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                                                            Budget Cuts in Education
                                                                                                    N e w s B u l l e t i n o f t h e C a n a l C o m m u n i t i e s Pa r t n e r s h i p

                                                   What will it mean for your child and for your community?
                                                 In October 2008, the Minister for Education and Science, Batt O’ Keefe TD, announced major budget cuts
                                                     in education. Some further reductions in the allocation of English Language Supports and Special
                                                                             Education supports were announced in February.

                                                 T   hese reductions in the
                                                     numbers of teachers and
                                                 grants to schools will affect all
                                                                                                                                                                 Band One school. This means
                                                                                                                                                                 that it is one of the most
                                                                                                                                                                 disadvantaged schools in the
                                                 of the children living in our                                                                                   country. Despite this, it is now
                                                 community who are going to                                                                                      set to lose a total of 5 teachers
                                                 primary and second level                                                                                        as a result of the current
                                                 school.                                                                                                         situation.
                                                    Whether you are a parent of                                                                                      Over 50% of the junior
                                                 a school-going child or not, it is                                                                              infants in this school are in
                                                 important that everyone living                                                                                  need of English language
                                                 in Bluebell, Inchicore, Rialto,                                                                                 supports. “At the moment we
                                                 Kilmainham and Islandbridge is                                                                                  have 4 English language
                                                 aware of how these cuts in                                                                                      teachers,” says Principal Mary
                                                 education will impact on our                                                                                    Keogh, “but because of the cuts
                                                 local children and on our local                                                                                 we will lose two of these
                                                 schools. From the information                                                                                   teachers.”
                                                 made available to us the                                                                                            The school is also about to
                                                 impacts will be as follows:                                                                                     lose its Special class teacher. In
                                                                                                                                                                 order to retain this teacher the
                                                 English Language Teachers:           English Language Classes, Supports for Special Needs and General Funding   Special Needs class would have
                                                 Primary schools will have a          Grants are the main areas which will be affected by the recent cutbacks    to consist of 9 pupils. “We have
                                                 maximum of two English                                                                                          six children in the special class
                                                 language teachers per primary                                                                                   and three more are currently
                                                 school. These teachers give          more grants for extra books,           Basin Lane serves children from     being assessed. If the three
                                                 additional English support, to       resources and equipment for            the surrounding areas including     children had already been
                                                 children from new communities        children with special needs.           Rialto. Sr Rita Wynne who is        assessed we would have held
                                                 and children whose first             The grant to support traveller         Principal says that her school      the teacher,” says Ms Keogh.
                                                 language is not English.             children in education has been         will lose at least two teachers -       When St Michael’s CBS
                                                 Currently, some schools in           reduced.                               one English Language teacher        closed, Our Lady of Lourdes
                                                 Inchicore have 4 or 5 English                                               and one Special Support             National School took on some of
                                                 language teachers: these             Cuts in Local Schools                  teacher. Sr Rita says that the      the children and was allocated
                                                 schools will lose 2 or 3 teachers    Our Lady of the Wayside                old system of allocating English    2 teachers. By next year these
                                                 each.                                primary school in Bluebell             Language teachers was quite         teachers will be gone. By then
                                                                                      which at the moment cannot             fair but now “irrespective of       the school will have lost over
                                                 Supports for children with           afford to employ a caretaker,          how many children need              20% of its teaching staff.
                                                 special needs: Some of the           will be further hit by the recent      language supports, the                  “Morale is already low in this
                                                 supports for our local children      cuts.                                  maximum number of teachers          area with the collapse of the St
                                                 with special needs will no              According to Principal Anne         allowed is just two.”               Michael’s Regeneration and the
                                                 longer be available. If a child      McCluskey, “We are already                 “We are currently making a      education cuts on top of that is
                                                 has a learning difficulty, they      underfunded as it is. These new        case for getting back our           just too much. We can’t
                                                 are given extra support in           cuts will mean a reduction of          Special supports teacher,” says     tolerate these cuts because we
                                                 school. They might have some         between 2,500 and 3,000 in             Sr. Rita adding that “the           can’t maintain our level of
                                                 small groups with 5 or 6             grants for traveller children and      children who are assessed as        service,” says Mary Keogh. “We
                                                 children per group, they might       learning resource teaching             having special needs are the        are going to fight these cuts
                                                 have individual teaching with a      materials. That is a substantial       most needy and shouldn’t suffer     and we hope that our
                                                 resource teacher or they might       amount of money to lose for a          the cuts”.                          community will be behind us all
                                                 be part of a special class. Some     school this small.”                        Our Lady of Lourdes National    the way.”
                                                 of these supports may not be            Mater Dei Primary School in         School in Goldenbridge is a DEIS
                                                 available in schools next                                                                                       If you are a parent and would

                                                                                      “We can’t tolerate these cuts because
                                                 September.                                                                                                      like to know how your school
                                                                                                                                                                 will be affected by the cuts you

                                                                                      we can’t maintain our level of service”
                                                 Funding and grants: The                                                                                         should contact your local school
                                                 school library grant scheme has                                                                                 for updates on the cuts and
                                                 been reduced. There are no                                                                                      their impact.
                                        PA RT N E R S H I P

Learning                              Pared Down Development                                                        Music, Play
From Sweden                           to Begin in St Michael’s                                                      and Sharing
A   group of 12 Childcare students
    from Inchicore College of
Further Education recently went
                                                                                                                    T   he Intercultural Parent/ Carer
                                                                                                                        & Toddler Group has recently
                                                                                                                    employed a part-time support
on an educational visit to three                                                                                    worker, Natasa Marinkovic to
Swedish Childcare facilities with a                                                                                 provide support and continuity to
view to bringing back ideas that                                                                                    the group. As part of her work
could benefit childcare services                                                                                    Natasa organised a fun event
here.                                                                                                               involving a presenter from Jo
    Three people from Eala Óg                                                                                       Jingles, an organisation that
créche, Lesley Strahan (manager)                                                                                    provides fun music, singing and
and two FETAC Level 5 Childcare                                                                                     movement classes for babies and
students, Michele Negru and                                                                                         young children.
Jennifer McGhee went on the                                                                                             During February Jo Jingles
visit to Sweden.                                                                                                    visited the group for three very
    This trip was part funded by                                                                                    successful sessions.
the Childcare Development Fund
from the Canal Communities
Partnership.                           An aerial view of the 14 acres on which the original St Michael’s Estate
                                       development plan was based. The lower right hand corner is the 2 acre site
    “We visited the local Childcare    on which 76 housing units will be built beginning in January 2010
College and three very different

Childcare services,” says Michele.
“The first one was a Rudolf               ublin City Council is now set to go ahead with part of the
Steiner Centre, which uses a              development of St Michael’s Estate and build 76 housing units on
specific way of learning for          a two acre site on the former estate.
children where all the equipment         Following the collapse of the proposed Private Public Partnership
and toys are made from natural        development with the developer McNamara, the council made
materials. There are no books or      efforts to bring on board an alternative private developer without
televisions used in this school.      success.
Instead the children are                 The council has since decided to begin building phase one of the
encouraged to use their               development beginning in January 2010. This means that 76 housing             Paul Fox: A Parent’s Experience
imagination.                          units will be built on a 2 acre site close to the Canal and next to the       “Jo Jingles appearance at the
    “The second place we went to      Goldenbridge Cemetery. The original plan had been to build 240                Intercultural Parent/Carer &
was an outdoor centre where           social housing units and 480 private units on the whole of the St             Toddler Group on Monday, 16th
children spend 90% of their time      Michael’s Estate which covers 14 acres.                                       February was absolutely
outdoors and even sleep outside          In its report to the Lord Mayor and Dublin City Councillors last           fantastic. The presenter
in the snow! The children also        December the Council stated that it would “continue to be open to             immediately engaged with the
spend a lot of time in the forest     considering other alternative solutions which would deliver the               children and they were wide eyed
looking for animals and birds.”       regeneration of St Michael’s Estate in a more timely or effective             and smiling throughout. As a
                                      manner”.                                                                      parent I learnt how important and

                                      Healthy Eating Made Easy
                                                                                                                    effective music is for a child’s
                                                                                                                    development. My 15 month old
                                                                                                                    son was initially a little shy but
                                                                                                                    was soon joining in the fun and

                                                                                                                    was as fascinated as all the other
                                          re you interested in taking                                               children with the puppets and
                                          part in a course that will                                                instruments.
                                      equip you to support other                                                       “I have never seen a group of
                                      people in your community to                                                   children of different ages so
                                      develop healthier eating habits?                                              engrossed and well-behaved.
The third centre that the group       If so, you are invited to join in                                             They all sat patiently like little
visited, Stella Nova, is a place      the Healthy Food Made Easy                                                    angels on their cushions waiting
where all the inner doors are         Programme which is a Community                                                eagerly for each new song, dance
removed so the children can           Nutrition initiative sponsored by                                             or game. It was almost impossible
move freely between each room.        the Health Promotion Service,                                                 to prise my son away when the
The children here assist in making    HSE Dublin Mid-Leinster,                                                      fun was over as he wanted more
dinners and serving food to their     Ballyfermot/Chapelizod                 programme will include cooking         and all the other children wanted
friends.                              Partnership and Canal                  and tasting sessions. The course       more.
    Overall, the three services       Communities Partnership.               will be both practical and fun and        “As a parent I feel it is really
encourage the children to make            The Programme is aimed at          will take place in the month of        important to encourage your child
decisions in their learning and       local people who will be trained       April at a venue to be decided.        at an early age to be involved in
promote independence. This type       to assist others in their                 There will be four places           music, play and sharing which
of learning can be used in any        community to gain a better             available to people from the           was evident throughout the
Childcare Centre.                     knowledge of nutrition and help        Canal Partnership area. For            session. My son slept for 3 hours
    According to Michele, “It was     them to put it into practice in        further information on the course      afterwards which was a first. A
an amazing experience and the         everyday life.                         or to book a place please contact      big thank you to Natasa, support
memories will stay with us                As well as group discussions,      Tracy Quinn at 623 5612 or             worker, for another great Monday
forever.”                             quizzes and exercises, the             Maureen Mc Govern at 473 2196.         morning.”
                                          PA RT N E R S H I P

T                                    Fatima Regeneration:                                                          High Demand
    he Fatima Regeneration

                                     The Finishing Touches
                                                                                                                   for Leadership
    programme has now reached a
point where the whole area is
now unrecognisable as the old

Fatima Mansions. In place of the
former flats is an exceptionally

well thought out and planned
development with the needs of                                                                                          wenty five people are
the community at the centre of                                                                                         currently participating on
the decision making.                                                                                               Community Leadership training
   The result is a development                                                                                     programmes in the Canal
which has high quality private,                                                                                    Communities Partnership area.
social and affordable housing side                                                                                    There are 2 different levels
by side, along with the provision                                                                                  of course involved — one is at
for shops, a multi purpose                                                                                         community level which is part-
neighbourhood centre, a leisure                                                                                    time and takes one year to
complex, local businesses which                                                                                    complete and the other is at
will employ local people and a                                                                                     college level which is also part-
purpose built childcare facility.                                                                                  time but takes 2 years to
   The physical regeneration                                                                                       complete.
process has now entered its final                                                                                     Dolphin House and Oblate
phase and will be completed by                                                                                     Basketball Hall, Inchicore are
the summer of this year. Fatima                                                                                    the venues for the community
Regeneration Board will be                                                                                         level courses while the college
dissolved in December 2009 and                                                                                     level course takes place in
will be replaced by a                                                                                              Inchicore College of Further
management company which,                                                                                          Education on Emmet Road.
along with Dublin City Council,                                                                                       The students taking part in
will manage the estate.              Joe Donohoe, project manager with Fatima Groups United: in the background     the courses have a strong
   In April new tenants will move    Fatima Neighbourhood Centre is nearing completion                             interest in their own community
                                                                                                                   and a wide range of local
                                                                                                                   organisations are supporting the
                                     regeneration has made a real            Digital/Computer centre will also     programme and some are
                                     impact on local young people,           be opened in this period.             providing work placements for
                                     giving them opportunities that             The leisure centre, Herberton      the students.
                                     would otherwise have been way           Leisure, has already opened its          Towards summer the three
                                     beyond their reach.”                    doors and has begun registering       groups of participants will be
                                        Later in April, just after           members and is working well with      coming together for a series of
                                     Easter, the créche will open            the local residents. Its facilities   lectures on the various elements
                                     providing childcare facilities for      include a pool, Jacuzzi, sauna,       of Community Development.
                                     25 children but will over time          steam room and a fully equipped          The Community Leadership
                                     expand to cater for up to 75            gymnasium. For membership             training programmes are the
                                     children.                               information call (01) 454 7963.       result of a partnership effort
                                                                                The developer is currently         between Canal Communities
The shopping precinct
                                                                                                                   Partnership, City Of Dublin
                                      “regeneration has made                 working to ensure that the last of
                                                                                                                   Vocational Education
into 40 social units in Fatima.                                              the private apartments and retail
                                       a real impact on local                outlets are let as soon as            Committee, Eolas (Adult
   Some of these units are being
bought by local young people who           young people”                     possible. This will be important      Education Group) and the
were employed during the                                                     for providing customers for the       supporting community groups in
regeneration as apprentices and      This will be followed in May/June       socially owned Launderette and        Dolphin House, Fatima, Rialto,
general operatives. This             with the opening of offices for         Café which will be open soon.         Inchicore, St Michaels Estate and
opportunity was negotiated under     Fatima Groups United, Youth                The completion of the              Bluebell.

                                                                                                                   Lone Parents
the super-affordable scheme as       Services, Health Initiative and         regeneration will be marked by
part of the Fatima Agreement.        Fatima Community Employment .           the handing over of the all

   According to Joe Donohoe,            An impressive purpose built          weather football pitch in the
project manager of Fatima            art studio and rooms for the            summer of 2009. Expect a
Groups United, “This is how          Homework Club and a                     celebration.

                                                                                                                   A  re you parenting alone in the
                                                                                                                      Inchicore area?
                                                                                                                   Would you like to meet other
                                                                                                                   parents and have some relaxing
                                                                                                                   time to yourself?
                                                                                                                      If so then join us in the
                                                                                                                   Inchicore Community Sports
                                                                                                                   Centre, off Bulfin Road,
                                                                                                                   Inchicore on Friday March 27
                                                                                                                   from 10am — 12.00pm.

                                                                                                                   For more information phone
                                                                                                                   Sharon at (01) 473 2196.
Outdoor play area for the créche     A completely new streetscape leading to the Luas stop in Rialto
                                        PA RT N E R S H I P

Partnership’s                                 Volunteer Management Training for
New Offices                                   Community Groups & Organisations
                                      If you would like to learn how to:
                                          * Plan Volunteer Involvement & Roles
                                          * Explore Best Practice, Recruitment, Selection, Induction
                                          * Understand the role and importance of support and supervision
                                          for volunteers
                                          * Design and Implement a Volunteer Policy
                                                                                                                     The Breast Check stand at CCIC’s
                                      All you have to do is book a place on our Volunteer Management                 recent Health Fair in Inchicore
                                      Training Course
                                                                                                                     plans to build on this by offering

                                          Dates:        April 7, 14, 21, 28                                          training and support to schools
    anal Communities Partnership          Time:         9am - 1pm                                                    and community groups in the
    moved to new offices in               Venue:        Canal Communities Partnership, 2nd Floor,                    area.
January. The Partnership is now                         Oblate View Tyrconnell Road, Inchicore.
located on the 2nd Floor of Oblate                                                                                   Fáilte Isteach
View on Tyrconnell Road opposite      To book a place phone: Sharon (01) 473 2196 or email:                          The Fáilte Isteach programme will
the Oblates Church. Our contact, but be quick because there are only               involve local people volunteering
details are as follows: telephone     twelve places available.                                                       to teach conversational English to
(01) 473 2196, fax 453 4857, email                                                                                   new migrants who have come to                                                                                           Ireland from all over the world.

                                     backgrounds. In one particular           a programme of one-to-one              The student-centred approach
                                     school the percentage was over           conversational English Classes in      adopted by the programme
                                     70%.                                     the coming months.                     provides basic language support in

Centre’s Plans
                                        It is against this backdrop of a          CCIC also plans to work with       a practical, welcoming and
                                     worsening economic climate and           the Irish community to support         inclusive manner.

                                     changing immigration patterns            and encourage their engagement             The first class in Inchicore will
  n the current economic             that Canal Communities                   in building an integrated              be in Bulfin Court Centre on
  downturn, there has been a lot     Intercultural Centre (CCIC) has          community. A new aim will be to        Wednesday 1 April at 7pm.
of comment about migrants            drawn up its new Strategic Plan          work with organisations and            Classes will also begin Rialto in
returning home. This is              for 2008-2011.                           individuals, to support and            the Community Network office
undoubtedly the case, but recent        Resourcing the immigrant              resource them to create                568 SCR on Tuesday 7 April at
research conducted by the Canal      communities who have settled             welcoming integrated spaces.           3pm.
Communities Intercultural Youth      here will continue to be a focus             The research referred to above         If you are interested in
Work Working Group show that         for the CCIC who have been               is part of CCIC’s work with youth      becoming a volunteer or if you are
significant numbers remain in the    working with local community             services in the area to develop an     a migrant who wants English
area. The survey showed that 37%     groups, Dublin City Council and          intercultural youth work strategy      language classes please contact
of children in local national        senior groups in the area with a         which will promote full inclusion      Claire at (01) 453 7239 or Atinuke
schools come from ethnic minority    view to setting up Fáilte Isteach,       of young people in the area. CCIC      at (01) 473 2003.

                                   Canal Local Employment Service
                                  Training Schedule for Spring 2009
              The Canal Local Employment Service offers a selection of work-related training programmes for its registered clients.
               The following courses, which are certified by FETAC, FAS and Irish Heart Foundation, are scheduled for early 2009.

          COURSE                         DURATION                TIMES                   DATES                DAYS

          Occupational First Aid         3   Days           10am – 4pm                  21-23 Apr            Tue-Thur
          Computer Literacy              8   Weeks          10am – 12.30pm              26 Mar-21 May        Thur-Fri
          Computer Improvers             6   Weeks          10am – 12.30pm              23 Mar               Mon-Wed
          Keyboard Skills                3   Weeks          2pm – 3.00 pm               6 Apr                Mon-Thur
          Reception Skills               2   Days           10am – 1pm                  21-23 Apr            Tue-Thur
          Office Skills                  2   Days           10am – 1pm                  12-13 May            Tue-Wed
          Safe Pass                      1   Day            10am – 1pm                  19 Mar               Thur
          Manual Handling                1   Day            10am – 1 pm                 11 May               Mon
          TAS Computerised A/cs          6   Weeks          1.30 – 4.00pm               28 Apr               Tue-Wed
          Occupational First Aid         3   Days           10am – 4pm                  2-4 July             Tue-Thur

          For further information or to reserve a training place contact Janet Shanks. Tel: (01) 453 7229. Fax 453 7228 or Email Janet at

                                                            O BLATE V IEW, 2N D FLOOR
                                                     T YRCONNELL RO A D, NCHICORE, DUBLIN 8.
                                                                T EL: 473 2196
                                                                FA X: 453 4857
                                                        EMAIL: NFO@ CANALPARTNERSHIP. O M
                                                              I                       C                                      Your Plan -Your future

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