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									                  National Contract Management
                 Association - Fort Worth Chapter
     Volume 13 Issue 5                                                            January 2008

    JANUARY 2008 MEETING                               for March 18, 2008 at the Diamond Oaks Country
                                                       Club ... from 8:00 p.m.- 4:30 p.m. Our Speaker will
                                                       be Tom Reid and Tom’s topic (unless we want to
Our January NCMA Chapter Meeting will be held on
                                                                 change it) will be "Best Contracting
January 15, 2008, at Diamond Oaks
Country Club. Our speaker for the
                                                                 The seminar room at Diamond Oaks has
evening will be Tom Burbage the
                                                                 been reserved. On the Chapter Commitment
Executive Vice President/General
                                                                 Form sent to National, Larry Sullivan was
Manager of the F-35 Program. Mr.
                                                                 listed as Registrar.
Burbage will be giving an F-35
Program Status Update.
                                                                I have had our Publicity Chair, Pat Sinclair,
                                                                send out via email the Fort Worth NCMA
The cost is only $20 for members
                                                                Chapter’s     2008    Training     Seminar’s
and $22 for non-members. See the
                                                                information with relevant links. The
NCMA Fort Worth Chapter WEB
                                                       information on the Chapter’s NCMA WEB page and
site at: for the January 2008
                                                       can              be             viewed              at
Meeting Flyer.
                                              Just to be
For reservations please contact Pat Sinclair           sure everyone that might be interested in attending
at 817-570-2809 or Eric Ericson at 972-603-0532.       was notified, Larry Sullivan also sent out an email
                                                       providing the same data in greater detail. Thank you
___________________________________________________    Larry! Thank you Pat!

     PRESIDENT’S CORNER                                And a big NCMA thanks to all those involved for
                   Lee Sinclair                        taking the time to prepare all the training information
                                                       for the 2008 NCMA training classes for our
A belated Happy New Year to all of you!                membership. This can be reviewed by the
                                                       membership to assist them in deciding NCMA
The training seminars for 2008 to be sponsored by      Training they wish to participate. For certain, nobody
the Fort Worth NCMA Chapter for have been              can say that the Fort Worth Chapter’s WEB page is
selected. The training seminar titles with the         not current and informative! Thank you David!
currently planned dates are also shown below:
                                                       For all of the membership to have and use, David
“Types of Contracts”         February 14-15,           McKinney has provided via email an updated Fort
2008                                                   Worth NCMA Chapter Roster for your reference as
“Government Furnished Property” May 22-23, 2008        of January 3, 2008. The list can also be used in the
“Managing Subcontracts”        August 14-15, 2008      distribution of chapter notices. If anyone is checking
“Commercial Item Acquisition” October 30-31,           the list and notices any errors in the spelling of the
2008                                                   names or in the email addresses, please advise David
                                                       McKinney. Currently per David’s newest list, the
The NES Education Seminar for 2008 is scheduled        Fort Worth NCMA Chapter has two-hundred sixty
                                                       one (261) members. A special thanks to all who
participate as NCMA Chapter members, we look                      anyone over age 40 is illegal under the Federal Age
forward to seeing more of you at the Chapter                      Discrimination in Employment Act. But according to
functions between now and June 2008.                              Gail Geary, career management consultant and author
                                                                  of Over-40 Job Search Guide (Jist Works), older job
Oh yes, the Christmas Party!!! Well, really bad                   seekers often find themselves uncomfortably
weather put a dent in the attendance at the Chapter               struggling to answer tough age-related questions
Christmas Party held this year at the Flying Saucer               during interviews.
Emporium in downtown Fort Worth on 11 December
from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Although a wonderful                        Here are five of the most common age-related
Christmas Holiday Party had been planned by Gary                  interview questions – and how to field them
Jacobs, Chapter V.P., the very wet weather was a real             gracefully – according to Geary's book:
show stopper and kept many of our membership at
home instead of allowing them to attend the                       1. "Will you be using this job as a bridge to
festivities. The refreshments and the snack menu                  retirement?"
were just wonderful and really enjoyed by all who                 Other variations of this question include "Where do
braved the elements. However, for those brave souls               you expect to be five years from now?" and "What
who ventured out, weather notwithstanding, your                   are your long-term career goals?" Geary's book states
presence was greatly appreciated!!                                that if you're over age 50 and look your age, openly
                                                                  addressing the retirement issue may benefit you.
I do hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas
and are looking forward to Happy 2008 for you and                 Reassure your interviewer that you are excited about
for our Chapter!!!!                                               the position and plan to continue working for a long
                                                                  time. If you're relatively young and look even
Sincerely,                                                        younger, you may not need to address the issue at all.

Lee Sinclair                                                      2. "What are your salary requirements?"
                                                                  This question is tough for everyone, but it can be
___________________________________________                       even harder for older candidates with decades of
                                                                  experience who do not want their previous high
                                                                  salaries working against them.
        SHERI CHAKA                                               When faced with this question, first respond with a
                                                                  cool, noncommittal answer. If pressed, give a salary
Five Interview Tips for Baby Boomers
                                                                  range based on your research. For example, say: "I've
Kate Lorenz,
                                                                  researched the salary range for this position in our
                                                                  area and have found the typical salary range to be
You're well-educated, your résumé screams
                                                                  from $125,000 to $175,000, plus bonus. Is this what
experience and you're vigorously looking for a new
                                                                  you have in mind?"
job. So why are you so nervous?
                                                                  3. "Do you have enough energy, stamina or brain
Searching for a new job when you're 50 or older
                                                                  power to do the job?"
presents a whole new set of challenges. As if
                                                                  It's unlikely you will face this question outright,
interviews weren't intimidating enough, now you're
                                                                  Geary writes, but you may be asked something like:
trying to dispel all sorts of stereotypes about older
                                                                  "How do you feel about working in a fast-paced
job seekers to an interviewer who's 15 years your
                                                                  environment?" or "Are you able to come in early and
                                                                  work late?"
Employment discrimination based on age against
                                                                  This type of question is your cue to talk about your
                                                        Page 2 of 12
drive, energy and enthusiasm for the job. Give                   National at Please
specific examples that reveal your energy using the              contact Sheri Chaka at or (817)
STAR technique, where you describe the Situation,                978-3582 to submit employment opportunities for
Task, Action and Result. Also keep in mind that this             upcoming newsletters and/or inclusion on the NCMA
type of question reveals clues about the job's                   Fort Worth Chapter's Web site.
demands, hours, deadlines and overall expectations.

4. "Aren't you overqualified for the position?"                  _________________________________________
Geary says the question of over-qualification is
common for mature job seekers, particularly those                      2007 - 2008 NCMA FORT
with 20 or more years of experience. To help avoid
this problem outright, Geary suggests including only
                                                                      WORTH CHAPTER BOARD
10 to 15 years of relevant experience on the résumé.                       OF DIRECTORS
If the question does come up, emphasize your
strengths and accomplishments, not the length of                 The following personnel are the 2007 - 2008
your experience – the interviewer may be concerned               Officers/Chairpersons.
that you will have excessively high salary                       President – Lee Sinclair
requirements or won't be a fit with the company                  Vice President – Gary Jacobs
culture. Remember to always stay positive and try to             Treasurer – Eric Ericson
determine and address the real reason why the                    Secretary – Rick Diehl
interviewer is asking the question.                              Programs – Bob Bond
                                                                 Certification – Loren Kolba
5. "How old are you?"                                            Membership – David McKinney
Again, most interviewers are savvy enough not to ask             WEB Master – David McKinney
you this question outright. But they may ask: "When              Newsletter – Stephanie Rash
did you graduate from Walker High?" or "I have a                 Employment – Sheri Chaka
friend who graduated from Duke. When were you                    Graalman – Gary Jacobs
there?"                                                          Education/Workshops – Larry Sullivan
                                                                 Membership Retention – John Murphy
This type of question is generally illegal, and you can          Publicity – Pat Sinclair
graciously refuse to answer. Other tactics include               Photographer/Historian – Jim Ingram
responding with humor, or addressing the question                 __________________________________________
behind the question: "I am incredibly energetic and
expect to be working for a long time." Whether or not                           EDUCATION
you choose to reveal your age, always keep the
atmosphere positive.
                                                                 The Fort Worth Chapter 2008 training year will
                                                                 officially begin on 14-15 February with the Federal
Kate Lorenz is the article and advice editor for
                                                                 Publications Seminars presentation of Types of She researches and writes about
                                                                 Contracts. This seminar is designed for new and
job search strategy, career management, hiring
                                                                 experienced Contracts professionals, and is valuable
trends and workplace issues.
                                                                 to other functions in your company, including
                                                                 purchasing, legal, accounting and engineering
New job openings in the Dallas/Fort Worth area are
                                                                 management. The seminar includes an analysis of
listed on both the NCMA Fort Worth
                                                                 the risks inherent in contracting, and the role of risk and North
                                                                 management in fixed-price and cost-reimbursement
Texas Chapter Web
                                                                 contracting. The end objective is to provide a greater
sites. An even larger list is available on NCMA
                                                       Page 3 of 12
understanding of contract implications so we can be            David at with any
aware and better manage the different types of                 change in membership related matters.
                                                               The following nine (9) new members have joined
The prices for this year’s seminars remain the same,           NCMA during the month of November 2007. Please
$450 for NCMA members, $575 for non-members,                   join me in welcoming these new members to NCMA
thanks to our sponsors. The place remains the same,            and the Fort Worth Chapter.
Diamond Oaks Country Club. Please get your
registration in no later than 2:00 PM, Friday, 1               Jeffrey Stark        Chelton Inc.
February.                                                      Jerry Wurst          Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.
                                                               Joseph White         Siemens
To see the entire year’s seminars, go to our website at        Robert Fort          DynCorp Int’l and look under NCMA                     Rodney Santifort     DynCorp Int’l
Training. You’ll find the advertising flyer, seminar           Nancy Rouche         Computer Sciences Corp.
synopsis and registration form for our seminars,               Harold Fredrickson   Dyncorp Int’l
including the one-day National Education Seminar in            Richard Lefrancois   Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.
March.                                                         David Moore          Dyncorp Int’l

Make this the year you embark on professional                  David W. McKinney, Fellow
education. I look forward to seeing you at the                 NCMA, Fort Worth Chapter
seminars.                                                      Membership and WEB Chairs
Larry Sullivan
Education Chairman

CHAPTER          MEMBERSHIP             -     DAVID

NCMA Fort Worth Chapter Membership is at 255 as
of 18 December 2007

Members and guests can visit the NCMA Fort Worth
Chapter WEB site at the following WEB address: For the membership database
password at the Fort Worth Chapter WEB site,
members should contact David at the phone number
or e-mail address listed below. Please contact the
Fort Worth Chapter Membership Chairman (David
McKinney) telephonically at 817-935-3831 or e-mail

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                                                NCMA - Fort Worth Chapter

             NCMA FORT WORTH
                      In Association With:
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, Bell Helicopter, Textron,
   Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc., and L3 Link Simulation &
                     Types of Contracts
    WHEN:           Thursday and Friday, February 14-15, 2008
                     Registration, Networking and Breakfast 8-9
                               Class Sessions 9-4

             WHERE: Diamond Oaks Country Club
                    Haltom City, Texas

     Seminar Conducted by Federal Publications Seminars

     Price: $450.00 NCMA Members
                   $575.00 Non-NCMA Members


        LARRY SULLIVAN (817) 935-4912 OR FAX (817) 762-9892
            See for Additional Information and Map

  Make FIRM Reservations by 2:00 P.M. Friday, 1 February 2008
         (Payment must be made prior to attendance)

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                                                                NCMA - Fort Worth Chapter
                              Types of Contracts
   An accelerated, comprehensive two day course on the practical, legal, accounting, and
           management systems implications in the use of various contract types.
     This course is designed for both new and experienced contract professionals. For new
employees, it explains the different contract types and their uses. For experienced employees,
 it is a refresher and an update examining the various contract types and the new, innovative
  types of contracts in use. It includes an analysis of the risks inherent in contracting and the
role of risk management in both fixed-price and cost-reimbursement contracting. In fact, risk
   considerations are the primary drivers behind renewed Congressional interest in moving
                                   toward fixed-price contracts.
This course is different from others in that it does more than explain the differences between
  and among the various types of contracts. Its purpose is to outline the practical, legal,
 accounting, and management systems implications in the use of each type of contract.
     Its end objective is to provide both new and experienced employees with a greater
 understanding of contract implications so that they may better administer and manage their
                                         own contracts.
       An exceptional faculty with extensive teaching, legal, accounting, and management
                              experience will facilitate the course.

                                         The Course Curriculum

   •     Procurement Methods

             o   Simplified Acquisition Procedures

             o   Sealed Bidding

             o   Contracting by Negotiation

             o   Acquisition of Commercial Items

             o   Performance-Based Contracts

             o   Special Contracting Methods

   •     Contract Types - (Description, application, management burdens, limitations and clauses)

             o   Selecting Contract Types

                         Assessing contract risk

                         Sharing contract risk

             o   Fixed-Price Contracts

                         Firm-fixed-price contracts

                         Fixed-price contracts with economic price adjustment

                                                 Page 6 of 12
                                                             NCMA - Fort Worth Chapter
                     Fixed-price incentive contracts

                     Fixed-price contracts with award fees

                     Fixed-price contracts with prospective price re-determination

                     Fixed-price contracts with retroactive price re-determination

                     Firm-fixed-price, level-of-effort term contracts

        o   Cost-Reimbursement Contracts

                     Cost contracts

                     Cost-sharing contracts

                     Cost plus-incentive-fee contracts

                     Cost-plus-award-fee contracts

                     Cost-plus-fixed-fee contracts

        o   Indefinite-Delivery Contracts

                     Definite-quantity contracts

                     Requirements contracts

                     Indefinite-quantity contracts


        o   Other Contracts Types

                     Time-and-Materials contracts

                     Labor-hour contracts

                     Letter contracts

        o   Agreements

                     Basic agreements

                     Basic ordering agreements

•   Financial and Accounting Considerations for Different Contract Types

        o   Pricing and Cost Estimating

                     Truth in Negotiations Act

                     Submission of cost or pricing data

                     Defective Pricing

        o   Indirect Rates

                                              Page 7 of 12
                                                           NCMA - Fort Worth Chapter
                    Forward pricing rates

                    Provisional billing rates

                    Revenue booking rates

                    Actual rates

                    Quick close-out rates

        o   Billing Methods and Revenue Recognition

                    Milestone billings

                    End item billings

                    Cost vouchers

                    Progress payments

                    Advance payments

                    Liquidation issues

                    Percentage of completion, cost-to-cost method

                    Commercial payment schedule

        o   Government Audit Rights

                    Pre-award audits

                    Post award audits

                    Incurred cost submissions

                    System reviews

•   Contract Close-out Issues

        o   Quick Close-Out Procedures

        o   Contract Retentions and Holdbacks

        o   Final Billing and Payment

        o   Document/Records Retention

                                            Page 8 of 12
                                                                NCMA - Fort Worth Chapter

                         NCMA FORT WORTH CHAPTER
                                                   In Association With
                             Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, Bell Helicopter Textron,
                           Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc., and L-3 Link Simulation & Training


                                          Types of Contracts

Date:                                    Thursday and Friday, February 14-15, 2008
When:                                      8:00 AM Registration, Networking and Breakfast Buffet
                                      9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Seminar

Where:                                             Diamond Oaks Country Club,
                                      5821 Diamond Oaks Drive North, Haltom City, Texas 76117
Price:                  $450 Members, $575 Non-Members - Includes Continental Breakfast, Breaks and

                              Register no later than 2:00 P.M. Friday, 1 February 2008

Registrant Information
         Name:                                                                 CPCM     CACM
         Business Address:
         City/State/Zip Code:
         Daytime Phone Number: (         )-           FAX Number: (            )-
         E-Mail Address:

         To aid in tailoring the seminar to each audience, please tell us about yourself:
         Who do you work for?         Industry      Government Other:
         What is you level of experience?       New Hire      Basic       Mid     Senior Years Experience:

         Check here if you need special accommodations to fully participate:

            NCMA Member Price: $450                   NCMA Non-Member Price: $575

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                                                             NCMA - Fort Worth Chapter
         NCMA Membership            NCMA Chapter Affiliation:

Payment Information
Check Number:

Please Make Checks Payable To: NCMA Ft. Worth Chapter

Forward Checks to:                  NCMA Fort Worth Chapter
                                    P.O. Box 14171
                                    Arlington, TX 76094-1171
                                    ATTN: February Seminar

For Credit Card Billing on Visa or MasterCard – Provide Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, Number
from Back of Card, Cardholder Name and Card Billing Address. If you desire, please call Larry Sullivan
and provide the information telephonically. Cards will be billed upon receipt.

E-mail or fax this form and fee arrangement to the Registrar:
Larry Sullivan

Phone: (817) 935-4912 Fax: (817) 762-9892

                      NOTE: Fee Must Be Paid Prior To Attendance

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                                                       NCMA - Fort Worth Chapter
The membership chair requests your input

What areas of our organization could be improved, enhanced, deleted, or otherwise
changed to be more attractive to new members and to retain current members? (Meeting
location, meeting dates/times, speakers, meals, newsletter, etc.) Any other suggestions?


            Send to:

            David McKinney
            P. O. Box 748 MZ 9321
            Fort Worth, Texas 76101

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                                                          NCMA - Fort Worth Chapter

             West Loop 820

                                                          183 Airport Freeway

           Glenview                               East

Denton                                        Pipeline Road

             Country Club
                                                              FROM DALLAS:

                                                              Take 183 West to Loop 820 West,
                                                              Exit on Hwy 377 (Denton Hwy), turn
                                                              left go one mile left to Diamond Oaks
Take 121 North to Glenview/Pipeline
                                                              Drive North. Go 0.3 miles, Country
exit, turn left go 3.5 miles to Hwy 377
                                                              Club will be on the left.
(Denton Hwy). Turn left onto Hwy
377 go 0.3 miles. Turn left onto
Diamond Oaks Drive North, Country
Club will be on the left.

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