , Allison Ringer             Tim Silk, Laura Smarandescu,
Ralf van der Lans, Gerrit van       Charles Wood, Sourav Ray, Paul                                           Scott Swain
Bruggen, Jehoshua Eliashberg,       Messinger                           Marketing Better Driving Through
Berend Wierenga                                                         Communication and Penalties          All Multi-Item Promotion Frames
                                    Price Rigidity as Retail Strategy   Paul Burke, Luke Greenacre           are Not Created Equal
The Role of Spatial Proximity in    in Grocery Supermarkets                                                  Sonja Spuerkmann, Karen
the Adoption of a Digital Product   Sourav Ray                          An Investigation of Factors          Gedenk, Michael Knaf
Christian Barrot, Arvind                                                Affecting Fair Trade
Rangaswamy, Sönke Albers,           Costly Price Adjustment in a        Consumption                          Ambiguity and "Scratch and Save
Nazrul I. Shaikh                    Channel of Distribution             Sihem Taboubi, Denis Laroque,        (SAS)" Promotions
                                    Mark E. Bergen, Sourav Ray          Walid Daher                          Sungchul Choi, Moontae Kim,
Deriving Economic Value from                                                                                 Mike Stanyer
Social Commerce Networks
Andrew Stephen, Olivier Toubia

Consumer Identification with
Avatars: Business Applications
and Social Computing in
Immersive 3D Virtual Worlds
Paul Messinger, Mike Bone,
Eleni Stroulia, Kelly Lyons,
Stephen Perelgut, Kristen
Smirnov, Annie Niu

SA05 – Grand Ballroom C             SA06 – Grand Ballroom B             SA07 – Grand Ballroom A              SA08 – Port Hardy

New Product Design and the          Structural Equation Modeling        Structural Econometric Models        Consumer Perception:
Design Process                                                          of Consumer Choice                   Packaging, Stimuli Order, and
                                    Chair: Horst Treiblmaier                                                 Haptics
Chair: Praveen Kopalle                                                  Chair: Subramanian
                                    More for Less? A Comparison of      Balachander                          Chair: Monica Hodis
Structuring Product Development     Single-Item and Multi-Item
Pipelines for Better Information    Measures                            Dynamics of Consumer Adoption        Subject Responses to Stimuli
Utilization                         Petra Wilczynski, Marko Sarstedt    Decisions of Financial Innovation:   Order: A Comparison of Four
Tao "Alex" Wu                                                           the ATM Card Case in Italy           Orders Using Five Criteria
                                    Response-Based Clustering in        Botao Yang                           Bryan Lilly
Developer Learning Dynamics in      PLS: A Comparison of FIMIX-
Open Source Software Projects:      PLS with A-Priori and Post-Hoc      A Simulated Maximum Likelihood       Context Effects for Package Size
A Hidden Markov Modeling            Segmentation                        Estimator for the Random             Comparisons
Approach                            Marko Sarstedt                      Coefficient Logit Model Using        Larry Garber, Unal Boya, Eva
Nara Youn, Yong Tan, Param                                              Aggregate Data                       Hyatt
Singh                               Formative Measurement in Social     Sungho Park, Sachin Gupta
                                    Science Research: A Historical                                           Can Consumers Feel
Identifying and Using Emergent      Review and Up to Date Issues        Dynamic Brand and Quantity           Vicariously? A Comparison
Consumers in Developing             Horst Treiblmaier, Peter Bentler,   Choice with a Hazard Model of        Between Haptic Information and
Radical Innovations                 Patrick Mair                        Promotion Expectation                Online Video Reviews
Praveen Kopalle, Tom Novak,                                             Subramanian Balachander, Yan         Monica Hodis, Siva
Donna Hoffman                                                           (Lucy) Liu                           Balasubramanian, Rajendran
                                         2008 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
                                            Saturday June 14 , 2008          8:30-10:00AM (SA)

SA09 – Junior Ballroom B            SA10 – Junior Ballroom A            SA11 – Port McNeill                SA12 – Parksville

Customer Lifetime Value             Channel Management                  Blog-Research                      Understanding and Improving
                                                                                                           Customer Satisfaction
Chair: Jaime Romero                 Chair: Kersi D. Antia               Chair: Oded Netzer
                                                                                                           Chair: Kristof Coussement
Payment Card Rewards                Channel Coordination and            The Effect of Online Consumer
Programs and Consumer               Manufacturer Competition            Reviews on New Product Sales:      Why Satisfied Consumers Do Not
Payment Choice                      Jia Li, Tat Chan, Michael Lewis     A Longitudinal Analysis of         Want to Buy Again? A Consumer
Andrew Ching, Fumiko Hayashi                                            Amazon.com                         Interaction Explanation
                                    Channel Coordination Through        Xiaoning Guo, Geng Cui             Vane-ing Tian, Felix Tang, Lisa
"I'm Here, but Maybe not for        Royalty Payments in a (Non-)                                           C. Wan
Long": Using Complaints to          Price Double Moral Hazard           Home Users Blogs to Test
Predict and Value Customers         Environment                         Products: A Field                  When Consumer Performance is
George Knox, Rutger D. van          Marcus Kunter                       Experimentation                    a Key to Satisfaction
Oest                                                                    Christine Balagué, Devalck         Lisa C. Wan, Felix Tang, Vane
                                    Competitive Channel                 Kristine                           Ing Tian
A Generalization of Customer        Relationship Management
Lifetime Value Models Through       Alberto Sa Vinhas, Richard          Mining for Quality On the Web      Study of Key Factors for
Customer Dynamics                   Gibbs, Erin Anderson                Joseph Johnson, Gerard J. Tellis   Customer Satisfaction in Multi-
Jaime Romero, Berend                                                                                       Channel Banking in Taiwan
Wierenga, Ralf van der Lans         Contracts, Governance, and          Mine Your Own Business: Market     Omar Caballero, Hui-I Yao
                                    Intermediary Cooperation            Structure Surveillance Through
                                    Kersi D. Antia, Gary Frazier,       Text Mining                        Improving Complaint
                                    Vishal Kashyap                      Oded Netzer, Ronen Feldman,        Management by Automatic Email
                                                                        Jacob Goldenberg                   Classification Using Linguistic
                                                                                                           Style Features
                                                                                                           Kristof Coussement, Dirk Van
                                                                                                           den Poel

SA13 – Orca                         SA14 – Finback

Brand Equity                        Measuring Advertising
Chair: Thomas Gruca
                                    Chair: Marcel Weverbergh
Managing Intellectual Property
Assets to Build Firm Brand Equity   Incorporating Dynamic
Saurabh Mishra, David Orozco,       Promotional Effects on Price
James G. Conley                     Sensitivity: A Kalman Filter
Is Revenue Premium a Good           Karthik Sridhar, Minakshi Trivedi
Measure of Brand Equity? A
Game-theoretic Investigation        Modeling Short-run and Long-run
Raj Sethuraman                      Competitive Effects Within and
                                    Across Product Categories
Brand Equity, Cash Flow             Richard Paap, Csilla Horvath
Certainty and Systematic Equity
Risk                                Modeling of Advertising
Thomas Gruca, Lopo Rego, Neil       Effectiveness Using Hierarchal
Morgan                              Two-stage Model
                                    Meltem Kiygi Calli, Marcel
                                    Weverbergh, Philip Hans

                                    Stability of Advertising
                                    Effectiveness Estimates Under
                                    Time Aggregation
                                    Marcel Weverbergh, Meltem
                                    Kiygi Calli
                                       2008 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
                                         Saturday June 14 , 2008        10:30-12:00PM (SB)

SB01 – Junior Ballroom D          SB02 – Junior Ballroom C          SB03 – Grand Ballroom D             SB04 – Port Alberni

Social Networks and Marketing     Words Matter: Investigating       Marketing and Public Policy:        Models of Sales Promotion
II                                the Antecedents and Impacts       Research in the Public Interest
                                  of Word-of-Mouth                                                      Chair: Sergio Meza
Chair: Jacob Goldenberg           Communication                     Chair: Peter Darke
                                                                                                        Capacity Constraints and
A Bayesian Framework for          Chair: Cindy M.Y. Chung           "Organic", "Fair Trade" - Are       Imperfect Information: Demand-
Modeling Multiple Relationships                                     Consumers Willing to Pay for        and Supply-Sided Remedies
Among the Members of a Social     The Effects of Social             Food Claims?                        Bing Jing, Yuxin Chen
Network                           Relationship and Regulatory       Jenny van Doorn, Peter C.
Asim Ansari, Oded Koenigsberg,    Focus on Word-of-mouth            Verhoef                             Developing Deal Calendars in the
Florian Stahl                     Tsai Qianyi                                                           Presence of Forward-looking
                                                                    Reverse Socialization and the       Consumers
Sampling Large-Scale Social       The Impact of Metaperception on   Prevention of Childhood Obesity     Christine Ebling, Daniel Klapper
Networks: The Good, The Bad,      Incentivized Referrals            Kafia Ayadi, Brian Young, Maya
and the Ugly                      Patricia Chew, Jochen Wirtz,      Naja                                An Economic Approach to the
Peter Ebbes, Zan Huang, Arvind    Siok Kuan Tambyah                                                     Moderating Effects of Sales
Rangaswamy, Hari Prasad                                             Effectiveness of Using Ultra Thin   Promotion on Category Structure
Thadakamall                       The Impact of Word-of-mouth       Model in Printed Advertisements:    Elina Petrova, Alan Montgomery
                                  Communication on Attribute        The Role of Consumer Morality
The Diffusion of Newly            Evaluation                        Leo Paas, George Zinkhan, Kelly     Revisiting Models of Sale
Experienced Product Information   Boon C. Lim, Cindy M.Y. Chung     Andersen                            Promotion in NEIO
in a Social Network Random                                                                              Sergio Meza
Walk or Shortest Cut?             The Impact of Positive Word-of-   Deceptive Product Claims and
Shenyu Li, Peter Popkowski-       mouth Communication on Post-      Market Competition
Leszczyc                          purchase Attitude                 Peter Darke, Tirtha Dhar, Charles
                                  Cindy M.Y. Chung, Boon C. Lim     Weinberg, Xiaohua Zeng
Zooming In: Self-emergence of
Movements in New Product
Daniel Shapira, Jacob
Goldenberg, Oded Lowengart

SB05 – Grand Ballroom C           SB06 – Grand Ballroom B           SB07 – Grand Ballroom A             SB08 – Port Hardy

Commercializing Innovations       Bayesian Methodology              Conjoint Analysis Methods           Assessing Risk and Ambiguity
and Launching New Products                                                                              Aversion
                                  Chair: Sha Yang                   Chair: Srikant Vadali
Chair: Sharmila Chatterjee                                                                              Chair: Bruce McWIlliams
                                  Efficient Designs for             Testing Preference Rankings
Alternate Routes to               Hyperparameter Estimation:        Kar Yin Lam, Alex J. Koning,        Decision Marking Under Risk in
Commercialization of              Studying the Level-effect in      Philip Hans Franses                 Gambling
Innovations: Spinoffs Versus      Conjoint Analysis                                                     Qiang (Steven) Lu, Elizabeth
Management Buyouts                Qing Liu, Angela Dean, David      On the Relationship Between         Cowley, Colin Farrell
Gaia Rubera, Gerard J. Tellis     Bakken, Greg Allenby              Cross-effects and Standard
                                                                    ANOVA Models                        Low-cost or Traditional Airline:
Decomposing the Incremental       Bayesian Modeling for Spatio-     James Wiley, Damaraju               Rational Arguments vs. Beliefs,
Share of New Product              Temporal Multimarket Data         Raghavarao                          According to Various Traveler
Introductions                     Zaozao Zhang, Bart                                                    Types
Vijay Ganesh Hariharan, Debu      Bronnenberg, Asim Ansari          Incentive Aligning Conjoint         Jean-Louis Nicolas, Mohamed
Talukdar, Ram Bezawada                                              Analysis Using Inferred Rank        Merdji
                                  On the Information of the         Order
Balancing the Goods-Services      Definition of Feasible Set in     Min Ding, Joel Huber                The Impact of a Budget and
Mix: The Role of Complementary    Pricing Decisions                                                     Multicategory Choice on
Capabilities in Technology        Marcel Goic, Alan Montgomery      Adaptive Bayesian Question          Extremeness Effects
Assimilation                                                        Designs for Partial Profile         Nico Neumann, John Roberts,
Sharmila Chatterjee, Anthony      Modeling the Under Reporting      Conjoint Analysis                   Pamela Morrison, Stefan Roth
deLeon                            Bias in Panel Survey Data         Srikant Vadali, Arvind
                                  Sha Yang, Yi Zhao, Ravi Dhar      Rangaswamy, John Liechty            Money-back Guarantees and the
                                                                                                        Value of Decision Time: An
                                                                                                        Empirical Analysis
                                                                                                        Bruce McWIlliams, Amir Heiman,
                                                                                                        David R. Just, David Zilberman
                                        2008 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
                                          Saturday June 14 , 2008           10:30-12:00PM (SB)

SB09 – Junior Ballroom B           SB10 – Junior Ballroom A             SB11 – Port McNeill                 SB12 – Parksville

Product Management                 Channels and Customer                Customer Relationships in a         Issues in Customer
                                   Choice                               Multichannel Environment            Satisfaction Research
Chair: Vishal Narayan
                                   Chair: Ranjan Banerjee               Chair: Tarun Kushwaha               Chair: Dmitri Kuksov
Optimal Product Assortment
under Commercial Returns           Beneficial and Detrimental           Forced Channel Migration:           The Impact of Customer
Aydin Alptekinoglu, Elif Akcali,   Effects of Parallel Importation in   Consequences and Management         Satisfaction and Uncertainty on
Alex Grasas                        Distribution Channels                Strategies                          Firm’s Financial Performance
                                   Ying Xiao, Udatta Palekar,           Umut Konus, Debra Trampe,           Chongyan Gao, Jianmin Jia,
Timing of Sales of                 Yunchuan Liu                         Peter C. Verhoef                    Liaogang Hao
Complementary Products
Maxim Sinitsyn                     Using Hidden Markov Models to        Channel Spillovers From Offline     Estimating Heterogeneous
                                   Discover Customer Channel            Entry                               Recommendation and
Pull Promotions and Vertical       Choice Behavior                      Manish Tripathi                     Repurchase Thresholds Using
Product Line Design                Chun-Wei Chang, Nara Youn,                                               Hierarchical Bayesian Method
Chi-Cheng Wu                       Gary Erickson                        Effective Multi-channel Marketing   Ying Jin, Meng Su
                                                                        Strategy from a CRM Perspective
Modeling Dynamics in Variety-      The Consumer Speaks-                 Jungwhan Choi                       The Effect of Category and
Seeking: The Effect of Category    Revisited: On the Weight of                                              Customer Characteristics on
Length                             Retail and Manufacturer Brands       Cross-Channel and Advertising       Satisfaction-Loyalty Relationship
Vishal Narayan, Sha Yang, Russ     in Purchase Decisions                Effects in the Hierarchy of         Songting Dong, Min Ding,
Winer                              Willem Smit, Martin Koschat          Consumer Decision Making            Rajdeep Grewal, Ping Zhao
                                                                        Tarun Kushwaha, Venkatesh
                                   The Impact of Multiple Channels      Shankar                             Pre- and Post-Purchase
                                   on Customer Acquisition and                                              Management of Customer
                                   Tenure                                                                   Satisfaction
                                   Ranjan Banerjee, Shantanu                                                Dmitri Kuksov, Ying Xie
                                   Dutta, Kersi D. Antia

SB13 – Orca                        SB14 – Finback

Brand Equity and Corporate         Advertising Pricing
                                   Chair: Wensui Liu
Chair: Yuxin Chen
                                   Optimal Performance-based
Strengthening Customer             Pricing Models in Online
Relationships Through Corporate    Advertising
Citizenship Initiatives            Jiwoong Shin, Jeffrey Hu
Shuili Du, Sankar Sen, C.B.
Bhattacharya                       How Much Should You Pay for
                                   the Celebrities in
Investigating the Role of          Advertisements? An Application
Corporate Societal Marketing       of Conjoint Analysis
Programmes in Building             Chih-Ping Wang, Lichung Jen,
Corporate Brand Equity             Han-Kuang Tien
Das V. Mukunda, Saji K.B.
                                   Allocation Mechanisms in Search
The Impact of the Content of       Advertising: A Comparison of
Public Relations Activities on     Two Ranking Systems
Corporate Reputation               Woochoel Shin, Debu Purohit,
Seema Pai, Sivaramakrishna         Preyas Desai
                                   Adjustment of Selection Bias in
The Strategic Implications of      Marketing Campaign
Cause-related Marketing            Jimmy Cela , Wensui Liu
Yuxin Chen
                                       2008 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
                                          Saturday June 14 , 2008           1:30-3:00PM (SC)

SC01 – Junior Ballroom D          SC02 – Junior Ballroom C            SC03 – Grand Ballroom D              SC04 – Port Alberni

Social Networks and Marketing     Marketing Engineering -             Marketing Science Beyond             Service Organization
III                               Integrating Data Mining Tools       Business                             Management
                                  and Decision Support Systems
Chair: Puneet Manchanda                                               Chair: John Roberts                  Chair: Shijin Yoo
                                  Chair: Baohong Sun
Impact of Information Diffusion                                       A Multi Criteria Decision Making     An Empirical Study of Servant
on Bidding Behavior in Secret     Learning and Acting Upon            Methodology for Strategy             Leadership and Service
Reserve Price Auctions            Customer Information: An            Selection in Social Marketing        Performance
Oliver Hinz, Martin Spann         Empirical Application to Service    Campaigns.                           Yu-Li Lin, Hsiu-Wen Liu
                                  Allocations with Offshore Centers   Peter Oppenheim
Application of Social Network     Baohong Sun, Shibo Li                                                    Paradox of Service
Analysis in Pharmaceutical                                            Competing for the Future of          Effectiveness: Leveraging
Marketing                         When is the Juice Worth the         Business Schools: Does               Frontline Mechanisms for
Raghu Iyengar, Christophe Van     Squeeze? - An Empirical Study       Academic Research Help or Hurt       Managing Quality and Cost
den Bulte, Thomas Valente         of Optimal Structuring of Win-      MBA Programs?                        Detelina Marinova, Jagdip Singh,
                                  back Strategy in the Presence of    Debanjan Mitra, Peter Golder         Jun Ye
How the Web 2.0 is Changing       Consumer Dynamics
Word-Of-Mouth and Opinion         Yacheng Sun                         Food Safety, PR/HACCP                Assessing the Quality Gap
Leadership as we Know It                                              Regulation and Competitive           Between the Firm vs. Customer
Mark Elsner, Oliver Heil          Introducing the Right Financial     Marketing Strategy                   Perspectives in the Service-Profit
                                  Product to the Right Customer at    Dung Nguyen                          Chain
Network Marketing: The Role of    the Right Time - An Empirical                                            Shijin Yoo, Jin K. Han
Structure and Distance on         Analysis of Proactive Cross-        How Do CSR Evaluations
Performance                       selling Campaigns                   Depend on Whom You Ask and
Puneet Manchanda                  Shibo Li, Baohong Sun, Alan         is That Changing?
                                  Montgomery                          John Roberts, Pamela Morrison,
                                                                      Charlie Nelson

SC05 – Grand Ballroom C           SC06 – Grand Ballroom B             SC07 – Grand Ballroom A              SC08 – Port Hardy

New Product Development-          Statistical Methodology             Market Segmentation                  Behavioral Choice Models
Product Design
                                  Chair: Nobuhiko Terui               Chair: P.V. (Sundar)                 Chair: Neil Bendle
Chair: P.K. Kannan                                                    Balakrishnan
                                  How to Profile Customers Using                                           Towards A Brain-to-Society
Managing New Product              Collaborative Database Profiling:   The Proof of the Pudding is in the   Systems Choice Model for
Preannouncements: Who, What       An Application to Age Estimation    Eating. Data Fusion: An              Motivated Behavior
& Where?                          Arnaud De Bruyn, Nathalie           Application in Marketing             Laurette Dube, Ross Hammond,
Shantanu Dutta, Seema Pai         Tramonte                            Pascal van Hattum                    Asim Ansari, Ulf Bockenholt

The Lives of Durable Goods        Using Constant Sum Questions        Usage Segmentation of Air            Towards Biologically Plausible
Oded Koenigsberg, Ricardo         in Forecasting Sales of New and     Cargo Market of High-tech            Models of Motivated Behaviour:
Montoya, Rajeev Kohli             Frequently Purchased Products       Industry                             Sequential Sampling Process
                                  Didier Soopramanien, Greg           Ming-Chih Tsai, Yi-Ting Tsai         Models
Designing Products for Retail     Rogers                                                                   Antoine Bechara, Laurette Dube,
Channel Acceptance Considering                                        A Comparative Investigation of       Scott Huettel, Asim Ansari, Ulf
Slotting Allowances               A Simulation-Based Performance      Genetic Algorithms and               Bockenholt, Robert Fisher
P.K. Kannan, Nathan Williams,     Comparison of Stochastic and        Simulated Annealing Approaches
Shapour Azarm                     Naïve Models of Consumer            for Dual Objective Segmentation      Reference Dependence When
                                  Behavior                            P.V. (Sundar) Balakrishnan,          Tastes Differ
                                  Michael Jungbluth, Joachim          Subodha Kumar                        Neil Bendle, Mark E. Bergen

                                  Count Data Sales Forecasting
                                  Nobuhiko Terui, Masataka Ban,
                                  Toshihiko Maki
                                        2008 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
                                           Saturday June 14 , 2008           1:30-3:00PM (SC)

SC09 – Junior Ballroom B           SC10 – Junior Ballroom A            SC11 – Port McNeill                      SC12 – Parksville

Product Line Management            Channel Structure                   Issues in Business to                    Customer and Employee
                                                                       Business Marketing                       Relationships in Services
Chair: J. Miguel Villas-Boas       Chair: Christina Schmidt-
                                   Stoelting                           Chair: Mrinal Ghosh                      Chair: Patrali Chatterjee
Managing Brand Equity with
Product Line Extensions and        The Effect of Consumer              Tariff Choice Biases in a                Model of Customer Satisfaction
Contractions                       Heterogeneity and Channel           Business-to-business-context             in Retail Banking Industry
Vincent Nijs, Koen Pauwels,        Structure on Firms' Product         Susanne Stingel, Klaus                   Vimi Jham, Kaleem Mohd. Khan
Shuba Srinivasan                   Decisions                           Backhaus
                                   Hongyan Shi, Yunchuan Liu                                                    Procedural Justice in the
Retailing as a Two Sided                                               Drivers of Profitability in Industrial   Services Context: Construction
Platform                           Vertical Differentiation Using      Services                                 and Validation of a Scale
Benny Mantin, Harish Krishnan,     Outlet Stores                       Werner Reinartz, Wolfgang                Cathy Y. Chen , Peter De Maeyer
Tirtha Dhar                        Huseyin Karaca, Karsten             Ulaga
                                   Hansen, Eric Anderson                                                        Towards Standardizing the
Product Line Dynamics of                                               Pricing Formats for Branded              Quantification of Working
Performance Products               Sequential Distribution Analysis    Components in B2B Markets                Relationship Quality
Guilherme (Gui) Liberali, Thomas   for Media Products                  Mrinal Ghosh, Kellilynn Frias,           R. Mohan Pisharodi, John
Gruca                              Christina Schmidt-Stoelting,        Desmond (Ho-Fu) Lo                       Henke, Jr., Ravi Parameswaran
                                   Michel Clement, Sönke Albers
Information Overload with                                                                                       Comparison Shopping,
Endogenous Pricing                                                                                              Satisfaction and Recommending
J. Miguel Villas-Boas                                                                                           Behavior
                                                                                                                Patrali Chatterjee, Ying Xie

SC13 – Orca                        SC14 – Finback

Brand Management                   Consumer Response to
                                   Advertising Communication
Chair: Vijay Viswanathan
                                   Chair: Allison Tencza
Brands: The Opiate of the Non-
religious Masses?                  A Person-situation Perspective to
Tulin Erdem, Gavan Fitzsimons,     Advertising Creativity--
Ron Shachar, Keisha Wells          Information Processing and
                                   Priming Effects
Brand Evaluation for High-Tech     Jiemiao Chen
Firms -- With an Application to
the Mobile Phone Industry          The Role of Social Factors and
Bo Huang, Francine Lafontaine      Participation in User Responses
                                   to Advertising in Online
The Impact of Brand Equity on      Communities
Financial Analysts' Forecast       Li Huang, Fue Zeng, Wenyu Dou
Thorsten Wiesel, Roman             Emotional vs. Rational Theme-
Kraeussl                           based Incongruence
                                   Allison Tencza, Larry Garber
The Portfolio of Product-market
Outcomes As An Explanation for
Firm Value and Volatility
Vijay Viswanathan, Douglas
                                          2008 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
                                             Saturday June 14 , 2008           3:30-5:00PM (SD)

SD01 – Junior Ballroom D             SD02 – Junior Ballroom C                                                  SD04 – Port Alberni

Social Networks and Marketing        Gift Giving and Fashion                                                   Service Evaluation
                                     Chair: Sameer Mathur                                                      Chair: Adam Finn
Chair: Jianan Wu
                                     Luxe Populi: When Luxury                                                  Measuring Preferences for
The Emergence of Opinion             Brands Lose Their Allure                                                  Services – An Empirical Study in
Leaders in Social Networks           Kitty. Y. Wang, Mengze Shi                                                the Airline Industry
Vincent Mak                                                                                                    Christian Niederauer, Markus
                                     Competitive and Welfare                                                   Voeth
How Does Word-of-mouth Affect        Implications of Gift Cards
Pricing? Agent Based Simulation      John Zhang, Tony Haitao Cui                                               The Effects of Service Innovation
of Different Markets                                                                                           on Customer Satisfaction and
Wander Jager, Marco Janssen          Optimal Dynamic Pricing and                                               Firm Value
                                     Return Policies in Holiday                                                Thomas Dotzel, Venkatesh
Managing Referral Reward             Seasons                                                                   Shankar, Leonard L. Berry
Programs Based on Social             Shan-Yu Chou, Chyi-Mei Chen,
Network Models                       Pei-Jone Hsueh                                                            Practice, Perceived Quality &
Jan Becker, Christian Barrot,                                                                                  Consumer Choice: The Impact of
Sönke Albers, Arvind                 How Do Purchase Behavior and                                              Service Failures During Online
Rangaswamy                           Seller Strategy Differ During the                                         Shopping
                                     Holidays?                                                                 Jianping Liang, Kyle B. Murray,
Word-of-mouth and Price              Sameer Mathur, Jeffrey Inman                                              Kersi D. Antia
Dispersion in Online Markets
Jianan Wu, Edgardo Ayala, Ayala                                                                                Identifying Non-Linear Effects of
Gaytán                                                                                                         e-Service Quality Dimensions on
                                                                                                               Customer Satisfaction
                                                                                                               Adam Finn

SD05 – Grand Ballroom C              SD06 – Grand Ballroom B             SD07 – Grand Ballroom A               SD08 – Port Hardy

The Role of Network                  Methodology: Data                   Segmentation Research                 Models of Consumer Learning
Externalities in Diffusion           Management and Collection
                                                                         Chair: Heungsun Hwang                 Chair: Paul Messinger
Chair: Ozge Dilaver Kalkan           Chair: Yi-Lin Tsai
                                                                         A Conjoint Model For Finding          Consumer Learning, Word of
Replacing Household Durables -       Enhancing Marketing Research        Segments and Heterogeneity            Mouth and Quality Competition
Does Consumer Innovativeness         Through Management                  Based on Individual Preference        Chang Hee Park, Young-Hoon
Matter?                              Information System Concepts         Hsiu-Wen Liu, Yu-Li Lin               Park, Vishal Gaur
Maria Kaya, Sönke Albers,            Ravi Parameswaran
Dennis Proppe, Paul Steffens                                             A DEA-based Panel Model               ShopBots and Retailers'
                                     A Spatial Framework to Control      Illustrated by an Application to      Strategies for Price Concealment
Digital Divide From the              for Biases in Cross-Cultural        Advertising Efficiency                Tanja Frischmann, Bernd Skiera,
Perspective of Bass Model            Customer Satisfaction Measures      Robert Wilken                         Oliver Hinz
Hua-Ning Chen, Chun-Yao              Jing Gao, P.K. Kannan
Huang                                                                    Influence of Consumers'               How Used Markets Facilitate
                                     Distinguishing Between Learning     Motivation, Opportunity and           Consumer Learning
A Consumer-based Social              and State Dependence - A            Ability on the Validity of Conjoint   Paul Messinger, Chun (Martin)
Interaction Model for Diffusion of   Simulation Based Study              Analysis                              Qiu
Innovations                          Yi-Lin Tsai                         Uta Herbst, Joachim Pelz,
Ozge Dilaver Kalkan                                                      Markus Voeth

                                                                         Visual GSCA: A Graphical User
                                                                         Interface Software Program for
                                                                         Generalized Structured
                                                                         Component Analysis
                                                                         Heungsun Hwang, Youngchan
                                        2008 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
                                           Saturday June 14 , 2008         3:30-5:00PM (SD)

SD09 – Junior Ballroom B           SD10 – Junior Ballroom A          SD11 – Port McNeill                  SD12 – Parksville

Factors Influencing Product        Altering Channel Relationships    Marketing Metrics                    B2B Customer Relationships
Line Innovativeness
                                   Chair: Eunkyu Lee                 Chair: Mario Rese                    Chair: Douglas Bowman
Chair: Peter C. Verhoef
                                   Conversion Franchising:           Risk of Customer Relationships:      The Affect of Partner
From Invention to Innovation:      Examining Determinants of the     Concept and Measurement              Relationship Management
Technological Drivers of Product   Likelihood of Conversion          Jochen Becker, Tomas Bayón,          Systems on Supplier-partner
Portfolio Strategy                 Cori Hodge, Harmen Oppewal,       Florian v. Wangenheim                Relationships
Wooseong Kang, Mitzi Montoya       Civilai Terawatanavong                                                 Chris Storey
                                                                     Identifying Growth Potentials with
The Effects of Challenging         Inter-manufacturer Competition:   Internal Benchmarking Across         Network Characteristics,
Conditions on Product              Viability of a Store-in Store-    Product Categories and Markets       Decision Uncertainty and
Innovativeness                     format                            Rex Du, Wagner Kamakura              Exchange Norms; Evidences
Stav Rosenzweig, David             Xubing Zhang, Charles Ingene                                           from China
Mazursky                                                             Measuring the Financial              Ting-Jui Chou, Hongjuan Yin,
                                   Vertical Extension Through the    Outcome of Marketing: Matching       ChunMing Yang
Relationship Quality and           Factory Outlet Channel: Synergy   Performance Measures with
Retailer's Dependence as           or Conflict                       Marketing Actions                    Relational Purchasing in
Moderators of Profit Drivers of    Gonca Soysal, Lakshman            Mario Rese, Valerie Herter           Industrial Markets - The Role of
Retailer's New Pro                 Krishnamurthi                                                          Prior Experience and Choice
Peter C. Verhoef, Laurens M.                                                                              Context
Sloot, Yvonne van Everdingen       Cross-brand Pass-through of                                            Dorith Mayer, Christoph Ihl
                                   Promotional Allowances: An
                                   Equilibrium Analysis                                                   The Evolution of Vendor
                                   Eunkyu Lee, Sang Yong Kim                                              Performance on Continuity in
                                                                                                          Business Services Relationships
                                                                                                          Douglas Bowman

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