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					                                    AP PHYSICS C
                           Course Description for 2009-2010

Teacher:               Mr. George Tsakraklides

Contact:               gtsakraklides@mosesbrown.org

Home Page:             http://mb-faculty.mosesbrown.org/gtsakraklides/

Free Periods:          1, 4, 5 in the first semester (1, 4, 6 in the second)

Textbook:              Fundamentals of Physics (8th edition) by Halliday, Resnick,


AP Physics is an advanced course that prepares students for the AP Physics C Exams at
noon on Monday May 10, 2010. This course will be taught as an advanced introductory
university physics course. The use of calculus is essential to this course and you should
be already familiar with it or be concurrently studying it (either Calculus AB or BC). The
material will be challenging; however, with your background in science and mathematics
you should have a successful and fun year! The AP syllabus prescribes the material we
will cover. Topics include,

       Semester I:     Kinematics, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Work, Energy, Power,
                       Momentum, Rotation, Gravitation

       Semester II:    Electrostatics, Electric Circuits, Magnetostatics, Electromagnetism

If you miss class it is your responsibility to contact me, the day you are back in school,
about any missed work. We move at a very fast pace and it is up to you to keep up with
the work.

A test will be given in the first week of classes to review summer work. Tests will be
given after each major topic (every 2-3 chapters). There will also be laboratory exercises
for which a lab report may (or most likely may not) have to be written. If you are late
handing in a report you will be penalized ten percentage points for each school day late.
Homework will be assigned but not graded. You will be given your homework
assignment on the first day of each chapter and you will be expected to complete all of
the problems by the day of the test for that section. At that point I will collect the
homework to make sure everyone has completed it. You will be penalized if the
homework is not complete. The solutions to the homework problems will be posted on
the AP Physics Campus Link website.

Tests will be returned within two school days of the day given and laboratory reports will
be returned within a week.

BONUS – Forecasting Competition:

Bonus points (or gift certificates) will be awarded to the top three finishers of the
forecasting competition.

Academic Dishonesty:

Cheating of any form will not be tolerated. If you are found to have cheated, you will
receive a zero for the assignment, quiz or exam, and you may face further consequences.


       Quarter:        Tests                   100%

       Semester:       Tests                   80%
                       Semester Exam           20%

 Weeks               Topic                   Chapters to read

    2        Motion in 1D, 2D, 3D                   2, 3, 4
    2         Forces and Motion                     5, 6
    2         Energy                                7, 8
    2         Linear Momentum                        9, 10
   2-3        Rotation                              11, 12
    2         Gravitation, Oscillations             14, 16

end of Jan     Semester Exams

    3         Electric Charge, Field, Gauss’ Law,
                Electric Potential                   22, 23, 24, 25
    3         Capacitance, Current, Resistance,
                Circuits                            26, 27, 28
    2         Magnetic Fields                       29, 30
    1         Induction                             31
    1         Maxwell’s Equations,
                LC-RLC Circuits                     32, 33

May 10        AP Exams: Mechanics, Electricity & Magnetism
                       (90 minutes/exam)