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									UK Marriage and Fiancee visa
Immigration to UK is extremely difficult as the country is already overpopulated with immigrants due to its historical past of ruling over several
colonies across the globe. However Immigration visa service UK is regulated by the Office of the Immigration Service Commission or OISC and it is
also a member of the Association of Regulated Immigration Advisors in the UK. Immigration policy in UK keeps changing very often and it is very
important to file visa application after compilation carefully since the British Visa Department is not permitted to provide immigration advice and any
discrepancy would invite rejection.

Seeking immigration visa to UK for spouse, fiancee, blood relations or children of someone who is already a permanent UK resident is dealt differently
than those who are seeking work permits and immigration visa thereof. It is very difficult unless you can relocate UK through your work place.
Seeking job in UK is difficult too if you are from non-EU countries. For jobs in the UK , the employers are required to search UK and Europe first then
EU countries or the countries who have special arrangement with UK government. Seeking employment from non-EU countries; stand the last

However if you can find an employer offering you a job in UK, it is the beginning of migrating to UK. But not many employers are ready to take the time
consuming pain to file your work visa application; so take the time and ensure that you follow the proper procedure to get the work visa. If you are
confused with the application and procedures then, if possible, pay the money and seek guidance. There are many types of visas and they are quite
confusing and British Home Office Immigration is over burdened with load; so make sure when you speak to them you ask them everything you need
to know.

Once you are approved for a work permit; you must remain in that work till visa permits you, in case you need to change your employer, then again
you have to go through the procedure of work permit. It is better to speak to advisory board before you change the job. You always get some time
when your one job ends and you get the next. You must make sure that during this transitory period you can support yourself with your savings.

Be aware the British immigration rules and work permits change all the time. Once you can manage to stay with your work permits for couple of years
and with the then UK law hopefully favouring your status, you can seek for permanent resident's status. Though, ordinarily it is a remote possibility
unless you are married to a British, European or EU national.

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