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					                                   Alexander Hamilton High School

    I.      Graduation Ceremony
            Graduation will be held at the Galen Center on the campus of USC on Tuesday, June 22, 2010,
            at 6:30 P.M. Information is posted on the Hamilton website, “Senior Class section.”

   II.     Graduation Requirements-in order for seniors to walk the stage:
           1. Students must meet the LAUSD requirements (see Hami website “Senior Class section) that
              require passing specific classes and a minimum of 230 credits.
            2. All transcripts from Adult school, Community College, on-line courses etc. must
               be turned in to the student’s counselor by Wednesday, June 16 at 3:00 P.M.
            3. Students must register for classes in the Hamilton Adult School by February 12.
            4. *Students must pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) in both
                Math and English.
            5. All textbooks must be returned to the bookroom (this includes books from 9-12th
               grade). All textbooks that have been lost must be paid for. See Ms. Nicholson in the Deans
               Office for information. Library fines must also be paid. See the Librarian for info..
            6. Second semester, beginning Feb.09, 2010, seniors are limited to no more than 7 absences
               in any one class. Students must clear all absences within 5 days after returning. See this
               letter on our website for more information about this policy.
            7. Second semester, seniors cannot receive more than three Unsatisfactory (“U”) marks; no
               more than two “U” marks can be in Cooperation. The deadline for the Cooperation and
               Work Habits marks is Wednesday, June 16. “U” marks cannot be appealed.

    II.     Miscellaneous Information – all of the following info is on the
   website, “Senior Class Section” and in the Main Office.
            Please check the Hamilton website frequently for scholarship and other important info.

           1. Prom 2010: May 21, 2010 at California Market Center, Los Angeles.
           2. Cap and gown and senior dues package is $ 80. Sales will begin March 16. The package
              includes cap and gown and at least 10 tickets to graduation. There will be a limited number
              of scholarships available for the package.
           3. Grad Night at Disneyland: This is not an official school sponsored event. The Hamilton
              PTSA will distribute information in April.
           4. Seniors must turn in copies of their college acceptance letters and information on the
              scholarships they have received to their SLC Director.
           5. Seniors and their parents are encouraged to check our website for scholarship information.

*Some students with existing IEP or a Section 504 Plans may be exempt from the CAHSEE. Students/Parents
should see the counselor to inquire about the status of their 504 plan or with their special education case carrier
to inquire about the IEP exemption.