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					         QBANA NEWSLETTER VOL 5 ISSUE 6                                         March/April 2009

                                             The Executive
                                President: Lynn MacLean 250-752-0986
                               Vice-President: Ken Loven 250-752-4385
                                Treasurer: Tony Ansdell 250-752-4475
            Co-Secretaries: Shirley LeDrew 250-951-3329 – Suzanne Adkins 250-752-7971
            Social Co-Chairs: Lorraine McNeilly 250-752-0324 – Diane Snow 250-248-6386

                                         Note from the President
         We’re happy to see that the suggestion box is being used to express your interests and provide
feedback If you have an idea for a new activity, just let us know and we can assist you in getting if off
the ground.
         Our Club is blessed with charitable folks! Diane Kaye graciously coordinated the Christmas
Stocking Project. We filled 99 stockings – 49 went to SOS and 50 went to the Senior’s Center. We also
had donations brought to the November meeting which Ruth and Bert Harding took to the Food Bank.
Thank you to everyone who participated in these two project.
         Don’t forget to make use of the bulletin board to post matters of interest to members. We ask that
you make sure to remove your bulletin from the board at the end of the meeting.
         If you’ve taken photos at any of your group functions, we’d love to have some of them in our
history book. If you have any to contribute, please send them to Muriel Loven.
         Did you know that the Walking Group leaders have 76 different routes for us to explore? Check
out the ones they have slated for the coming months, especially if you need to work off all those
Christmas treats!
         The administrative support of our new website is continuing to evolve. In line with this, we have
a new email address (qbana@qbana.net ) which will be used by the Web Administrator (Steve Beynon)
and also for Walking Group related messages.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all,
Lynn MacLean
 St. Stephen’s United Church, Village Way, Qualicum Beach on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 10:00 AM

  Annual Membership is $12.00 per person for new members. Renewals are due in May, June or July each year.
                                            Renewal fee is $5.00
Contact Bert Harding 250-752-3923 ruber@shaw.ca QBANA website www.qbana.net

  QBANA is a non profit organization and as such does not and/or will not endorse any commercial enterprise[s]
                                       and/or for profit organization[s]
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         QBANA NEWSLETTER VOL 5 ISSUE 6                                         March/April 2009

                                              Guest Speakers

                                      Tuesday February 24th,2009

Speaker: Dr Martin Spence, noted Opthalmologist in Nanaimo and Parksville

Topic: Providing essential services to the underprivileged in Tibet and Nepal

                                        Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Speaker: David Kuss
Topic: Helping you to be a better golfer.
David Kuss needs no introduction to a number of us. He is the Golf Pro at the Morningstar Golf
Academy. Today’s presentation is quite timely with most golfers ready to put their winter learning into

                                       General Disclaimer
                          All events and activities of the Qualicum
                          Beach Area Newcomers Alumni are
                          organized for the benefit and enjoyment of
                          members. Individuals who participate do
                          so at their own risk and are responsible for
                          their own safety.

                                  SOCIAL COMMITTEE EVENTS

Diane Snow             250-248-6386                         See which team can complete their puzzle
Lorraine McNeilly      250-752-0324                         first! There will be teams of four working to
Kathleen Arthorne      250-954-1522                         complete a jigsaw puzzle of 500 pieces
Kaye Barlow            250-752-0479                         and a prize for the winner. Teams will start
Bob Bryan              250-752-2249                         at 10:00 a.m. and go until the lunch break.
Ruth Harding           250-752-3923
                                                            After lunch the teams will continue until the
Muriel Loven           250-752-4385
John Plummer           250-954-1957                         first group completes their puzzle.
Rita Plummer           250-954-1957                         Tickets must be purchased in advance.
Diane Wriglesworth     250-248-5379                         There will be a few remaining tickets for
                                                            sale at the February QBANA meeting.
                                                            Lunch choices will also available at that
The Great Puzzle Race                                       time.
Date: February 26th 2009
Time: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
                                                            Welcome To Spring Cribbage
Place: Deez Bar & Grill
Cost: $18.00 p.p.
                                                            Date: Fri. March 20th 10:30a.m.-3p.m.
Contact: Kathleen Arthorne 250-954-1522
  QBANA is a non profit organization and as such does not and/or will not endorse any commercial enterprise[s]
                                       and/or for profit organization[s]
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        QBANA NEWSLETTER VOL 5 ISSUE 6                                          March/April 2009

Cost: $14.00 p.p. lunch included.                           3:00 pm starting horn. We’ll finish off the
Place: Rotary House Qualicum Beach                          event with a buffet dinner in the Club
Contact person: Lorraine McNeilly                           House; and award the winning team trophy.
 Lunch will consist of a sandwich buffet.                   Please retain your tickets for presentation at the
Coffee, tea & water available throughout the                entry for each event. Make sure you print your
Day.                                                        name on the back of the ticket, and drop it in the
Prizes will be awarded to tournament                        receptacle provided at the door. When there are
winners. A jigsaw puzzle will be set up and                 door prizes, the draws will be made using your
games provided for participants not playing                 event ticket.
Cribbage, after elimination rounds.                         Reminder:
                                                            Cheques are the preferred method of payment
APRIL 18th QBANA 5th Anniversary                            for all events; so don’t forget your chequebook
Special Event - See page 4                                  when coming to the meetings. Please make your
                                                            cheques payable to QBANA and be sure to note
David Maas Bus Tour                                         the event name on the cheque. To help reduce
Date: May 5 2009                                            the waiting time in ticket lines, it would be
                                                            helpful to have your cheques made out before
Time: 8:30 to 5:30                                          you arrive at the meeting. If paying by cash
                                                            make sure you have the correct change.
Place: Port Renfrew and other places of
interest en route.
Mark this date on your calendar, full details               Unable to attend a prepaid event? If you have
of this trip t.b.a.                                         purchased a ticket for an event and for some
                                                            reason you are unable to attend, you can:
                                                            1. Contact the event coordinator to see if there
Texas Scramble                                              are any persons on a waiting list that you can
Date: Fri., May 29th, 2009 (New Date)                       contact to see if they want to purchase your
Time: Arrive at 2:15 p.m. for the 3:00 pm.                  ticket.
shot gun start; followed by buffet dinner.                  2. If there is no waiting list, ask the event
Place: Qualicum Beach Memorial Golf                         coordinator to have an announcement
Course                                                      published indicating that you want to sell your
Cost: $45.00                                                ticket(s). The transaction will be between you
Maximum capacity: 52                                        and the purchaser.
Contact Person: Jack & Lynn MacLean                         3. When you’ve sold your ticket(s), please
(250-752-0986 or jackmaclean@shaw.ca )                      advise the event coordinator of the name(s) of
                                                            the person(s) to whom you’ve sold your
Again, it’s time to start thinking about                    ticket(s) so that the attendance list can be
getting those clubs dusted off and come join                updated.
the fun at this 4th annual Scramble. Teams
                                                            Unless an event is cancelled, we cannot offer
will be formed by the organizing committee,                 refunds because we must prepay for the cost
so be sure to tell us your handicap at signup.              aspects of the event.
If you don’t have one, don’t worry, come on
out and have fun. Also, indicate your                       The Social Committee thanks you for your
interest in being a team captain when you
sign up. Make sure you’re at the golf course
by at least 2:15 p.m. to allow time to register
and get to your assigned starting hole for the
  QBANA is a non profit organization and as such does not and/or will not endorse any commercial enterprise[s]
                                       and/or for profit organization[s]
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      QBANA NEWSLETTER VOL 5 ISSUE 6                                          March/April 2009

                     QBANA 5th ANNIVERSARY Party

           The fifth Birthday of QBANA is coming in April.

 Your Social Committee has planned a great party to celebrate
                        this event.

The theme of the party will be a cruise on the good ship QBANA

                          This GALA event will include:
                          Pre dinner drinks and canapés.
                           Six course, sit down, dinner.

A twelve piece orchestra will provide dinner and dancing music
                   Complete with Vocalist.

  The Arrowsmith Hall will be appropriately decorated as the
                   good ship QBANA.

                          The good ship QBANA will be:
                          Docked at the Arrowsmith Hall
                              On the 18 April 2009
                                  At 1800 hrs.

                Pre dinner drinks from 1800 hrs to 1900 hr.
                            Dinner at 1915 hrs
                           Dancing to 2300 hrs.

                                     $55.00 per person

QBANA is a non profit organization and as such does not and/or will not endorse any commercial enterprise[s]
                                     and/or for profit organization[s]
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         QBANA NEWSLETTER VOL 5 ISSUE 6                                         March/April 2009

                                                            choosing and booking the restaurant and then
After Meeting Lunch                                         announcing the "surprise" dinner location.
Coordinators:                                                       We have several groups but room for
Ingrid & Tom Brown 250-738-0377                             more members. After start up, the groups
                                                            function independently. If you are interested in
The next lunch will be held February 24 at :                this no work, fun activity, sign up at the next
Rod & Gun Club – PUB                                        meeting or contact Ruth.
163 Alberni Hwy
                                                            Dinner with Friends
Parksville, BC
                                                            Di Taverner      250-752-2274
Beer Appreciation                                           Sandy Glazier    250-752-9650
                                                            Nancy Heywood 250-752-1730
Bob Taverner 250-752-2274                                   gheywood@shaw.ca
Ron Bowers       250-752-7977                               Dinner with Friends meets every second month
                                                            at a host member’s home. The number of
Come out and enjoy “a pint” with the group
                                                            people for dinner is generally kept to six,
                                                            including the hosts, which is manageable for
Book Club
                                                            most homes. The hostess/host provides the
                                                            entrée and vegetables and other attendees are
Joan Lewis   250-248-0503 or
                                                            asked to bring appetizers, salad or dessert.
pajilew@shaw.ca                                             Guests are requested to provide their own
                                                            beverage (e.g. wine) but tea and coffee are
Bridge – Mixed                                              provided by the hosts.
Clive Arthorne 250-954-1522                                 If you would like to participate in this enjoyable
                                                            event and are not currently on our list, please
I am pleased to confirm that we have been able              contact one of the coordinators listed above. A
to put together an extra group so more of us can            sign-up sheet will also be available at all the
enjoy the bridge in the new year. We will be                monthly meetings. Once on our list, you will be
starting on Wednesday 14th January and playing              contacted approximately two weeks before each
every two weeks until 22 April 09. Due to                   dinner to confirm your attendance.
many members being away over the January and
February periods I know we will be short of                 To all those members taking part in this activity,
players on our spares list so I would like to               please remember that in order for this to be
encourage anyone who likes an occasional                    equitable for everyone involved, it is expected
evening of bridge to please contact me and sign             that you will take your turn at hosting.
up to help us out.
Looking forward to some challenging games.                  The dates for the next two dinners are:
                                                            Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dining Out Group                                            Saturday, May 23, 2009
Ruth Harding 250-752-3923                                   Please put these dates on your calendars now so
This is a fun group that dines at a different               that you don’t miss out!
restaurant each month. Each member takes a                  NB. These dates are later in the month than
turn hosting the group for pre-dinner drinks,               usual.
  QBANA is a non profit organization and as such does not and/or will not endorse any commercial enterprise[s]
                                       and/or for profit organization[s]
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         QBANA NEWSLETTER VOL 5 ISSUE 6                                         March/April 2009

                                                            Thank you to all the kind-hearted people who
                                                            have volunteered to help fellow QBANA
Discussion Group                                            members. For those members who require help
Coordinator:                                                on a short-term incidental basis for whatever
David Maas                                                  reason,   please   e-mail    the    facilitator:
maasdr61@gmail.com or 250-954 -3715                         jowenflood@shaw.ca.

                                                            Ladies Lunch
Jean Beynon          250-752-1532
                                                            Joan Bryan 250-752-2249
Beryl O’Sullivan 250-752-0310
Next session starts up Jan. 8, 2009, and the last           The next ladies’ lunch will be on March 4th
one starts on Feb. 19.                                      at 12 noon at The Landing West Coast Grill
We will have a windup party at Deez Restaurant              at Pacific Shores. We will have a private
on April 2, 2009 with dinner and entertainment.             room there with yummy food choices.

Geocaching                                                  On April 1st we are booked at the Discovery
Coordinator:                                                Room, Vancouver Island University. Note
Wendy Hanington 250-752-1228                                the earlier start time of 11.45a.m. This will
Get out your GPS's and join this group for fun              be a “dining experience” so get your pre-
and exercise                                                paid tickets a.s.a.p. as we are limited to 24
Golf -Ladies Monday group                                   Sign up sheets for both these lunches will be
Coordinators:                                               available at the next QBANA meeting.
Esther Turanec 250-752-3565
Marnie King        250-752-0649
Golf started in February this year as opposed               Men’s Pub Lunch
to January due to our weather.                              Coordinators :
Hopefully the weather will improve – we                     Bill Byers 250-752-7298
had snow on the first hole last week. Our                   Vern Mackay 250-752-2518
golf group continues at Memorial on                         Held each month on the Wednesday that
Monday’s during twilight hours.                             falls eight days after the QBANA meeting.
                                                            Those whose names are on our list will be
Golf – Ladies Thursday group
                                                            emailed a few days before the lunch. If you
                                                            wish to be added to the list, please sign up at
Gayle Rose       250-248- 0134
                                                            a meeting or phone one of coordinators
Eaglecrest Golf Course
                                                            March 4, Rocking Horse Pub at Nanoose;
Thursday at 2:00 PM
                                                            April 1, the Frontiersman Pub in Coombs;
                                                            May 6, Westwind Pub in Port Alberni;
Golf – Men’s                                                June 3, Fanny Bay Pub, Fanny Bay.
Barry Thomas 250-752-7274

Good Neighbours                                             Singles group
Coordinator:                                                Coordinators:
Jill Owen-Flood 250-248-1170
                                                            Roberta Drennan 752-2147
                                                            Birthe Jensen  752-3727
  QBANA is a non profit organization and as such does not and/or will not endorse any commercial enterprise[s]
                                       and/or for profit organization[s]
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        QBANA NEWSLETTER VOL 5 ISSUE 6                                          March/April 2009

Joan Lewis          248-0503
                                                            The first (organizational) meeting for the
The Singles' Group have a variety of                        group will be on Friday, March 6 at
monthly activities which are advertised                     1:30 p.m. at Barbara Giesbrecht's home at
either through the newsletter or at the                     921 Royal Dornoch Drive, Qualicum Beach.
Singles' table at the QBANA meetings.

Breakfast Club
Meets the second Tuesday of the month                       Wine Appreciation
Contact: Joan McMahon 752-9888
                                                            Tom Taylor 250-752-9357
Singles Dining Out (monthly)
Contact: Beryl O'Sullivan 752-0310                          If you enjoy sampling different wines, please
                                                            sign up at the QBANA monthly meetings.
Pot Luck/Games Night
Held the first Sunday of the month
Contact: Joan Lewis 248-0503
                                                            The deadline for submission of
                                                            articles for the next newsletter is April
Sunshine Committee                                          17th, 2009
Claudette McLenahan 250-752-5478
Barbara Ness 250-738-0167
Norma Mercer 250-954-2222
Please contact Claudette, Barbara, or Norma
if someone you know is in the hospital or is
in need of encouragement or assistance.

Tea Appreciation Group (New Group!)
Coordinator: Barbara Giesbrecht
Phone: 250-752-5203
e-mail: twocanucksinqb@shaw.ca

For all you tea lovers, come join this new
group which will meet monthly, mornings or
afternoons preferably. Tea and nibbles
provided by the host, along with a short
description of the tea(s) being served.
Outings to the local tea shops might also be

  QBANA is a non profit organization and as such does not and/or will not endorse any commercial enterprise[s]
                                       and/or for profit organization[s]
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           QBANA NEWSLETTER VOL 5 ISSUE 6                                        March/April 2009

               The walking group meets twice per week on Monday and Friday mornings, usually
               starting at 9.30 am and walking about 5 to 7 km. The driving route instructions can be
               obtained from the walking group at the meetings or online at www.qbana.net Carpooling

Date/Day     Leader       ID      Walk Name                          Walk type              Start      Car
02-Mar-09 John            65 Neighbourhood Walk, start               Level Walk             9:30
Monday 954-1957              Sandcastle Bakery

06-Mar-09 Clive           26 Dashwood / Little Qualicum River Some Hills                    9:30
Friday   954-1522
09-Mar-09 Al               3 Top Bridge, Chattel Road                River side trail       9:30
Monday 248-8980              –nice scenery
13-Mar-09 Lorne            1 Cameron Lake                            Level Walk             9:30
Friday   752-5630
16-Mar-09 Eunice           8 San Pariel - Englishman River           Level walk            9:30
Monday 752-5881              Estuary                                 including part of Rathtrevor P. P
20-Mar-09 Clive          39 Morrell Sanctuary (from                  The walk is about  10:00 9am QB
Friday   954-1522        Westwood Lake)                              6Km with some hills Civic Cntr
23-Mar-09 Dave            10 Pheasant Glen Area                      Level Walk             9:30
Monday 752-6978
27-Mar-09 Steve           74 Qualicum South                          Level Walk              9:30
Friday      752-1532
30-Mar-09 John            46 Little Mountain View Trail              Level Walk             9:30
Monday 954-1957
03-Apr-09 Jean             4 Ravensong/Arbutus Woods                 Mostly level walk      9:30
Friday   752-1532
06-Apr-09 Eunice          22 Grandon Creek                           1 hill                 9:30
Monday 752-5881
10-Apr-09 Al              15 Big Qualicum Fish Hatchery              Level Walk             9:30
Friday   248-8980
13-Apr-09 John             9 Little Qualicum Fish Hatchery           Level walk             9:30
Monday 954-1957
17-Apr-09 Clive           59 Middlegate Road trails                  Some Hills             9:30
Friday   954-1522
20-Apr-09 Dave            28 Westwood Lake, Nanaimo                  The walk is about   10:00 9am QB
Monday 752-6978                                                      6km with some hills       Civic Cntr
24-Apr-09 Steve           18 Laburnum Woods                          Level Walk             9:30
27-Apr-09 Lorne            6 Judges Row and Brown Property           Mostly level           9:30
Monday 752-5630

  QBANA is a non profit organization and as such does not and/or will not endorse any commercial enterprise[s]
                                       and/or for profit organization[s]
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