Food and Agriculture Sector

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					Food and Agriculture

Coordinating Council
     Food and Agriculture Sector
   Government Coordinating Council

  Provide effective coordination of agriculture and food
  security strategies and activities, policy, and
  communication across government and between the
  government and the sector to support the nation’s
  homeland security mission.
  Coordination role with the public health and clinical issues
  resulting from a terrorist act involving the food supply.
  Acts as counterpart and partner to the private industry-led
  Food and Agriculture Sector Coordinating Council (SCC) to
  plan, implement and execute sufficient and necessary
  sector-wide security programs for the nation’s Food and
  Agriculture Critical Infrastructure.
  Food and Agriculture Sector
Government Coordinating Council
 GCC Executive Committee
  (Rotating Chair)

 NASAHO Representatives
  Lee Myers, GA
  Rich Breitmeyer, CA
  Food and Agriculture Sector
Government Coordinating Council
   DHS          AFDO
   DOC          ASTHO
   DOD          Intertribal Agr Council
   DOI          NACCHO
   DOJ          NASAHO
   EPA          NASDA
   USDA        42 Members
   USGS        Govt Reps
       Food and Agriculture
    Sector Coordinating Council

Private Sector Representatives

 National Milk Producers Federation
 Food Processors
 Conglomerate Agriculture Corporations
    2006 Goals of GCC and SCC
Enhance & Improve Two Way Communications
   Establish HSIN Editor
   Increased GCC interaction with SCC Sub-Councils
Improve Preparedness
   Continue SPPA Initiative (Coordinated by USDA, FDA)
   Tabletop Exercise FMD - October 2006
   Continuity of Operations Planning (Coordinated by GCC)
      Includes creation of a pandemic flu statement and other avian
      influenza work
Mapping of Food-Agriculture Sector to Define Critical
Systems (Coordination by USDA)
   Homeland Security Institute will assist in facilitating an
   expedited academic review of the sector and other sectors
   that interact with the Food-Agriculture Sector.
   Tentative: White Paper on the Food Acquisition & Logistics
            2006 Goals of SCC
Review of Stafford Act
  To better understand Act’s relationship to
  the Food-Agriculture Sector
  To highlight gaps in the Stafford Act
  related to the Sector
OK 4-72 Project
  Capability for sector industries to be self-
  reliant for 72 hours after a disaster or
                 2006 Goal of GCC
Review and Refinement of the Sector Specific Plan
 NASAHO Representatives on SSP Committee (summer 2006)
    Lee Myers, GA
    Brigid Elchos, MS
    Marilyn Simunich, ID
 Amended SSP to DHS by December, 2006
    FDA/USDA drafted amendments for review (fall 2006)
 State Contributions to SSP in 2007
    NASDA plans to form working group within NASDA Homeland
    Security Committee
    NASAHO requests engagement of USAHA CAEM