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					                        Scarborough News

  Dates to

                        V O L U M E     1   I S S U E    8                                           M A R C H    2 0 1 0

 March 5:
 Kdg Roundup
 9am-12 and

 March 11:
                    From the Principal’s Desk
 1st Grade
 Musical 7pm        I love the Olympics….such a         how our kids might feel like      a bit stressed, I hope you also
                    great event to show patriot-        an Olympic Athlete. They’ve       know our commitment as
 March 15-19:       ism, outstanding effort, and        spent years in ―training‖.        ―trainers‖ is to provide a
 Spring Break       recognition! I can’t imagine                                          positive testing environment
                    the excitement the partici-                                           where our students feel en-
 March 22:          pants must feel to be chosen                                          couraged and supported.
 No School          as an Olympic Athlete and to                                          Your help at home by making
                    be a part of a team that                                              sure they have adequate sleep
 March 25:          represents excellence for                                             the night before the assess-
 PTO Mtg            their country. I also can’t                                           ments, a good breakfast, and
 6:30pm             fathom the anxiety and stress                                         words of encouragement add
                    they must also endure – not                                           to the attitudes and perform-
 Mar 26:            only to prepare for the                                               ance of our champions. I feel
 Donuts with        Olympics but also to know           They want to do well, not         confident that our team will
 Dads 7am           they pressure they feel to be       only for personal reasons but     put their best foot forward
                    a champion. Undoubtedly,            also for ―Team Scarborough‖.      and rise to the occasion, just
                    their performance affects                                             like Olympic Athletes do.
INSIDE THIS         their future.                       And, they have one chance to
ISSUE:                                                  do their very best. This is       Go, Team Scarborough!
                    As the Kansas Assessments           their opportunity to show
 Getting to     2   for grades 3-6 are upon us, it      what they know. While I’m                 Jami Craig,
 Know...            made me think a little about        sure that some kids may feel         Scarborough Principal

 Auction Items 2

 Counselor’s    3
                    A Special “Thank You” to 4th Graders
                     Our Scarborough 4th graders        do. NAEP plays an important       searchers, and the public have
 Box Top        4   were selected to participate        role in American education        relied on NAEP data and
 Update             in the National Assessment of       because it monitors student       called NAEP the ―gold stan-
                    Educational Progress.               progress over time and re-        dard‖ of assessments. Let’s
 Nurse’s        5   (NAEP) The NAEP is the              ports student achievement         give our kids a pat on the
 Office             only ongoing, nationally rep-       state-by-state in some sub-       back for their hard work on
                    resentative assessment of           jects. For over 30 years, poli-   an additional assessment this
 Library        6   what students know and can          cymakers, educators, re-          year!

 Miss Craig’s   8
        P AGE        2

                           Getting to Know…Miss Murray!
                           I grew up in: Olathe              I can’t resist:                    What I love about
                                                             Starbucks White Mocha!             Scarborough:
                           My family consists of:            YUM!                               I love that Scarborough
                           My adorable dogs Ella (a                                             really comes together when
                           Rat Terrier) and Lily (a          I’d build my dream home in:        it comes to people's needs.
                           Maltipoo)                         Destin, Florida                    The students are fun to be
                                                                                                around and I love it when
                           I went to school at:              My hidden talent is:               they discover a talent they
                           Emporia State University          Creating Altered Art               didn't think they had. I en-
                           GO HORNETS!                                                          joy working with the staff,
                                                             My personal hero is:               they are caring people and
                           My degree is in:                  My friend Stephanie!               a lot of fun! They are the
                           Music Education K-12              Besides being funny and            BEST!
                                                             kind-hearted, I admire her
     Teresa Murray         I’m a big fan of:                 for being such a strong            News I want to share:
         Music             The musical ―Wicked‖              person. She is very suppor-        I will be teaching choir at
                                                             tive to me in all that I do.       Mission Trail next year.
                           On weekends I like to:                                               I am sad to be leaving
                           Relax, maybe see a movie,         My favorite place to eat out:      Scarborough but excited to
                           go to the dog park, hang          The Longhorn Steakhouse            be teaching choir!
                           out with friends and sing at      — but I don’t eat steak!

                            Auction Benefits Scarborough Kids
 Jami Craig, Principal

     PTO Officers:
                            The Scarborough Silent           directly support our stu-          Do you have new items
   Madeleine Thies,         Auction will be held in con-     dents’ field trips and pur-        (toys, electronics, etc.) that
    Co-President            junction with our Scarbor-       chase playground equip-            might be auction items –
                            ough Spring Family Carnival      ment. Additionally, they           donate those!
Liz Hazell, Co-President    on Saturday, April 10th.         allow the PTO to give our
                                                             wonderful teachers a gift          For more information,
                            We have already secured          card for supplies. We need
    Deann Shinkle,                                                                              contact Jawanda Mast,
                            some great items that you        your support to be success-
    Vice-President          will want to bid on, includ-     ful.                               Silent Auction Chair, at
                            ing Southwest Airline Tick-                                         913.839.3075 (home),
Elisa Foster, Treasurer     ets and a Garmin                 What can you do?                   901.826.0317 (cell) or by
                            GPS! There will be tons of            Come to the carnival          email at
Paula Hutton, Secretary     gift certificates, lunches and   and bid on some items.   
                            projects with teachers, and           Offer to help secure
                            the very popular themed          donations.
                            class baskets for your bid-                                         Thank you!
                                                                  Contribute items for
                            ding pleasure. These funds       class baskets.

                                                           Remember to ask your child’s Room Parent about volunteer
                                                       opportunities at the carnival! We have more than 150 half-hour
                                                         time slots to fill to run the carnival games, serve food, sell game
                                                        tickets, help the prize redemption center, and many other areas.
                                                       This is a great opportunity for older children to earn service hours!
                                                                              We can’t do it without YOU!

             SCA RBOROUGH          NEWS
  V OLUME         1   ISSUE       8                                                                                    P AGE    3

  Counselor’s Corner: Helping Kids “Chill Out!”
  “I really worry about my child.         nications skills. There are many             three deep, slow
  She’s a great kid most of the time,     tips that can be taught to re-               breaths. Finally, count
                                                                                                                   Teri Bahr
  but boy does she have a temper!         duce angry behaviors, but I’ll               slowly to ten inside
  She gets so worked up when she’s        include just a few here, which               your head. Put them           and
  mad, I’m afraid she is going to get     Michelle Borba, Ed.D. suggests               together and you have
  in serious trouble.”                    in her book, No More Misbe-                  1+3+10, which allows        Lori Orr
                                          havin’.                                      time to gain control       Scarborough
  We know anger is a powerful                       Use self-talk. Teach               before hitting or saying
  emotion, but it is also natural,                  positive messages to               something regrettable.      Guidance
  normal, and not necessarily                       say to him/herself. For                                       Counselors
  negative. However, we also                        example; ―Stop and         Sometimes kids are surprised
  know coping with intense feel-                    calm down,‖ ―I can         to realize they aren’t ―angry,‖
  ings is not easy! In K-3 guid-                    handle this,‖ or ―Do I     but rather ―frustrated,‖ or
  ance we have been addressing                      want to get in trouble     ―agitated.‖ Changing behaviors
  anger while the upper grades                      over this?‖                takes work, practice, and rein-
  are starting to discuss thoughts                  Teach breath con-          forcement. Be sure to ac-
  about transition to a new grade                   trol. Inhale slowly to     knowledge your child’s pro-
  level and/or new building.                        a count of five, pause     gress in his/her effort to man-
                                                    for two counts, then       age their emotions!
  Our goal while talking about                      slowly exhale the same
  anger is to instruct ways to be                   way.
  calm by helping the children                      Teach 1+3+10. This
  learn anger management skills.                    formula implies three
  The main concepts revolve                         things: One, stop and
  around anger triggers, anger                      tell yourself to be
  management skills, and commu-                     calm. Three, take

Donations Needed for Class Baskets
Back by popular demand are              This year’s themes are:               Cash donations are also accepted
CLASS BASKETS! These bas-                Kindergarten: Chocolate              and items will be purchased for
kets are featured at our Silent         1st: Arts & Crafts                    the baskets.
Auction during the Spring Car-          2nd: Sleepover
nival on April 10th. The bas-           3rd: Outdoor Fun                      For more information, please con-
kets are one of the top selling         4th: BBQ/Picnic                       tact Andrea Staley at
items at the auction! We need           5th: Rainy Day Reading &    
families to send items to be            Games
                                                                              or 390-6249.
used in the baskets which you           6th: Movie Night
may bid on during the auc-                                                    Thank you in advance for your
tion. Each grade level is as-           Donations may be sent to school       help!
signed a theme for the bas-             with your child. Donations will
kets.                                   be accepted through March 26th.
       P AGE       4

                       Free Fundraisers
                       The winners of the Box         Leonard: 475                    Our final Box Top
                       Top contest that ended         Wonderlich: 406                 Contest will end on
                       February 19th was Mrs.         Cioffi: 401                     Friday, April 30th.
                       Ross’s class!                  Jones: 486
                       Here are the results:          Reed: 282                       *Place ALL Box Tops in
                                                      Barnard: 190                    your designated classroom
                       1st place:                     Holtgraver: 268                 bucket. Please note that
                       Mrs. Ross 5th grade            Revey: 362                      Box Tops have expiration
                       531 Box Tops                   Ross: 531                       dates on them. Only valid
                       Ice Cream Party and an         Snethen: 183                    Box Tops will be counted
                       extra recess                   Stowers: 341                    for the contest. The class
                                                      Albee: 125                      with the most Box Tops
                       2nd place:                     Baker: 320                      wins a yummy Ice Cream
                       Mrs. Jones 3rd grade           Lang: 23                        Party!
                       486 Box Tops
                       Extra recess                   Total: 6104                     Sign-up at
                       3rd place:                     We have collected a total       and you can:
                       Mrs. Leonard 2nd grade         of 11,095 Box Tops so far
                       475 Box Tops                   this school year!               1. See complete detailed
                       Extra recess                   That means Scarborough          earnings for your school
                                                      has EARNED $1,109.50 in         2. Earn cash for your
                       Caldwell: 227                  FREE Money from Box             school when you shop on-
                       Chewing: 186                   Tops so far this year.          line
                       Herl: 265                                                      3. Print coupons
                       Bosworth: 54                   Way to Go Scarborough!          4. Enter to win free
                       Cooper: 207                                                    bonus Box Tops for your
                       Jorgensen: 303                                                 school
                       Draves: 469
Spirit Store will be

open on March 26!

  The theme for        A Reminder…
   Spirit Day is
                       As the warmer weather               Also, shoes with                tering the building and
  Western Day!!        approaches, please help             wheels and roller-              proper footwear
                       your child remember the             blades are not al-              should be worn in
                       following school guidelines:        lowed in the building.          school.
                            Skateboards should             If students choose to           Cell phones are to be
                            be left at home as they        wear these to get to            used outside of the
                            are not to be used on          school, they should be          school and outside of
                            school grounds.                removed prior to en-            school hours.

                                Want to get involved in PTO but aren’t sure how? We have positions open for the
                            2010-2011 school year including Head Room Parent, Activities Chairperson and Landscaping.
                                                  Contact any PTO Officer for more information,
                                                or come to our next PTO meeting on March 25th!

            SCA RBOROUGH     NEWS
  P AGE   5

                From the Nurse’s Office
                Spring is allergy season.        pollen season; and Fall           will help filter out pollen
                About 30 percent of the          (August and September) is         from your household air.
                United States population is      weed season – mainly rag-         Frequent vacuuming with a
                affected by allergies each       weed. Molds tend to be            HEPA filter may also help
                year. Seasonal allergies are     present from April through        reduce allergens inside.
                rare in children under the       October. The only way to
                age of five, but can develop     know for sure what your           Over-the-counter antihista-
                at any time. As a parent,        child is allergic to is to have   mines can also be helpful in
                how are you to know if           them tested.                      controlling your child’s
                your child is experiencing                                         symptoms. Several non-
                seasonal allergies?              So what can you do to help        sedating, 24-hour options
                                                 your child, if they are           are now available without a
                According to the Asthma,         experiencing seasonal aller-      prescription. Consult your
                Allergy and Immunology           gies? According to Dr.            doctor, nurse, or pharma-
  Kelli Innis   doctors at Children’s            Portnoy at Children’s             cist if you have questions
School Nurse    Mercy, the main symptoms         Mercy, the best treatment         about over-the-counter
                of allergies are sneezing,       is avoidance. "If you know        antihistamines for your
                runny nose with clear            what you’re allergic to ...       child. If your child does not
                drainage, and itchy, watery      then avoid going outside          respond to antihistamine
                eyes. Allergy symptoms           when that count is high,"         treatment, your doctor
                are often difficult to discern   Portnoy says, referring to        may be able to add another
                from the early part of a         the mold and pollen counts        medication or nasal spray.
                cold, but a cold will typi-      taken each day at Chil-
                cally progress to discolored     dren’s Mercy. The daily           If your child’s symptoms
                nasal drainage, productive       count is published in the         are severe, do not respond
                cough, and may have a fe-        Kansas City Star, is avail-       to treatment, or last more
                ver. If your child seems to      able at other media outlets       than a couple of months
                get a ―cold‖ at the same         and can be accessed by            out of the year, your doc-
                time each year, it may be        calling the hospital’s allergy    tor may recommend you
                allergies.                       hotline at 346-1331 Mon-          see an allergist. An allergist
                                                 day through Friday. Al-           can conduct testing to de-
                There are three main sea-        though you may want to            termine the exact sub-
                sons for allergies: Spring       open the house to let in the      stances your child is allergic
                (March and April) is tree        fresh Spring air, this may        to, and can use other treat-
                pollen season; Early Sum-        aggravate allergy symptoms.       ments, such as allergy
                mer (May and June) is grass      Running the air conditioner       shots.

                Wellness Challenge
                In an effort to encourage        soda a day increases a            soda might be brought to
                healthy habits, we are re-       child’s risk of obesity by 60     school such as a special
                questing that students not       percent. Likewise, energy         class party or reward, field
                bring pop or energy drinks       drinks contain a vast             trips, parents bringing lunch,
                to school. Each 12-ouce          amount of sugar and caf-          etc. However, we are ask-
                soft drink contains approxi-     feine which are also not          ing that energy drinks not
                mately 10 teaspoons of           healthy for our growing           be sent to school. We ap-
                sugar and 150 calories.          children. We do realize           preciate your support.
                Drinking just one can of         there will be times when

P AGE   6

            Dates to Note:
                                           Calendar Changes:
                                 Field Day – Friday, May 14th (date change)
                                Yearbook Signing – May 19th 3:00 (date change)
                            Talent Show – Thurs., May 20 9:00 a.m. (time change)

                                              Save The Date:
                               5th Grade Celebration May 17th Time: TBD
                             6th Grade Celebration May 20th Time: 5:30 p.m.

                    Both of these will include a cake/punch reception, grade level DVD, and
                         promotion certificate presentation. More details to come!

            Library Corner
            Lunch with Someone             ful volunteers.                For the month of January
            Grand                                                         our school read 226,445
            The Book Fair Diner            Take Off With Reading!         minutes outside of the
            ―Lunch with someone            Our reading challenge          school day. This school
            Grand‖ was a grand suc-        theme for the year has         year we have read a total of
            cess. Many students invited    been ―Take off with Read-      1,439,665 minutes. We are
            a person who is ―Grand‖ to     ing!‖ I am excited to share    quickly approaching our
            them to eat lunch and shop     the news that thanks to the    goal of two million min-
            the book fair on February      generosity of Re/Max we        utes. We must reach our
            8th. I would like to thank     will have a hot air balloon    goal of two million minutes
            all of our ―Grand‖ visitors    come and visit our school      at the end of April to make
            who came and ate lunch. It     in May. If we read two         Ms. Craig have to go up in
            was a fun time for all!        million minutes by the end     the hot air balloon. Con-
                                           of April Ms. Craig will have   gratulations to Mrs. Bar-
            Book Fair                      to take off in the hot air     nard’s class who had 100%
            I would like to thank all of   balloon. The top reader        of their reading logs turned
            the families that stopped by   from each grade level will     in.
            to shop the book fair. We      also have an opportunity to
            had a very successful book     take a tethered ride in the    Top 3 Classes for Janu-
            fair this year! I have al-     hot air balloon. Keep on       ary: 3rd Place: Mrs. Bar-
            ready added several new        reading, recording your        nard’s class with 16,973;
            books to the library that      minutes, and returning your    2nd Place: Mrs. Albee’s
            were on the book fair and      forms at the end of the        class with 19,356; 1st Place:
            we will be able to add many    month. We will not know        Mrs. Baker’s class with
            more new books soon. I         an exact date until mid May    24,360
            would like to send out a       since hot air balloons do      Top January Readers:
            special thank you to all of    not fly on windy               McKinzi Sowles, Mazeray
            the book fair volunteers       days. Check the library        Bayha, Cion Harris, Mat-
            that help to make our fair     website for more details!      thew Paulson, Kelly Linstra,
            successful. The fair would                                    Lynn Sirasudhi, Kirsten
            not have gone as smooth        Scarborough Reading            Gerry, and Annelle Motes.
            without the many wonder-       Challenge:

    V OLUME      1       ISSUE    8                                                                                P AGE    7

March 2010
      Sun                  Mon                Tue           Wed             Thu                Fri               Sat

                     1                  2              3               4                5                   6
                                        Read Across                                     Kindergarten
                                        America Day                                     Round-Up

7                    8                  9              10              11               12                  13
                                                                       1st Grade        3rd Quarter
                                                                       Musical 7pm      ends

14                   15                 16             17              18               19                  20
Savings Time         SPRING BREAK

21                   22                 23             24              25               26                27
                     Professional Day                                  PTO Mtg          Donuts with
                     No School                                         6:30pm           Dads 7am
                                                                                        Spirit Store Open

28                   29                 30             31
                                        First Day of

Student Artwork on Display for Youth Art Month
The following students were selected to represent Scarborough Elementary at Youth Art Month at the Olathe Public Library:

            Olympia Pyburn: 5th grade -Stowers                        Adrianna Herrera: 1st grade- Cooper
                    2-D pencil drawing                                               3-D
                                                           Miss Craig’s List
                                       Housecleaning Services
Why come home to a second job? I’ll do the cleaning for you! I am experienced, dependable and trustworthy.
                                          References available.
                                   Call Tonya Pankonin 913.207.9919

                                                Salon Services
   Men’s, women’s and children’s haircuts, color and highlights. Reasonable prices and conveniently located in
                                              your neighborhood.
                                            Call Sheilah at 963.3374

                                               Financial Services
       Why have your taxes prepared by a temp employee when you have access to a CPA? Fees as low as
    $100. Discounts offered for public servants such as pastors and church staff, registered nurses, paramedics,
                         EMTs, policemen , firemen, educators, and military personnel.
                              Scott Hipp, CPA. 913-383-9505,

Scott Hipp, CPA, CFP Lifetime Financial Solutions 10965 Granada Lane, Suite 206 Overland Park, KS 66211 Phone: 913-383-
9505 Fax: 913-383-9511 Securities and investment advice offered through Coordinated Capital Securities, Inc., a Registered Investment
Adviser and member FINRA/SIPC. Lifetime Financial Solutions is independent of CCS
It is the policy of the Scarborough Elementary School PTO to allow and if appropriate, approve paid advertisements that promote products, services, activities or programs in the community.
The PTO recognizes that the funds that the school may derive from such paid advertisements will benefit the school, students, employees, programs and the community. No paid advertise-
ment may be placed in or used by Scarborough that, among other things, undermines the school’s efforts to provide an excellen t educational program, targets or attempts to exploit students,
or compromises the reputation or mission of Scarborough. No paid advertisement shall be construed as or constitute an endorsement by Scarborough of any product, service or activity or
program in the community and the PTO and Scarborough reserve the right to reject any paid advertisement for any reason.

 Interpreters will be provided for special events if sufficient notice is given. Please let the office know five
 days prior to the scheduled event.
                Notice of Non-discrimination:
                                                                                                                                                      We’re on the Web!
                    The Olathe District Schools prohibit                      Olathe, Kansas 66063 - 2000, phone 913-                                       See us at:
                 discrimination on the basis of race, color,                    780-7000. All inquires regarding compli-                                       http://
                  national origin, sex, age, or disability in                    ance with applicable statutes regarding                  
                 admissions, access, treatment or employ-                      Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and                                   scarborough/
                   ment, in its programs and activities as                     the Individuals with Disabilities Education
                   required by: Title IX of the Education                       Act and the Americans with Disabilities
                  Amendments of 1972, Title VI and Title                         Act may be directed to the Executive
                   VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the                    Director of Special Services, 14090 Black
                    Age Discrimination Act of 1975, the                       Bob Rd. Olathe, KS 66062, phone 913-780
                  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA),                      -8221. Interested persons including those
                 the Individuals with Disabilities Education                    with impaired vision or hearing, can also
                 Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation                    obtain information as to the existence and
                  Act of 1973. Inquiries regarding compli-                    location of services, activities and facilities
                  ance with applicable civil rights statutes                    that are accessible to and usable by dis-
                 related to ethnicity, gender, the ADA or                        abled persons by calling the Executive
                age discrimination may be directed to Staff                        Director of Special Services. (7/09)                      2000 S. Lindenwood, Olathe KS
                      Counsel, 14160 Black Bob Road,
                                                                                                                                                      66062 913.780.7670