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					                                 ONE NET ENTERPRISES, INC.

                      PayPal Payment Gateway Form
Complete, sign & return to ONE, Inc. via fax or mail, only if will accept PayPal instead of as
                                        your payment gateway.

Date: __________        Company Name: _________________________________

DBA: ___________________________________________________________

I authorize One Net Enterprises to charge $34.99 per month to the credit card

indentified in my “Wholesale Payment Guarantee Application”. This charge is

a gateway (payable in addition to my monthly subscription fees) that will cover all

my Store Starter websites. I will notify One Net Enterprises in writing if I choose

to convert from PayPal to and One Net Enterprises will discontinue

this recurring fee within five (5) business days of conversion.

Signed_________________________________________                   Date_____________________

Print Name______________________________________                  Title______________________

       PO Box 1729 - Tampa, FL - 33601 - Ph. (813) 241-2668 - Fax (813) 241-6570
              e-mail or visit