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A fun game of counting
What is Cribbage
  Cribbage is a card game for two players.
  Described by some as 'a game of low, animal
  cunning', it demands skill, experience,
  craftiness and luck to win.
Card Values

    Aces are worth 1.
    2-10 are worth face value.
    All Face Cards are worth 10.
    The suits are all treated equally.
Starting the game

  Each player is dealt 6 cards. The players keep
   4 and discard 2 cards into a “crib” which is
   basically a bonus hand for the dealer.
  Then the non-dealer or pone, cuts the deck
   and selects the starter card. This is a
   community card that is encorporated into both
   players hands’. If the starter card is a jack the
   dealer gets 2 for “his heels.”
  The first phase of the game.
  The pone begins by laying down a card, face up. Then
   the players alternate laying down cards and summing
   the total of the values of the cards. Forgot what cards
   are worth? Click here
  This continues until the total reaches 31 or until neither
   player can play a card and keep the total  31. At
   which point the counting begins again at zero.
  Each player is responsible for counting their own
   points, but is double checked by their opponent.
 Score   Value        Comment
 15      2            Sum of cards = 15
 pair    2            Two of a kind
 Run     1 per card   Runs need not be in
                      numerical order
                       e.g. 5-6-7 or 10, J, Q.
 Go      1            The go is scored by the
                      last player to lay a card.
 31      2            Sum of cards = 31. This
                      includes the “go” point.
  The second phase of the game.
  Players now score their hands, using the same
   scoring rules. With the addition of a flush. For
   a flush all cards in your hand must be the same
   suit and is worth 4. If the starter is the same
   suit then the flush is worth 5, in the crib the
   starter must match the suit of all 4 cards for a
  The pone counts first and moves their pegs.
  Then the dealer counts their hand and then
   their crib.
Examples of how to count
  Suppose a player has the cards 1,1,2,3 and a king is
   the starter card.
  They score 4 in fifteens 2 for 1,1,3,K and 2 for 2,3,K.
  They score 2 for pairs for 1,1.
  They score 6 for runs, 1,2,3 and 1,2,3. Notice the 1 is
   different in each run.
  If they have a flush that is counted next 4 or 5 if the
   starter card matches their cards’ suit.
  Finally if the player has a jack in their hand that
   matches the suit of the starter card they receive one
   point for “nobs.”
One more example

  Consider a hand of 3,4,7,8 and a 5 is the
   starter card.
  They receive 6 for fifteens, (3,4,8), (7,8),
   and (3,5,7)
  There are no pairs.
  They would get 3 for the run 3,4,5.
  Then we would look for flushes.
Facts about hands
  It’s impossible to score 19 in one hand. Try it,
   it just doesn’t work. Among cribber’s a 19-
   hand is slang for I’ve got zero.
  The highest point total possible is 29. This is
   when you have 3 5’s and the jack that is of a
   different suit to your 3 5’s. Then the starter
   card must be the last 5 that matches the suit of
   your jack.
  The odd’s of having such a hand is 1 in

  To win one player must get at least 121
   points before the other player.
  Remember the pone counts first, so even
   if the dealer outscores them, if the pone
   reaches 121 before the dealer they are
   the winner.

  There are many boards and some player
   make their own. Here are a few.
Where to play

  Yahoo has a free cribbage site. Look for me in
   the intermediate lounge under the screen
   name billie_uu.
  There are also tournaments you can go to with
   cash prizes.
  There are many sites on the internet where you
   can play or learn more. Some of my favorites
   are the American Cribbage Congress and
   Cribbage Corner.

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