PH249 Aesthetics II _Aesthetics by fjhuangjun


									PH249 Aesthetics II (Aesthetics & Photography)

Seminar Presentation Instructions

Seminars begin in week 2.
Your seminar presentation should cover the recommended reading for the
present week (not the previous week).

Two or more people will be assigned to a specific week. You need to work
together in advance to prepare a joint presentation, rather than separate mini-
presentations, although both people need to speak.

The overall presentation is no more than 10 minutes (strict maximum!).
Produce a one-page hand-out with enough copies for the whole group.
Use at least one photograph to illustrate your claims.

The presentation should not be a summary of either the lecture or the reading
material. Rather, you need to select a single important idea from the reading
material and discuss it in detail. (Your aim is to stimulate a useful and
interesting discussion amongst the seminar group.) You should use examples
of photographs to elucidate and support your claims. You will need to be
sufficiently familiar with the recommended texts to be able answer a range of
questions from the group.

Please note that the seminar presentation is a coursework requirement. If
you have to miss your presentation seminar you must email your seminar
tutor in advance.

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