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					           UKC Multi-Breed
          Conformation Shows

Hosted By: The United German Shepherd
             Dog Alliance

                  May 15-16, 2010
         Four Multi-Breed Conformation Shows
       (BSD not offered, AE offered Sunday only)
               indoors, unlimited entry

Skenzich Arena (Gilbert Curling Club) 102 East Iowa Ave
                   Gilbert, MN 55741

      Pre-entries Close: May 7, 2010

                 Show Secretary:
                    Tracie Karsjens
                    22761 Claire Ct.
                   Rogers, MN 55374
SCHEDULE AND JUDGES                                                   Senior (2yrs., under 3 yrs.); Altered Adult (3 yrs. And up); Altered
May 15, 2010 – Conformation Show #1 – All breeds except               Breeder/Handler (6 mos. and up, handled by breeder or
AE, BSD; Jr. Showmanship offered                                      member of breeder’s family); Altered Champion; and Altered
Judge: Stephanie Mueller                                              Grand Champion.
Entries: 7:30-8:30 am
Show Time: 9:00 am                                                    C. Junior Showmanship Classes. Consist of: Pee Wee (over 2
                                                                      yrs., under 4 yrs.); Sub-Junior (4 yrs., under 8 yrs.); Novice
May 15, 2010 – Conformation Show #2 – All breeds except               Junior, Open Junior (8 yrs., under 13 yrs.); Novice Senior, Open
AE, BSD; Jr. Showmanship offered                                      Senior (13 yrs., under 18 yrs.)
Judge: Dean Spielvogel
Entries: 7:30-8:30 am                                                 NOTE: Please check to make sure you are entering the correct
Show Time: 10:00 am                                                   class.

May 16, 2010 – Conformation Show #1 – All breeds except               Group competition will be offered for all groups all four shows for
BSD; Jr. Showmanship offered                                          both regular classes and altered classes. Best in Multi-Breed Show,
Judge: Richard Klatt                                                  Reserve Best in Multi-Breed, Best Altered in Multi-Breed Show,
                                                                      Reserve Best Altered in Multi-Breed show will be awarded. A Best
Entries: 7:30-8:30 am
Show Time: 9:00 am                                                    Junior in Show will be awarded.

May 16, 2010 – Conformation Show #2 – All breeds except               Non-Licensed Classes – Novice Puppy
BSD; Jr. Showmanship offered                                                 Novice Puppy will be offered for all four shows. Novice
Judge: Sarah Sawyer                                                          Puppy for each breed will be judged after the regular
Entries: 7:30-8:30 am                                                        classes for each breed. At the end of the show, before the
Show Time: 10:00 am                                                          Best in Multi-Breed Show Competition, a Best in Multi-Breed
                                                                             Show Novice Puppy competition will be held. There will be
                                                                             no group offered for Novice Puppy.
Judging order will be determined based on the pre-entries and the     PRIZES
day of show entries. We will go by group and will order them in
such as way as to allow people to leave as quickly as possible. The   Rosettes will be awarded for
final judging order will be posted near each ring on the day of              Best Male/Female of Variety (regular and altered)
                                                                             Best Male/Female (regular and altered)
                                                                             Best of Winners (regular and altered)
                                                                             Champion of Champions (regular and altered)
CLASSES OFFERED                                                              Grand Champion (regular and altered)
All regular UKC conformation classes will be offered for each breed          Best of Breed (regular and altered)
offered. Licensed Conformation classes consist of:                           Best of Breed Novice Puppy
A. Regular Classes. Classes for intact dogs: Puppy (6 mos.,                  Group Placements (regular and altered)
under 1 yr.); Junior (1 yr., under 2 yrs.); Senior (2yrs., under             Best Novice Puppy in Multi-Breed Show
3 yrs.); Adult (3 yrs. And up); Breeder/Handler (6 mos. and up,              Reserve Best Altered in Multi-Breed Show
handled by breeder or member of breeder’s family);                           Best Altered in Multi-Breed Show
Champion; and Grand Champion.                                                Reserve Best in Multi-Breed Show
                                                                             Best in Multi-Breed Show
B. Altered Classes. Classes for altered dogs. Altered Puppy (6               Best Junior Handler
mos., under 1 yr.); Altered Junior (1 yr., under 2 yrs.); Altered
ENTRIES                                                                Every effort will be made to find duplicate entries before
Day of show entries are $25. Pre-entries are $19 if received by        processing. If a duplicate entry is processed, however, no refund
May 7, 2009. Junior Showmanship and Non-Licensed Class entries         will be made.
are $5. Send entries on the Official UKC Entry Form to the event
secretary:                                                             If, in the opinion of the UGSDA, the well being of dogs, exhibitors,
                          Tracie Karsjens                              or spectators is at risk due to extreme weather conditions, such as
                          22761 Claire Ct.                             but not limited to snow storms, hurricanes, lightening or extreme
                         Rogers, MN 55374                              heat, the UGSDA may cancel or stop a show or trial before
                     e-mail:                           completion. No refunds will be made in such cases.

All dogs entering these shows must be permanently registered with      CLASS CHANGES / CORRECTIONS
UKC, have a Limited Privilege (LP) listing number, or have a valid     Owners are responsible for the accuracy of information in the entry
Temporary Listing Number. You can apply for a Temporary Listing        forms, regardless of who may make such errors. Owners and
Number (TL) on line at                                                 exhibitors are responsible for correcting any errors in their entry.                Dogs that, according to their owners’ records, have completed the
If you have questions on registering your dog with UKC, go to the      requirements for a championship or grand championship after the
UKC Web site for more information.              closing of entries, may be transferred from the entered class to
                                                                       another class for which the dog is now eligible, provided that a
All pre-entered dogs must be permanently registered with UKC or        request for transfer is made in writing to the show secretary no
have an LP or TL by the closing date of the show. Any pre-entries      later than ½ hour prior to the start of any regular judging at the
that are received without this information provided by the closing     show. The only exception to this is when two shows are running
date will be charged day of show entry fees.                           concurrently and a dog completes a championship in show 1. In
                                                                       that case, the request may be submitted anytime before the start
All entries must include fees.   Make all checks payable to            of judging of the breed in show 2. In the event that a breed is
UGSDA.                                                                 judged in show 2 prior to show 1 and a dog completes a
                                                                       championship in show 2, no move ups will be allowed for show 1.
Receipt of entries will be confirmed by e-mail if an e-mail address
is provided on the entry form.                                         All other corrections to entries must be made in writing to the show
                                                                       secretary not later than ½ hour prior to the start of any regular
An un-entered dog may not be substituted for an entered dog.           judging at that show.

No refund of entry fees will be made for pre-entries cancelled after   NOTICE TO EXHIBITORS
the pre-entry closing date. Entry fees shall not be refunded in the       1. All events are held under the Rules and Regulations of the
event that a dog is absent, disqualified, excused by Veterinarian or         United Kennel Club, Inc.
Judge, or barred from competition by action of the Event                  2. Absolutely no alcoholic beverage or illegal drugs will be
Committee.                                                                   allowed on the grounds or in the buildings on the day of a
                                                                             UKC-licensed event.
If because of riots, civil disturbances, or other acts beyond the         3. The UGSDA, its agents, UKC, its agents and its employees
control of the UGSDA it is impossible to open or to complete a               assume no responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury
show or trial, no refund of entry fees will be made.                         sustained by spectators or exhibitors and handlers, or to
                                                                             any of their dogs or property, and further assume not
                                                                             responsibility for injury to children not under the control of
        their parents or guardians. The UGSDA and the UKC are not       United German Shepherd Dog Alliance Web site:
        responsible for loss, accident, or theft.             
   4.   Dogs and exhibitors may arrive at anytime up to their
        judging time. Judging time is subject to change and             LOCATION AND DIRECTIONS
        exhibitors should be prepared to be judged anytime after        Skenzich Arena (Gilbert Curling Club) 102 East Iowa Ave 55741
        the start of the show. Dogs not required for further judging    Phone: (218) 749-3837
        may leave the show grounds.
   5.   Exhibitors and dog owners are expected and required to          FROM Minneapolis: Go North on Interstate 35 and merge onto Hwy
        clean up after their own dogs. Any person witnessing a          33 (Exit 237) Cloquet/Iron Range. Continue on Hwy 33 about 20
        violation of this rule must report it to the Event Committee.   miles and merge onto US HWY 53. Continue North on HWY 53 to
        The Event Committee may ask any person violating this rule      MN37 exit Gilbert/Biwabik.
        to leave the event grounds. No refund will be made if an
        exhibitor is asked to leave the grounds.                        FROM DULUTH: Follow Hwy 53 N to MN37 exit at Eveleth. In both
   6.   UKC encourages exhibitors to present their dogs with the        cases from MN37 exit, this exit is the 1st entrance to Eveleth. Turn
        least amount of grooming necessary to enable a Judge to         Right onto Hwy 37 to Gilbert. Turn RIGHT at Iowa Avenue (East)
        properly compare each dog with the standard of its breed.       end of block on left.
        Dogs should be clean, with nails cut to a suitable length for
        the dog to perform the work for which it was bred, and with     SUGGESTED HOTELS
        clean teeth. The Judge’s determination that this rule has
        been violated shall be final. Except as allowed by a dog’s      Please note that you should check with each hotel for individual
        UKC breed standard, exhibitors are prohibited from altering     policies on pets. These hotels are recommendations, but we do not
        coat color, coat texture, pigment color, ear carriage, tail     guarantee that they accept pets. If you need additional help with
        carriage or any other essential element of the dog’s            lodging, email or call (218) 290-0110.
        conformation by any external means, including artificial
        color, foreign substances, or surgical means. Refer to the                               American Inn
        UKC Rules and Regulations for further information.                                  Hwy 53 - Mt. Iron/Virginia
   7.   Dogs may not be left unattended when crated in soft mesh                                  218-741-7839
        crates. No dog may be left in an unlatched or unzippered                           About 5 miles from show site
        crate. X-pens will not be allowed in the building.
                                                                                       The Budget Host (Midway Motel)
GENERAL INFORMATION                                                                            Hwy 53 - Virginia
   1. Refreshments will be available at the show site. Breakfast,                         About 3 miles from show site
      snacks and lunch available both days.
   2. There will be a raffle for charity.                                                      Coates Plaza Hotel
   3. Building will be open to exhibitors at 7:15 a.m. Overnight                           502 Chestnut Street - Virginia
      security is not provided and no dog may be left in the                                      218-749-1000
      building overnight.                                                                  About 5 miles from show site
   4. There will be no admission or parking fee.
                                                                                                 Super 8 Motel
Event Chairperson: Patty Stanaway (218) 290-0110                                              Hwy 53 - Eveleth, MN                                                                               218-744-1661
                                                                                           About 3 miles from show site
                            Kokes Motel                                              Virginia, MN 55792
                      Fayal Road - Eveleth, MN                                          218-741-2128
                    About 3 miles from show site             Directions to Veterinary Hospital: From show site, go North on
                                                             Broadway Street, Turn LEFT onto Hwy 135 follow approximately 3
                             Ski-View                        miles to the Y and merge onto US Hwy 53. Stay in the RIGHT
                    9th Avenue North - Virginia              lane; follow off-ramp into Virginia. It is the 2nd building on your
                           218-741-8918                      LEFT. Log sided with Critter Care Pet Clinic sign in yard.
                    About 6 miles from show site
                                                             Clinic is about 4.5 miles total from show site.
                     Holiday Inn Express
               8570 Rock Ridge Road - Mt. Iron, MN
                  About 6 miles from show site

Please note that you should check with each campground for
individual policy on pets.

                    Suggested campgrounds:

                       Ely Lake Campground:
                    Miller Trunk Rd, Eveleth, MN

                  Sherwood Forest Campground
                 Across the street from show site
        Reservations ARE being accepted for May 2010 now

                Vermilion Trail Park Campground
                        Hwy 135, Biwabik

The veterinarian on call is:

                   Maureen Wolfgram, D.V.M.
                      Critter Care Pet Clinic
                    1315 South Second Avenue

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