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                           BOARD INFORMATION MEMORANDUM
                                      No. 2009-81

                                                                      Meeting Date: September 2, 2009

 1   From:    Bruce Robson, PE, Contract Program Manager, Engineering Division
 3   Subject: South Anchorage Water Improvements Projects Status
 5   In 2005, AWWU prepared an update to its Water Master Plan. The purpose of the master plan is
 6   to identify capital projects to improve the operations of the overall water system. The historical
 7   Water Master Plans focused on effectively moving bulk water to and around the Anchorage
 8   Bowl. It has always been the focus of the major infrastructure projects identified in the Water
 9   Master Plan to maximize the gravity flow from the Eklutna Water Treatment Facility (EWTF) to
10   serve the majority of the daily water demands throughout Anchorage. Bulk water storage is a
11   significant consideration in the recommendations for water transmission mains to meet both
12   emergency needs and operational flexibility.
14   The 2005 Anchorage Water Master Plan developed preliminary transmission line sizes and
15   storage reservoir volumes based on a full build-out of the entire Anchorage Bowl, which
16   includes the South Anchorage Hillside area. The Anchorage Assembly directed AWWU,
17   through Assembly Resolution No. 98-243, to include potential wastewater collection from the
18   Hillside in AWWU’s wastewater planning efforts. AWWU’s management policy is to provide
19   water service should sanitary sewer service be required in the Hillside areas, AWWU prepared
20   their water master plan to include the potential of supplying water to portions of the Hillsides
21   area currently inside and outside AWWU’s certificated service area. These criteria apply to both
22   water transmission mains and reservoirs planning. As a result, the 2005 Water Master Plan
23   identified a group of projects that have become known as the South Anchorage Water
24   Improvements Projects (SAWIP). The group of four projects that make up SAWIP are
25   consistent with that goal of using large diameter pipes to convey water to storage reservoirs, and
26   to locate the reservoirs at an elevation that they will serve the largest area possible, within the
27   certificated water service boundary, while optimizing the use of gravity to flow water. The four
28   projects that make up SAWIP and a current status of each are provided in the following
29   paragraphs.
31   Hillside Water Transmission Main Project: This project consists of the design and construction
32   of a 24 inch diameter transmission main from Abbott Road south along the Elmore Road right-
33   of-way alignment to the 135th Ave. Booster Station situated west of Elmore Road and south of
34   the South Anchorage High School. This transmission main is approximately 15,000 linear feet
35   long. The 24 inch ductile iron pipe for the project was acquired by AWWU, and is in the process
36   of being specially coated as part of its cathodic protection system. The project’s construction
37   was recently awarded to GMC Contracting Inc., and construction is scheduled to initiate prior to
38   the end of August. Construction will continue for the remainder of the 2009 construction
39   season and through the 2010 construction season for an October 2010 completion. AWWU
40   hosted an open house on August 11th for the local residents along the project. This open house
41   gathered concerns raised and responded to those that could be answered at location. A second
42   such open house will be held prior to re-initiating construction in 2010.
     AWWU Board Information Memorandum 2009-81
     South Anchorage Water Improvements Projects Status
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 1   Proposed 5 Million Gallon Reservoir: A new reservoir is planned for in the general area south
 2   of Huffman Road to DeArmoun Road and east of Elmore Road. The primary criteria for the
 3   siting this reservoir is to be at an elevation of approximately 455 feet, on a parcel of land greater
 4   than 2 acres, and in an area that is generally acceptable to the surrounding neighborhoods. An
 5   extensive public process has been conducted for the SAWIP as a whole with specific focus on
 6   each of the individual projects, particularly with the reservoir projects. Input was received from
 7   a citizen advisory group consisting of representatives from the key four local community
 8   councils, the Hillside District Plan Citizen Advisory Committee, Home and Landowners
 9   Organization for the Anchorage Hillside (HALO) as well as ad hoc local residents that were
10   considered key stakeholders. Additionally, consistent updates were provided to the four
11   community councils to provide status and to receive additional input. As a result of this effort,
12   four potential sites were identified and considered for siting of the 5 million gallon reservoir.
13   The primary site selected by the advisory group as well as by AWWU consists of property
14   located at the southeast corner of Huffman Road & Elmore Road, which is owned by Chugach
15   Electric Association, Inc. (CEA). AWWU is currently in negotiations with CEA for the
16   acquisition of this parcel of property. There are several technical issues and concerns raised by
17   CEA and certain needs identified by AWWU regarding the use of this site. Currently, AWWU is
18   utilizing the services of HDR Alaska Inc. (HDR) to develop a conceptual site plan to assist in
19   clarifying and resolving CEA’s technical concerns. AWWU is hopeful to finalize terms for
20   acquisition of the property by early October 2009. At that time, AWWU would develop a final
21   Purchase Sale Agreement (PSA) to be presented to the Board and then Assembly for formal
22   acquisition of the property. As a condition of the acquisition, AWWU will need to be able to
23   secure approval of a conditional use for the site, as well as both site plan and landscaping plan
24   approval from the Municipal Planning & Zoning Commission and the Urban Design
25   Commission. The conceptual plan and associated renderings developed by HDR will be used as
26   the basis for these municipal approvals. The procurement of professional design services is to
27   proceed upon authorization for the purchase of the reservoir site.
29   Future water transmission main from 135th Booster Station to 164th Booster Station: Currently,
30   the Goldenview area is served by a 12 inch high pressure water transmission main (WTM)
31   routed from the 135th Booster to the Goldenview area. The existing WTM was constructed as
32   the result of both private development activities in the Goldenview area as well as the
33   Goldenview Middle School. This facility was constructed in the mid 1990s. At that time, the
34   areas under development appeared to be the only areas in need of this service, and the WTM
35   was sized to accommodate these developments and some additional undetermined growth.
36   Since that time, additional areas are being served, and other areas have the potential of being
37   served as identified in the Hillside District Plan. The 2005 WMP has identified the need for
38   installation of an additional WTM to the Goldenview area to meet these future water supply
39   demands. Though this need has been rigorously validated, it is premature to commit to an exact
40   time frame for the design and construction of the facility. However, AWWU is prudently
41   planning the alignment corridor for the future improvement and therefore has incorporated it
42   into the holistic SAWIP planning endeavor. As a result of the public process, a corridor has
43   been selected as the preferred corridor by the aforementioned citizen advisory group. This
44   corridor is presented on the attached location map, and will be addressed in the near future
45   request for an amendment to the Municipal Utility Corridor Plan. The next WMP update is
46   scheduled in the near future and will address further details for this WTM.
     AWWU Board Information Memorandum 2009-81
     South Anchorage Water Improvements Projects Status
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 1   Goldenview Reservoir: The 2005 WMP identified the need for an additional 2 million gallons of
 2   water storage along the Goldenview Road corridor south of Rabbit Creek Road. This need was
 3   incorporated into the SAWIP planning and public process. As a result, several parcels of land
 4   were identified along the corridor, and ultimately two sites were recommended as preferred
 5   locations. The two sites are the existing AWWU reservoir site located on the upper elevation of
 6   Prominence Pointe Subdivision and at municipal owned land along the west side of Goldenview
 7   Drive known as Tract B, Legacy Pointe Subdivision. Both sites offered certain benefits as well
 8   as liabilities and neither site held a clear advantage over the other. Final analysis provided a
 9   recommendation that the optimal solution was to consider siting a 1 million gallon reservoir on
10   each of the properties. Due to the current unpredictable nature of private development in the
11   area, this recommendation allows for responding to both the near future and long term need for
12   the total water storage in the area. Therefore, the design and construction of a new 1 million
13   gallon steel reservoir is underway at the existing AWWU site atop Prominence Pointe
14   Subdivision. A construction contract has been recently awarded to Roger Hickel Contracting,
15   Inc. and construction is scheduled to initiate prior to end of August 2009, with completion at the
16   end of the 2010 construction season. In the mean time, AWWU is developing its additional
17   plans for acquisition of a portion of Tract B, Legacy Pointe Subdivision for a future second 1
18   million gallon reservoir site. Collectively, these two sites will provide for meeting AWWU
19   ultimate combined bulk water storage needs for the Goldenview area.
21   In short, these four projects’ planning has been focused on reaching a combination of outcomes:
22   improved water service and reliability for south and west Anchorage; and, supplying for the
23   growth that is predicted for the areas within AWWU’s certificated service boundary.
25   Additional information may be reviewed on the SAWIP public project website maintained by
26   AWWU with the web address of: