advanCed dipLOma Of hOspitaLity (sit60307)

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					    advanCed dipLOma Of
    hOspitaLity (sit60307)

    This course provides the skills and knowledge to be                   timetabLes
    competent as a senior manager in any hospitality functional
                                                                          class times will vary during the year, but students should be aware
    area. Analysing, designing and executing judgements using
                                                                          that they will be required to attend over some weekends and
    wide-ranging technical, creative, conceptual or managerial
                                                                          public holidays.
    competencies in various hospitality settings.

    Career OppOrtunities
                                                                          the units in all courses are assessed by a variety of assessment
    Graduates with this qualification and sufficient experience are       methods including observation, class exercises/participation,
    able to work as a manager or owner-operator in a variety of           assignments, tests and examinations.
    hospitality settings.
                                                                          Other COurse requirements
    COurse COmmenCement date
                                                                          students are required to have industry standard clothing to be
    february 2010                                                         worn during off campus activities. appropriate dress standards
                                                                          will be discussed in the first weeks of the course.
    COurse Length
    this course is delivered full-time over 2 years.                      training faCiLities
                                                                          south West tafe has a fully operational training restaurant,
    entry requirements                                                    endeavours, which provides you with invaluable practical
    applicant must have either successfully completed year 12 or          restaurant experience.
    equivalent, or be of mature age. applicants may be interviewed        you will also be involved in a range of local events, such as fun 4
    to determine suitability. applicants that have completed previous     Kids, Koroit irish festival, port fairy folk festival and day on the
    tourism qualifications such as the certificate iv or diploma of       hill at flagstaff hill.
    tourism will receive full credit for completed unit providing
    considerable advanced standing into this course.                      Credits and exemptiOns
                                                                          Recognition of prior learning (Rpl) is an assessment process that
    eLigibiLity                                                           assesses the individual’s non-accredited training and informal
    to receive a government subsidised place, students who enrol in       learning to determine the extent to which that individual has
    diploma and advanced diploma courses are subject to meeting           achieved the required learning or competency outcomes. Rpl is
    eligibility criteria such as age and prior educational history. if    sometimes referred to as Recognition of current competence
    applicants do not meet the eligibility criteria then they may still   (Rcc). you can undertake a recognition assessment for
    apply for the course, but they will not be entitled to a government   individual units in most courses offered through south West
    subsidised place and will be charged a commercial fee. there          tafe. the process requires you to be able to provide evidence
    will be some exceptional circumstances where applicants will be       of competence. for information on how to apply, read our Rpl
    exempt from meeting the eligibility criteria. please contact the      procedure available at or contact
    customer service centre on (03) 5564 8911 for more information        your course coordinator.
    with regards to eligibility.
                                                                          students with disabiLities
    COurse COsts                                                          assistance is available for students with disabilities. contact the
    please refer to the student handbook available at the customer        disability support coordinator on (03) 5564 8964. appointments
    service centre of each campus or via the website.                     can be made through reception.

advanced diploma of hospitality (sit60307)                                                                            coURse infoRmation pacK
    advanCed dipLOma Of hOspitaLity (sit60307)

    hOw tO enrOL
    please contact the course coordinator (details below) for an
    enrolment form and information on how to enrol.

    appLiCatiOn prOCess
    to apply for this course the applicant will be required to complete
    a course application form. the forms are available from the
    course coordinator or our customer service centre
    (03) 5564 8911. alternatively you can download the form from our
    internet: contact the course coordinator
    for the closing date for this course. any applications received
    after this date will be classified as late applications and will only
    be considered if vacancies still exist or become available at a later

    COntaCt detaiLs
    contact the course coordinator on (03) 5564 8911 or email

advanced diploma of hospitality (sit60307)                                  coURse infoRmation pacK
    advanCed dipLOma Of hOspitaLity (sit60307)

     unit COde            desCriptiOn                                                                hOurs

     sitxcom001a          Work with colleagues and customers                                         25
     sitxcomm002a         Work in a socially diverse environment                                     20
     sitxohs001a          follow health, safety and security procedures                              10
     sithind001a          develop and update hospitality industry knowledge                          25
     sitxohs002a          follow workplace hygiene procedures                                        15
     sithfaB001a          clean and tidy bar areas                                                   10
     sithfaB002a          operate a bar                                                              30
     sithfaB009a          provide responsible service of alcohol                                     10
     sithfaB020a          apply food and beverage skills in the workplace                            0
     sithfaB012a          prepare & serve espresso coffee                                            30
     sithfaB003a          serve food and beverage to customers                                       80
     sithfaB005a          provide table service of alcoholic beverages                               50
     sitxfin001a          process financial transactions                                             25
     sithind003a          provide and coordinate hospitality service                                 0
     sitxccs002a          provide quality customer service                                           40
     sitxhRm001a          coach others in job skills                                                 20
     sithfaB015a          prepare & serve cocktails                                                  20
     sitxadm003a          Write business documents                                                   25
     sitxcomm003a         deal with conflict situations                                              20
     sitxfin003a          interpret financial information                                            60
     sitxhRm005a          lead and manage people                                                     60
     sitxinv001a          Receive and store stock                                                    10
     sitxinv002a          control and order stock                                                    25
     sitxmGt001a          monitor work operations                                                    20
     sitxohs004a          implement & monitor health, safety and security practices                  30
     sithccc027a          prepare, cook and serve food for food service                              50
     sithccc002a          present food                                                               6
     sithccc001a          organise & prepare food                                                    20
     sithccc005a          Use basic methods of cookery                                               45
     sittind001a          develop and update tourism industry knowledge                              25
     sithfaB011a          develop and update food and beverage knowledge                             50
     sitxccs003a          manage quality customer service                                            30
     sitxfin004a          manage finances within a budget                                            30
     sitxfin005a          prepare and monitor budgets                                                30
     sitxGlc001a          develop & update legal knowledge required for business compliance          80
     sitxhRm003a          Roster staff                                                               30

advanced diploma of hospitality (sit60307)                                                    coURse infoRmation pacK
    advanCed dipLOma Of hOspitaLity (sit60307)

     unit COde                 desCriptiOn                                                                                                hOurs

     sitxhRm007a               manage workplace diversity                                                                                 60
     sitxmGt002a               develop & implement operational plans                                                                      50
     sitxmGt006a               establish & conduct business relationships                                                                 60
     sitxohs005a               establish & maintain an ohs system                                                                         30
     sitxadm001a               perform office procedures                                                                                  20
     sithacs001a               provide accommodation reception services                                                                   30
     sithacs005a               prepare rooms for guests                                                                                   25
     sithacs006a               clean premises and equipment                                                                               12
     sitttsl007a               Receive & process reservations                                                                             30
     sitxhRm002a               Recruit, select & induct staff                                                                             60
     sitxhRm006a               monitor staff performance                                                                                  50
     sithfaB004a               provide food and beverage service                                                                          110
     sithfaB021a               provide and coordinate food and beverage service                                                           0
     sitxcom004a               communicate on the telephone                                                                               5
     sitxmpR004a               coordinate marketing activities                                                                            30
     sitxevt014a               develop conference programs                                                                                30
     sitxevt010a               evaluate and address event regulatory requirements                                                         40
     sitxohs003a               identify hazards, and assess and control safety risks                                                      30
     sitxevt013a               manage event staging                                                                                       40
     sitxmGt003a               manage projects                                                                                            60
     sithfaB006a               operate cellar systems                                                                                     20
     sitxevt005a               organise in-house events or functions                                                                      40
     sitxevt008a               plan & develop event proposals & bids                                                                      40
     sitxadm004a               plan and manage meetings                                                                                   20
     BsBcmn213a                produce simple word processed documents                                                                    60
     sitxevt002a               provide event staging support                                                                              30
     sithacs004a               provide housekeeping services to guests                                                                    10
     sitxevt017a               provide on-site event management services                                                                  60
     sitxevt012a               select event venues and sites                                                                              35
     BsBcmn205a                Use business technology                                                                                    30
     sitxmGt004a               develop and implement a business plan                                                                      50
     sitxmpR005a               develop and manage marketing strategies                                                                    80
     sitxfin008a               manage financial operations                                                                                75
     sitxfin007a               manage physical assets                                                                                     40

     not all units in this course are offered at each campus. please consult the course coordinator for a full list of units available at each campus.

                                                                                                                                all information contained in this
                                                                                                                                brochure was correct at time of printing.
                                                                                                                                south West institute of tafe reserve the
                                                                                                                                right to amend costs, subjects or courses
                                                                                                                                as required without notice.

advanced diploma of hospitality (sit60307)                                                                                   coURse infoRmation pacK