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                                                                                                                          Fall 2009
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Page 2                                                                                                                 Fall 2009
El Tigre                                 Command Section

Pass on what you know, find out the things you don’t
                                                                                       Initial feedback from program
       by Col. Greg Stroud                                                          participants has been emphatically
           Commander                                                                positive. I promise you that being
                                                                                    a mentor or a protégé will not feel
                                                                                    like an additional duty. You’ll feel
Who is your mentor? Who is your                                                     rewarded by the experience of
protégé?                                                                            investing in yourself and in oth-
   I would like all wing members to                                                 ers.
be able to answer those questions                                                      It can be so simple.
and be able to say in all honesty that                                                 For potential mentors – listen
they foster those relationships. The                                                carefully and ask questions. Reach
future growth and leadership of this                                                out to junior officers and Airmen.
wing depends on it.                                                                    Determine what your protégé’s
   Our next generation of supervi-                                                  goals and objectives are. Utilize the
sors, chiefs and commanders is                                                      Individual Development Plan avail-
already here. They’re out there                                                     able on the 162nd Web site.
maintaining aircraft, securing the                                                     More importantly, spend qual-
base, managing programs and mak-                                                    ity time with your protégé to guide
ing the mission happen. Through                                                     them and share your experience and
mentorship we can ensure they are                                                   knowledge.
ready for the tasks that lie ahead.                 Colonel Stroud                     You’ll be surprised at how they
   Long before “developing Airmen”                                                  will come back to you for guidance
became an Air Force core compe-          from commanders, the command               when they know you are approach-
tency, the 162nd Fighter Wing had a      chief, first sergeants and participants,   able and that you care.
great tradition of leadership. It hap-   changes were made to improve                  For potential protégés – be
pens here every day. Commanders          access to program information and          clear about your goals. Utilize the
are communicating a vision for           resources.                                 Individual Development Plan and
their units, supervisors are teaching       First, each squadron now has an         evaluate your strengths and weak-
new skills to their juniors and young    assigned mentor coordinator. The           nesses. Establish goals for improve-
people are speaking up and asking        mentor coordinator is available to         ment and be open to honest and
good questions to better themselves      advise and guide fellow unit mem-          constructive feedback. Have a desire
and the unit.                            bers through the mentor program.           to improve yourself and genuinely
   But I am talking about mentor-           Second, a “Mentor Program               consider the advice you’re given.
ship; deliberate and voluntary rela-     Resources” corner is now located              You too will be surprised at how
tionships that are broad in scope and    on the wing’s public Web site, on the      much you can learn and what a men-
not narrowly focused on a new skill      bottom left side of the “Resources”        tor can offer.
or a means to get promoted.              page. There you can find links to             Keep in mind that your mentor
   Mentorship provides leadership,       information, articles and forms            or protégé does not have to be your
career and personal development          including the Mentor 101 pamphlet,         supervisor or subordinate. As long
for our Airmen, and it gives leaders     the Mentor Program Participation           as you respect the chain of com-
an opportunity to pass on principles,    Request form and a listing of squad-       mand, it could be someone from
traditions, shared values and lessons    ron mentor coordinators.                   outside your shop – from outside
learned.                                    Lastly, quarterly mentor “Meet          your career field. And you don’t have
   Every member of the 162nd             and Greet” luncheons are being             to be limited to just one.
Fighter Wing is encouraged to            organized by squadron mentor                  I truly believe in mentoring as a
participate in the wing’s mentor         coordinators. These luncheons will         leadership strategy. It will help us
program, whether formally or infor-      give the coordinators an opportunity       develop our future leaders, it will
mally, and take advantage of any         to share ideas, training information       help us retain the best people, and
and all resources available.             and resources for the benefit of           it will give people a sense of where
   Recently the program has been         squadron leadership, mentors and           they fit in the wing and how what
revived; and, after receiving input      protégés.                                  they do makes a difference.
Fall 2009                                                                              Page 3
                                                       News                                                El Tigre

 UAE air force participates in first Red Flag
                                         reunite with their former instruc-          The Emiratis took on Red Flag
       by Maj. Gabe Johnson              tors. Arizona Guardsmen have             flying their Tucson-based fighters.
           Public Affairs                trained UAE fighter pilots for the          “The block 60 is similar to earlier
                                         last eight years, five years in UAE      versions of the F-16 in that it flies
                                         aircraft. Currently, the wing’s 148th    the same, but in terms of capa-
                                         Fighter Squadron is the only squad-      bilities it’s more advanced,” said
 United Arab Emirates air force pi-      ron of UAE-owned F-16E Desert            Lt. Col. Mick McGuire, the 148th
 lots and maintainers participated       Falcons, or block 60s, in the United     Fighter Squadron commander.
 in a Red Flag exercise at Nellis Air    States.                                     The F-16E’s most notable char-
 Force Base, Nev., for the first time       “It was great to welcome back         acteristics include conformal fuel
 Aug. 22 through Sept. 5.                our friends from the UAE, some           tanks mounted on the top of its
    The UAE airmen spent the previ-      of whom we haven’t seen for a            fuselage, digital color screens in
 ous two weeks at the Arizona Air        while,” said Col. Greg Stroud, the       the cockpit and a powerful engine
 National Guard’s 162nd Fighter          162nd wing commander. “It’s really       to compensate for the jet’s increase
 Wing at Tucson International            rewarding for us to see how they’ve      in weight.
 Airport preparing for the advanced      developed as pilots and we’re proud         “It’s typically called a generation
 training exercise that exposes U.S.     to see them participate in their         4.5 fighter, not quite at the level of
 and partner nation air force units      first Red Flag. It’s historic for the    the 5th generation F-22 (Raptor) or
 to challenging and realistic aerial     Emiratis to go to Red Flag for the       F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter), but its
 combat scenarios.                       first time, and our wing gets to share   avionics, thrust and fuel capacity
    For the Emirati pilots, the prepa-   the importance of this milestone         make it a very formidable fighter,”
 ration in Tucson was a chance to        since we’ve been training them from      Colonel McGuire said. “They
 get familiar with U.S. airspace and     the beginning. They’re ready.”           should do very well at Red Flag and
                                                                                  return to the UAE having learned
                                            A United Arab Emirates F-16E          many good lessons from the experi-
                                            Desert Falcon, block 60, takes        ence.”
                                               off from Tucson International         Red Flag, designed to push the
                                               Airport while a documentary        limits of a pilot’s skill regardless
                                           film crew captures the moment          of aircraft capability, will further
                                                   Aug. 12. Recognizing the       build upon the military-to-military
                                                historic significance of their    relationship originally fostered in
                                                      first Red Flag, the UAE     Arizona.
                                              government commissioned a              According to Colonel Stroud,
                                              production company to follow        Red Flag and the basic F-16 course
                                            pilots and maintainers through        taught at the 162nd play important
                                                              the experience.     roles in making the United Arab
                                                                                  Emirates air force as capable as it
                                                                                  can be.
                                                                                     The Tucson wing currently has
                                                                                  nine Emirati student pilots in its
                                                                                  basic course. They will graduate
                                                                                  after nine months as mission quali-
                                                                                  fied F-16 pilots and could be among
                                                                                  future cadres of UAE pilots to visit
                                                                                  Red Flag in years to come.
                                                                                     “They’re getting world-class
                                                                                  training and, for us, it gives us the
                                                                                  opportunity to fly a generation 4.5
                                                                                  F-16 and see what the future may
                                                                                  hold for the next U.S. fighter,”
                                                   Photo by Capt. Dan Dodson
                                                                                  Colonel Stroud said.
Page 4                                                                               Fall 2009
El Tigre                                              News
Arizona Predator unit receives Air Force Outstanding Unit Award
      by Capt. Dan Dodson
          Public Affairs

BASE, Ariz. – The Arizona Air
National Guard’s 214th Reconnais-
sance Group, an MQ-1B Predator
unit that flies combat missions over
Iraq and Afghanistan via satellite
from Tucson, Ariz., was awarded         Army Maj. Gen.
the Air Force Outstanding Unit          Hugo E. Salazar
Award here Aug. 8.                      (left), the Adjutant
   Army Maj. Gen. Hugo E. Salazar,      General and
the Adjutant General and command-       commanding
ing general of the Arizona National     general of the
Guard, presented the award ribbon       Arizona National
and citation to Col. Gregg Davies,      Guard, presents
the group commander, during a           the Air Force
ceremony before unit members and        Outstanding Unit
community leaders at the Mirage         Award citation
Club.                                   to Col. Gregg
   “When I talk to people about         Davies, 214th
what this unit does, most of the time   Reconnaissance
                                                                                  Photo by Staff Sgt. Sarah Elliott
they are very surprised and amazed      Group commander.
that we are flying combat orbits        Airman First Class Samantha Field, the most junior member of the
in Afghanistan and Iraq from the        unit, served as the guideon bearer.
Tucson area. It is very impressive,”
said General Salazar.                      “We are here to serve, and we are    sets it apart from similar units. The
   U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords         absolutely honored to help defend       award criteria includes performance
(D-Ariz.) also addressed the unit       our troops over there in Afghanistan    of exceptionally meritorious service,
members in light of their achieve-      and Iraq,” said Colonel Davies.         accomplishment of a specific out-
ment.                                      The unit, which formally activated   standing achievement of national
   “This award will serve as a symbol   July 31, 2007, earned the award for     or international significance, combat
of your resolve as a unit, and your     flying more than 17,000 hours to sup-   operations against an armed enemy
contributions to victory in both Iraq   port Operations Iraqi and Enduring      of the U.S., or military operations
and Afghanistan. This award will        Freedom. During continuous fly-         involving conflict with or exposure
also serve as a reminder to those       ing operations, the group supplied      to hostile actions by an opposing
who question the need for continued     over 14,000 hours of video footage      foreign force.
air dominance that we must have         to commanders and troops on the            “We are the only Predator Guard
in controlling the airspace over a      ground and fired 47 Hellfire missiles   unit that started from scratch,” said
battlefield,” said Congresswoman        to protect American servicemembers      Colonel Davies. “And we’ve had
Giffords.                               from improvised explosive devices       tremendous support from our host,
   More than 100 Guardsmen              and other insurgent activity.           the 355th Fighter Wing at Davis-
assigned to the 214th support or fly       The Air Force Outstanding Unit       Monthan Air Force Base, and our
the medium-altitude, long-endur-        Award is awarded by the Secretary       sister unit, the 162nd Fighter Wing
ance, remotely-piloted aircraft to      of the Air Force to units which         at Tucson International Airport.
perform interdiction and conduct        have distinguished themselves by        We thank them for all they’ve done
armed reconnaissance against criti-     exceptionally meritorious service or    and we wouldn’t be here without
cal, enemy targets.                     outstanding achievement that clearly    them.”
Fall 2009                                                                          Page 5
                                                 Commentary                                                    El Tigre

 UCI preparation is everyone’s business
                                          compliance or have not answered              It is still the main responsibility of
     by Lt. Col. John Bobroski            certain questions. We need to have        each subordinate section to ensure
         Air Force Advisor                responses in all checklist items in the   that their part is up to standards.
                                          self inspection database.                    Everyone realizes that people
                                             Each response should describe          have several additional duties, but
 It’s time to “step it up” in prepara-    how you are in compliance and             it is time to bear down and ensure
 tion for the Unit Compliance In-         where the documentation is kept.          compliance.
 spection (UCI) coming in March              This will make it very easy for an        Being a Guard family we tend to
 2010.                                    inspector to determine if you are in      call each other by first names or call-
    The wing deliberately started off     compliance.                               signs, but we still conduct ourselves
 with only higher level leadership,          If you can easily show the inspec-     in a professional matter.
 group commanders, taking a look at       tor where documents are kept or how          Starting now, we need to get in the
 programs to identify any limitating      you do your job, the less they will       habit of calling each other by rank
 factors or shortfalls we would have      dig. If you have many areas that are      and last name.
 for the UCI. This started about one      not in compliance or do not have             This is not to offend anyone, but
 year out from the UCI.                   answers, the inspector will dig and       practicing the prescribed customs
    About nine months out, we started     dig to find out how bad it is.            and courtesies now, before the AETC
 to involve squadron commanders in           The self inspection database also      IG team arrives, we can eliminate
 programs.                                creates continuity for anyone to do       any perceptions that we do not have
    Now at five months prior to the       your job.                                 professional working relationships.
 UCI, we expect to have flight com-          Program management (PM) will              I have no doubt that we will earn
 manders and section chiefs involved      be a high emphasis item in the            no less than an Excellent rating in the
 in all programs.                         UCI.                                      UCI. Remember the last couple of
    Self inspection checklists com-          We have identified wing PM             inspection results? Our wing earned
 pleted in June are only a start to       points of contact. These folks will       “Outstanding” ratings in both the
 ensuring we are compliant with all       start to perform staff assistance vis-    HSI and the ESOHCAMP. Let’s con-
 regulations and directives.              its on their subordinate sections to      tinue the trend and earn the first ever
    Some sections in the wing are still   determine if the wing as a whole is       UCI overall “Outstanding” because
 showing areas where they are not in      compliant.                                we are an outstanding unit.

 Hispanic Heritage Month - a brief education
                                          of independence for five Latin               Hispanic and Latino Americans
     by Maj. Sandy Wilson                 American countries—Costa Rica,            have made many distinguished con-
  Wing Equal Opportunity Office           El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras,         tributions to the United States in all
                                          and Nicaragua. In addition, Mexico        major fields. They have participated
                                          declared its independence on              in the US military and in every major
 National Hispanic Heritage Month         September 16 and Chile on September       military conflict from the American
 is a time for Americans to educate       18. This year’s theme is “Embrace         Revolution onward, being the first to
 themselves about the influence His-      the fierce urgency of now!”               die, in some cases. As of July 2007,
 panic culture has had on our soci-          The term Hispanic, as defined          43 Hispanics and Latinos had been
 ety.                                     by the U.S. Census Bureau, refers         awarded the nation’s highest military
    On September 17, 1968, President      to Spanish-speaking people in the         distinction, the Congressional Medal
 Lyndon B. Johnson designated a           United States of any race. On the 2000    of Honor.
 week in mid–September as National        Census form, people of Spanish/              Hispanics and Latinos have not
 Hispanic Heritage Week. In 1988,         Hispanic/Latino origin could iden-        only distinguished themselves in the
 President Ronald Regan extended          tify themselves as Mexican, Puerto        battlefields, but are also reaching
 that week to a month–long obser-         Rican, Cuban, or “other Spanish/          the highest echelons of the military,
 vance.                                   Hispanic/Latino” but many national        serving their country in sensitive
    Hispanic Heritage Month begins        origins make up our U.S. Hispanics/       leadership positions on domestic and
 on September 15, the anniversary         Latinos.                                  foreign shores.
Page 6                                                                                   Fall 2009
El Tigre                                            News

Preventive Health Assessment process moves online
                                                          need to be addressed more aggressively.
          by Master Sgt. Tracey Jorgensen                    The WebHA will identify areas of risk that a provider
                  Medical Group                           may decide requires further information or assessment.
                                                          This information can be used as a population health
                                                          tool to identify systemic health patterns and trends that
The Air Force is once again leveraging technology as      members might have manifested.
a means of ensuring a medically ready fighting force.        WebHA meets the Defense Information Technology
   An important part of medical readiness is the          Security Certification and Accreditation Process
Preventive Health Assessment (PHA), which every           Requirements. This means that members will need to
Airman must complete once a year. In the past this has    access the Air Force Portal and fill out their WebHA
involved a visit to the Medical Group (MDG) and an        from that mechanism.
interview with a medical technician.                         Wing members will be contacted two months prior
   While critically important, this process has always    to their birth month, by the Force Health Management
been costly in terms of the man-hours required for        Office, to log onto the Air Force Portal and fill out the
both the medical technician and the                                          WebHA.
Airman, especially since most inter-                                              After completing the question-
views did not result in the need for                                              naire, the patient will be notified
a visit with a provider. Advances                                                    by letter from the MDG of the
in technology are now allow-                                                         requirements that need to be
ing the 162nd to accomplish the                                                     completed for that year.
same goals, but without a visit to                                                   Annual requirements will be
the MDG.                                                                         dental and WebHA. Unit mem-
   Starting in November the inter-                                               bers on the Occupational Health
view will be accomplished through                                               Program will still need to com-
a secure Web site known                                                                plete a hearing test and, if
as the Web Based Health                                                                 needed, see a doctor.
Assessment (WebHA),                                                                         HIV tests will be com-
which every Guardsman                                                                     pleted every two years.
will be able to access                                                                       Vision examinations
from any computer with                                                                    will be given every two
internet access - at work,                                                              years for those who wear
at home, or even when                                                                  glasses and every five years
deployed.                                                                             for those who do not.
   Medical technicians will                                                           Blood pressure will be mea-
review the web-based interview                                                  sured every five years if the mem-
results; and if problems are identified                                     ber is not on any medications. The
which require medical attention, the tech-                           test may be administered as required by doc-
nician will contact the member to schedule an                  tors if patients are on any type of blood pressure
appointment with a medical provider. This will also         medications.
allow the clinic to more efficiently tailor care to the      Lately, the MDG has been inundated with requests
specific needs of the patient.                            for AF 422a’s, Notification of Air Force Member’s
   WebHA will replace the SF 507, Interval Medical        Qualification Status. The MDG is requesting at least
History Form; a list of health assessment questions       24-48 hours after a request to get the form back. The
that all Airmen answer each year. The WebHA will          MDG will pull records and review the last PHA
be more effective than the “Yes or No” responses cur-     and dental information. The group needs to ensure
rently required. WebHA will measure health responses      that members are not currently on an AF 469, Duty
with a severity that will enable the MDG to process       Limiting Condition Report (4T Profile) prior to com-
information more effectively. These types of measures     pleting the AF 422a.
will provide invaluable information as time progresses.      Any questions regarding the processes at the MDG
In the future the MDG will be able to see how many        may be referred to the Force Health Management
people have had a problem in a given year that may        Office at 295-6300 or the front desk at 295-6172.
Fall 2009                                                                        Page 7
                                                  News                                             El Tigre

 Top F-16 maintainers reap                                                              rewards

                                                                                 Photos by Master Sgt. Dave Neve

 Tech. Sgt. Lesleigh Smith, the 162nd Maintenance Group’s first-ever “Elite Performer,” shows his award
 to his co-workers while Lt. Col. James Taylor, the group commander, applauds the achievement. Smith
 was picked by Colonel Taylor to receive the award from a field of six “Top Performers” recognized at the
 event. The plaque awarded was designed by Staff Sgt. Veronica Norzagaray of the maintenance quality
 assurance office.
                                      here July 12, Group Commander        looking for ways to improve.”
       by Maj. Gabe Johnson           Lt. Col. James Taylor recognized       Each recipient represented one
     and Staff Sgt. Jordan Jones      this talent when he announced six    of the six organizations that make
            Public Affairs            maintainers as “Top Performer        up the maintenance group and was
                                      Award” recipients; a new quarterly   nominated by their supervisors and
                                      award designed specifically for      commanders. The crowd erupted
 When a group of 800 Guardsmen        those who improve maintenance        with applause and whistles as
 maintain a fleet of 66 F-16 Fight-   quality and safety.                  the Top Performers received their
 ing Falcons with an unparalleled       “These people take pride in        awards.
 safety record for an international   getting those sorties in the air,”
 training mission, there’s bound      said Colonel Taylor, during the        They were:
 to be amazing talent among the       award ceremony. “[The Quality          Staff Sgt. Antelmo Morales from
 ranks.                               Assurance Office] has set up some    the 148th Aircraft Maintenance
    At the latest 162nd Maintenance   shop visits – people are excited     Flight,
 Group commander’s call held          about what they are doing, and are     Tech. Sgt. Lesleigh Smith from
Page 8                                                                       Fall 2009
El Tigre                                             News
the 152nd Aircraft Maintenance         so many criterions are considered           Top Performers
Flight,                                for the award which is completely
  Master Sgt. Ruben Perez from         separate from the wing’s quarterly
the 195th Aircraft Maintenance         award program.
Flight,                                   According to Lieutenant Barnett,
  Staff Sgt. Eugene Sanders from       the criteria for the wing’s quarterly
the Equipment Maintenance              awards program is geared toward
Flight,                                job perfor mance, community
  Staff Sgt. David Pazak from the      involvement and self improvement,
Component Maintenance Flight           whereas the “Top Performer”
and                                    focuses on quality maintenance
  Staff Sgt. Tim Strauss from the      practices.                              Staff Sgt. Antelmo Morales,
Alert Detachment.                         “Top Performers go above and         148th Aircraft Maintenance Flight
                                       beyond to make sure what they’re
   Each award recipient was given      working on is looking really well,
a certificate of recognition and a     they are doing everything within
cash award.                            the regulations, they’re not getting
   “This award is intended to get      safety violations or tech data vio-
awareness out there and increase       lations and they’re engaging with
attentiveness to doing quality work    quality initiatives,” he said.
– leaner, more efficient, and with        The program also challenges
a continuous improvement pro-          Airmen to avoid disqualification
cess in mind,” said 2nd Lt. James      from award eligibility. An indi-
Barnett, a maintenance officer and     vidual can be out of contention for     Staff Sgt. Eugene Sanders,
award program manager from the         an unsatisfactory condition report,     Equipment Maintenance Flight
maintenance Quality Assurance          technical data violation, direct
office.                                safety violation, or for a single
   “All maintenance personnel can      failed inspection.
qualify for this award – but the          “We measure everything within
individual has to go above and         Quality Assurance on a quarterly
beyond,” he said. “We want to          basis,” Lieutenant Barnett said.
increase the quality of products       “So even if a person is disquali-
and morale within the mainte-          fied this quarter, they can still be
nance group – to recognize people      selected the next quarter. We want
for taking the extra step to produce   to recognize maintainers who have
top quality work in everything they    a spotless, continuous improve-         Staff Sgt. David Pazak from the
do.”                                   ment record – those that think          Component Maintenance Flight
   Of the six Top Performers,          outside of the box and go above
Colonel Taylor named Tech.             and beyond.”
Sgt. Lesleigh Smith as the “Elite         As a group, 162nd maintainers
Performer,” an award that carries      generate 17,000 flying hours per
with it an additional cash award, a    year; four times the amount flown
plaque of recognition, eight hours     at a typical Air National Guard
time off, a personal parking space     fighter wing.
for the duration of the quarter and       “This is about the maintainers,
an invitation to be a special guest    the folks out there on the flightline
at the wing commander’s staff          and in the shops,” said Colonel
meeting.                               Taylor. “They have a really tough       Staff Sgt. Tim Strauss, Alert
   The Elite Performer is hand         time out there in the heat and in the   Detachment
picked by Colonel Taylor who           elements, generating the aircraft       Master Sgt. Ruben Perez from
weighs each nomination package         and making certain the mission is       the 195th Aircraft Maintenance
for one that stands out among          successful. This is a way to recog-     Flight is not pictured due to a
the six; quite a challenge when        nize those folks for their efforts.”    temporary duty assignment.
Fall 2009                                                                      Page 9
                                                          News                                                 El Tigre

 2009 CFC kicks off October UTA
                                          Lieutenant Walz said the goal
       by Capt. Dan Dodson             for this year is 100 percent contact
           Public Affairs              and increased participation. Last
                                       year’s campaign totaled $59,125.
 The 2009 Combined Federal Cam- The average individual contribution
 paign is scheduled to kick off here was $408.                                       on the CFC Web site at www.cfcaz.
 Oct. 3.                                  Members will have a choice of              org.
    This year’s theme will be “I Can,” hundreds of charities from which                There will be posters and a base-
 said 2nd Lt. Angela Walz, wing to choose, including the Jimmy Jet                   wide e-mail to remind people of the
 CFC coordinator.                      Foundation, the Tuskegee Airmen               opportunity to donate to charities
    The kick-off breakfast was Sept. and Wright Flight, said Lieutenant              of their choice via the CFC. For
 16 at Davis-Monthan Air Force Walz.                                                 more information, please contact
 Base for the group coordinators, key     This year, the CFC is providing            Lieutenant Walz at 295-6192 or 2nd
 workers and all involved in driving an easy to use alphabetized brochure            Lt. Jim Barnett at james.barnett@
 this year’s campaign.                 of charities which can also be found

 A CCAF degree — the key to career progression
      by 2nd Lt. Angela Walz
           Public Affairs

 With so much competition in the
 military and the civilian sectors
 for jobs and promotions, more and         for full-time positions that become          Where supervisors may fail their
 more Guardsmen are looking to se-         available within the wing.”               troops is by not being informed about
 cure their job with an Associate’s           Airmen become CCAF students as         the programs, not having answers to
 degree from the Community Col-            soon as they report for basic military    common questions about the CCAF,
 lege of the Air Force (CCAF).             training and begin earning semester       and not leading by example.
    While a CCAF degree adds sparkle       hours that go toward their CCAF              According to the CCAF Web
 to an Enlisted Performance Report, it     degree. Technical schools and other       site, CCAF academic programs are
 also enhances any resume and opens        military training courses also count      designed to provide students with
 doors into both military and civilian     toward CCAF degree programs.              knowledge, skills and theoretical
 careers.                                     However, many Airmen may fail          background for enhanced perfor-
    ‘Career progression’ sounds mili-      themselves by not taking an active role   mance as technicians and noncom-
 tary in nature, but it takes place in     in their own educational endeavors.       missioned officers. It is the only
 the civilian sector as well. A CCAF       CCAF degrees are not automatic, but       college system solely for enlisted
 degree has the benefit of the potential   can easily be attained if the required    members.
 for securing a career in either arena.    coursework has been met.                     For questions or assistance, contact
    “An individual’s education and            CCAF Commandant Lt. Col.               Senior Master Sgt. Edisa Salcido at
 experience are something they will        Timothy W. Albrecht said, “We             295-6568. To add civilian courseware
 carry with them forever and these         strive to meet the demands of the         to a CCAF degree, transcripts must
 sorts of things are often considered      Air Force’s increasingly expedition-      be sent directly from your school
 for promotion interviews,” said Lt.       ary environment and at the same           to the following address: CCAF/
 Col. Denise Cullen, 162nd Fighter         time help Airmen achieve their            DESS, 100 South Turner Blvd.,
 Wing executive officer. “A CCAF           educational goals by capitalizing on      Maxwell-Gunter AFB, Ala., 36114-
 degree looks good on an application,      job-related training and education        3011. Transcript requests can be
 but points are also given for non-        as part of flexible degree completion     made online at
 written questions for promotions or       programs.”                                ccaf/transcripts.asp.

Page 10                                                                                  Fall 2009
El Tigre                                                People
Wing member finds a new sport, rises to top ranks
                                                                                        Disc golf, also known as Frisbee
       by Capt. Dan Dodson                                                           golf, has been around since the
           Public Affairs                                                            1960’s, having gained popularity
                                                                                     over the last 10 years. It is the fastest
                                                                                     growing sport in America, increas-

           ilitary members are find-                                                 ing at a rate of 12 to 15 percent
           ing unique ways to stay                                                   annually, with nearly 3,000 courses
           active and relieve stress.                                                in the Unites States. There are even
One member of the 162nd Fighter                                                      disc golf courses on military instal-
Wing has found a fresh spin on an                                                    lations.
old stand by – golf.                                               Courtesy photo
                                                                                        The disc golf concept, similar to
   Senior Master Sgt. Stephanie                                                      ball golf, challenges players to get the
Huether, wing intelligence office          Senior Master Sgt. Stephanie              disc into a basket in the least amount
superintendent, can often be found         Huether practices her short               of attempts as possible.
mastering her newfound craft – disc        game. The Arizona Guardsman                   Similar to ball golf where players
golf. She recently placed 2nd in her       has become an accomplished                must hit ball left, right or over course
division at the 2009 Disc Golf World       disc golfer in her spare time and         obstacles, disc golfers must master
Championships held in Kansas City,         is an advocate of the sport as            techniques to do the same. “It can
Mo.                                        fun way to stay active and relieve        be difficult having to go around trees
   “I was extremely pleased with my        stress.                                   and things, not to mention climb-
result, having played for such a short                                               ing up and down hills all day,” said
time,” said Sergeant Huether. She          addicting, and I play tournaments         Sergeant Huether.
exceeded her goal of just wanting to       every weekend if I can. It is a              Disc golf is a professional sport in
perform well. In fact, she led the field   great stress reliever,” said Sergeant     which both professional and ama-
for most of the tournament.                Huether. She would putt, or throw         teurs can compete. More information
   Sergeant Huether advanced               discs in a straight line to the basket,   can be obtained by researching the
quickly, having just taken up the          150 times a day preparing for the         Professional Disc Golf Association
sport a year ago. “It is incredibly        world championships.                      Web site at

Citizen Airman helps Air Force claim top volleyball honors
                                           a standing of six wins and zero losses.
 by Tech. Sgt. Desiree Twombly             They competed against the Marine
          Public Affairs                   Corps, Navy, and Army teams to win
                                           first place.
                                              “In the competition we played

        n Arizona Air National             each branch of service twice. The
        Guardsman joined forces            Marines were our toughest competi-
        with active duty Air Force         tors. They won the gold last year. It
athletes to win the Armed Forces           was hard, but it was fun,” said
Men’s Volleyball Championship re-          Sergeant Valles.
cently.                                       “We all knew how important
  Staff Sgt. Ray Valles, a drill status    this team was to Ray,” said Tech.
Guardsman in the 162nd Fighter             Sgt. Mike Coleman, one of Valles’
Wing’s communications flight here,         coworkers. “He’s always talking
won a gold medal with the Air Force        about the team, his training or his
Volleyball Team at the conclusion of       local volleyball leagues. He’s worked
tournament play at Marine Corps            so hard and we’re all so glad to see                               Courtesy photo
Air Station Cherry Point, N.C., June       him reach his goal.”                      Arizona Air National Guardsman
6-10.                                         “We were all happy for Ray when        Staff Sgt. Ray Valles sets the
  The Air Force’s 10-man team went         we found out the team won it all,”        ball for Staff Sgt. Clarence Hucks
undefeated in the championship with        said Sergeant Coleman.                    from Yakota Air Base, Japan.
Fall 2009                                                                            Page 11
                                                       People                                              El Tigre

 soldier keeps
 a watchful
 eye on
 fighter wing
   by Tech. Sgt. Desiree Twombly
            Public Affairs

           undreds of Guardsmen,
           visitors and contractors
           are welcomed daily at the
 162nd Fighter Wing’s main gate at
 Tucson International Airport, and                                                           Photo by Maj. Gabe Johnson
 little do they know of the heroic        Army Spc. Jesse Ryan, a decorated Iraq war veteran, is one of
 tales of the security forces members     four military policemen performing base security along side security
 that greet them there.                   forces Airmen at the Arizona Air National Guard’s 162nd Fighter
     One soldier with a special his-      Wing. Ryan earned a Purple Heart in 2004 for wounds to his leg
 tory, Spc. Jesse Ryan, serves along      after a grenade attack in Mosul. That same year he earned a second
 side Airmen in the 162nd Security        Purple Heart and a Bronze Star with valor after combating insurgents
 Forces Squadron here. He is a highly-    who attacked a convoy he was escorting.
 decorated Iraq war veteran, and has
 inconspicuously worked full time as      insurgent. One of the bullets shat-     transferring from active duty into
 a security specialist with the wing      tered his body armor chest plate and    the Arizona Army Guard’s 860th
 since 2004.                              lodged in his chest.                    Military Police Company where he
     Only a hand full of his coworkers       “The only thing that saved me        serves as a drill status Guardsman.
 know he’s a Bronze Star with valor       was the Humvee because the shots        He was later hired to serve full time
 recipient and has two Purple Hearts      pushed me into it giving me a chance    with the 162nd.
 for combat action stemming from          to raise my weapon and fire back. If       “Specialist Ryan’s primary duties
 his first and only deployment to Iraq    I had fallen on the ground I wouldn’t   as a security forces member include
 in 2004.                                 have been able to shoot back. I         entry control, protecting personnel
     While deployed with the Army’s       returned fire and ended up shooting     and property, preventing pilferage,
 101st Airborne Division as a military    the insurgent who shot me.”             supervising road traffic, enforcing
 policeman, Ryan and his team were           Although he was injured, Ryan        traffic laws and regulations, main-
 on a convoy outside of Mosul that        rescued another soldier by pulling      taining good order and furnishing
 came under attack causing them to        him from a burning humvee.              information – and he does it excep-
 take defensive action on the battle-        “After that, I collapsed. All I      tionally well,” said Master Sgt.
 field.                                   remember is waking up in a hospital     Vincent Muskiet, Ryan’s supervi-
     “I was driving in a convoy of        in Germany,” said Ryan.                 sor.
 trucks and we were struck by an             He was hospitalized for more than         “He inspires his fellow co-work-
 [improvised explosive device] and        a month, after which he returned to     ers by setting the standard through
 then came under fire. The explosion      his unit in Mosul refusing an offer     his training and experience. He
 blew the helmet off of my head and       to go home.                             always displays a positive attitude
 blew out the windshield of the hum-         “I wasn’t ready to leave my guys     regardless of circumstances, he’s a
 vee. Two soldiers sitting in the back    so I went back and finished my tour     true leader,”
 seat didn’t make it,” said Ryan.         with them,” said Ryan.                     “I really like it here,” said Ryan.
     As he exited the vehicle, Ryan was      He returned to Tucson, his home      “It’s just a very friendly place to
 shot three times in the chest by an      town, shortly after leaving Iraq,       work.”
Page 12                                                                              Fall 2009
El Tigre                                               People

Guardsman coaches pro ball
                                            “I really got involved with baseball
      by Maj. Gabe Johnson               playing in the Men’s Senior Baseball
          Public Affairs                 League in town with [Senior Master
                                         Sgt.] Dave Crocker. There are a lot
                                         of former pro ball players in that

           embers of the Air Nation-     league from triple A to the majors,”
           al Guard wear many hats;      said Balserak.
           the hat of a member of the       “Professional athletes are a lot like
United States Air Force, the hat of a    fighter pilots. They’re ‘type A’ per-
civilian at work in the community,       sonalities, they are driven and they
and sometimes their hobbies lead         expect perfection out of themselves,”
them to wear hats of another kind.       he said.
   Col. (Dr.) James Balserak, flight        Six Toros players have major
surgeon and 162nd Medical Group          league experience, two have already
commander, wears the hat of a first      been picked up by the Chicago White
base coach for the Tucson Toros, the     Sox and the Milwaukee Brewers this
city’s minor league baseball team.       year, and some pitchers for the team
   In 2004 Colonel Balserak started      throw more than 90 miles per hour.
out as a team physician for Tucson’s        Fan attendance at Toros games                                 Courtesy photos
former minor league team, the            has improved over the Sidewinders’         Col. (Dr.) James Balserak, right,
Sidewinders, and Arizona’s major         attendance, partially due to Hi            coaches a Tucson Toros runner
league team, the Diamondbacks.           Corbett Field’s central location and       at first base during a game at Hi
This year, when the Sidewinders          also due to the Toros’ performance.        Corbett Field.
moved to Reno, Nev., and the Toros       The team comfortably holds first
came to Tucson, he became their          place in the Golden League and is             “My only goal as a coach is to be
physician and took on the additional     close to a playoff birth.                  invited back,” said Balserak whose
role of first base coach.                   “We’re having a great season and        sacrifices have not gone unnoticed
   “I have a rudimentary understand-     Doc Balserak is definitely part of it.     by the team.
ing of baseball but I’ve learned a lot   He understands baseball and he’s              “There are a lot of patriotic guys
about the game by working with the       done a great job. He’s never made          on the team and they love the idea
coaching staff; when to keep players     a mistake at first base,” said Pete        that he spent three tours going over
on base, when to send them to sec-       LaCock, Toros hitting and third base       there defending our country and
ond, and looking out for pick offs,”     coach. “He’s like one of the guys. It’s    helping guys who got hurt. It’s unbe-
said Colonel Balserak.                   like the camaraderie you have in the       lievable to me. The respect that the
   Before coaching the Toros, he         military. It’s his team and we feel like   players have for him goes above and
coached several seasons for his son      he’s one of us.”                           beyond what you can imagine,” said
Kevin’s Sabino Canyon little league         The colonel makes time for base-        LaCock.
team. Kevin, 11, serves as a bat boy     ball despite a hectic schedule. He’s          In mid July, he was put in the bat-
for the Toros.                           deployed to Iraq twice in the last five    ting line up during a game against the
                                         years and recently completed a tour        San Diego Surf Dogs and came away
                                         in Afghanistan.                            with his first pro ball hit.
                                            “It’s a lot to take on. I’m getting        “I was kind of joking around with
                                         my masters in public health at night       the coaches and I said, ‘You should
                                         and I’ve had to adjust my private          put me in.’ The manager put me in
                                         practice hours to be able to be a part     batting cleanup and I was terrified.
                                         of the team. I get the home game           The first at bat the pitcher walked
                                         schedule and make sure I’m able            me. The second at bat I struck out.
                                         to leave work early on those days.         And the third at bat I got a hit into
                                         Since I’m a volunteer, I lose income       left field. They paid me a buck to
Col. (Dr.) James Balserak with           to coach, but that’s just how much I       make it professional,” said Balserak
Tuffy, the Toros mascot.                 love to do it. “                           with a laugh.
Fall 2009                                                                            Page 13
                                                                                      El Tigre

                      by Maj. Gabe Johnson
                          Public Affairs

         ilots brief, crew chiefs launch, air-       Each instructor flies with night vision
         planes fly, Security Forces protect,      goggles once every 120 days at a mini-
         aircraft get painted, components are      mum.
 repaired, and firefighters respond –                         As for students, the United Arab
 all in a night’s work.                                          Emirates is the only partner
    For the majority of wing                                        nation currently training
 members who work day                                                 in Tucson that purchased
 shift it may come as a                                                night vision goggles for
 surprise that the 162nd is                                             use in fighters.
 often as active at night as                                              By the time their stu-
 it is during the day.                                                  dents fly at night, they
    While maintenance, fire                                            are about one fourth
 and security work around                                            of their way through the
 the clock all year, the wing                                      basic course and they’ve
 supports night flying weeks                                    completed the requisite aca-
 about once or twice per month for resi-                 demics and simulator training.
 dent instructor and student pilots who are          “We don’t introduce any new aviation
 either staying current with, or are honing,       skill set at night that they haven’t seen in
 their skills flying with night vision goggles.    the day. So they don’t go out and do their

 Photo by Master Sgt. Dave Neve

Page 14                                                         Fall 2009
El Tigre

first simulated laser guided bomb delivery              fly a two-ship night mission.
at night, they do it first in daylight. It’s the          Pilots are not allowed to take off or land
same with formation flying and intercept                while wearing goggles. Students readily
skill sets,” said Lt. Col.                                      admit, putting them on and taking
Mick McGuire, 148th                                                 them off during flight are some
Fighter Squadron                                                        of the more difficult tasks to
commander.                                                                manage.
   Instructors from                                                            “Everything is more
the 148th ensure                                                            difficult at night because
each student gets                                                           yo u d o n’t h ave t h e
seven night vision                                                          peripheral vision to give
sorties before gradua-                                                     you good picture of the
tion.                                                                     horizon; you just have
   Of the seven night sor-                                             a 40 degree field of view.
ties, they fly at least one in low                                 It’s like looking through a big
lunar illumination, less than a quarter                      telescope,” said Colonel McGuire.
moon, and one in high illumination, a                   “All the while you have to look under the
quarter moon or more.                                   goggles to read all the instruments in the
   After which, they are fully-qualified to             cockpit.”

                                                   With afterburner blazing, an F-16E, Block 60, takes off
                                                   from Tucson International Airport into the night sky.
Fall 2009                                                             Page 15
                       El Tigre

Page 16   Fall 2009
El Tigre                                          Commentary
ESGR tips for Arizona Air National Guard members
                                                                                      ing. Basically, USERRA provides
  from the Arizona Committee
                                                                                      that an employer must give you time
   for Employer Support of the                                                        off to perform military service and
   Guard and Reserve (ESGR)                                                           reemploy you following the service
                                                                                      with status, seniority and rate of pay
                                                                                      as though you never left.
T h e A r i z o n a C o m m itte e for                                                   Drill schedules.
Employer Support of the Guard                                                            Don’t make your boss guess about
and Reserve (ESGR) is part of a                                                       your Guard duties. The more you
Department of Defense agency that                                                     share with the boss - and the earlier
recognizes outstanding employer                                                       you share it the better - about drill
support for Guard and Reserve                                                         schedules, annual training plans,
employees, increases awareness                                                        reemployment rights and rules, and
of employment laws and resolves                                                       any extra time-off requirements, the
conflict through mediation.                                                           easier things will go. Remember, you
   Most employment conflicts can                                                      must give your employer advance
be avoided by being candid with                                                       notice of any military service,
your employer about your obliga-                                                      including drills.
tions as a member of the Arizona                                                         Reward the boss for supporting
                                                    Photo by Tech. Sgt. Ed Stramler
Air National Guard.                                                                   your service.
   Don’t take your employer’s sup-          Master Sgt. (ret.) Robert                    The Department of Defense will
port for granted. Keep your boss            Sommerfeld, 162nd Security                send your boss a personally prepared
informed about what you do in the           Forces Squadron, right,                   certificate of appreciation if you just
military and when you do it. Let            presents ESGR’s Seven                     apply for it. The certificate comes
your boss know the vital mission            Seals award to his civilain               mounted in a handsome folder,
that is supported by your participa-        employer Anthony Daykin,                  bearing the DoD seal embossed in
tion in the National Guard. Let your        Chief of Police, University of            gold. Take time to do your best to
boss know how your military experi-         Arizona, for outstanding support          “brag” about your boss. The stron-
ence and training will make you a           for Sommerfeld’s military                 ger your boss’s support, the greater
more capable civilian employee.             committments.                             the likelihood that he or she will also
   Take time to recognize the sacri-                                                  receive a higher award. The Arizona
fice your boss and co-workers make          that is of great importance to your       ESGR Committee presents plaques
when they support you. Here’s a             community and the nation.                 to the most supportive employers
summary of advice from ESGR on                 Federal law.                           each year.
how to keep the boss on your side:             Experience has shown that mem-            The ESGR National Headquarters
   Talk to your boss.                       bers of the National Guard and            sponsors the prestigious PRO
   No matter what your military             Reserve, as well as their employers,      PATRIA award, presented each year
assignment or specialty, tell your          do not always have a clear under-         by each ESGR Committee to their
employer about it.                          standing about employment and             single most supportive employer.
   Many people hold down military           reemployment rights for Reserve              The Secretary of Defense
jobs that relate directly to their civil-   component members.                        presents the highest awards, the
ian careers. If yours is one of them,          Federal law guarantees the right       Employer Support Freedom Award,
your boss would be pleased to know          to take time off from work to attend      to the most outstanding employers
that you are learning and practicing        to your military responsibilities. The    for the year-one national winner
military skills that can pay off on         more that you, your boss, and your        and four regional semifinalists.
the job.                                    personnel office know about the           Applications can be obtained from
   Even if what you do in the mili-         federal laws and legal precedents         the 162nd Fighter Wing public
tary is different from your civilian        that spell out Reserve reemploy-          affairs office, any member of your
job, sharing the details can impress        ment rights, rules and obligations        ESGR Committee, our Web site,
your boss. You are using your spare         protected by the laws, the less  or by calling ESGR
time to participate in a second career      chance there is for misunderstand-        directly, 1-800-336-4590.
Fall 2009                                                                               Page 17
                                                                                                       El Tigre

 For El Tigre readers who don’t follow the official 162nd Fighter Wing public Web site
 for up-to-date news and information, here are some of the stories you may have missed.
 (An unabashed attempt to recruit more Web site users.)

 New look for the Web site
                                In August, 162fw.
                       got a new
                                look. The site also
                                got a shorter address.
                                From off base, try
                       and you’ll
                                be redirected to the
                                site. The new address
                                makes it easier to tell
                                people where to find
                                the 162nd online.

 Solar plans on the horizon for 162nd Adjutant General gets fighter
                                                          wing introduction at Mach 1
 The 162nd Fighter Wing
                                                          The commanding general of the Arizona National
 is on its way to meeting
                                                          Guard flew in the back seat of an F-16D Fighting
 federal goals in the reduc-
                                                          Falcon here July 7 to experience first hand the 162nd
 tion of energy consump-
                                                          Fighter Wing’s pilot training mission at Tucson Inter-
 tion with plans to use
                                                          national Airport. Army Maj. Gen. Hugo E. Salazar,
 solar-powered lights. The
                                                          Arizona’s Adjutant General, assumed duties as the
 wing recently approved
                                                          state’s top officer Dec. 16, 2008. A field artillery of-
 the purchase of six trail-
                                                          ficer by trade, he had never flown in a tactical fighter.
 er-mounted solar light-
 ing systems to replace
 the current flood lights                                 Coveralls allow maintainers to
 around the base.                                         get dirty in the line of duty

 Wing services flight deploys

                                                          While keeping F-16 Fighting Falcons mission ready,
 Staff Sgt. Santos Flores bids farewell to his wife       aircraft maintainers at the 162nd Fighter Wing can
 Yvette and his son Andres at Tucson International        confidently get elbow-deep in grease without concern
 Airport on his way to the 380th Air Expeditionary        for ruining their uniforms thanks to new dark blue
 Wing, June 8.                                            coveralls issued here recently.
Page 18                                                                          Fall 2009
Vice wing commander
El Tigre                                                Red Flag trains
promoted to colonel                                     combat air forces
                             The vice commander
                             of the largest Air Na-
                             tional Guard fighter
                             wing in the country
                             was promoted to the
                             rank of colonel here
                             July 9. Col. Ted Max-
                             well pinned on his new
                             rank during a promo-
                             tion ceremony in front
                             of family, friends and
                             fellow Guardsmen.

Arizona chaplain ensures religious                      NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. (AFNS) -- Units
freedom for deployed servicemembers                     from the U.S. Air Force, Navy and Marines Corps
                                                        participate in training missions for Red Flag 09-5
                                                        along with allied forces from Italy and the United
                                                        Arab Emirates Aug. 26, 2009 here. This is the first
                                                        time the United Arab Emirates has participated in
                                                        Red Flag, a realistic two-week air combat training ex-
                                                        ercise conducted over the 15,000-square-mile Nevada
                                                        Test and Training Range north of Las Vegas.

                                                        Arizona Air Guard
SOUTHWEST ASIA – Chaplain (Maj.) Laura Ade-
                                                        remembers Sept. 11
lia, 380th Air Expeditionary Wing, speaks during a      Members of the
sermon at the Seven Sands Chapel July 19. Chaplain      162nd Fighter Wing
Adelia is deployed from the 162nd Fighter Wing,         at Tucson Interna-
Arizona Air National Guard, Tucson, Ariz.               tional Airport share a
                                                        moment of silence in
Circulating Currency                                    the base fire station to
                                                        remember the Sept.
                                                        11, 2001, terrorist
                                                        attacks on the United
                                                        States exactly eight
                                                        years after the fateful
                                                        day. Chaplain (Maj.)
                                                        Mike Martinez, upper
                                                        right, and Senior Mas-
                                                        ter Sgt. Shane Clark,
                                                        base fire chief, led the
                                                        wing in a prayer for all
                                                        the lives lost and the
SOUTHWEST ASIA -Staff Sgt. Keri Watson, 380th           families affected by
Air Expeditionary Wing Finance Office, provides         the attacks.
customers with financial assistance Aug. 17. Sergeant
Watson is deployed from the 162nd Fighter Wing.
Fall 2009                                                                 Page 19
                                                       News                                                El Tigre

 Kazakhstan shares
 experiences with
 logistics team
                    Story and photo
                 by Maj. Gabe Johnson
                     Public Affairs

 A delegation from the Republic of Kazakhstan joined
 Air National Guardsmen from Arizona and Missis-
 sippi to discuss deployment planning and preparation
 for global peacekeeping operations, July 27-30.              Tech. Sgt. Frank Quinn, 162nd Logistics Readiness
    Representatives from Kazakhstan’s peacekeeping            Squadron, shows officers from Kazakhstan’s
 force, the Kazakhstan Battalion, or KAZBAT, and their        peacekeeping force how to calculate the center
 parent Brigade, KAZBRIG, traveled from the Central           balance of a Humvee for airlift, July 28. The
 Asian country to the 162nd Fighter Wing at Tucson            delegation’s visit to the 162nd Fighter Wing at
 International Airport to discuss their recent deploy-        Tucson International Airport was organized through
 ment experiences in Iraq and their desire to become          the Arizona National Guard’s state partnership with
 more self-sufficient in preparing their equipment and        the Central Asian country.
 people for airlift.
    “Kazakhstan is a land-locked nation. Their military       ning, hazardous materials identification, the joint
 is very good at using rail and truck convoy to move          inspection process and in-transit visibility were well
 equipment. However, they don’t own enough strategic          received by the Kazakhs.
 airlift capacity to get them to where the action is in an       “We’re learning a lot from them and they are learn-
 emergency,” said Lt. Col. Greg Bliss, 162nd Logistics        ing from us,” said Chief Master Sgt. Robert Owens, an
 Readiness Squadron commander.                                airfield manager and former loadmaster for the 172nd.
    Colonel Bliss proposed the plan for the exchange dur-     “They are asking very good questions about pallets,
 ing a 2008 visit to the U.S. Embassy’s Office of Military    weights, measurements and how to find the center of
 Cooperation in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. The        balance. Without this process, a load cannot be balanced
 premise was to include airlift control flight experts from   correctly in our aircraft; the cargo gets ‘frustrated’ and
 the 172nd Airlift Wing, a C-17 Air Guard unit out of         the planes won’t fly.”
 Jackson, Miss.                                                  “And from our side, we are learning just how creative
    “They provide Air Mobility Command affiliation            they are in finding ways to get the job done with their
 training,” said Bliss. “Since they train us, we thought      resources.”
 their expertise would be helpful to our state’s partner-        Arizona and Mississippi hope to join forces again
 ship with Kazakhstan.”                                       as a mission support team in Kazakhstan within the
    The delegates observed how U.S. Airmen determine          next few months to expand the exchange and see how
 axle weights and find center balance for vehicles such       big the peacekeeping force is in terms of material; how
 as Humvees and five-ton Medium Tactical Vehicles.            many vehicles, how much equipment and how many
    They were shown examples of how to palletize gear,        people.
 and models of innovative mobility items such as a               “We can create an airlift logistics concept that guides
 mobile kitchen and Internal Slingable Units, air cargo       them on how to mobilize a company- or battalion-size
 boxes that can be hoisted by helicopter.                     peacekeeping unit for future operational missions,” said
    Demonstrations and briefings on aircraft load plan-       Colonel Bliss.
Page 20                                                                              Fall 2009
El Tigre                                               News

WEPTAC conference October 19-23
The Air National Guard Air Force Reserve Command Test Center (AATC)
will host the annual Weapons and Tactics Conference (WEPTAC) here, Oct.
19-23. This year’s theme is “Transforming Technology to the Warfighter” as
the Air Reserve Component (ARC) looks to the future force structure and
new mission areas.
   WEPTAC is an important event involving the 162nd Fighter Wing’s
direct support of the rest of the Air Reserve Component convening
on base. This year’s WEPTAC is of vital importance as Guardsmen
and Reservists continue operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the
topics set for discussion are strongly affected by feedback from
warfighters in theater.
   During the week-long conference, more than 1,000 Reserve
component and active duty members will assemble for the
event to attend briefings and discussions throughout the
base and working groups will discuss the tactical develop-
ment and modernization planning for the future of their
respective airframes.
   “Through this conference AATC gathers experts from
all weapon systems at one time to discuss and prioritize
modernization requirements and testing of equipment
and tactics for the current war and to prepare for future
conflicts,” said AATC Commander Col. Dan Bader.
“The conference helps the test center focus on the
warfighter’s needs so we can get them what they need
quickly and efficiently,” he said.
   On a local level, WEPTAC gives the 162nd a chance
to interact with Airmen from around the world said
Col. Ted Maxwell, wing vice commander.
   “WEPTAC is a great opportunity for the Guard
and for our Wing. It provides everyone some time to
exchange ideas and reestablish relationships,” he said.
“Each year we’re given a chance to show our fellow
Guardsmen and Reservists what a great unit we are.
I ask everyone to welcome our guests and help out in
any way you can to make it another success.”
    AATC has reserved meeting rooms and facilities
throughout the base, with some scheduled at Davis-
Monthan Air Force Base.
   Everyone on base is reminded of the following:
   • Parking will be limited during WEPTAC and every-
one should plan accordingly.
   • Be aware of customs and courtesies as numerous
senior leaders will attend the conference.
   • Most attendees will be in constant contact with their
units via cell phone, however be prepared to assist
guests with finding and using base telephones.
   • Should someone need a pen, paper, a fax machine,
printer or driving directions, be prepared to help.
   For more information about WEPTAC please visit
                                                                           Photo by James Haseltine, HIGH-G Productions

Fall 2009                                                                          Page 21
                                                    Retiree News                                                     El Tigre

 Many ways to get 162nd retiree news and information
                                             unit functions.                                     Upcoming Retiree
     by Chief Master Sgt. (ret.)                Second, the Retirees Newsletter.                     Events
           Barry Soulvie                     Timely newsletters will be sent out by
          Retirees Office                    regular U.S. Mail to ensure retirees           UTA – Oct. 4 (Sunday), 10 a.m.
                                             get information that is current and            On base. Retirees briefing by the
                                             relevant. This mailed-out version will         Base Commander, Operations
 We in the Retirees Office are aware         be sent to all on our retirees list with       Building – Classroom E. Followed
 that our target audience is comprised       a valid mailing address who do not             by the Steak Fry.
 of many folks who spent most of             have e-mail. An electronic version of
 their working lives without need of         the newsletter will be sent out to those       Oct. 14 (Wednesday), 11 a.m.
 a computer keyboard to communi-             on our e-mail list.                            Retirees Luncheon at HomeTown
 cate.                                          Third, the 162nd Web site. If you           Buffet, 5101 N. Oracle, Guest
                                                                                            speaker will brief the ANG Preda-
    We are also aware that many of           have a computer, there is a wealth
                                                                                            tor mission.
 you have no interest in learning com-       of information available on this web
 puter skills at this point in your lives.   site. In addition to unit information,         Nov. 11 (Wednesday), 7:30 a.m.
 However, the world has changed and          there is now a special section that is         Monthly Retirees Breakfast at
 the primary way to communicate has          directed specifically toward retirees.         HomeTown Buffet, 330 S. Wilmot.
 rapidly become electronic.                  Go on-line to www.162FW.ang.
    Consequently, we endeavor to    and check it out.              Dec. 9 (Wednesday), 7:30 a.m.
 upgrade our skills to keep up with             Fourth, the e-mail system. About            Monthly Retirees Breakfast at
 technology while still embracing            one-third of our retirees are on our           HomeTown Buffet, 330 S. Wilmot.
 the old ways of communication so            e-mail network. The advantage of
 everyone will still receive necessary       this system is that it sends out infor-       can’t catch us, just leave a message
 information.                                mation in real time and everyone is           and we will get back to you. Also, you
    An example of the changing world         kept up to date as things happen.             can always send an e-mail request to
 is our monthly El Tigre News, which         The Ainleys maintain the system               the office address listed above.
 has been around for more than 50            and send out only information that               As an alternative source of infor-
 years and is now changing from a            pertains to retired unit members and          mation, the Retired Activities Office
 monthly to a quarterly publication          relevant information about retirees in        (RAO) at Davis-Monthan AFB is
 to allow public affairs to focus on         general and retirement benefits.              open for business Monday-Friday
 the unit Web site. Many of you have            Note: If you have an e-mail account        from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. They are located
 depended on the monthly El Tigre            and are not receiving retiree informa-        at 3500 S. Craycroft Rd, about ¼ mile
 to keep up with unit news and also          tion, it is easy to get on the list. Simply   inside the main gate on the west side
 to get information from the Retirees        send an e-mail to 162.retirees@               of the road. This office is staffed with
 Office. To fill the gap for those who and request to be           dedicated, knowledgeable people
 do not use the Internet, we will            added. We will need your full name,           (military retirees themselves) who
 attempt to produce the Retirees             so we know who you are, along with            will answer questions from any mili-
 Newsletter more often to keep you           your e-mail address. Also, if you are         tary retiree. You can visit the office,
 up to date between the quarterly El         already in our retiree database but           or call them at (520) 228-5100, if you
 Tigre publications.                         not receiving our e-mails, and would          have a question.
    To ensure everyone receives the          like to add your e-mail address to the           When it comes to your retirement
 latest information, we communicate          database, just let us know.                   benefits, and knowing what’s going
 with our retirees in the following             There is one more avenue of com-           on, you should never be in the dark.
 ways:                                       munication. It’s the avenue that you          There is a system available that will
    First, the El Tigre. The new             initiate! If you, or your spouse, need        help you with any questions you
 quarterly El Tigre, as you can see,         any information relevant to retire-           may have. Your military retirement
 has been reformatted to adapt to            ment, all you have to do is contact us.       benefits package, and the network
 a four-times-a-year schedule. One           The Retirees Office phone number is           to provide information, is one of the
 thing will not change; there will still     (520) 295-6663. The office is manned          best available anywhere. If you need
 be articles of interest to retirees and     on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the           help, it’s only a telephone call, a Web
 information on retiree’s events and         month from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. If you           site, or an e-mail away!
Page 22                                                                                         Fall 2009
El Tigre                                         Briefs

  Military Promotions:

To Chief Master Sergeant
Douglas Pepiot, Maintenance
David Wolslagel, Maintenance       Brent Thompson, Safety
Karen Henry, Maintenance           Frank Zaueta, Maintenance
Andrew Trueblood, Operations       Ronald Jacobi, Maintenance
                                   Steven Hayes, 214th
To Senior Master Sergeant          Sean Pierce, Maintenance
Armando Gonzalez, Maintenance      Ralph Brewer, Maintenance
                                   Armando Valencia, Maintenance
To Master Sergeant                 Mario Reynoso, Maintenance
Marc Polanco, Logistics Readiness  Laura Rodriguez, 214th
Jeffrey Kohn, Maintenance          Martin Acosta, Maintenance             Paul Martin, Maintenance
Gerald Thitchener, Maintenance     James McChristian, Security Forces     Ash Corey, Maintenance
Raul Ortega, Mission Support       Eugene Sanders, Maintenance            Brian Garcia, Mission Support
Jay Watkins, Maintenance                                                  Svetlana Sevciuc, Mission Support
Celina Rodriguez, Mission Support To Staff Sergeant                       Tiffany Cleveland, Maintenance
Michael Hawkins, Mission Support Robert Johnson, 214th                    Tiffany Hoeck, Fighter Wing
                                  Charmaine Pozo, Mission Support         John Torres, Services Flight
To Tech. Sergeant                 Darren Winegardner, Maintenance
Abran Bedoy, Maintenance          Justin Phillips, 148th FS               To Senior Airman
Holly Strength, Medical           Christopher Coenen, 148th FS            Glen Sneddon , Security Forces
Isreal Montoya, Mission Support   Kyle Hoagland, Maintenance              Matthew Applegate, Logistics
David Luscumb, Maintenance        Justin Reidman, 214th                   Readiness
Timothy Culbertson, 214th         Caleb Maxiner, 214th                    John Greer, Maintenance
Rodney Calkins, Civil Engineering Jeffrey Case, 214th                     Johnny Evans, Logistics Readiness
Heidi Thiel, Communications       Ruben Acedo, Maintenance
                                  Bryon Garcia, Maintenance               To Airman First Class
                                  Ryan Sandford, 214th                    Elliot Smith, Student Flight
                                  Michael Aragon, Maintenance             Michael Ament , Civil Engineering
                                  Christopher Dietrich, Security Forces   Tony Pena, 152nd FS
                                  Marcel Delavara, Logistics Readiness    Nichola Knight, Security Forces
                                  Michael Beller, Civil Engineering
                                  Ryan Ramos, Maintenance                 Births
                                  Quinn Simmons, 214th                    Staff Sgt. Carlos Cabrera and his
                                                                          wife Jovanna welcomed their son
                                                                          Anthony into their family, 21 inches
                                                                          long and 8 lbs, AGE Element.

                                    Jimmy Jet announces scholarship winners
                                    The Jimmy Jet Foundation an-          for volunteer work and community
                                    nounced recently the three winners    involvement.
                                    of the 2009 scholarships                For each scholarship, $500 will be
                                       Ashley Claggett won the Brig.      awarded per semester (maximum of
                                    Gen. Ronald L. Kurth for general      $1,000).
                                    studies, Tyler Streeter won the         Unit members and their immediate
                                    Col. James V. Fiorelli for aviation   family were eligible to apply. Retired
                                    related studies, and Kelly LaFrance   unit members and their immediate
                                    won the Lt. Col. Pamela J. Long       family were also eligible.
Fall 2009                                                                  Page 23
                                          Briefs                                                El Tigre

     Events                 Minuteman Committee to
      this                  sponsor golf tournament
                            The 162nd Fighter Wing Minute-            which includes green fees, a cart,
                            man Committee, the unit’s commu-          food, prizes and a charitable dona-
                            nity advocacy and support group,          tion.
                            will host it’s annual golf tourna-           Raffle tickets will also be sold for
  Oct. 4 - Steak Fry        ment at Del Lago Golf Course in           $5 each, or $100 for 25. Prizes range
  Noon, Dining Facility     Vail, Ariz., Oct. 30.                     from a pre-paid gas card, to two
                               Registration begins at 11 a.m. with    round trip airline tickets to anywhere
                            a shotgun start at 12:30 p.m.             in the continental United States.
  Oct. 9 - AATC Change         The annual tournament raises              To sign up, download the form
  of Command                funds to benefit Employer Support         located on the 162nd Fighter Wing
                            for the Guard and Reserve, the            public Web site at 162fw.ang.
                            Jimmy Jet Foundation, Wright    
  Oct. 19-23 - WEPTAC       Flight, Project Challenge, and the           Sponsorship forms to sponsor a
                            162nd Family Readiness Group.             tee box or a foursome may also be
                               Committee members, wing mem-           downloaded from the site.
  Oct. 25 - Haunted         bers, family and friends are invited to      Questions may be referred to the
  Hangar                    participate; however, golfers should      committee golf tournament organiz-
  1 to 5 p.m. around        sign up early since the tournament        ers, Matthew Brogen at 576-8827,
                            is limited to 100 people.                 John Del Frari at 665-1633 or Tom
  Tagra (building 15) and      Entry fees are $125 per person         Jones at 886-5495.
  the Dining Facility.
                            Financial Management office
  Oct. 30 - 162FW
  Minuteman Committee       customer service information
  Golf Tournament              Why signing in is important.           finance-related documents.
                               Signing in when visiting the              Upon pick up, FM staff will date
  Nov. 13 - 162nd Fighter   Financial Management office is            stamp all documents deposited in the
                            important to customer service             drop boxes. Incomplete or incorrect
  Wing Minuteman            because it assists office personnel       forms found in the drop boxes will be
  Committee Annual          with tracking accountability of how       left in unit orderly rooms for return
  Banquet                   many customers are helped, the            to the member.
                            squadron to which they are assigned          Examples of forms will be located
                            and the purpose of their visit.           on the Community of Practice link
  Dec. 6 - Annual              The office develops statistics based   effective October UTA.
  Awards Ceremony           on the sign in data to determine the         Here’s a direct link: https://
                            wing’s finance trends.          
                               It’s also a requirement for the        ClosedCoP.asp?Filter=AN-FM-
                            office and will be an inspectable item    XF-15
                            during the 2010 Unit Compliance              Link via AF Portal: https://
  Check                     Inspection.                                  Drop boxes coming to squad-            CoP/ClosedCoP.asp?Filter=AN-
                            rons.                                     FM-XF-15
  for updates and              To make service more efficient for        Also, FM asks full-time wing
  details on these and      customers, the finance office will be     members to conduct FM business
  other wing events.        installing drop boxes in every squad-
                            ron on base where members can turn
                                                                      during the work week so that DSGs
                                                                      may get prompt service on drill
                            in travel vouchers, orders and all        weekends.
Page 24                                                                   Fall 2009
El Tigre                                             Briefs

 Retiree remembered - original unit member
  Rudy Lucero, who joined the           Arizona Air National Guard in
                                                                                Tig Bits
  unit as a member of the origi-        Tucson.
  nal 152nd Fighter Interceptor
  Squadron, recently passed away.
                                           The 162nd Fighter Wing             Fall Blood Drives
                                        expresses sincere condolences        Give the “Gift of Life.” The
     Rudy ser ved as a hydrau-          to Rudy’s family and friends. He
  lics technician and had a long                                             next two 162nd Fighter Wing
                                        will be missed by all who knew       Blood Drives will be held here
  and rewarding career with the         him.                                 Saturday, Oct. 3, and Saturday,
                                                                             Dec. 5, with registration at
Personnel Flight’s new hours of operation                                    building 15 (TAGRA), from 8
Effective Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2009                                            a.m. to 1 p.m. Please bring a
                                                                             picture ID. Contact the wing’s
Monday          Tuesday        Wednesday       Thursday       Friday         blood drive c oo rdi na tor,
6:15 a.m. to 6:15 a.m. to 1 0 a . m . t o 6:15 a.m. to 6:15 a.m. to          at 295-6652 to make your
2:30 p.m.    2:30 p.m.    2:30 p.m.       2:30 p.m.    2:30 p.m.             appointment to save a life. For
                                                                             more information visit http://
Issuing CACs/Dependent/Retiree/Contractor ID’s and Pin Resets      
Monday          Tuesday        Wednesday       Thursday       Friday
6:15 a.m. to 6:15 a.m. to        CLOSED        6:15 a.m. to 6:15 a.m. to
                                                                               Drinking Water
1 p.m.       1 p.m.                            1 p.m.       1 p.m.           The 162nd Fighter Wing
                                                                             Bioenvironmental Engineering
*Drill/UTA Weekends*                                                         office, in conjunction with
- 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.                                                           Tucson Water, is proud to
- CAC/Dependent ID’s will be limited to DSG’s and their family or            report that all of the drinking
    full-time members who have expired / lost IDs                            water monitored on base in
*Night-Shift Personnel*                                                      2008 met every standard for
- May call for an appointment if not available during established hours      safe drinking water. To view the
*Dedicated Phone Line*                                                       Annual Drinking Water Report
- 520-295-7299/(DSN) 844-7299                                                visit http://www.162fw.ang.
- Provides general information to include CAC details, hours, location,
    forms of ID, etc.                                                        asp.

                                           We are overwhelmed and truly        JEC Cake-Walk
  Thank you                             humbled by the amount of gen-
                                        erosity you have all shown us. It
                                                                             The Junior Enlisted Council
                                                                             will host a cake-walk booth at
                                        is because of this wonderful and     the Haunted Hangar Sunday,
   On behalf of our family, we          generous group of people, that we    Oct. 25. Cake-walk success de-
   want to thank everyone for their     were able to pull ourselves and      pends on donations of “baked
   overwhelming support and gen-        our family together in time for      goods” from members of the
   erosity after we lost our home       our girls to return to school with   162nd and their families. JEC
   and our possessions to a house       minimal impact.                      asks that donated baked goods,
   fire the evening of August 3rd.         We are fortunate and so blessed   homemade or store bought, be
      Not a day has gone by that        not only because no one was          brought to the Network Con-
   someone hasn’t stopped in with       injured but also to have each of     trol Center in Building 1 on
   food, personal care items, cloth-    you in our lives.                    Friday, Oct. 23. They may also
   ing, school supplies, shoulders to                                        be brought to the dining facil-
   lean on, offers to watch the girls     Thank you!                         ity on Saturday morning, Oct.
   and the pets as well as so many                                           24. Contact Tech. Sgt. Heidi
   other types of donations.              Dave and Tara Davis                Estes at 295-6173 for addition-
                                                                             al information.

Fall 2009                                                                  Page 25
                       Desert Rose Dining Facility Menu                                                              El Tigre

            October                             November                                         December
            SATURDAY                                SATURDAY                                        SATURDAY
   Cost for AGRs & Officers $4.25          Holiday Meal Cost for AGRs                     Cost for AGRs & Officers $4.25
                                                  & Officers $7
   Grilled Bratwurst w/Sauerkraut                Roast Turkey *                                     Meatloaf
 Jagerschnitzel (veal with mushroom            Honey Baked Ham                                   Baked Chicken
               sauce)                          Steamship Round                                  O’Brien Potatoes
        German Potato Salad                      Turkey Gravy                                       Rice Pilaf
          Buttered Noodles                   Savory Bread Dressing                                Brown Gravy
           Broccoli Augratin                   Mashed Potatoes                                      Succotach
          Carrots Amandine                       Glazed Yams                                    Mixed Vegetables
            Green Beans                          Steamed Corn                                     Green Beans
      German Chocolate Cake                Green Beans w/Mushrooms                         Chocolate Cake W/Chocolate
             Apple Crisp                        Glazed Carrots                                       Frosting
                                                   Pecan Pie                                        Fruit Crisp
                                                Dutch Apple Pie                                Chicken Rice Soup
     SUNDAY STEAK FRY                                 SUNDAY                                          SUNDAY
  Cost for officers $20, SNCOs $15        Cost for AGRs & Officers $4.25                    Holiday Meal Cost for AGRs
       Junior members FREE                                                                         & Officers $7
            Grilled Steaks            Spaghetti w/meat or marinara sauce                         Roast Turkey *
                Chicken                         Baked Chicken                                   Honey Baked Ham
             Pinto Beans                         Steamed Rice                                   Steamship Round
                 Salsa                         Mashed Potatoes                                    Turkey Gravy
                Tortillas                            Gravy                                    Savory Bread Dressing
             Potato Salad                       Peas n Carrots                                  Mashed Potatoes
            Macaroni Salad                          Broccoli                                      Glazed Yams
           Assorted Cookies                  Cauliflower Augratin                                 Steamed Corn
          Assorted Beverages               Chocolate Chip Cookies                           Green Beans w/Mushrooms
                                      Yellow Cake w/ Chocolate Frosting                          Glazed Carrots
                                             Vegetable Beef Soup                                    Pecan Pie
                                                                                                    Cherry Pie
                                                                                                   Pumpkin Pie

      SHORT ORDER &                                                  Dining Facility Hours
      STANDARD ITEMS                                                 9:45 a.m.-12:15 p.m.
        EACH MONTH                    * “CHECK IT OUT PROGRAM” is an Air Force wide nutrition education program
                                      implemented in Air Force-operated food facilities. This nutrition education program will
 Grilled Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers     consist of providing healthier food choice items for our patrons.
                Hot Dogs
       Grilled Chicken sandwich       The menu is based on availability and is subject to change without notice. Try our recorded
             Chicken Strips           menu at 295-6460
           Special ITEM TBD
             Tuna Sandwich
              Baked Beans
               French Fries               Jimmy Jet Breakfast

               Onion Rings
            Baked Potato Bar              October Drill
            Assorted Breads               6 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 3
           Assorted Desserts              6 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 4
              Frozen Yogurt
                  Jell-o                  Breakfast Burritos
       Salad Bar w/Condiments *           Coffee & Juice
                Fresh Fruit               At Buiding 15 (TAGRA)
         Assorted Beverages
Page 26                                                                                        Fall 2009
      162nd Fighter Wing
El Tigre     June Drill

  2010 Unit Training Assembly

                                    September 11-12
                 May 1-2                     October 2-3
 January 9-10    June 5-6                November 6-7
 February 6-7   July 10-11                December 4-5
 March 13-14    August 7-8
 April 10-11
Fall 2009                                Page 27
                                    Photo by James Haseltine, HIGH-G Productions
  162ND FIGHTER WING                                                     PRSRT STD
  ARIZONA AIR NATIONAL GUARD                                              El Tigre
                                                                      US POST PAID
  1650 EAST PERIMETER WAY                                        ANG PERMIT NO. 394
  TUCSON AZ 85706-6052                                                  TUCSON, AZ

                 AATC at work

 The Air National Guard Air
 Force Reserve Command Test
 Center (AATC) tests munitions
 on the the Goldwater Range,
 Aug. 10-14. The Test Center will host the
 2009 Weapons and Tactics Conference
 (WEPTAC) here Oct. 19-23. See page 21
 inside for details.

                                                   Photos by James Haseltine, HIGH-G Productions

Page 28                                                  Fall 2009