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              5D/4N HONG KONG / DISNEYLAND (MHD)
• 1 Day pass to Hong Kong                                                                              ITINERARY (MHS)
  Disneyland.                                                                                          Day 01 Depart for Hong Kong
• Four Star hotels throughout the stay.                                                                • Upon arrival, check into hotel.
• 1 way private coach return from
  Shenzhen to Hong Kong.                                                                               Day 02 Hong Kong/ Shenzhen (B/L/D)
• Malay or English speaking local                                                                      •    Breakfast at local Muslim restaurant.
  guide.                                                                                               •    Proceed to Victoria Peak with one way
• Indulge yourself in a shopping spree                                                                      Peak Tram ride.
                                                                                                       •    Continue proceed to Repulse Bay and
  at Hong Kong local popular spots –                                      01 Night Disney                   Aberdeen Fishing Village.
  Temple Street, Ladies Street during                                       Hollywood Hotel            •    Lunch at local Muslim restaurant.
  your leisure time.                                                                                   •    Depart by train to Shenzhen.
                                                                                                       •    Dinner at local Muslim restaurant.
                                                    ITINERARY          (MHD)                           Day 03 Shenzhen (B/L/D)
The fifth Disneyland in the world is
located on reclaimed land in Penny’s Bay,           Day 01 Depart for Hong Kong                        •    Visit Silk store and Jade shop.
Lantau Island. You will discover world of           • Transfer to hotel for Check in.                  •    Visit Splendid China, China Folk Cultural
imagination where enchanting stories and                                                                    Village and enjoy a Chinese cultural show.
timeless places literally come to life right        Day 02 Hong Kong (B/L/D)                           •    After dinner, shopping at Dongmen Night
before your eyes. Main Street, U.S.A,               • Breakfast at local Muslim restaurant.                 Market.
Tomorrow land, Fantasyland and                      • Proceed for Hong Kong Island tour
                                                                                                       Day 04 Shenzhen/Hong Kong (B)
Adventure      land     speaks    to     the          Includes Victoria Peak with one Way
                                                      Peak Tram ride, Repulse Bay, Aberdeen            •    After breakfast, return to Hong Kong by
courageous spirit in the hearts of                                                                          coach.
everyone. It's an exotic trek into                    Fishing Village and Avenue of Stars.
                                                    • Shopping at Jewellery shop and Chinese           •    Today spend your day in Hong Kong
unexplored regions.                                                                                         Disneyland.
                                                      Herb Shop.
                                                    • Lunch and dinner at local Muslim                 •    Transfer back to hotel after the firework
HONG KONG                                                                                                   display.
• Repulse Bay : The large, sandy beach                restaurant.
  has been extended recently and there are                                                             Day 05 Hong Kong/Kuala Lumpur (B)
  many facilities for beachgoers and day-           Day 03 Hong Kong/ Disneyland (B)                   •    Transfer to airport for flight home.
  trippers, including shops, restaurants and        •   After breakfast, proceed full day Fun at
  bars.                                                 Hong Kong Disneyland.                              Sequence of the itinerary may vary from
• Aberdeen: Aberdeen on the southwest               •   Overnight at Disney Hollywood hotel.                           the actual tour
  side of Hong Kong Island is famous for
  the thousand of dilapidated boats in the          Day 04 Disneyland / Hong Kong (L)
  harbour.                                          • Free at leisure till transfer to Hong Kong           PROGRAM : MHS
                                                      (pick up at 10am).                                   Day 5 Return by flight after ETD 1400
                                                    • Lunch at local Muslim restaurant before              D1   Depart Hong Hong
SHENZHEN                                              check into Hong Kong hotel.
•   Splendid China : Also known as                                                                         D2   Hong Kong – Disneyland (B)
                                                    • Rest at leisure.                                     D3   Hong Kong / Shenzhen (B/L/D)
    "Shenzhen Miniature Kingdom", is one of
    the world's largest small-scale scenic                                                                 D4   Shenzhen (B/L/D)
                                                    Day 05 Hong Kong/Departure (B)                         D5   Shenzhen / Hong Kong / KUL (B)
    spots,   reflecting    China's  natural
                                                    •   After breakfast, transfer to airport for
    landscape and cultural history.
                                                        flight home.
•   China Folk Cultural Village : China Folk
    Culture Village is a large tourist center       OPTIONAL
    where folk arts, culture and architecture       Please check with your Tour Manager for
    of China’s various nationalities are            suggestion before you take any optional
    assembled in one area. It is the first of its   tours.
    kind in China. Enjoy a Carnival
    Extravaganza Cultural show in China                      Last Update : 28 Dec ‘09
    Folk Cultural Village.                                 Validity : 15 Jan – 31 Oct '10

    Program           Meals Included Night(s) Stay
    MHS               4B, 2L, 2D            Hong Kong 2N         Shenzhen 2N
    MHD               3B, 2L, 1D            Hong Kong 3N         Disney’s Hollywood 1N *
                                                               * Standard check in time 1500hrs*

          SG WANG 03-2148 6022 . JLN YAP KWAN SENG 03-2711 1000 . FRASER BIZ PARK 03-9222 5051/52 . WANGSA MAJU 03-4149 0707 . KEPONG 03-6250 8277
       TAMAN TUN DR. ISMAIL 03-7727 1717 . BDR TUN HUSSEIN ONN 03-9074 8699 . 1-UTAMA 03-7726 4488 . DAMANSARA JAYA 03-7725 7210 . IKANO 03-7725 9707 .
     AMPANG 03-4252 3366 . PUCHONG 03-8062 1188 . BANDAR SG. LONG 03-9019 9982 . SUBANG PARADE 03-5635 5161 . KLANG 03-3324 0008 . PENANG 04-226 1635 .
                                 SEREMBAN 06-762 7679 . MELAKA 06-284 5125 . JOHOR BAHRU 07-221 8811 . KUCHING 082-253 404

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