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					                              Action Items             A monthly newsletter for
                                                     Hands On Charlotte volunteers

                              December, 2009                       

        Honor Dr. King                                              Volunteer for the Arts at
       through Service                                               First Night Charlotte
                               “Every person must decide            First Night Charlotte is a
                           whether to walk in the light of       family-friendly, alcohol-free
                           creative altruism or the darkness     New Year's Eve celebration
                           of destructive selfishness. This is   that takes place throughout
                           the judgment. Life’s most persis-     the Center City area on
                           tent and urgent question is,          Thursday, December 31.
                           ‘What are you doing for others?’ ”    First Night offers a wide
                           —Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.          variety of artists—musicians,
                                                                 dancers, poets, painters,
                                During the 1950s and ’60s,       sculptors, etc.—with a broad
                            civil rights leader Martin           range of appeal.
Luther King, Jr. recognized the power of service to              Performances are held in both indoor and outdoor ven-
strengthen communities and achieve common goals.                 ues in close proximity to each other. Attendees purchase
Initiated by Congress in 1994, King Day of Service builds        a First Night button that gives them access to all the
on that that legacy by transforming the federal holiday          performances from 3pm until midnight.
honoring Dr. King into a national day of community ser-
vice grounded in his teachings of nonviolence and social             Hands On Charlotte is coordinating the volunteers
justice.                                                         for this event, and we're looking for people to help with
                                                                 kids' activities, button sales, performance venues, and
    Join Hands On Charlotte as we offer a special volun-         more. Volunteers need to be at least 16 years old, but
teer event to celebrate the vision of Dr. King. Our annual       you do not have to be an active HOC volunteer to sign
MLK Weekend volunteer event promises to be our big-              up (i.e., you do not have to attend an HOC orientation).
gest ever, as we expect as many as 900 volunteers to par-        You'll find more information in the Special Events sec-
ticipate in more than 30 service projects that we are orga-      tion of the HOC web site.
nizing from Saturday, January 16 through the King holi-
day on Monday, January 18.                                           A portion of the revenues from First Night button
                                                                 sales is donated to Hands On Charlotte, so even if you
   Volunteers will help weatherize homes for seniors,            can't volunteer, come out and enjoy the festivities and
spruce up homeless shelters, sort through donations for          you'll be supporting the work of HOC.
those in need, and much more. Available service projects
will be listed on the HOC web site during the month of
December, and volunteers do not need to be an active                           What’s Inside
HOC volunteer to sign up for this event. Please monitor
the web site for the latest news.                                Disney Promotion ......................................2
    NOTE: HOC wants to activate more than 60 Project             Volunteer Recognition..............................2
Leaders to help lead our MLK Weekend volunteer efforts.          BusinessCares Program ............................2
If you would like to serve as one of those key individuals
who will help lead fellow volunteers during the event,
                                                                 HOC News & Notes....................................3
please contact Doug Macomb at 704-333-7471 or                    Community Grapevine ..............................3
                                                                 Newest HOC Volunteers .......................... 4
                                                                 HOC Sponsors ........................................... 4
2                                                    Hands On Charlotte

                                                                  Recognizing Top
                                                                      Throughout the year, Hands On Charlotte keeps track
                                                                  of how many hours of service our volunteers are contrib-
   In 2010, Disney wants to inspire one million people to         uting to the community—both collectively and individu-
volunteer a day of service to a participating organization in     ally. We already know that 2009 is going to be a huge
their communities and celebrate their good works by giving        year for HOC volunteering, as we have expanded our
each of them one day admission to a theme park at Disney-         projects to help meet increasing needs.
land® Resort or Walt Disney World® Resort, free.
                                                                      And you, our volunteers, have stepped up to meet the
   Starting January 1, 2010, guests can go to www.disneyp-        challenge. Many of you are volunteering more than you to search for volunteer opportunities made avail-        ever have. In fact, as of the end of September, there were
able through HandsOn Network affiliates such as Hands             already 17 HOC volunteers who had exceeded 50 hours
On Charlotte and sign up to take part in one or more of the       of service for the year—a number we typically don't reach
volunteer service projects offered by HOC.                        until the end of the calendar year. The names of these
    Here is some basic information about how you can par-         generous volunteers are listed below, and HOC extends
ticpate in "Give a Day. Get a Disney Day."                        our special thanks to them for their commitment to help-
                                                                  ing others.
What you can earn: A free ticket good for a one-day
admission to a Walt Disney World or Disneyland theme                      Chris Bentley            Ben Brummel
park. The ticket is non-transferable, so you cannot give it to            Barbara Goebel           Jack Hill
someone else.                                                             Anna Jones               Jennifer Koener
                                                                          Shelby Lloyd             Jessica Marmor
Who is eligible: Any individual, six years of age or older,               John Piana               Pat Ryan
who participates in an eligible volunteer opportunity. In-                Geoffrey Scantlebury     Bentley Self
dividuals can only earn one free ticket through this promo-               Sue Settles              Roy Shuler
tion, no matter how often they volunteer. You must be at                  Anna Sitterly            Dan Snipes
least 18 years of age to sign up, and you may sign-up up to a             Kirsten Urke
maximum of 8 additional members of your same household.
Children must be at least 6 years of age to volunteer under          Remember, you can keep track of your own volunteer
this program and receive a theme park ticket. Children ages       hours by clicking on the "Volunteer History" tab when
6-17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when             you log into the HOC system.
volunteering. Other age restrictions may apply to certain
eligible volunteer opportunities.
Eligible service opportunities: Any volunteer project            Business-Class
posted on the web site, including all
Hands On Charlotte projects that are posted on that site.
                                                                    Many companies, looking to serve as responsible cor-
Sign-ups: Volunteers can sign up for service projects on the     porate citizens and respond to the critical needs of our web site beginning January 1, 2010.          community, are exploring employee volunteerism pro-
Even if these projects are posted earlier on the HOC web         grams. Through our BusinessCares program, Hands On
site, you cannot earn the free tickets unless you sign up via    Charlotte has been creating and managing just such pro-
the web site.                                grams for many years. We work with companies large and
Program length: The program will continue until one mil-         small to put together one-time volunteer projects, or year-
lion tickets are distributed or December 15, 2010, whichever     round, multi-project programs. In the past year, HOC has
occurs first.                                                    organized service opportunities for Sprint, Altria, Premier,
                                                                 Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting, Ingersoll-Rand, the
Volunteer verification: Your volunteer service must be veri-     Charlotte Bobcats and many more.
fied by HOC before you can receive a free ticket. Most can
expect to receive verified confirmation via email from Disney        If your company is interested in giving back to the
within 2 weeks of volunteering. You may receive a "thank         Charlotte community through service, please contact Bob
you" communication from HOC before that time, but you            Young at 704-333-7471 or
will need to receive your certificate from Disney.               for more details about HOC's BusinessCares.

Other questions: Visit
                                        Action Items Newsletter                                                                   3

HOC News &
                                                                  Hands On Schools projects must register with HOC and
                                                                  CMS and must be CMS-approved to volunteer in schools.

Notes                                                             Coat Drive: The annual WSOC-TV Steve Udelson’s
                                                                  Coats for Kids coat drive will begin on Thursday, January
Opportunities for Tutors: HOC's Hands On                          7, and continue until Friday, January 16. The main collec-
Schools program is recruiting volunteers to train and serve       tion sites for coats this year will be Charlotte Fire
as tutors and mentors in several Charlotte Mecklenburg            Department stations, and we will need help from volun-
Schools. If you are interested in attending a training ses-       teers to help collect the coats from the seven CFD battal-
sion for tutors, please contact Beverly Parks at beverly@         ion stations around the area. More information will be or 704-333-7471, ext 106. We plan            posted on the HOC web site shortly. In the meantime,
to offer a training session in the near future that provides      you can help make it a successful coat drive by organizing
in-depth training for tutors and will prepare HOC volun-          your own mini-drive in your neighborhood or at your
teers to help CMS students meet their academic goals. In          workplace, school or place of worship. And you can drop
the meantime, Hands On Schools is adding new projects             off your coats either at Crisis Assistance Ministry or at the
for CMS schools each week, so if you are ready to serve as        CFD station nearest you. (NOTE: Coats should be new
a tutor, mentor, or lunch buddy, please visit our web site        or gently used, and men’s and women’s coats are welcome
and click on Hands On Schools. (NOTE: Volunteers for              as well as children's coats.)

Every month, we will list volunteer opportunities that are
not currently among HOC’s monthly projects, but still pro-
vide a valuable way to assist local non-profit or community
service organizations. If you are interested in helping, please
contact the individual listed in the description. Hands On
Charlotte assumes no responsibility for these activities.

Salvation Army Christmas Bureau: The Salvation Army
coordinates holiday giving programs to individuals and fami-
lies in need throughout our area, and can use your help with
donations and/or volunteering. Donors can arrange to adopt
children or seniors and provide them with gifts, clothing,
toiletries, etc. Volunteers can help with sorting and bagging
the donations, assemblying bicycles, and the distribution of
the gifts. For more information, you can visit the Salvation
Army web site at, call the
Christmas Bureau at 704-716-2643, or email them at char-

Greenville Girls Club: Mecklenburg County Parks & Rec-
reation provides an outreach program to young girls living
in the Greenville neighborhood at the Greenville Recreation
Center located at 1330 Spring Street. Volunteers are needed
on Mondays from 5:30pm - 6:30pm to help with activities,
                                                                        Happy Holidays to
tutoring, mentoring, etc. For more information, contact Lori
Saylor, Volunteer Coordinator, at 704-336-5478.                         all our volunteers!
Men's Shelter of Charlotte: The Shelter is in need of tow-
els, washcloths, razor blades and deodorant for the hundreds
of clients it serves every day. If you would like to donate any
of these items, or coordinate a donation drive to help the
shelter, please contact Linda Miller at 704-927-6869.
4                                                        Hands On Charlotte

Welcome to our New Volunteers!
These individuals have gone through our new volunteer orientation from mid-October through mid-November. Welcome to HOC!
Scott Acheson               Lynne Collins              Ben Gillis                Melinda Minessale       Amy Rivard
Kelly Algood                Catherine Como Stulir      Adrian Green              Marti Mitchell          Caleb Rowe
Dina Asma                   Sonja Craparo              Riley Gross               Kevin Moore             Sarah Schiavoni Sullivan
Mary Baumgarten             Janice Dacosta             Ebony S. Hagler           Nikki Moore             Irene Schwarz
Stephanie Bedrick           Taffy Decker               Joshua Harke              Margaret Moynihan       Sarah Scott
James Benham                David DeLeon               Mya Hart                  Jason Mulholland        David Selvaraj
Jimmy Benham                Trisha DeMassi             Ebony Haskins             Nathalie Noel           Mira Skibinska
Swann Bojaj                 Sean Dennis                Mitta Isley               Katie O'Connell         Kristen Slocomb
Sean Book                   Stephanie Dennis           April Ivey                Jacqueline O'Dea        Lerleatha Smith
Carol Braitman              Matthew Derenthal          Kristie Kennedy           Hoo Kon One             Angela Snyder
Irene Broaddus              Jessica Dukette            Kristin Krupa             Janine Orlando          Julie Spencer
Todd Brydges                Jonathan Dunn              Carolyn Kurth             Kat Pike                Amanda Stanbery
Cindy Budnick               Raymond Edwards            Eric Law                  Phil Pike               Shannon Tompkins
Greg Buonaccorsi            Steffany Faulkner          Meghan Lex                Maryalice Prescott      Lydia Wells
Rodney Calhoun              Lynn Fortner               Hannah Little             Charmaine Rahman        Leigh Wilson
Joanna Caraballo-Sella      Richard Fortner            Jennifer Little           Blythe                  Jennifer Wright
Kim Check                   Anna Fox                   Linlee Markle             Bria Reynolds           Graham Wyllie
Annmarie Cherry             Lindsay Gainey             Morgan McAllister         Dara Rickles            Tiffany Young
Nicole Clarke               Meika Garner               Megan Medvedeff           Leif Rickles            Marcia Ziskal
                  Board of Directors                                                            Staff
Jim Thompson,                     Sara Collins                         Lisa Quisenberry,           Ryan Mitchell, Strategic
   Chairperson                    Mitch Cox                              Consulting Exec. Director   Partner Initiative Program
John Ross,                        Lex Erwin                            Bob Young, Assoc. Director    Mgr./AmeriCorps VISTA
   Vice Chairperson               Matthew Fleishman                    Doug Macomb, Director of Beverly Parks, Hands On
David Roper,                      Darlene Heater                         Programs                    Schools Mgr./AmeriCorps
   Treasurer                      Lori Saylor                          John Bratton, Hands On      A.M. Stewart, Neighborhood
Wendy Raker,                      Mark Schuler                           Schools Mgr./AmeriCorps     Focus Program Dir./
   Secretary                      Evelyn Warren                        Laurel Fender, Hands On       AmeriCorps VISTA
Brenda Brantley                   John Wyatt                             Schools Mgr./AmeriCorps

  Hands On Charlotte
  strengthens our community and enriches lives by mobilizing a diverse,
                  committed corps of citizens in direct, volunteer service.
                                                                                December 2009
                                     Sponsors                                                                      an affiliate of

  Hands On Charlotte / 1616 Central Avenue / Suite 200 / Charlotte, NC 28205 / (704) 333-7471 / (704) 333-1866 fax

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