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									International Payment Gateway (IPG)                           TM

FTT Global has developed the International Payment Gateway (IPG) to empower
Intermediaries to provide international payment and FX services to their clients without the
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administrative burden usually associated with providing this service.

The system is designed to be simple to use and requires no previous experience of currency
exchange or international payments. By following the IPG workflow, the intermediary can
guide clients through each payment, step-by-step until a payment is ready to be sent.

The system will then provide a summary of the proposed payment and validate that
everything is in order. When the payment is accepted as correct, the client will receive a
confirmation on screen as well as an automated email confirmation.

                                                                             Select the client from
                                                                                    your list

                                                                              Input trade details
                                                                              based on the client

                                                                               Get client price
                                                                               (inclusive of all

                                                                                Adjust your
                                                                             commission or accept

                                                                                Accept the deal

The system takes care of everything involved in the payment process (FX rates, payment
booking, beneficiary details, payment tracking) leaving the intermediary and client to focus
on their core business, safe in the knowledge that they are receiving the best exchange
rates and that their payments are being managed by FTT Global.

The intermediary can set a default profit margin they wish to make on a given deal or else
                                                  pre specified limit)
input an amount on each deal manually (within a pre-specified limit).

IPG is available as a standalone web application, available to any interested party with
access to the internet. Once signed up, we can have you live on the system within a few

Alternatively, it is possible to “White-Label” the platform and re-brand the IPG for use by
your retained client base or satellite offices for deal-booking and international payments.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration, please contact us on +44 (0)203
004 4444 or email

           FTT Global Ltd. 145 ‐157 St John Street, London EC1V 4DY

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