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					                      Math Arcade                                                              Just Add Kids

                             19 Different Stations ◆ Complete ◆ Easy to Use

tHe PiCk oF tHe PaCk                                          toWer oF Hanoi
  The station includes a series of laminated logic games       There are 28 wooden Towers of Hanoi in this box.
  using toothpicks. Keys are provided.                         This is a mathematical logic game that works from
                                                               ages four to adult.
on tHe Buses gaMe
  This station is a board game and is suitable for            Bear sCientists’ logiC Hunt
  intermediate and primary.                                    Students use gameboards and plastic bear markers to
using your noodle (strategy)                                   work out six logic problems. Keys are provided.
  This station includes 15 laminated sets of strategy
  games that require students to think logically.             it’s in tHe Cards
                                                               This station contains 15 boxes, each with a deck of cards,
CriBBage                                                       markers, and laminated rules for the math card games.
 This station includes 15 cribbage boards, a deck of cards,
 and counters, allowing 30 students to play.                  CroP Failure
CalCulator gaMes                                               This station includes two games that are played like
  Fifteen calculators allow students to play any of the set    Battleship, searching for crops.
  of laminated calculator games included.
                                                              Board gaMes around tHe World
tHe great Canadian sCientists’                                 Fifteen boxes each containing a laminated set of his-
sCavenger Hunt                                                 toric gameboards based on logic and patterns.
  Students take their clue page around the hunt to read
  about Great Canadian Scientists and find the secret
                                                              Hexagons: nature’s PerFeCt PaCkers
  word.                                                        This station includes two games, one set for K-2 level
grandFatHer tang’s story                                       and another for grade 2-3 level.
  This storytelling station has tangram puzzles which the
  students solve after they listen to the story.              Counting on Frank
                                                               Included is the book, Counting on Frank, a clever Aus-
talking CalCulators                                            tralian picture book based on estimating, and a set of
 Coming with 30 calculators, this station includes math        coloured overhead transparencies of the same story.
 questions which, when answered, spell out words.
luCky                                                         tHe Money gaMe
 This is BINGO with a different name Prizes are needed         This station contains 15 boxes, each with a set of lami-
 and cards are duplicated. This is great for primary stu-      nated money game cards, a bag of money, and dice.
  Played like Bingo (you’ll need some cheap prizes            roll it! (diCe)
  - one every ten minutes, approximately). This station        This box includes 15 sets of laminated math games
  requires the duplication of cards, but blacklines are        involving dice, the dice needed, and counters. Students
                                                               choose the game(s) they wish to play.
  provided. Great for intermediate students.

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