SFMTA Response to State Budget Cuts

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					SFMTA Response to State Budget Cuts
Phil Balagtas, Lynn-Kai Chao, Sue Quick, Hugh Hsu

Client: SFMTA/General Public & MUNI Ridership
Due to state budget cuts, an economic recession, decreases in ridership, SFMTA(San
Francisco Municipal Transit Authority) has proposed fare increases and bus line cuts.

-state budget cuts: the state of California has eliminated operating funds for transit. This
not only affects MUNI but BART and transit in Bay Area, Oakland
-economic recession: SFMTA has lost revenues from most of the biggest funding

Our team proposes to continue to research and work with SFMTA to develop a more
refined design solution to educate the public about the trickle-down effect that state
governance has had on public transportation funding.

It has been noted that SFMTA is open to new ideas for campaign to notify the public
about the fare increases. Sue has suggested helping re-design signage at bus shelters
and inside buses.

The team will continue to do research to find other design opportunities outside of print

A successful campaign will result in an increase in public response to the issue. Some
figures that may reflect this are:
-an increase in attendance to SFMTA public meetings
-an increase in volunteers
-any public response directly resulting from the campaign

SFMTA will provide research and statistics for us to fully explore design opportunities.
Additional research will be conducted on the following:
-Effects of state budget cuts on other cities’ transportation authorities.
-Similar campaigns

Each member will be responsible for design solutions based on their background:
Lynn-Kai Chao and Sue Quick - Graphic Design/Visual Communication
Hugh Hsu – Architecture/Industrial Design
Phil Balagtas – Interactive Design/Graphic Design