Submitting a Stop Payment Request by iht11609


									Stop Payments
You can use the Stop Payment function to place a stop payment request against one or more checks. The Stop Payment data
entry screen is designed specifically for easy data entry. Sending stop payment requests is as simple as entering the data and
clicking the Submit button.

                                                                       9    Enter the Contact Name of the person
          Submitting a Stop Payment
1         Request
                                                                            requesting the stop payment.

                                                                            Enter the Contact Phone Number of the
Step   Action                                                               person requesting the stop payment.
 1     Click Stop Payment. The Stop Payment                           11    Enter the Confirmation E-mail Address of
       screen appears.                                                      the person requesting the stop payment.
 2     Enter the Account Number of the check you                      12    Click the Submit button.
       are canceling.
                                                                     Note: When you send a stop payment request it
 3     Enter the ABA Number (9-digit routing/transit                 does not stop a check payment on bank systems
       number) for the account number you are                        automatically. Bank staff receiving the message must
       requesting the stop payment on.                               process your request.
 4     Enter the From Serial Number. To specify a
       range of checks you also must enter the last
       number in the range of checks in the To
       Serial Number.

 5     Enter the Amount of the check you issued. If
       you entered a range of serial numbers, enter
       a total for all the checks identified in the range

 6     Select a Reason for the stop payment from
       the reason drop-down list.

       Note: Selecting Cancel as a stop payment
       reason does not cancel a previously
       submitted stop payment request.

 7     Enter the Issued Date of the check. This
       field is optional.

 8     Enter the Payee specified on the check. This
       field is optional.

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