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									                    Commanders’ Cruise Snug Cove

Date:               May 21-24, 2010

Location:           Union Steam Ship Marina
                    Snug Cove, Bowen Island
                    Contact: phone 604 947-
                    0707, VHF: 66A

                                                                   Union Steam Ship Marina

Participants:       Members of Coquitlam Power and Sail Squadron
                    Contact: Chris Sedergreen Cruise Master, Coquitlam CPS
                              Phone :604-461-3899

                    Members of Norvan Power and Sail Squadron
                    Contact: Cruise Master: Doug Wood, Norvan PSS
                             Phone 604-588-3040, email:

Cost:               About $20 per adult, teenagers $10, others zip. To be finalized on
                    last day.

                             Schedule of Events
Locations: Dockside: On the finger where the boats tie-up.
             Cabin: Joint NorVan-Coquitlam Cabin #2
             Common Area: Field below Cabin where activities take place.

                                Friday May 21
      1400-2200. Early arrivals. No official activities.
      1400 Starting time for digital photo contest. See details below.

      Dinner will be self-serve for those who came prepared or there is gourmet Pizza at
      the top of the street or Docs at the marina.
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                                Saturday May 22
Volunteers needed     Sign up sheet for Commanders’ breakfast and dinner. See Chris on
                      for Coquitlam or Doug for Norvan for prep, cooking and cleaning
                      opportunities for both meals.

       1300-1600.     Hike. Start in front of Steamship Office, physically non-
                      challenging hike to Killarney Lake led by (recently) trained quasi-
                      professionals. See details below.

       1300 (or so)   Cabin # 2 open. The joint Coquitlam-Norvan cabin is available.

       1600-1800      Cocktails. Dock side refreshment party. (Save appies for Sunday
                      lunch snack)

       1830-2000      Pot-luck. Common area. Potluck (truly luck) dinner. All
                      attendees are asked to bring a food serving of their choice.
                      Suggested serving size is 3-8 persons. Categories, selected by
                      attendee, include salad, entrees, or deserts.

                                 Sunday May 23
       The only full day.

       0930-1030      Commander’s Breakfast. Common Area. The recently elected
                      (as always, by acclamation) Commanders of the three best
                      provincial squadrons (Coquitlam, Norvan and Burnaby – in case
                      you forgot) will provide, at your expense, and their effort, an
                      incredible gourmet breakfast which includes, but is not limited to,
                      crisp-yet-edible bacon, moist-but not-runny scrambled eggs, and
                      other petite-dejeuner-type delicacies (ok hash browns, juice,
                      coffee.) Be there, you’re paying for this anyway.

       1030-1200      Hike up to the Artisans Square to see the latest arts that Bowen has
                      to offer.

       1200-1330      Lunch. Appies on “A” Dock bring your creation hot or cold.
                      Come out and kick some fenders.
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       1330-1700      Le Competition. (The Games). Common Area & Diamond.

                      1) Bocce Ball (Coquitlam vs. Norvan). The reigning (got-lucky)
                         champs from Coquitlam will face off against Norvan.
                         Everyone plays; everyone pays (in some form).

                      2) Croquet tournament - otherwise known as Golf for the lazy.

                      3) Cribbage (Coquitlam vs. Norvan). For the more cerebral-
                         types, a cribbage competition will run concurrently with Bocce

                      4) Dinghy Games {weather

                          i) Ball toss One willing
                          victim or participant will be
                          in a tender and attempt to
                          catch a nerf ball with a
                          fishing net from there
                          counterpart on the dock. Lots
                          of fun for those wishing to
                          cool off.

                           ii) Dinghy bucket brigade.
                          Participants propel their
                          dinghy using only a pail and            Kayaks Bowen Island
                          rope. Two per boat.

       1600           Deadline: Submit Digital Photos for Competition. All digital
                      photos should be submitted (in digital ROM format) to the
                      Cruisemasters for judging in the photo competition.

       1800-2000      The Feast. Common Area. Norvan and Coquitlam chefs will
                      prepare an exquisite barbequed dinner. Menu includes fresh green
                      salad, steak, chicken, potato salad, and the piece-to-resist dessert.
                      Again, be there ‘cause you’re paying.

       2100-2200      Photo Finale (After sunset). Common Area. Big Screen photo
                      presentation of the entries and winner in the Photo Competition.

                                    Monday May 24
       Head home when the rooster crows at the break of dawn, (or after you wakeup,
       have b’fast, second coffee, get around to it, etc). Thanks for coming; see ya’all
       next year.
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                                 Event Description
   1) Photo Contest. All participants of the Snug Cove Commander’s Cruise are
      invited to participate in this event. Simply take as many digital photos as you can
      and submit a memory card
      (don’t worry it will be
      returned) to the Cruisemasters
   2) by 4 PM Sunday. A
      fanatically skilled team of
      experts will collate, combine
      and present for judging the
      photos. These photos will be
      shown to all through the magic
      of LCD projection on a large
      screen (e.g. white sheet).
      Categories include nature,
      scenery, people, embarrassing
      moments, and other categories.
      The photos must be taken only
      during this cruise event weekend.                    Killarney Lake Dam

                                                  3) Hike
                                                     1) On Saturday afternoon, enjoy a
                                                     hike to Killarney Lake. See the
                                                     salmon ladders enroute.
                                                     2) On Sunday morning, take a trek to
                                                     Artisan square. Although it is a
                                                     challenging walk up a steep hill, the
                                                     local fare at the top makes the
                                                  4) Worthwhile.

                 Killarney Lake Hike

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