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									                                                             North American 2010
                                   Connectathon & Interoperability Showcase Series

                                                             WEBINAR TITLE
                                                         SESSION 1: KICKOFF

   Chris Carr              Lisa Spellman             Steve Moore
   RSNA Staff Liaison to   HIMSS Staff Liaison to    Lynn Felhofer
   IHE                     IHE                       IHE Technical Project          Managers        

June-September 2009        
                                                Webinar Overview
Much information in three parts
  Part I: Overviews
      Webinar Series schedule overview
      IHE
      Connectathons
      Demonstrations & Interoperability Showcases
  Part II: Rules of the Road
  Part III
    Demonstration & Interoperability Showcase opportunities

    June - September 2009
                           2009 Webinar Schedule Overview
                            Miss a live session?
   All sessions recorded & available at

June 11 – Kick-off!                   Other sessions to follow July – September 2009
                                         (Time & Date TBD) includes:
  Overview IHE 2010 NA
   Connectathon & HIMSS10 U.S.
   Interoperability Showcase              Repeat of the June 11 Kick-Off Webinar will be
                                          repeated in July, August & September
June 18: 10:00 – 11:30AMCT                Anatomic Pathology
  First Timers – How to read IHE         Cardiology
    Technical Frameworks                  Eye Care
                                          IT Infrastructure (ITI)
June 25 : 10:00 – 11:30amCT               Laboratory
  Radiology                              Patient Care Devices (PCD)
                                          Radiation Oncology
Thur July 23: Time: TBD                   Quality, Research and Public Health (QRPH)
                                          Use of IHE in the enterprise – Intra-enterprise
  Patient Care Coordination              solutions
                                          IHE and U.S. initiatives including ARRA,
  Patient Care Coordination:             Meaningful Use and more
   Nursing Sub-committee
                                          IHE 2009 North American Connectathon -
                                          Connectathon Registration How-To

   June - September 2009    
    Learn more about IHE & Connectathons and
                  Interoperability Showcases™
Questions to keep in mind as you watch
  this webinar
  What is IHE?
  What is a Connectathon?
  What is an Interoperability Showcase?
  How do these work? Who is Involved?
  Who benefits from IHE? What value
  does it provide? What has IHE done?
  What are the registration deadlines for
  the 2010 North American Connectathon
  and the HIMSS10 Interoperability
  What are plans for the 2010 European

What is “Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise”?
  A 10-year public-private global initiative
  Driven by end-users worldwide,
  Non-profit organizations
    France: GIP-DMP, Dept of the
      French Ministry of Health
    USA: American Heart Association
    Worldwide: HIMSS, RSNA
  Professional Societies
    Represent 270,000+ individual
      ACCE, ASTRO, etc
  Standards Development Orgs (SDOs):
    And many more
  Vendors & consultants (e.g., imaging,
  EHRs, cardiology, medical devices)

      June - September 2009          
What is “Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise”?
   IHE improves patient care by
   harmonizing electronic health
   information exchange
   Use of IHE profiles enable
   approved standards to seamlessly
   pass health information among
   care providers on a local, regional
   and national level
   IHE Frameworks are freely
   available to all
   The IHE Global Standards
   Adoption process as approved by
   the International Standards
   Organization (ISO) as a Technical
   Report 28380 in August 2007

    June - September 2009 
IHE has over 250 member organizations worldwide, including:

 Clinicians & Professional Societies         Government Agencies and Public-Private
 Representing 270,000+ individual            Partnerships, including:
 members, including:
                                               Canada Health Infoway
   American College of Clinical
                                               Centers for Disease Control and
      Engineering (ACCE)                         Prevention (CDC)
   American College of Obstetricians
                                               Delaware Division of Public Health
      and Gynecologists (ACOG)
                                               Institut National de Recherche en
   American College of Physicians
      (ACP)                                      Informatique et Automatique (INRIA)
                                               National Institute of Standards and
   European Society of Radiology
      (ESR)                                      Technology (NIST)
                                               National Quality Forum (NQF)
   Health Information Management
      Association of Australia                 And many more…
   Healthcare Information and
      Management Systems Society             Standards Development Orgs (SDOs),
   International Council of Nurses
   Japan Association for Medical               ASTM
      Informatics (JAMI)                        CDISC
   Radiological Society of North               DICOM
      America (RSNA)                            HL7
   And many more                               IEEE
                                                And many more…
 Health Information Exchanges (HIEs)         Vendors & consultants
   CareSpark, Inc.                             160 vendors and healthcare consultants
   Utah Health Information Network               worldwide

                                              What does IHE do?
Enables Standards-based Interoperability:
 IHE applies existing standards such as HL7, IEEE, DICOM
  and others to specific healthcare interoperability needs
Harmonizes Standards:
 Into implementable specifications called IHE Profiles
Public Forum:
 All work output developed through a broad, consensus-based
  committee process and subjected to public review
Publish and Promote:
 IHE Technical Frameworks freely available to all, promoted
  through public demonstrations and education events
Implement and Test:
 Rigorous testing process and extensive tool set for

                         . . . and why does it matter?
Seamless integration:
 Buyers of HIT solutions can purchase compliant
    products that link seamlessly
Simplifies data sharing:
 Enhances care by giving care providers better access
    to healthcare data on a local, regional or national level
Improves product development:
 Allows HIT product developers, end users and HIEs to
    quickly ensure system connectivity and focus
    development and support on improved functionality

 June - September 2009
                         Is IHE well known? Yes.
More than 250 companies have tested IHE capabilities at
Hundreds of Integration Statements published expressing
product IHE capabilities
The IHE Global Standards Adoption process as approved
by the International Standards Organization (ISO) as a
Technical Report 28380 in August 2007
Numerous national health IT projects are based on IHE
profiles including Canada Health Infoway
As of January 1, 2008, Secretary of HHS recognized
HITSP constructs based on IHE Profiles: now required for
US Federal government HIT procurement

 June - September 2009
    IHE, HITSP and Federal Procurement
Jan. 2009 Federal Register publishes HIT procurement

                                                       HIMSS 2009
          Solving the interoperability challenge
      Multiple Challenges               →                      One Solution

How should a provider or clinician
   choose from among many
                                        →   Choose by selecting products that use IHE.

   existing health IT standards?            IHE takes advantage of standards already developed
                                               AND accepted by health IT community to create
                                               "packages of instructions" - also known as IHE
                                               Profiles - to connect multiple HIT products or
                                               systems together.

How can a provider or clinician
   successfully implement an EHR
                                        →   Choose by selecting products that use IHE.

   or other solutions in a way that         Select only those health IT products that have IHE
   they can be sure will actually               "packages" or profiles already embedded as part
   work at multiple locations and               of the product.
   be interoperable with other

How to be certain of interoperability
   between multiple health IT
                                        →   Choose by selecting products that use IHE.
                                            Use of IHE-based products ensures interoperability
   products?                                    between multiple systems

A visual perspective of the IHE Process

                                            IHE Development Domains
                            11 Years of Steady Evolution 1998 – 2009
                                                                 since 1998
               NEW 2009
                                                                                since 2004
                                          since 2006

Laying the Groundwork                Eye Care                                           Laboratory
        1998                                                                             since 2004
                                    since 2006

                                                            IT Infrastructure
                                                                since 2003
                                                                                   Radiation Oncology
                                Research & Public Health
                                                                                       since 2004
                                       since 2006

                                            Patient Care Devices       Patient Care Coordination
                                                 since 2005                    since 2004

        June - September 2009                
                    IHE Organizational Structure
                                                IHE International Board

   Regional Deployment                                               Global Development

  IHE North America                  IHE Asia-Oceania

                                      China     Japan            Radiology              IT             Laboratory
                USA                 Australia   Taiwan

                                    Malaysia    Korea
                                                                 Cardiology       Patient Care         Pathology

                       IHE Europe
                                                                 Radiation        Patient Care         Eye Care
                                                                 Oncology           Devices
    Austria     France     Germany     Netherlands

    Italy      Norway       Spain    Sweden     UK                            Public Health, Quality
                                                                                 and Research

Professional Societies / Sponsors                                                             Contributing &
  ACC         ACP          RSNA       COCIR   SIRM    ESC        JAHIS    METI-MLHW            Participating
  ACCE        GMSI         SFR        EAR-ECR BIR     MSC        JIRA     MEDIS-DC
  ACEP        HIMSS        SFIL       DRG     EuroRec MDEC
                                                                 JRS      JAMI

                                                                                                           15   15
            June - September 2009                 
                                   National and Regional Projects Using IHE Profiles
                 Netherland                                          Lower
                                                                     Austria           Italy
                 Amsterdam                                                     (Conto Corrente Salute)
   UK CfH
(Radiology WF)                     France   Denmark (Funen)
                                            Italy (Veneto)                                               Quebec, Ontario,
                                    DMP     Spain (Aragon)                                           Alberta, British Columbia
                                                                  Austria                             Canada Health Infoway


                                                                                                              Boston Medical
                                                                                                               Center - MA

                                                                                                             Philadelphia HIE

                                                                                                                 CPHIC –

                                                                                                         CareSpark – TN & VA

South Africa

  CHINA-Shanghai           Malaysia       CHINA-MoH            JAPAN-Nagoya          THINC- New York
Imaging Info Sharing                   Lab results sharing   Imaging Info Sharing    NCHICA – N. Carolina
                                                                                                                  16   16
           June - September 2009                   
IHE Alignment with Industry Drivers in U.S
 IHE works closely with organizations established by the Office of the
 National Coordinator to promote adoption of electronic health records
 National health Collaborative [former AHIC] Priorities and Use Case
   EHR, Population Health, Consumer Empowerment, Security and Privacy, Quality
   HITSP integration specifications leverage 24 IHE Profiles (to date)
   Participation at Connectathons/Demonstrations
   Working collaboratively on an initiative – Project Cypress – with NIST, MITRE,
     CCHIT, Canada Health Infoway, and IHE USA)
 NHIN Contractors
   Collaborated with NIST to provide testing tools and services

 NIST, NHIEs, CMS, CAQH, and many others…
   For all of these groups / initiatives and others not listed – there are many IHE
    members who are also active with HITSP, HL7, and so on
   much positive overlap with many IHE members and co-chairs equally ac

    June - September 2009         
                               What is a Connectathon?
Face-to-face interoperability testing event
Tests implementation of IHE Profiles:
integration capabilities defined in IHE
Technical Frameworks
Testing structured and supervised by
Technical Project Management Team
Successful results recorded & published by
event sponsors
Used as preparation for demonstration
Primary purpose: foster adoption of
standards-based solutions in products
                                                   Connectathons have been held
                                                   annually in
                                                   Japan: starting 2003
                                                   Europe: starting 2001
                                                   North America: starting 1999

  June - September 2009         
What is an Interoperability Showcase ?                     ™

Live demonstrations of interoperability held at
HIMSS Conferences worldwide
Participants must participate in a Connectathon
and pass other requirements to ensure a great
HIMSS Annual U.S. Conferences since 2004
  2007 = ~2,000 visitors
  2008 = ~3,500 visitors
  2009 = ~ 4,000 visitors
  2010 = Will your company be there?
World of Health IT [WoHIT] & AsiaPAC
  Copenhagen             2008
  Hong Kong
  Kuala Lumpur = 2009
  Barcelona = 2010
  Korea & China = 2010

  June - September 2009       
                   Results from the IHE 2009 North American
Connectathon Testing Overview: Tested transactions
defined in IHE Final Text Technical Frameworks and
Supplements for Trial Implementation (
  Cardiology
  IT Infrastructure (ITI)
  Laboratory (LAB)
  Patient Care Coordination (PCC)
  Patient Care Devices (PCD)
  Public Health, Research and Quality (QRPH)              HITSP Testing
  Radiology
                                                           - Over 50 Interoperability
Connectathon Conference Overview                           Specification are based on
  Guest speakers included                                 IHE profiles
    • CCHIT
    • Canada Health Infoway                                - Testing IHE = testing
    • Representative from U.S NHIN initiative              many HITSP requirements
  Over 100 attendees from hospitals, ambulatory, other
    healthcare stakeholders and representatives from web
    and print media

   June - September 2009      
                                                      Join us at the
                              IHE 2010 North American Connectathon
Date: Mon Jan 11 – Fri Jan 15, 2010
Location: Hyatt Regency Hotel and Conference Center, Chicago
  Detailed test plans in each Domain - As defined in Final Text Technical
  Frameworks and Supplements for Trial Implementation (
  On-site testing and planning for participants in the HIMSS10
  Interoperability Showcase
  HITSP specific testing
  Annual NA Connectathon Conference
    Invitations out to healthcare and business thought leaders
    Final speaker and agenda to be published October 2009

      June - September 2009     
                    Connectathon Conference Event
One day event – Tuesday January 12, 2010
Planning for up to 200 conference attendees
Past speakers from ONCHIT, CCHIT, VHA, Canada Health Infoway,
HIEs, EHR Vendor Assoc., etc.
Showcases Connectathon process to the broader community
  Provider Execs, Administrators, Vendor Execs
  Government Agency Representatives
  Other Organizations in EHR/HIE Implementation
Presentations on interoperability topics
Guided tours of testing area, structured interaction with participants
  Raise visibility of IHE & HITSP testing processes
  Foster discussion of IHE’s place in national initiatives worldwide
  Increase knowledge in healthcare community of how and why to acquire
   IHE compatible systems
  Encourage participants to bring IHE capabilities to market

 June - September 2009    
                        Connectathon Results

                                      •Tool contains
                                      Connectathon results
                                      from 2001 to present
                                      •Part of the testing
                                      management tool
                                      underway to build a
                                      new PRODUCT
                                      REGISTRY including
                                      specific vendors
                                      implementations of
                                      Integration Profiles

June - September 2009
                        IHE Integration Statement

June - September 2009
Integration Statements on

                                   HIMSS 2009
               Product Registry – coming soon!
                                           HIMSS 2009
                  Incentives to put IHE in products
Satisfy customer interoperability needs
Stay coordinated with rest of industry
Connectathon Results and other sponsor
promotions encourage customers to ask
Integration Statements allow you to promote IHE
 Vendors self-publish their conformance to IHE
    Integration Profiles
User Handbook explains to users how and why to
implement products with IHE capabilities

 June - September 2009
Part II: 2010 NA Connectathon Participants
  Part II: What 2010 NA Connectathon Participants
  need to know: Connectathon Administrative &

    Administrative Considerations and Fees
    Connectathon Process and Requirements

   June - September 2009
 Connectathon: Who should apply?
Any company producing systems that could
benefit from integration capabilities defined in the
IHE Technical Frameworks
Users and consultants have a vital role as
advisors and implementers of IHE, but do not
participate directly in the Connectathon
 Recruiting Connectathon Monitors

                                                What do you get?

Access to IHE Testing Tools and test plans
Testing in controlled and validated environment with oversight of
Technical Project Managers
Objective success criteria for each actor
Structured process with opportunities for additional cross-vendor
Build relationships with industry peers
Early validation of interoperability standards specified by HITSP and
soon to be certified by CCHIT
Promotion of successful results in sponsor educational and outreach
Qualify to participate in demonstrations at RSNA and HIMSS
Interoperability Showcases

Do application fees include demos?
No. IHE demonstrations, including the HIMSS
Interoperability Showcases charge fees
separately from the Connectathon
 However, Connectathon participation is a pre-requisite
  for HIMSS Interoperability Showcase
 Demonstrations have separate applications and
  additional requirements

                           Submitting Application

Application to be issued August 28, due Sept. 30,
2009, includes:
 Company Info/Contacts
 Full list of Actors/Integration Profiles for each system, with
  any explanatory notes
 Payment in full of registration fee
Registration performed using online testing
management tool
System will generate printed application to be signed
and submitted (by mail) with payment
Request invoice from sponsors if needed

                               Connectathon Fees

2004-2009 costs remained stable:
 $4,000 for each system tested
 $4,000 for each domain participated in
For 2010 each fee increases to $4,500
 Support cost of process for sponsoring
 Provide value for participants proportional to their

                            What is a “system”?

Any combination of IHE Actors that could be
delivered as a product
 Cramming too many actors on one system makes
  life difficult for you and testing partners
 Sponsors and project managers exercise
  judgment as to allowable combinations

                                 What is a “Domain”?
Clinical or operational field with a particular set of
interoperability issues
   Cardiology
   IT Infrastructure
   Laboratory
   Patient Care Coordination
   Patient Care Devices
   Public Health, Research and Quality
   Radiology
Defined by which Technical Framework contains the
transactions being performed

                     Exception to Domain Fee
IT Infrastructure:
 No additional domain fees incurred for other domain
  systems (eg, Cardio, Rad) implementing ITI profiles
 No additional domain fees incurred for ITI systems
  used in profiles by other domains

                                     Sample Fee Calculation
System/Product   Domain               Actor(s)                      Integration

Special MRI      Radiology            Acquisition Modality          SWF
                                      Image Creator                 CPI

RadioPACS        Radiology            Image Manager/Archive         SWF
                                      PPS Manager
                                      Report Repository             RWF
                 IT Infrastructure    Document Source               XDS.b
CardioPACS       Cardiology           Image Manager/Archive         Cath WF
                                      PPS Manager

                                     3 systems x $4500 = $13,500
                                     2 domains x $4500 = $9,000
                                                             Total $22,500

New participants:
 Engineers/Managers who need to make sure all tasks
  are completed to receive Connectathon credit

 Engineers/Managers who want their application
  demonstrated at a showcase

Connectathon veterans will find this section a
review of past years.

                        What You Need to Know
Connectathon reference documents will be
available on
 Policies and Guidelines
 Connectathon Fact Sheet for Participants
 Product Manager’s Fact Sheet
   •   Distilled version of the Participant’s Fact Sheet –> what
       Product Mgrs should know
 Connectathon Timeline
   •   Your deliverables and deadlines from now to the

        Connectathon Process Overview
Read the existing and new profiles (now)
Register for Connectathon (required)
Register for demonstration (optional)
Interview with Project Manager (required)
Submit pre-Connectathon test results (required)
Submit your configuration (by system)
Test and cooperate with peers during the


Jun - Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan
What do           Register
we want to          Interviews
Can we do this…              testing &
- Goals
- People                                  entry

                                          Logistics: hotel,
- Budget                                  shipping ,
                                          electrical, people
- Commitment
               How do we manage? Gazelle

Web-based tool used to manage a Connectathon
 Register the systems you will test (profiles/actors)
 Determine your testing requirements
 Submit your pre-Connectathon test results
 Enter configuration for your system (ports/URLs…)
 Submit your Conformance Statement
 Register the people who will attend
 Find your test partners
 Manage your testing during Connectathon week

                   First - Decide what to test
A large organization (Siemens) will register
multiple systems
 MR modality
 CT modality
 XDS Registry
 EHR system (in XDS land)

Smaller organizations will likely register a single

There are base fees and per-system charges
 Read the fine print in the sponsor’s Policies for all of
  the rules

                   Registration: Preparation

Read the Connectathon Policies & Fact Sheet
(available July 1)
Pay special attention to what constitutes a system
and how you group actors/profiles
If you do not understand the rules or the tool, contact
a Project Manager before/during the registration
period for clarification
If you get this wrong now, you will spend the next 3-5
months wasting your engineering time writing
software you will not use
You will also not develop the software you need for
testing or demonstration

                          Registration: Gazelle

Enter organization & system details

 Enter info about marketing and technical contacts

 Enter the individual system(s) you want to test

 For each system, you enter the combinations of
  actors, profiles, and options that will be tested for
  that system

    We Do Not Add Actors After Close

We immediately start making Connectathon
decisions after registration closes
Within a week of registration close, we will
close off profiles that have poor subscription
Showcase decisions made on the basis of
your registration
You cannot tell us in December you want to
add something
Think of this as placing an order

Registration: Paperwork & Payment

  Print Registration Form
   Gazelle will generate PDF with list of systems and
    charge information

   Print the form, sign it, send a check to the address
    on the form

  The printed form and check must arrive by
  the close of registration deadline

  Sponsors will generate an invoice at your
  request. Follow up with the sponsors
                         Project Manager Interview
First-time participants must schedule an interview
in Sep/Oct with a Project Manager
 Ensure your Connectathon registration is in order
   •   There are limits on the number of actors/profiles you can register in one
   •   We are keeping people from signing up for too much and then failing
   •   There are dependencies between profiles that get missed
   •   This is an annual problem that requires attention

 Ensure you understand the process & timeline
 Ensure you can find pre-Connectathon tests & tools
 Answer your questions

                      Interview Preparation

Interview Form
 A set of questions to ensure you have the
  information you need to succeed
   •   Do you know what your manager signed you up for?
   •   Do you know how to find your required
       pre-Connectathon tests?
   •   Do you know where the tools are?
   •   ….

Email completed form to Project Manager
after you complete Connectathon registration

                     Registration: Showcase
Project Managers are aware of showcase
demos, but do not manage them.
You need to contact your regional
 RSNA, AAO, HIMSS in the US
 IHE Europe will delegate to national IHE groups:
 IHE-France
 IHE-Germany, and many others

There are separate fees.
There are separate rules. These rules are
written by the regional organization.

                                   After Registration

Now that your marketing department has
committed the engineering group to this

The engineers should read the
requirements/specifications in the IHE
Technical Frameworks

Actually, you should do that before you

   Pre-Connectathon (MESA) Tests
Project Managers publish
pre-Connectathon unit tests you run in your
lab using test tools we provide

These are part of the IHE process and a
requirement for Connectathon participation

There is a published deadline for submitting
positive test results (not that you tried, but that
you successfully completed the tests)

Results are uploaded into Gazelle and graded
by Project Managers

               Configuration Information
Project Managers will assign fixed IP addresses
to your computers
You will need to review configuration
information in Gazelle (port numbers, DICOM
titles, Web services URLs) and complete
There is a published deadline for this
If you fail to do this, your test partners will
consider your company a poor candidate for
future collaborative work
 You will waste much time during the Connectathon

                  Conformance Documents

DICOM systems require a DICOM conformance
 Load this into Gazelle

IHE Integration Statements (optional):
 Companies may load a link into Gazelle

                                    Staff Registration

Use Gazelle to register individual staff
members who will attend the Connectathon

Understand the rules for the number of
staffers you can register before you trigger
extra fees

There is a deadline for this

If you do not register staff members, no entry,
no lunch, no testing

                    Connectathon Summary
Week-long testing event
Required tests for each profile/actor
You execute each test with 3 peer systems
Connectathon monitors examine results
Cooperative efforts to debug problems and work
towards success
Opportunity to find problems in products and in
the profiles
Showcase demonstration practice

                            Connectathon Tests
Each system is given a list of tests to complete
For most of the week, you manage your own
schedule and perform tests as you can manage
them (in the order you choose)
For some parts of the Connectathon, the
managers will assign specific partners or specific
work for a time period
The event is a combination of scheduled events
and unscheduled test time (not free time)

                  Setting Your Expectations

This is an engineering testing activity that you
need to manage properly.
You might not complete testing for all registered
 Some tests you run will not be examined by monitors
 Sponsors do not guarantee you will complete your tests
Your engineers may need to remove
actors/profiles during the week

                            Connectathon Output

An IHE web site that lists that you passed tests
for actor/profile pairs
 We do not publish failures or work you did not complete
 You are not “certified”
 We do not guarantee conformance
 We do not imply you are better than your competitor
  because you registered for more work

Your ticket to participate in IHE demonstrations

                                                  Email Lists
There is one Google-groups email list for
Connectathon-related announcements from
the Project Managers and sponsors
 You can subscribe yourself and as many colleagues as you
XDS implementers ask questions and share
There will be several email lists for showcase
 Project Managers will work with sponsors to publish a list,
  but we do not manage those lists.

                     You Are Responsible …
You are responsible for all requirements for
your actor/profile pairs.

There is a separate WebEx presentation on
how to interpret the Technical Framework.

We do not test systems where the participant
wants to do half of the work.
 You need to implement for an actor/profile pair to
  receive credit for that pair. You choose one or
  more actors in a profile (no requirement to
  implement all actors in a profile).

This is pass / fail. There is no partial credit.
                                           Timeline revisited

Jun - Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan
What do           Register
we want to          Interviews
Can we do this…              testing &
- Goals
- People                                  entry

                                          Logistics: hotel,
- Budget                                  shipping ,
                                          electrical, people
- Commitment

Process + Domain Management
 Steve Moore:
 Lynn Felhofer:
 Eric Poiseau:
PCD Domain
 Manny Furst:
HIMSS Showcase
 Lisa Spellman:

    Part III. Demonstration Opportunities
Image Sharing Demo at RSNA
HIMSS10 Interoperability
Interoperability Showcases
 World of Health IT
   • Barcelona

 Asia Pac
 Korea
 China

                   Image Sharing Demo at RSNA 2009
RSNA Annual Conference
Nov. 29 – Dec. 4, 2009
McCormick Place, Chicago
Largest annual medical conference: 60,000
12 years of IHE and
related demonstration

 June - September 2009
                   Image Sharing Demo at RSNA 2009
Based on XDS-I profile
Include patient control through PHR
Other profiles and breakthrough technologies:
 Radiation Exposure Monitoring (REM)
 Teaching File and Clinical Trial Export (TCE)
 Template-based structured reporting
 RadLex control terminology
 . . . and more . . .
Further information available at

 June - September 2009
                                                Join us at the
                   HIMSS10 Interoperability Showcase - Atlanta
March 1-4, 2010
Atlanta Georgia
  August 28-September 30, 2009


  June - September 2009 
What is an Interoperability Showcase ?                     ™

Live demonstrations of interoperability held at
HIMSS Conferences worldwide
Participants must participate in a Connectathon
and pass other requirements to ensure a great
HIMSS Annual U.S. Conferences since 2004
  2007 = ~2,000 visitors
  2008 = ~3,500 visitors
  2009 = ~ 4,000 visitors
  2010 = Will your company be there?
World of Health IT [WoHIT] & Asia PAC
  Copenhagen             2008
  Hong Kong
  Kuala Lumpur = 2009
  Barcelona = 2010
  Korea & China = 2010

  June - September 2009       
                            Stats from the HIMSS09 Showcase
   Over 4000 visitors – 15% of the 27,500 HIMSS Conference attendees!
 13,000+ sq ft - largest booth on the exhibit floor
 Over 20 special VIP tours included:
       Members of U.S. Congress and healthcare leadership from many states
       International delegations that included senior level ministers and staffers
      from several nations

                                      Clinicians
                                      Health IT users and buyers
                                      Hospital & ambulatory leadership
                                      Informatics professionals
                                      Academicians
                                      Authorities & policy makers from local,
                                     regional, national & international markets
                                     U.S. Military, Dept of Defense, VA., etc
                                     And so on…

        June - September 2009    
                   HIMSS Interoperability Showcase 2009 stats
             continued and what you can expect for HIMSS10!
Connected Demonstration
Expanded featuring standards-based health
   information exchange within and across local,
   regional, and national networks
   76 connected applications
   32 IHE profiles
   13 HITSP Interoperability Specifications
   51 connected vendors

Distributed Demonstration
    Enhanced for 2010
    Drives traffic between your Interop station and
    exhibit floor booth

Two Showcase Theaters
    Over 40 sessions that included
        Vendor sessions focused on interoperability
      Ongoing educational sessions focused on
       IHE and IHE case studies/implementations
      IHE Domain updates
    Theaters hold 50 ppl and were overflowing
    at most sessions!
         June - September 2009               
              HIMSS Interoperability Showcase 2009 stats
         and what you can expect for HIMSS10 continued…
Over 20 Clinical Scenarios, that included:
  Clinician and patient access
  Information sharing across the continuum
  of care, examples include
     Clinician and patient access
     Secured Health Information Exchange
          with broad content
         Population Health, Quality and Research
         Privacy and Security
         Health information exchange with patient
          care devices
         Personal health record solutions
   Financial and administrative systems for
   billing and claims attachments
   Federal Health Architecture – NHIN
   Distributed demonstration in an HIE
   format showing connectivity with vendor

        June - September 2009       
       Extensive HIMSS10 Interop Showcase Marketing –
                                            Pre Show
Press releases
                                                        Multiple CardPak Mailings
HIMSS Insider Online
                                                              Postcards sent to attendees prior to the
    Articles & Ads                                            show - mailed in conference branded
    Circulation 20,000 individual members                     packet
    300+ HIMSS corporate members                             HIMSS Local Chapter E-News
    Hospitals and organizational affiliates
                                                        HIMSS newsletter for HIMSS local
Healthcare IT News                                      chapter leaders
  Circulation: 43,000+ healthcare IT                         Articles about the Interoperability
     professionals                                             Showcase
                                                              Circulation: 400+ chapter leaders
HIMSS Journal
  Print ad                                             HIMSS Speakers Bureau
  Circulation: 40,000+                                 Interoperability Showcase E-Pushes
Several HIMSS web sites                                 New for 2010! Monthly marketing
                                                        calls for Interoperability Showcase
                               participants to stay apprised of the
  www                     latest HIMSS & Showcase marketing
  HIMSS Chapter Leader site                            outreach activities
Main Conference Brochure
Mini-Brochure Mailing                                   And more…!
HIMSS10 Exhibitor Promotion Brochure

  June - September 2009              
Marketing tools provided to all
         at no additional cost
      Interop Showcase Marketing – At Show
Signage – Leadership, Implementer, Organizational,
  Logo placed on graphic wall within the showcase and on (2) areas
   of the theater
  Company name is listed within the session schedule
  Company name and system name displayed on designated
   systems kiosk.
  Leadership Logo placed at additional locations throughout the
   conference exhibition and education areas.
Tent card – Exhibitor booth
Leadership/Distributed Demo Participants
  Booth Sign: approx 8"w x 12"h interoperability branded sign "IHE
     Interoperability Showcase Demonstration Partner "
Resource Guide
Pocket Guide
Show Daily Newspapers
  Article daily that will cover some aspect of the Interoperability
  Full-page ad including all participant logos in the first issue
   delivered on first day of conference. The circulation is 10,000.
IHE Brochure
And more…

   June - September 2009               
High visibility – Media Mentions!


                         You will be in good company –
                 2009 US Interop Showcase Participants

June - September 2009
                            HIMSS09 Interoperability Showcase
20 supporters from a wide range of
important organizations, including
 Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
 Center for Public Health
 And many more…

    June - September 2009  
                                             Focus areas for 2010
    IHE Profiles & HITSP Interoperability Specifications
    Meaningful Use
    ARRA

    Infrastructure                               Patient Care Devices
      (Record Location, Security, ID
                                                 Quality/Public Health/Research
    Electronic Health Record (EHR)               Financial/Administrative
    Personal Health Record (PHR)
                                                 Federal Health Architecture –
    Radiology                                    Connected to the NHIN
    Laboratory                                   And more…
    Healthcare Information Systems

      June - September 2009   
            Four levels of Showcase participation
        Leadership                   Implementer                 Supporter    Special Category for
                                                                                 Non-profit &
-Connected                   -Connected                                      -Fullkiosk with signage
Demonstration                Demonstration                                   that surround the
participation                participation                                   Connected
-Featured Showcase           -
Theater presentation                                                         -And    more…
slot: High profile & well-
Demonstration:                                       - And more…
Enhanced for 2010 to
drive more traffic to your
exhibit floor booth
-Inclusion in two            - And   more…
HIMSS virtual
conferences in 2010
- And   much more…

Pricing and all details will be posted at in July

Showcase Participation Requirements
 Register between Aug 28 – Sept 30, 2009
 Participate in IHE North American Connectathon
 January 11-15, 2010 in Chicago, IL
 Successfully complete milestones & benchmarks as
 outlined in HIMSS10 Interoperability Showcase Terms
 & Conditions
 Follow directions from the IHE Technical Project
 Management and Showcase Management teams as
 necessary in the testing and exhibition process
 Successfully demonstrate interoperability with
 designated partners at Connectathon
 Send adequate technical representatives to
 Connectathon and Interoperability Showcase
 Show off your great work! March 1-4, 2010 in Atlanta!

  June - September 2009 
                        Interoperability Showcase Visuals

June - September 2009    
                                                Important dates
IHE Education Webinars
 June – September 2010
IHE 2010 North American Connectathon, Chicago, IL
 January 11-15, 2010
HIMSS10 Annual Conference
 March 1-4, 2010
 Atlanta
 Visit for registration links for:
       •   HIMSS10 Interoperability Showcase
       •   IHE 2010 NA Connectathon

 June - September 2009  
                         IHE & Interoperability Resources
Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)

Interoperability Showcases

Health Information Technology Standards Panel

 June - September 2009   
                      International Opportunities

North American Connectathon
Connectathons in other regions
 European Connectathon: April 2010
   •   Registration opens October 2009
Other Interoperability Showcases
 Europe
 Asia
 And more to come…

June - September 2009

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