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					                                 NASHIK MUNICIPAL CORPORATION
                       Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan, Sharanpur Road, Nashik-422002
                                        TERMS OF REFERENCE

1)   Name of Work: “Providing and Maintaining e-Payment Gateway for Nashik
                           Municipal Corporation”.

     a) The Nashik is included in Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission
        (JNNURM). The Mission is reform driven and ULB need to implement various reforms
        as per the Tri partates MoA signed. In these reforms it is required to have e-payment
        gateway (i.e. payment received through internet banking, credit cards etc) to facilitate
        citizens. Various payments like property tax, water tax, various fees & charges, tender
        form cost etc can be done by using this payment gateway. This reform is mandatory
        and therefore required to be completed in this financial year.
     b) The Expression of Interest for providing the services of e-Payment Gateway is called
        from reputed and experience Banks mainly for fulfilling following objects.
             •    Provides higher transparency and efficiency.
             •    Ease of payment to citizens / agencies.
             •    Reduction in processing time of accepting payments and issuing receipts.
             •    Reduction in administrative cost and eliminating the hassles of paper work as also
                  Generation of structured MIS / Reports facilitating quick and proper posting of
                  payment received and quick decision making.

2)    Scope of Work :-
                    Designing, Commissioning and providing Banking Services for ‘e-Payment
        Gateway for various Municipal transactions like e-tendering, Property Tax, Water Tax,
        various payment for Town Planning Department and other Financial transactions
        related to Nashik Municipal Corporation.
                    This facility shall be as per the provisions of National Mission Mode Project of
        e-governance & Standard service level benchmarks for e-governance published by
        Government of India from time to time. Also the provisions of latest version of
        Information & Technology Act shall be taken into account.
        I.       Collection Services:

         Services Offered               Collection of all type of fees, charges and taxes for Nashik
                                        Municipal Corporation through e-payment gateway, internet
                                        banking, credit/debit cards etc.
         Locations Covered              The Bank should provide services so that the due payment
                                        can be made from any where in the world and at any time
                                        i.e. 24 X 7 acceptance of the payment.
         Nature of Services             • Under the arrangement, adequate separate collections
                                             Current Accounts (Pooling Account) may be opened
                                             with the Bank at Nashik branch (Nodal Branch) for all
                                             Nashik Municipal Corporation.
                                        • By using the designated web-site, the citizens /
                                             agencies can make payment to the Nashik Municipal

                               Corporation Pooling Account (as per the process
                               specified) with the Bank through the following modes –
                               1. Internet Banking (Direct Debit Modes) : the Bank
                                  would be providing its Internet Banking Platform
                                  (Direct Debit Facility) wherein the citizens /
                                  agencies having internet banking Account with any
                                  bank can make online payment directly from their
                                  Account and for which online confirmation would be
                               2. Internet Payment Gateway (Credit Card
                                  payments) : The bank should provide its Internet
                                  payment gateway facility for payment by the
                                  citizens/ agencies through the online mode by way
                                  of Credit / debit Cards and for which online
                                  confirmation would be provided
                               3. NEFT / RTGS: under the arrangement the citizens /
                                  agencies may make the payment into Nashik
                                  Municipal Corporation Pooling Account with the
                                  same Bank through NEFT / RTGS from their
                                  Account with any Bank.

                           •   For necessary technical integration, the bank would be
                               required to provide facility and technical know-how for
                               providing the online payment option.
 MIS / Reports             •   On a daily basis, based on the payments received in
                               the Pooling Accounts, the Bank’ Nodal Branch shall
                               send confirmation of receipt of payments (for each
                               individual payment against a unique transaction
                               reference) and would provide detailed MIS / Reports of
                               the same.
                           •   In case of NEFT/RTGS, the unique transaction
                               reference number would be provided subject to the
                               Remitting Bank having included it in its originating
                               message while remitting the money to Nashik Municipal
                               Corporation’s Pooling Account with the Bank.
                           •   The Bank will provide Bank Statement of the
                               designated pooling accounts (on a daily basis) having
                               individual payments with unique transaction reference.
                               Additionally, the Bank will also provide Internet Banking
                               Facility to Nashik Municipal Corporation for online
                               viewing of the Pooling Accounts.
 Date of payout / Credit        • The payment received through this system shall be
                                    credited to the designated bank account of Nashik
                                    Municipal Corporation not later than two working
                                    days, otherwise it will attract interest at the rate of
                                    Rs. Five per day for outstanding amount of Rs 100
                                    or part thereof.

II. Refund of Payment: If specifically ordered by the competent officer of Nashik
Municipal Corporation the amount so ordered shall be refunded to the payee in the
originating account within a period mentioned in the payout table below:

 Nature of Services        •   Based on the payment instruction received from the
                               Nashik Municipal Corporation the Bank will debit the
                               designated collection Current Account (Pooling
                               Account) for processing of refund payments
                           •   Depending on the locations and the mode, the Bank
                               shall arrange to credit the Accounts of the
                               Beneficiaries / issue Local Pay-Orders under Remote
                               Payout on the agreed due date.

 Date of Credit Payout     •   The date of the Credit / Payout of refund amount
                               under different Modes of payment will be as under :-
                                           o   Direct Credit – Day 0
                                           o   EFT/NEFT – Day 1
                                           o   RTGS – Day 1
                                           o   Remote payout – Day 2 (issue of Local Pay
                                               Orders at Beneficiary location and couriered
                                               to the Beneficiary)
                                   •   Day 0 will be the day on which payment instruction is
                                       received by the Bank from the Nashik Municipal
                                       Corporation with the details provided at Nashik.
        Other Terms                •   The payment instruction and the Beneficiary List are
                                       to be given by a mutually agreed cut-off time for
                                       processing of the payments on the same day.
                                   •   The Bank will provide pick-up facility from the Nashik
                                       Municipal Corporation office on a daily basis.
        MIS                        •   Necessary MIS containing the following will be
                                           o Details of mode / status of payment through
                                               various modes.
                                           o Details of unpaid amounts
                                           o Any other information desired also can be
                                               provided in the specified format.
        Value proposition          •   Reduction in delay in making Refund payments to
                                       Payee - Use of Electronic Modes of payments
                                       resulting in faster remittance of funds to Payee and
                                       conforming to Central Vigilance Commission
                                       Guideline as per its Circular No. 98/ORD1 dtd April 6th
                                   •   High Level of Convenience – Reduction in Number
                                       of physical instruments to be written by participating
                                       Nashik Municipal Corporation and thus saving time as
                                       well as reduced processing cost and manpower
                                   •   Reduction in Risk of Frauds – By providing speed
                                       and efficiency in making payments to citizens /
                                       suppliers and easier Reconciliation of Accounts.
                                   •   Customised MIS / Reports
                                   •   Single Point Interaction – through designated the
                                       Bank Branch (Nodal Branch) with a dedicated
                                       Relationship Manager should be provided.

3)     Time Limit for work: - The said work shall be for three years from the date of work
       order. The bank shall prepare and submit the situation analysis report within 10 days
       from the work order for approval.

4) Validity of offers        : 180 days from the date of submission of offer.
5) Time Table                (a)       The Terms of Reference (TOR) will be issued free of
                                       cost from 1-1-2010 from the office of Executive Engineer
                                       (Planning), 3rd floor, Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan, Nashik
                                       Municipal Corporation, Nashik-422002 during official
                                       working hours. The same can also be downloaded from
                                       our web site www.nashikcorporation.com
                             (b)       Last Date of submission of sealed offers:-
                                               The offer should be submitted so as to reach the
                                       office of the Executive Engineer (Planning), 3rd floor,
                                       Rajeev Gandhi Bhavan, Nashik Municipal Corporation,
                                      Sharanpur Road, Nashik-422002 on or before 8-1-2010
                                      up to 15.00 hrs positively. Offers will be opened at 16.00
                                      Hrs. on the same day (if possible) in the office of
                                      Executive Engineer (Planning), 3rd floor, Rajiv Gandhi
                                      Bhavan, Sharanpur Road, Nashik Municipal Corporation,
                                      Nashik, in presence of intending Agencies or their
                                      authorized representatives.
6)   Bank To Inform itself Fully: -
             The bank shall be deemed to have fully acquainted itself with the work & site
      conditions and carefully examined the special conditions, the specifications, and shall
      be deemed to have fully informed itself regarding the local conditions, and various
      prevailing laws at time beings.
             The Bank shall also be deemed to have fully acquainted with various items
      involved in the works and as well as deemed to have fully acquainted himself with the
      fact that the work is to be carried out at various locations in Nashik Municipal
      Corporation limits The Bank should therefore plan his schedule of work properly so as
      to complete the work within stipulated time limit. Nashik Municipal Corporation will not
      be liable for any loss or damage sustained by the Bank due to variations in strategies
      of Government and taxation pattern.
7)    Rejection of Offer:
      The Offer which does not fulfill any of the conditions, specifications or are incomplete in
      any respect is likely to be rejected without assigning any reason therefore.
8)    Pre-Qualification Conditions:-
          a) The bank shall be well established, reputed and experienced in providing the
             desired services of e-payment gateway.
          b) The bank shall have established setup and branch office with all modern
             facilities at Nashik.
          c) The bank should have Nation wide coverage in India, and should be able to
             provide e-payment gateway services even outside India.
          d) The Bank shall have at least three years of existence in the field of providing e-
             payment services.
          e) The Bank shall have completed or work in hand for providing e-payment
             gateway for Government / semi-government / Public sector undertakings or
             large scale corporate institutions.

          f) Technical support for product should be provided locally 365 days 24X7
             preferably through Toll Free online support

9)    Earnest Money Deposit                  :
             The Bank shall submit earnest money deposit (EMD) of Rs.25,000/-               (Rs.
      Twenty Five Thousand) in favour of Commissioner, Nashik Municipal Corporation,
      Nashik by way of –

                1)    Cash deposited in treasury of Nashik Municipal Corporation. OR
                2)    Demand draft drawn in favour of Commissioner, Nashik Municipal

10).   Manner of Submission of Offer and its Accompaniments:-
       Offer to be submitted in two separate sealed envelopes the Bank shall submit the Offer
       and documents in two sealed envelopes as below:-
       A) Envelope No. 1 :
                The first envelope clearly marked as “ENVELOPE NO.1” shall contain the
       following documents.
           I)   Earnest money in the form specified in this TOR
          II)   Details of works of similar type and magnitude carried out by the Bank.
         III)   Details of Technical personnel on the roll of the Bank.
         IV)    Details of other works in hand with the value of work unfinished on the last date
                of submission of EOI.
         V)     Attested true copies of all relevant Certificates as mentioned in Pre-qualification
         VI)    Terms of Reference duly signed on each page in token of acceptance of all the
                terms and conditions.

       B) Envelope No.2 :-
                The second envelope clearly marked as “ENVELOPE NO.2” shall contain only
       the offer on the letter head in prescribed form duly signed by the authorized signatory
       of the bank.
                The offer should be based on the scope of work given above, and inclusive of
       all taxes, levies, duties including but not limited to VAT & service tax, and all other
       charges and out goings including but not limited to traveling, lodging and boarding or
       any other expenses of the Bank and other employees of the Bank. NMC will not bear
       any expenses other than the quoted offer.
                The Bank should submit its offer only in Envelope No.2. The Bank should not
       quote this offer any where directly or indirectly in Envelope No.1., otherwise the
       submission will be summarily rejected without assigning any reason thereof.

       C) Submission of Offer :-
                The two sealed envelope No.1 and 2 shall be again put together in a common
       cover and sealed. This sealed cover shall be marked on the left hand top corner “Offer
       for the work of “Providing and Maintaining e-Payment Gateway for Nashik
       Municipal Corporation”. The full name and address of the Bank and the name of the
       authorized agent delivering the sealed cover containing the Offer shall be written on
       the bottom left hand corner. The date and time for receipt of Envelope containing Offer
       shall strictly apply in all cases. No delay on account of any cause will be entertained for
       the late receipt of the offer. Offer submitted or received after the date and time is over,

       will either not be accepted or if inadvertently accepted, will not be opened and shall be
       returned to the Bank unopened.
       D) Opening of Offer :-
              On the date specified in this notice following procedure will be adopted for
       opening of the Offer.
       Envelope No.1 : Envelope No.1 of the offer will be opened first to verify its contents in
       this envelope as per requirement. If the various documents contained in this envelope
       do not meet the requirements of the corporation a note will be recorded accordingly by
       the offer opening authority and the bank may be asked to comply the requirements of
       documents within specified time limit..
       Envelope No.2 :- This envelope shall be opened if possible immediately after opening
       of envelope No.1 only if contents of Envelope No.1 are found to be acceptable to the
       authority. The Offer shall then be read out.
11)   Termination of the Contract:-
          a) The Commissioner, NMC shall be entitled to terminate this contract either on
              account of an Event of Default shall do so by issue of a 10 days notice in writing
              ("Termination Notice") to the Bank.
          b) The NMC on such notice shall have powers to terminate the contract and Carry
              out the remaining incomplete work by deploying another suitable bank at the
              discretion of the Commissioner, NMC and at the risk and cost of the bank.
          c) The bank shall have no claim to compensation to any loss sustained to him by
              reason of his having purchased or procured any material or entered into any
              commitments or made any advance on account of or with a view to the
              execution of the project of the performance of the contract and the bank shall
              not be entitled to recover or be paid any sum for any work actually performed
              under the contract.
          d) The NMC shall determine the extent of amount, if any, is payable to the bank
              for the value of the work executed by it up to the time of termination and that
              shall be final & binding on the bank.
          e) In the event of bank failing to discharge its liability, the Commissioner, NMC has
              the right to initiate appropriate legal proceedings to recover such dues.
12)    Settlement of Disputes:
       a) If any dispute or difference or claims of any kind arises between the NMC and the
          bank in connection with, construction, interpretation or application of any terms and
          conditions or any matters or thing in any way connected with or in connection with
          or arising out of this contract, or the rights, duties or liabilities of any party under
          this contract, whether before or after the termination of this agreement, then the
          parties shall meet together promptly, at the request of other party, in an effort to
          resolve such dispute, difference or claim by discussion between them. No third
          party intervention other than that of the court of law is allowed.
       b) If any dispute arise out of the contract of the said project that shall be referred to
          the Court of Law at Nashik only. It is made specific here that in no case the
          matter shall be referred to any Arbitration or conciliation.
c) The dispute (if any), shall be subjected to Nashik Jurisdiction only.

The Commissioner Nashik Municipal Corporation reserves the right to reject any
or all Offers without assigning any reason thereof.

This TOR is a part of EOI Document and is to be signed below in token of
acceptance of the entire clause no. (1) to (12).

  I/We have studied the Terms of Reference (TOR) as above and put my/our signature
 in token of acceptance on each page of it.

 Place :
 Date :-                                                       Signature of Authorized
 Address :

 Tel./Fax :
 e-mail :

                            (To be typed on the letter head of the bank)

Name of Work: “Providing and Maintaining e-Payment Gateway for Nashik Municipal
I/We states that –
2)    Rates quoted hold good for work             under    all conditions.
3)     The rates quoted are inclusive of all duties, and taxes viz C.S.T., M.S.T. I.T., Excise,
Turnover, work         contract tax, Service Tax, VAT, Octroi etc.. Variation in taxes during the
course of execution will not be paid by Nashik Municipal Corporation, Nashik.
         We have carefully studied the various Components herein above with the scope of
work and detailed specifications and all other terms and conditions of this Terms of Reference
(TOR). On the basis of that I/We hereby undertake to execute the said work as per the rates
quoted herein below.
       I/We have gone through your Terms of Reference (TOR) for the above said work and
I/We have understood all the terms and conditions pertaining to the work.

      We Offer this facility at following terms:

•    For Internet Banking Facility (Direct Debit Mode) :
         o     Per Transaction Fees : --------%
         o     One time website Integration Fee : Rs. -------
•    For Internet Payment Gateway (Credit / debit Card payment) :
         o     Per Transaction Fees : ------% on value of transaction
         o     One time website Integration Fee : Rs. -------
         o     Monthly maintenance charges : Rs. ----------
•    For NEFT / RTGS Charges – Rs. ---------

     Place :
     Date :-                                                       Signature of Authorized