Exclusive Representation Agreement (Celebrity)

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					                           Exclusive Representation Agreement

       This Agreement is entered into as of the                day of                         (the
“Effective Date”), by and between
(“Personal Service Corporation”) and                                          (“Agent”);

                                          R E C I T A L S:

       A.      Personal Service Corporation has entered into a personal services agreement with

(“Celebrity”) for the exclusive personal services of Celebrity for all political, speaking,
endorsements and personal appearances by Celebrity;

       B.      Agent has expertise in the fields of entertainment, political advocacy and
representing political and entertainment figures and personalities;

       C.      Personal Service Corporation desires to retain Agent to represent it in developing
opportunities for Celebrity in the political, governmental and commercial areas;

      NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual representations, warranties and
covenants contained herein, the parties agree as follows:

        1. Exclusive Representation. Personal Service Corporation hereby retains Agent as its
sole and exclusive agent and representative, with respect to the services, activity and
participation of Celebrity in all areas of politics, government, social and commercial issues and
endeavors, including, without limitation, speeches, public appearances, media appearances,
events, endorsements, testimonials and commercial tie-ins, whether or not using his name, voice
or likeness (collectively, the “Covered Activities”). This agreement also applies to any agreement
to refrain from any service or activity.

       2. Approval. All Covered Activities arranged for by Agent shall be subject to prior
approval by Personal Service Corporation.

       3. Efforts of Agent. Agent shall use its best efforts to arrange for Covered Activities for
Personal Service Corporation, subject to the following:

                3.1 Agent may render similar services to others, including persons of the same
general qualifications and eligibility for the same or similar employment. Such representation
shall not constitute a violation of its fiduciary or other obligations hereunder.

               3.2 Agent may appoint others to assist it in performing its obligations under this
       4. Representations of Personal Service Corporation. Personal Service Corporation
warrants a
Description: Exclusive Representation Agreement for political and advocacy services between agent and Personal Service Corporation of Celebity
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