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									Guest artist Dan McCleary works with painting students in Advanced class.

Ryman Arts and USC Students
Design Together                                                                                                       number 22
This spring, Ryman Arts has partnered with the                  guest speakers, including Michael Lejuene and         Spring 2009
USC Roski School of Fine Arts in a new way.                     David Stolte, during five workshops offered over
Design Collaborative is an experimental seminar                 the course of the semester. The graphic design
introducing Ryman Arts students to the field                    students also participated in the Norton Simon
of graphic design. The project is a partnership                 Museum field trip and Career Day with other
between USC Roski, Ryman Arts and the USC                       Ryman students, and had
chapter of the American Institute of Graphic                    a career Q&A session with
Arts (AIGA). This innovative partnership was                    Ryman Arts board member
made possible by a $10,000 grant awarded by                     Wayne Hunt. USC Design
the National Endowment for the Arts. Six USC                    faculty members Steven Child,
students, all members of USC’s chapter of AIGA,                 Sherin Guirguis, and Ewa
have been teaching and mentoring a group of 25                  Wojciak have co-taught ses-
Ryman Arts students. Haven Lin-Kirk, the head of                sions with the undergraduate
Roski’s Design Department, created the seminar                  student instructors. There’s a
and has been overseeing the classes.                            wonderful energy in the room
     Ryman Arts students normally progress                      as students try and outdo                             Design Collaborative
through a core sequence of three courses in                     themselves and each other during the hands-           workshop
advanced drawing and painting. This new oppor-                  on projects. The button-making project became
tunity represents the first time students have been             especially lively as students tore through maga-
given the option to also study graphic design. To               zines, identifying images that would work well
be eligible, students must have completed at least              compositionally within a two-inch circle, then
the Beginning Drawing class, and had to write a                 cutting them out and pressing them into buttons
statement about their reasons for wanting to take               they could wear.
the course. Motivation for applying was varied:                      The Design Collaborative class officially ends
some students have long dreamed of becoming                     in May, but Ms. Lin-Kirk and the team plan to
professional designers, while others had never                  continue the collaboration between USC under-
heard of graphic design, and simply wanted to                   graduates, faculty and Ryman Arts students both
learn more about it.                                            online and in print. A new generation of design-
     Students learn the fundamentals of design,                 ers is already making its mark!
working alongside USC undergraduates and
Alumni Voices
                                        Alumni Survey Reveals Powerful
“It was one of the most cherished
and special times of my teen years.
                                        Impact of Ryman Arts
It greatly contributed to who I am
                                        Over 150 alumni recently responded to an online survey about their experience
today. I never experienced such
                                        in the Ryman Arts program and what they are doing now. We heard from gradu-
honest and helpful critiques, even
                                        ates spanning each of the past 19 years, 1991 through 2008, with over half of
through college.”
                                        the respondents having completed Ryman Arts in the past four years. Most of
                                        the respondents had completed the full Ryman sequence of classes, Beginning
“Had it not been for the entire
                                        through Advanced.
Ryman Arts program, my life would
                                             Most notably, 98% of the respondents went on to college after Ryman Arts
be heading into a totally different
                                        (not counting the respondents who just completed Ryman Arts and are still in
direction that possibly wouldn’t
                                        high school.) Almost 40% are in college now and 48% indicated that they had
include art. To have art as a hobby
                                        earned college degrees ranging from an associate’s to a master’s degree (even
rather than a career would have
                                        one Ph.D.).
been a constant reminder of things I
                                             Ryman Arts alumni stay involved in art
could have done in life.”
                                        over the long term. A very significant number of
                                        the group (34%) work in an art-related career.
“I loved the Ryman program
                                        A third of the respondents exhibited their own
because it helped me feel like I
                                        work in the past year. Most alumni cited visiting
belonged somewhere; honing my
                                        museums, galleries and cultural institutions as
skills in such a supportive environ-
                                        part of their lives.
ment with other teenage artists who
were as passionate about art as I
                                        How did Ryman Arts affect these young artists?
was really motivated me to pursue a
career in art.”                         • Almost three quarters of the respondents said that Ryman Arts gave them the
                                          confidence and skills to pursue art.
“I liked how exclusive and special
                                        • 61% said Ryman Arts influenced their decision to attend college by providing
and unique it felt, but by the same
                                          practical information about art school and college
token I wish there were a way to
have more Ryman hubs in different
                                        Not surprisingly, the area in which Ryman Arts had the biggest impact was in
locations around Southern California
                                        improving drawing or paint-
so kids from more places could
                                        ing skills. The next three top
attend. In other words, I drove from
                                        areas of impact are:
a long distance (totally worth it)
and wish there was more access for      • Building self confidence
other students.”
                                        • Strengthening identity as
                                          an artist
“I am so grateful for my experience
at Ryman. I built my artistic skills    • Improving self-discipline,
and learned to manage my time,            time management and work
think critically and creatively, and      habits.
work toward a goal. The college
atmosphere also eased the intimida-     Clearly, Ryman Arts has
tion I felt over my own transition to   equipped many young people
education at the university level.”     with the tools they need to
                                        succeed. The survey also gar-
—responses from 2008 online survey      nered interest in Ryman Arts
of Ryman Arts alumni                    Alumni Association which
                                        aims to keep alumni engaged
                                        in the program and with each
                                        other. The survey was funded
                                        by the Los Angeles County
                                        Arts Commission.

                                                                          Intermediate students created life-size self portraits.
315 West Ninth Street           Dear Friends of Ryman Arts,
Suite 806
Los Angeles, California
90015-4202                      These are extraordinary times. Daily we witness the positive impact Ryman Arts has had on artistic
    213.629.           (2787)   youth, transforming lives, allowing their talent to shine. We are pleased to report that we had a
     213.627.9914               record number of applicants for the Spring 2009 semester. With the semester nearing its conclu-
                                sion, stunning artwork is being created by young artists in the studio each week, inspired by the
                                instruction of our gifted faculty. Seniors have been emailing us with news of college acceptances
Martin A. Sklar
                                throughout April. And just yesterday on a field trip several alumni shared stories of their emerging
                                careers with current students and explained how Ryman Arts helped get them launched.
Mark Foster
                                At the same time, all of us are faced with extraordinary financial challenges. Here at Ryman Arts,
Charles H. Fry
                                we have had to make difficult decisions as we have been forced to cut our budget in the face of
Daniel H. Adler                 reduced grants from some of our most faithful supporters at local foundations.
Marshall Nalle Ayers            However, we remain firm in our commitment to serve as many students as we can, believing that
Joseph P. DiNunzio
                                by giving a young person the skills and opportunity to succeed, we are making an investment in
Wayne Hunt
Johnny Lai
                                the future vitality of our community that will be repaid many times over. Through careful steward-
Michelle A. Lund                ship, we have thus far been able to sustain our capacity in terms of classes. This is thanks, in no
Oscar Magallanes                small part, to the extraordinary support of many individuals, who made generous gifts large and
Edward J. Nowak
                                small at the end of 2008.
Anne Shaw Price
                                I am writing to invite you to join us in supporting the next generation of young artists. We need
Harrison A. Price
Bob Rogers
                                your help now to sustain our classes for the Fall semester and beyond. Our goal is to continue to
Leah R. Sklar                   offer our full capacity of 10 classes to at least 150 continuing and newly selected students for the
Frank P. Stanek                 Fall 2009 semester, including the invaluable Fall college planning workshop. With so many cuts
Ruth Weisberg                   in the high schools, we do not want to pull back on these core educational programs just when
                                young people need them most.

Diane Brigham                   Ryman Arts is the premier incubator of artistic talent for high school students in Southern
                                California. Since 1990, we have provided rigorous studio art courses at no charge to motivated
                                students from over 100 high schools in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside and San
Lucille Ryman Carroll
                                Bernardino counties. We also provide specialized college counseling and an introduction to
Sharon Disney Lund
Anne Shaw Price
                                the limitless range of careers in the arts. By nurturing talent and building a strong work ethic,
Harrison A. Price               Ryman prepares students for the demands of higher education. In 2008 we served 300 teens
Leah R. Sklar                   in our core Saturday program and over 2,000 more in our outreach programs at schools in
Martin A. Sklar                 some of Los Angeles’ most low income communities. Every accepted student receives top notch
                                instruction, quality art supplies, eye-opening field trips, and ongoing college and career guid-
                                ance—all free of charge.

                                Take a look at the stories and pictures in this issue of Sketchbook to see the very tangible
                                results of your support. Join us at our student art exhibition and graduation reception on June
                                23, 2009 at the California African American Museum for an evening celebrating the accom-
                                plishments of these talented, hardworking teens. I think you will agree that Ryman Arts has an
                                extraordinary impact on the lives of young people who may very well change our world through
                                their artistic vision and voice.

                                Help us to nurture the potential of our next generation of artists with a gift to Ryman Arts today.

                                With great appreciation,

                                Diane Brigham
                                Executive Director
Help Deserving Young People Realize
Their Artistic Dreams
                                   Donate an Art Bin                 Join the Herbert D. Ryman Legacy Society
                               $50 provides an art bin               The Herbert D. Ryman Legacy Society recognizes those
                               brimming with high-quality            generous benefactors who have indicated their intention
                               art supplies for 1 student.           to include Ryman Arts in their estate plans, and allows us
                               Please send your check                to show our appreciation for your generosity during your
                               for $50 per bin, note “art            lifetime.
                               bins” on the enclosed enve-                We would be happy to work with you and your financial
                               lope, and an art bin will be          advisor to explore the mutual benefits of a bequest or other
named in your honor for an incoming student.                         type of planned gift. Please contact Diane Brigham at the
                                                                     Ryman Arts office (213) 629-2787 for more information.
Join the Ryman Arts Patron Circle
Patron Circle members help to ensure Ryman Arts’ financial           To join the Ryman Arts Patron Circle, donate an art bin, or
stability as we grow to reach more students. Patron Circle           make a contribution of any amount, please:
members benefit from opportunities to deepen their rela-             • enclose a check or provide credit card information in the
tionship with us through invitations to special events and                enclosed envelope and mail to Ryman Arts; or
other benefits.                                                      • visit the Ryman Arts website at
                                                                          to donate online.
Friend—$500–$999: Gifts at this level may provide profes-
sional quality art supplies for 5–10 students.
Benefits include newsletters, the student art catalog, invitations
to student graduation and reception, and two invitations to a
special event during the year.
Advocate—$1,000–$2,499: Gifts at this level may provide col-
lege or career workshops to give teens the practical informa-
tion, guidance and inspiration they need to plan their future.
Benefits include all of the above plus a copy of the full-color
book on Herbert D. Ryman A Brush with Disney, and a special
Ryman Arts class tour and luncheon with the Board of Directors.
Mentor —$2,500–$4,999: Gifts at this level may sponsor the
cost of a semester of intensive art education with a dynamic
professional teaching artist for one or more talented teens.
Benefits include all of the above plus two Patron tickets to An
Affair of the Art, our annual art sale and fundraiser.
Founder—$5,000–$9,999: Gifts at this level sponsor a year
of intensive art education for one or more talented teens.
Benefits include all of the above plus a limited edition hand-
made portfolio of Herbert D. Ryman prints and two invitations        Beginning students’ studies of an outdoor sculpture.
to a private dinner celebration.
Visionary—$10,000–$19,999: Gifts at this level are
acknowledged as Ryman Arts class co-sponsors.
Benefits include all of the above plus a framed artwork by a
Ryman Arts student and two additional Patron tickets to An
Affair of the Art
Legends—$20,000 and up: Gifts at this level are acknowl-
edged as sponsors of a class or a special student program,
such as a our collaborative courses in the community.
Benefits include all of the above plus a framed artwork by a
selected Ryman Arts artist—an alumnus, guest artist, faculty or
even the Legend, Herbert D. Ryman.

                                                                     Learning to draw animals using chiaroscuro at the Los Angeles
                                                                     Natural History Museum.
Board of Directors                                                                 $100 –$249                           Diana & Glenn Hurst
Martin A. Sklar                        With Appreciation                           Elizabeth Anne & Drew Adams*         Noel Korten
President                                                                          Joanne & Larry Aldrich               Barbara & Gary Krueger
Mark Foster                            to the following individuals,               Carol & Bill Atwood                  Cora Lee & Joe Lanzisero
Vice President and Treasurer           corporations, foundations and               Donna & Blair Ballard                Holly Ortiz & Mark LaVine
Charles H. Fry                         government agencies who helped pro-         Tony W. Baxter                       Haejin Lee*
Vice President                         vide arts education to talented high        Jill & Charlie Bensley               Renee & Meyer Luskin
Daniel H. Adler                        school students from July 1,                Steve Beyer                          Roy Luthringer
Secretary                              2008–December 31, 2008. If your gift        Boanerges Bolanos                    Betty Halle McLaughlin
                                       is not included or is listed incorrectly,   Harold V. Braun                      Elaine Meitus
Marshall Nalle Ayers                   please contact us at 213.629.2787.          Laurie Class & Barry Braverman       Merrill Lynch Charitable Giving
Joe DiNunzio                                                                       Julie Bush                           Cheryl Meyer
Wayne Hunt                                                                         Herlinda Calderon                    Lisa Nakamura
Johnny Lai                             $100,000 and above                          Kay & Elliott Cattarulla             Susan Ann & John Peters
Michelle A. Lund                       The Sharon D. Lund Foundation               Arline Chambers                      Loretta Williams & Kevin Rice
Oscar Magallanes,                                                                  Ching Yun Yang & Victor Chiang*      Tanea Richardson*
   Alumni Representative               $10,000–$49,999                             Debra & John Chrysler*               Melody Malmberg & Joe Rohde
Anne Shaw Price                        B.C. McCabe Foundation                      Lori Coltrin                         Lynda Chassler & Allen Rose
Harrison A. Price                      City of Los Angeles Department              Cheryl & Steve Cook                  Michelle Janine Ruvolo
Edward J. Nowak                           of Cultural Affairs                      Amy & Norman Cox                     Katherine & Mark Schirmer
Bob Rogers                             Eunice L. Harris                            Patricia & David Coy*                Florence Wong & Richard Sposto*
Leah R. Sklar                          Herb Alpert Foundation                      Susan Klein & Roy Crammer            Allison Nicole Strauss*
Frank P. Stanek                        The John C. Hench Foundation                Anne & Robert Cunningham             Marea Suozzi
Ruth Weisberg                          Los Angeles County Arts Commission          Evi & Jim DiNunzio                   Suneera & Deepak Swarup*
                                       National Endowment for the Arts             Renate & Armin Dolin                 Jamie & Dan Sweetman
Founders                               Karen & Bob Rogers                          Sharon & Steven Drell                Janet Valentine & Theodore H. Sweetser
Lucille Ryman Carroll                  Leah R. & Martin A. Sklar                   Maggie & Jim Elliott                 Belia Vazquez*
Sharon Disney Lund                                                                 Dina Hardy & Alfredo Fajardo         Jack Vergara*
Anne Shaw Price                        $5,000 –$9,999                              Peggie Farris                        Lindsey Warren*
Harrison A. Price                      Elizabeth Stelow & Joseph                   Pam Fisher                           Lacey Waterman*
Leah R. Sklar                             P. DiNunzio**                            Karen Frederiksen                    Scott Whittle
Martin A. Sklar                        Disneyland Resort                           Leslie Baker & Laurence Gertz        Michelle Wiener*
                                       Claudia & Mark Foster                       Jack Gillet                          Celeste & Alvin Wong*
Ryman Arts honors the memory           Irene & Frank P. Stanek**                   Charlene & William K. Glikbarg       Rosalie Zwain
of legendary Disney artist Herbert                                                 Gordon Goldsmith
Ryman, and the vision of Lucille       $1,000 –$4,999                              Barbara J. Hastings                  In Memory of Peggy Van Pelt
Ryman Carroll, by providing high       Jenna & Daniel H. Adler                     Lenzy Hendrix                           Tony W. Baxter
school artists with college-level      Laura Lee & Richard C. Browne               Linda Hope                              Steve Beyer
training in essential skills for art   The Capital Group Companies                 Janice & Hakchin Kim*                   Andrea Bottancino
and life                                  Charitable Foundation                    Lynn Kishiyama                          Julie Bush
                                       Kenneth M. Certain                          Carol & Arnie Kleiner                   Arline Chambers
Staff                                  Fred & June MacMurray Foundation            Marci Carlin & Marcel Kloetzer          Malcolm D. Cobb
Diane Brigham                          Frederick R. Weisman                        Shu-Huei Lai*                           Amy & Norman Cox
Executive Director                        Philanthropic Foundation                 Janet Sternburg & Steven D. Lavine      Dina Hardy & Alfredo Fajardo
Emily Han                              Trice Koopman & Mark Freund                 Elizabeth Escamilla & Carl Lawton       Melinda & David Fisher
Administrative Coordinator             Nancy & Charles H. Fry**                    Yueh-Chen Hsu & Daniel Gin H.           Eric Jacobson
Walter Marsh                           Amy Glad                                    Lee*                                    Nona Virginia & David Jones
Operations Manager                     Patricia L. Glaser                          Jennifer Jisun & Kwang-Il Lee*          Wendy Kheel
Rebecca Tuynman                        Jane & Ronald Gother                        Louie Lemoine                           Aileen Kutaka
Education Manager                      Carla Walecka & Wayne Hunt**                Yi-Wen & Yih-Jen Lin*                   Louie Lemoine
                                       Johnny Lai**                                Myrtle & Wilson Martin                  Kim & David Minichiello
Master Teaching Artists                Isabelle & Jack Lindquist                   Anjani Mandavia & Dion McCarthy         Dalton Nunez*
Sang Young Bang                        Kathy Mangum                                Christine Goosman & John                Adrienne & Rick Rothschild
Manny Cosentino                        Diane Disney & Ronald Miller                Montanio                                Leah R. & Martin A. Sklar
Chuck Huang                            Sara & Edward J. Nowak**                    Loida & Craig Mosher*                   Marie Helene Speedie
Robin Palanker                         Anne Shaw & Harrison A. Price               Gloria & Roger Mullendore               Julie Svendsen
Lauren Richardson                      Nancy Stephens & Rick Rosenthal             Linda & Kym Murphy                      Susan Turner
David Schoffman                        Gayle Garner & Ed Roski                     Diane Manuel & Melvin Musick            Flora & Joseph Warren
Cathy Stone                            Adrienne & Rick Rothschild                  James William Mustanich                 Joanna G. Whittaker
Jamie Sweetman                         Shirley & Albert Schmidt                    Ammiel G. Najar                         Nancy Hickman & Todd Wilder
Malaika Zweig                          Diane Brigham & Lars Schneider**            Carolyn & Norman Newberry               Susan Zavala
                                       Deena K. & Edward A. Sotto                  Dalton Nunez*
Teaching Assistants                    John L. Tishman                             Sylvia & David Parrish*              In Memory of Harriet Burns
Denny Chou (Ryman ’02)                 Union Bank of California                    Diana & Robert Phipps                   John Patrick Burke
Will Cuna (Ryman ’95)                  Dawne & Jordan Weisman                      Kandy & Jon Ringquist                   Dennis Ritchey
Ashley Healy (Ryman ’06)               Yosemite-Sierra-Oakhurst                    Dawn Rivera-Ernster
Christina Kim (Ryman ’05)                 49EARS Chapter                           Karen Giles & Lou Rosen              In Memory of Margaret Glavin
Christina Saucedo (Ryman ’05)                                                      Michael A. Rosenfield                   Rachel Spurr*
Michelle Wiener (Ryman ’00)            $500 –$999                                  Ronit & Yosef Rozen*
                                       Marshall Nalle & Paul Ayers                 Chris R. Runco                       In Memory of Bob Sewell
Sketchbook is published                Andrea Bottancino                           Mr. and Mrs. John Rutledge              John Patrick Burke
semi-annually by Ryman Arts.           Charlie Eilers                              Elise & Rob Sandiford*
                                       Jane & Michael Eisner                       Anita & Gary Schaengold              In Honor of…
Editor                                 Daniel F. Fears                             Doris Shaw                           Alexandre Girard*
Kelly Kester-Smith                     Susan & Mark W. Fuller                      Elizabeth & Richard Sherman             Lynn & Jean Louis Girard*
                                       I. Blaine Gibson                            Kelly Kester & Keith Smith*          Kelly and JoLynn Hames
Writers                                Lynn & Jean Louis Girard*                   Roberta Jean Smith                      Anne Katata
Diane Brigham                          Janet Handtmann                             Rachel Spurr*                        Lior Rozen*
Rebecca Tuynman                        Sue & Thomas Harris                         Ginger Stanley                          Ronit & Yosef Rozen*
                                       Myna & Uri D. Herscher                      Larry Steinle                        Lindsey Warren*
Design & Production                    Gerry & Robert Hicks                        Karen Stoner*                           Robin Warren Siegel*
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To learn more about Ryman Arts,        Douglas Moreland                            Diane & Scott Tavenner               Lacey Waterman*
please contact us:                     John O. Regan                               Joanne & Chris Turner                   Laureen Waterman*
Phone                                  Louise & Barry Upson                        Susan Turner                         Bob Rogers
213.629.ARTS (2787)                    Debra & David Walker*                       Liza Go & Kevin Uchida*                 Nick Winslow
Website                                Rose C. Wong*                               Anne & Joel Walker                                                                  Ann Wasserman                        In Kind Donations
E-mail                                 $250 –$499                                  Barbara & Patrick Weeks              Apple Graphics                         Janine S. & Lyndon J. Barrios               Diane & Bob Weis                     California African American Museum
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Ryman-Carroll Foundation
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                                                             Teaching essential skills for art and life

Esther Yang

Calendar of Events
May 2, 2009
Last day of Spring Semester for Students

Friday, June 5, 2009
Deadline for Fall 2009 Student Applications to
Ryman Arts

Tuesday, June 16–Sunday, July 12, 2009
Student Art Exhibition on view at
California African American Museum

Tuesday, June 23, 2009, 6 p.m.
Ryman Arts Graduation and Student
Exhibition Reception, California
African American Museum
                                                                                      Cindy Jin
Wednesday, July 15, 2009, 6 p.m.
National Fantasy Fan Club (NFFC)
Ryman Arts Benefit Wine Tasting                  Drawing at the Norton Simon Museum
and Silent Auction, Disneyland Hotel

Saturday, September 12, 2009
First Day of Class Fall Semester, Ryman Arts

Saturday, October 3, 2009
20th Annual An Affair of the Art 2009

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