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									                 Saddleback Valley YMCA Indian Princess Program
                              Friendly Spirit Nation
              The Longhouse Drum Beat – Longhouse Meeting Minutes
                            Tuesday, August 7, 2007

                  Participants               Title                Tribe       Comments
              Wayne Slomsky       Nation Chief                Fox            Present
              Laval Brewer        Nation Sachem               Mohawk         Present
              Rob Hagerty         Wampum Bearer               Comanche       Present
              Rowan Harper        Scribe                      Comanche       Absent
              Laval Brewer        Bead Keeper                 Mohwawk        Present
              Chip Fulton         Achievement Keeper          Quechualla     Absent
              Rowan Harper        Signal Maker                Comanche       Absent
              Scott Thomas        Tribal Chief                Cheyenne       Present
              Joe Koenig          Tribal Chief                Comanche       Present
              Laval Brewer        Tribal Chief                Mohawk         Present
              Brad McClave        Tribal Chief                Pawnee         Present
              Mark Looft          Tribal Chief                Cherokee       Absent
              Vance Tammen        Tribal Chief                Arapaho        Absent
              Terry Woods         Tribal Chief                Quechualla     Absent
              Keith Comer         Honorary Council            Pawnee         Present
              Kyra Pelachik       YMCA Program Dir.                          Present

                                        2007-2008 Calendar

 Host Tribe         Chief               Event                      Date
                                 Emerald Bay             September 21-23 ,
Cheyenne       Scott Thomas      Catalina                2007
Quechualla     Terry Woods       El Potrero              October 19-21, 2007
Comanche       Joe Koenig        Caspers                 Nov. 16-18, 2007
Mohawk         Laval Brewer      Holiday Dance           December 9, 2007
Pawnee         Shinbashi         Bowling                 January 19, 2008
Arapaho        Tammen            Pine Car Derby          February 23, 2008
Cherokee       Mark Looft        Palm Springs            March 14-16, 2008
Pawnee         Shinbashi         San Mateo               April 18-20, 2008
                                 Individual Tribe
All tribes     Tribe Chiefs      Event                   May 1-31, 2008
Fox            Mike O'Brien      Family Camp             June 6-8, 2008

Opening Prayer – Wayne Slomsky
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Friendly Spirit Nation                                           Longhouse Minutes – 5/5/07

   Council Members Sign in.

Introduce New Leadership
 The new leadership went around the table and introduced themselves and their positions.
    Brad McClave represented the Pawnee Tribe in place of Allan Shinbashi who was not
    able to attend.

Catalina Trip September 21-23, 2007 hosted by Scott Thomas and the Cheyenne Tribe
 Scott went over all the events for the Catalina trip. All deposits have been made and
   contracts have been signed. The campsite has a minimum quantity of 150 and the boat
   has a maximum quantity of 150. We reviewed the flyer and made necessary changes.
   The price has been agreed upon at $160.00 per person. The flyer will be on the Friendly
   Spirit Nation web-site on Friday August 10, 2007. Registration will be available on the Y
   web-site by August 13, 2007. Scott will verify with the campsite as to whether the patches
   are included in the price. Scott will also ask the campsite if they have equipment to show
   a movie. Finally, we will announce the Catalina Aquarium hours on the boat.

El Potrero Trip October 19-21, 2007 hosted by Terry Woods and the Quechualla Tribe
 Terry Woods was on a family vacation and missed the meeting. All deposits have been
   made and contracts have been signed. We currently reserved two sites that
   accommodate 120 people. We will have the flyer on the web-site by August 17, 2007 and
   Registration will be available by the following Monday August 20, 2007.We determined
   the pricing on the trip to be $35.00 per family. The YMCA system needs to register the
   dad for $35.00 and each daughter at $0.00. We will discuss the details of the El Potrero
   event at the September Longhouse. Keith Comer volunteered to do a concert Friday

Caspers Trip November 16-18, 2007 hosted by Joe Koenig and the Comanche Tribe
 Joe went over the planned details of the Caspers event. . All deposits have been made
  and contracts have been signed. The campsite has a contract quantity between150 and
  200.We determined the pricing on the trip to be $35.00 per family. The flyer should be
  finalized as quickly as possible. The YMCA system needs to register the dad for $35.00
  and each daughter at $0.00. This will be our New Princess Induction as well as Regalia.
  Joe was also planning on doing a Spicy Cook Off Event which will be held at lunch time.
  Joe is going to check on the parking situation as Caspers. We are not sure if it is $5.00
  per day or $5.00 for the weekend and whether it can be paid upfront. Joe will also look
  into the facilities ability to show a movie.

Holiday Dance at the Disneyland Hotel on December 9, 2007 host by Laval Brewer and
the Mohawk Tribe
 Laval briefly went over the plans for the Holiday Dance. We are looking into sharing
   characters with another nation which will provide us with four different characters instead
   of two. The deposit for the hotel has been made and the contract has been signed. The
   minimum contract quantity is 175 people. Laval still needs to get in touch with the DJ and

Pajama Bowling Event January 19, 2008 hosted by Allan Shinbashi and the Pawnee

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Friendly Spirit Nation                                            Longhouse Minutes – 5/5/07

   Allan was not able to attend the meeting but sent an email to the Nation Chief detailing
    out the event. Everything for the event has been reserved only a deposit is needed at this
    time. The event will be at Irvine Lanes.

Recruiting Event
 We discussed a organizing a recruiting event at Doheny Beach in early September. After
  further discussions a conclusion was reached to hold the recruiting event at the
  Saddleback Valley YMCA. We will be utilizing the new pool and bounce house. Everyone
  is encouraged to bring a quest that is interested in joining Indian Princesses. Also, this
  event is for the whole family. Laval is helping to finalize the date and time.

Achievement Goals
   The council discussed the importance of planning for Achievement opportunities in all our
    events. As the tribe chiefs plan their event they are encouraged to include an activity that
    will progress the girls toward an achievement.

Wampum Bearer’s Report
   The transition from Todd Spencer to Rob Hagerty is complete. Rob reported that the
    $1,800 rolling over from last year is still in our account. The Nation Chief created a budget
    template that he will forward to the Wampum Bearer prior to the next meeting.

Kyra’s Report
   Kyra passed out a step by step worksheet on registration that the Nation Chief will forward
    to the tribe chiefs. The YMCA web-site is available for new regisitration.

Closing Prayer – Laval Brewer

 Next Longhouse Meeting is Tuesday September 4, 2007 @ 7:00pm at the
Saddleback Valley YMCA

Friendly Spirit Nation Web Site:

Scribe’s Note:
These Friendly Spirit Nation Longhouse Meeting minutes (The Longhouse Drum Beat) were
prepared by Wayne Slomsky, Nation Chief.
The goals of this document are to provide:
   Minutes of the Longhouse meeting for the Friendly Spirit Nation Council – attendees and
    council members who were unable to attend.
   Current calendar of Nation events and key action dates.

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Friendly Spirit Nation                                         Longhouse Minutes – 5/5/07

   A document that Tribal Chiefs can forward to their tribe members to keep them informed
    about Friendly Spirit Nation activities.
The current month’s minutes are posted on the Friendly Spirit Nation web site.
The format of this document is a work in progress. I appreciate your comments on how to
improve the format and content to improve its usefulness. Please forward your comments to
Wayne Slomsky at

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